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Chapter 211 - Grandmaster Chen

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 211: Grandmaster Chen

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    After that incident, Chen Fan and China caught the attention of many renowned organizations and martial arts masters around the world.

    Lei Qianjue was a reputable person in the world; however, no one knew of his power since he had been inactive for ten years before he fought against Chen Fan. Although he was still the most powerful man in the Hong Sect, his position was constantly threatened by other powerful figures in the sect such as the Thunder King Zoro.

    His title as the most powerful Grandmaster was recognized only among the Chinese community but not by those of other races. However, Blacksnake was considered the King of Assassins across the globe. He had done something that even Lei couldn’t have done ten years ago—killing a Mixed Martial Arts Master.

    However, such a powerful man was cut in half by Chen Fan with one sweeping attack. Those who had seen Blacksnake’s death were terrified by the deadliness and preciseness of Chen Fan’s techniques.

    So far, Chen Fan had killed two renowned powerful international figures. If this wouldn’t make Chen Fan the top fighter of the world, nothing would.

    “New rules in the Assassin’s Guild: Do not mess with Chen Beixuan and stay away from any contracts related to him.”

    The guild rule was quickly announced to all the assassin organizations. Most assassins were rational human beings, and therefore, they knew what was best for them. They wouldn’t be hotheaded by sending ten more assassins after Chen Fan to avenge one of their own. They would not get involved in this. Plus the Hong Sect misinformed them in the first place.

    After the Hong Sect had retracted their bounty, Chen Fan became even more feared by the underground criminal world.

    The fact that Chen Fan could kill someone who was able to do away with a Grandmaster spoke loudly of his prowess. Most assassins would refrain from messing with him unless their life was at stake. Chen Fan’s alleged connection with the Chinese Military headquarters further deterred these criminals.

    As Chen Fan had expected, Qin Han arrived at his door the next morning.

    Qin Han looked tired from working overnight due to a large number of homicide cases in the city last night. She looked troubled and was clearly annoyed at Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan had killed many assassins and didn’t even bother to clean up the bodies.

    The death of so many foreigners in one night had quickly become viral news in the Lin City and southern China. Many of these foreigners carried deadly weapons such as daggers, blades, firearms, and snipers into China. Despite the city’s best efforts to contain the spreading of the news, it had already caused many implications by then.

    “Mr. Chen, you should know why I am here.” Qin Han pulled a taut face and locked her gaze on to the young man in a black outfit.

    She had been on duty just outside of the Lu family’s residence the entire night and was sure that Chen Fan had never set a foot outside. However, she started to get reports of the mysterious deaths of many foreigners around midnight.

    Qin Han had worked round the clock since then, coordinating and overseeing the police working at the crime scenes while trying to contain the situation. She visited each and every stomach-churning crime scene.

    These victims were either decapitated, burnt to a crisp or were chopped up into pieces. The most gruesome death she had seen was near a club, where an Asian man had been sliced in half right down the middle.

    “The perpetrator is a brazen psychopath! and he wanted everyone to know it!”

    The memories of the crime scene gave Qin Han shivers.

    Her rage subsided slightly after she knew that these victims were unsavory characters who were up to no good in China. Many of the deceased who still had their faces intact matched with pictures of assassins who had purportedly sneaked into China.

    “So I guess all of these forty or so dead people were all assassins?” Qin Han couldn’t believe it when she heard the news.

    Members of these International Assassin groups were no ordinary people. The Scorpion, for example, was on the most wanted list in many countries, yet he was able to travel around the world with ease until recently. Many countries kept these elite assassins names on their watch list and persecuted them whenever they could by using the country’s Law enforcement units. However, these efforts seemed not to have stopped these brazen criminals.

    However, these trouble makers were all killed in one night in Lin City.

    All evidence pointed to one person: the handsome young man standing before Qin Han now. All of the assassins were after him, but they were all dead; therefore, Chen Fan was the most suspicious.

    “I don’t know.” Chen Fan shrugged.

    “Last night, forty people were killed at twenty or so different locations in the city. They were all foreigners and were all listed as international criminals. One of them was the so-called King of Assassins: Blacksnake.” Qin Han looked right into Chen Fan’s eyes as she spoke.

    “Oh… Really? Why are you telling me this?” Chen Fan put on an innocent look.

    “Because all of the twenty-three groups of assassins came to kill you. There was a billion-dollar bounty on your head.” Qin Han said seriously.

    “Didn’t you say there were only seventeen groups?” Chen Fan cracked a smirked.

    Qin Han was suddenly at a loss for words. She quickly gathered herself and said with a frosty face: “Mr. Chen, I am the one who is questioning you, not the other way around. You are the most suspicious in committing the crimes.”

