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Chapter 214 - Visiting Professor

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 214: Visiting Professor

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    Xue Jiao was down on her luck recently. It had been two years since she graduated from her master degree. Over the two years, she had been doing boring research work, waiting for her thesis advisor to promote her to the position of the instructor as he had promised. However, before the advisor could make time to wade through the paperwork, he was hired by an overseas university and left China.

    Without her chance for promotion, she got stuck on her Teaching Assistant position, waiting. Despite the fame of Jin City University, a Teaching Assistant would not even make enough money for her to survive. She made only a couple of thousand of Yuan a month, a far cry from the millions of yuan her former classmates were making after they had graduated and became CEO and CFO of major companies.

    “When will my miserable life end?” Xue Jiao drooped her head on the desk and lamented.

    Xue Jiao had an ample bosom, and they looked particularly attention grabbing while being pressed against the edge of her desk. Many male teachers kept glancing at her surreptitiously.

    In theory, Xue Jiao should have earned enough experience for the promotion. However, her former advisor and the school’s deputy chairman was old-time rivals. After her advisor abandoned her, the deputy chairman had redirected the heir onto her and blocked her application for instructor many times.

    “Miss Xue, haven’t you heard? Our university had just hired a new visiting professor.” A plump middle-aged woman sat beside Xue Jiao said.

    “A visiting professor?” The conversation also caught the attention of other teachers in the office.

    Unlike professors who had their own offices that were furnished with sofa, computer and comfortable chairs, instructors and teaching assistants had to share an office.

    “The biology school is hiring a new visiting professor?” A young instructor wearing a pair of glasses said slowly.

    Usually, the role of visiting professor was filled by famous actors, businessmen and was hosted by the business school or the fine arts college. The other instructors were hard-pressed to think that any pop star whose wits were about as complicated as a Unicellular organism would have been able to fill the role of a visiting professor in the biology department.

    “That’s right! Rumor has it that this visiting professor is not only young and handsome, but the university also has set up a public class for the students to take as their electives.” The middle-aged woman suddenly paused and thought for a second. “It’s called ‘Life Science, and the Future of Pharmaceutical Research’.”

    “A public class? Students electives?” A few young instructors were rendered speechless.

    University students not only had to take classes required to finish their major, but they also needed to complete enough elective classes in order to earn enough credits to graduate. A few electives were open to all students of all backgrounds and ages, however, those electives were reserved only for experts hired by the university for the term.

    “Who is he? I think the biology department is going to take off.” The instructor with the glasses marveled.

    “What’s the use of being handsome? You can’t eat handsomeness, can you?” Xue Jiao sighed and complained.

    Then the door to the office was swung open as the deputy chairman emerged. He also pulled a taut face whenever he saw her, but not this time. A smile hung on his face as he introduced a young man in a black outfit to everyone in the office.

    “Hold on a second everyone, Let me introduce to you the new visiting professor of the biology department, Professor Chen Beixuan.” The face of the middle-aged man bloomed like a flower.

    “Professor Chen had been serving in the military and is hired by the Jin City University just recently. It is an honor to have him working with us.”

    The instructors and TA’s stared at Chen Fan incredulously.

    “This is ridiculous! Is he even twenty years old? A boy like him should be learning in the classroom instead of teaching!”

    All the male teachers felt a pang of envy sweep through them.

    “He is so cute! More handsome than those K-pop stars.”

    Many female teachers eyes turned into hearts.

    Although Xue Jiao was always very confident in her own beauty, she was stunned by Chen Fan’s incredible features.

    “Xue Jiao! Xue Jiao!”

    The deputy chairman’s harsh voice wrenched Xue Jiao’s mind out of her reverie.

    “From today on, you are Professor Chen’s teaching assistant. Make sure you give Professor Chen a tour of our school. Understand?” Deputy chairman said with a tight face.

    “Ah-Ah! Ok, ok!” Xue Jiao answered stupidly without fully realizing what she was replying to.

    The deputy chairman then left the office, leaving Chen Fan to hang out with the rest of the workers.

    Xue Jiao hurried to stand up to let Chen Fan sit in her seat. Then she went to pour water for Chen Fan and offered him some hand towels just in case he spilled his drink. Her attentive care for Chen Fan had invited envy from many other male instructors who had always had a crush on Xue Jiao.

    The middle-aged woman came up to Chen Fan and hazarded: “Professor Chen, you are so young that we couldn’t believe you are already a professor. Where are you from? Are you married? If not, do you have a girlfriend yet?”