    “Do you have any proof?” Chen Fan asked.

    “Hehe.” Qin Han smiled as if she had been waiting for Chen Fan’s ask her. She turned on the laptop and opened an image. “Mr. Chen, is this you in these pictures?”

    Chen Fan examined the phots and saw that it was taken in a poorly lit night club. A black-haired young man was sitting with the Blacksnake. A few other photos showed a zoomed-in shot of the young man’s face. Someone at the Bacardi must have taken these pictures using their cell phone.

    Back in 2008, cell phones didn’t have the best cameras, and the dark lighting didn’t help to improve the image quality. However, one could still tell that the young man was Chen Fan.

    “So? ” Chen Fan said: “I was there for a couple of drinks, is that a crime?”

    “We have witnesses saying that you had fought that man with the baseball cap. We have later learned that the man with the baseball cap is Blacksnake himself. He was found dead not far from that bar in an alleyway.” Qin Han let out a smug smile.

    “Sure.” Chen Fan muttered.

    “Mr. Chen Fan, we have enough evidence to arrest you, I hope you don’t interfere with our business.” Qin Han took a step closer and ordered the young officers beside her to handcuff Chen Fan.

    “Stop, all of you!” A leader of the Lu family stormed in and shouted hotly.

    The young officers were frozen in his tracks. Being shouted at by one of the most powerful people in the city unnerved them.

    “Do you really think that I would kill that many people and sit here and wait to be arrested?” Chen Fan sipped his tea and said slowly.

    “Then why did you do it?” Qin Han was taken aback at first, and then she asked curiously.

    She remembered the phone call she got from her boss, telling her to drop the case. However, Qin Han was not that kind of person and she had sworn to serve justice. After much persuasion, her boss agreed to let her meet Chen Fan but reminded her not to arrest him.

    “I don’t care who you are and who you know, I have the evidence that you are guilty!” Qin Han screamed in her mind.

    “That is because…” Chen Fan stopped, letting the suspense hang in the air as he looked toward the entrance.

    “That is because Mr. Chen has been given permission to do so.” A handsome looking young woman in military outfit walked into the room. She has a very fit and curvy body, and her short hair also teased out the masculinity in her.

    “Yu Qin, you have arrived.” Chen Fan put down the cup and was not surprised by the appearance of the woman.

    He knew that the Military would stick up for him since he had offered them so many great gifts such as the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise, and the Body Tempering pills. This was the least they could do to repay him.

    “Who are you?” Qin Han looked at the girl in military attire curiously.

    “Nice to meet you, I am Yu Qin from Jin City’s military headquarters. I am also Mr. Chen’s private consultant and coordinator.” Yu Qin saluted and then produced a military-issued identification.

    “I see.” Qin Han examined the ID and found out it was authentic. She looked at Yu Qin in disbelief that such a young girl would be promoted to such a high position in the military.

    “Wait… what did you say he was? A General-rank officer in the military?” Qin Han finally caught on and asked incredulously.

    “Chen Beixuan is the head sergeant of the special unit Cang Dragon, and is of General rank.” Yu Qin announced as she saluted to Chen Beixuan.

    “General Chen, the directors have learned of the incidents. Ah! and just recently, director Li has gotten the approval from the Headquarters to officially offer you the general designation.”

    Qin Han was speechless by what she heard.

    The few young officers standing behind Qin Han could only stare.

    A less than twenty years old young man turned out to be the head sergeant of the Cang Dragon Unit and he reached the rank of general. How was that possible?

    The Lu family members believed that Chen Fan was even more powerful than Ye Nantian, and therefore they were not at all surprised by the development.

    In the end, Qin Han left the Lu family feeling disheartened. It turned out that Chen Fan was simply following orders—even though the orders were issued after the fact— to kill the international criminals. Not only was he not guilty, but he was also a hero of China and he had taught the criminals a lesson to never mess with China again.

    “Mr. Chen, I hope you know that you have caused quite a mess for our higher-ups.” After Qin Han was gone, Yu Qin spoke up. “There are people in the government, powerful people, who spoke against your actions. But our bosses had vouched for you.”

    “Director Li has my appreciation.”

    Chen Fan said lightly

    At his level, he had enough leverage to influence the government. After all, the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise he had offered to the military was of incredible value, and his own personal prowess also made himself an unexpendable asset.

    “I guess now I’m done with things here, I will head back to Chu Zhou City, and then finally meet up with Xiao Qiong.”

    Chen Fan looked into the distance wistfully, thinking of the girl that he had been waiting to be reunited with for five hundred years.