    “Sister Lin! That is very inappropriate!”

    Xue Jiao cursed in her mind, but she couldn’t help perking up her ears to listen.

    “I am from Chu Zhou City. I am not married, but I already have a girlfriend.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    “Ah-I see.” The middle age woman said, seemingly disappointed. She then gave Xue Jiao a look that read “I have done my best.”

    “Professor Chen, why don’t I show you your office?” Despite the pang of disappointment, Xue Jiao managed a smile and then said.

    after the two were gone, a swell of sighs and exclamations rose in the office.

    “How tragic! Our goddess is charmed by a prick!” The young instructor with a pair of glasses lamented.

    Although Xue Jiao was not such a glamorous drop-dead gorgeous lady, the lack of females in the biology department drove the supply down so much that any girl with above average looks would be highly sought after.

    “Humpf! I think he got the position through nepotism. Otherwise, no one his age could have become a visiting professor.” Someone put in hotly. Then, he looked to a man with a handsome face: “What do you think Han Dongyu?”

    Han Dongyu was the most popular man in the office. He was tall and handsome and was a graduate of a renowned university overseas. He was appointed as an instructor as soon as he returned to China and since then, he had published a few papers in reputable scientific journals. He was the star of the biology department, if not the entire Jin City University. Rumor had it that he was not far from his assistant professor designation.

    Many people considered him and Xue Jiao destined to be together. The sudden appearance of a third wheel was not welcomed.

    Han Dongyu smiled quietly and didn’t seem to mind.

    By then, Chen Fan was lead to his office.

    Xue Jiao looked at the large office that was fully decked out with expensive pieces of furniture and marveled.

    She reckoned that this office might have been bigger than even the school chairman’s office.

    “Professor Chen, I want you to know that your public elective is held once every week. I will inform you of the location and the time of the class. Other than the teaching time slot, you can access anywhere on campus. You also have the freedom of taking on research students or using the lab to help you with other research subjects. The school has assigned you accommodation, a vehicle, a TA and a secretary…” As Xue Jiao read on, she became increasingly surprised.

    Vehicles, TA anda secretary… the school is treating him as an expert in his field.

    “Very well.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and walked over to the window and looked down.

    His vision was so sharp that he was able to see each and every student’s face clearly without even using Divine Will. Then, his Divine Will sensed something that was linked with him beckoned at him from a distance.

    It was the Jade Marrow Talisman he had given to Fang Qiong.

    “That must be where Xiao Qiong is at. I had met Xiao Qiong on this campus by chance and it changed my life. I wonder how things will pan out this time.”

    He thought to himself.

    Chen Fan had gained the position of visiting professor after he made a brief phone call to Yu Qin. No university would dare defy the military’s order. The Body Tempering pill he had created was being analyzed by many scientists.

    The government wanted to mass-produce this pill and Chen Fan had agreed to conduct research to help the military achieve its goals. Even if the mass-produced pills retained only one percent of the original pill’s effect, it would still be the most important discovery of the century.

    “Xiao Qiong was as a Business Major, and her family runs a pharmaceutical company. So I am certain that she will choose my class as an elective.”

    Chen Fan had planned everything out a long time ago.

    He reckoned that he needed to be very careful around Fang Qiong. Although she used to be his love of life, that was five hundred years ago. The Fang Qiong now was not the incredible goddess who eventually died in his embrace five hundred years ago. Therefore, Chen Fan decided to watch and protect her from a distance instead of approaching her directly and disclose everything to her.

    “This is also a good opportunity for me to try out some of my ideas.”

    Ever since Chen Fan entered the Ethereal Enlightenment, the Spirit Qi around the Yun Wu Mountain was no longer sufficient for him to progress further. The difficulties in finding a better Spirit Land on earth drove Chen Fan to rely on Spirit Pills and Spirit Medicine to further his cultivation. Every improvement he made required a large amount of Spirit Medicine.

    He had found a batch of Spirit Medicine in the Medicine God Valley Sect’s vault, and he had planned to open a new patch of land to cultivate these herbs. He had chosen the Medicine God Valley Sect since the alchemists could look after the herbs for him.

    However, one day, Chen Fan thought of the ingenious method of infusing cultivation technique with modern technology on a Qi deprived planet. This method greatly boosted the yield and survivability of the herbs and therefore Chen Fan thought he could try it out on earth as well. There was no better place to conduct such research then at a university.

    Therefore, Chen Fan took on the persona of Professor Chen.