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Chapter 209 - Fire Bending

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 209: Fire Bending

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    “Chen Beixuan!”

    The man with the baseball cap lifted his head and answered in broken Chinese. His voice was filled with surprise.

    He had never expected that the Soul Energy Master who had been tracking him was his assassination target. In the profile given to him, it only mentioned that Chen Fan might be able to use Dharma Spells and that he was a Transcendent State Martial artist. However, it didn’t say anything about his ability to use Soul Energy.

    “Damn the Blood Skull, damn the Hong Sect! What kind of shity intel was that!”

    The man cursed vehemently in his mind, but he was still able to put on a cast of calm countenance.

    Although Chen Fan’s power had exceeded his imagination, he was confident in his own abilities as well, particularly the ability to escape. This was the number one skill any rookie assassin had to master before they became a pro. After all, assassination missions were not suicide missions.

    “Aren’t you here to kill me? I am right here in front of you. Do it.”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile as he studied the so-called King of Assasins.

    Blacksnake was a gaunt-looking middle-aged man in his forties. His round faces and olive color skins suggested that he was from Southeast Asian countries. His arm was covered with ink, depicting a snarling black snake. He looked like a middle-aged man down on his luck, tiring to numb his disappointment in life with drinks.

    “Chen Beixuan, you should never have exposed your real power. Now I will be able to find many different ways to kill you.” The Blacksnake said stoically. Despite his indifferent expression, a light flinted in his eyes.

    “Oh, do you think you would be able to get away today?” Chen Fan asked with a great measure of interest.

    “Chen Beixuan, you have underestimated the abilities of assassins. ” Blacksnake lowered his head a little and let out a cold grin.

    As an elite assassin, the trump card of Blood Skull, Blacksnake had survived many impossible missions. Of all the fifty-seven missions he had carried out, none was a failure. He had accumulated a wealth of secret arts and Dharmic formulations, let it be Yoga from ancient India, Muay Thai of ancient Thailand, Ninjisu from Japan, Internal force from China, or the Curse of Gu Magus from southeast Asia, he was well versed in all of them. Thanks to his experience and the wealth of knowledge, he was able to survive until today and became the crowned champion of assassins.

    A girl came over to Chen Fan and bent over to talk to Chen Fan, revealing deep and tantalizing cleavage. She was wearing a pair of hot pants that exposed nearly half of her bubble butt and a pair of sparkling high heels decorated with diamonds. Her face was meticulously painted. When she smiled, she looked like a pin-up model from 50’s calendars.

    “Hello handsome, are you waiting for anyone? Care to share a drink with me?”

    The woman was tall and adding on the high heels, she was about one meter and eighty centimeters in height, similar to most fashion show models. Her cold and aloof yet extremely alluring face would make her the queen of the club.

    After she finished her questions, she glided gracefully to beside Chen Fan and pressed her perky breasts against Chen Fan’s arm. She came so close to Chen Fan that her lush red lips were nearly touching Chen Fan’s ears. A charming fragrance suddenly filled the air around the table

    “She was the owner of the bar, it seems like she has taken a liking in that pretty boy as well.” Youg Lord Han’s friend commented as he looked at Brother Hao cautiously.

    It was a public secret that Bai Hao liked Sister Rouge, the owner of Bacardi.

    Lo and behold, they watched as displeasure crawled onto Bai Hao’s face.

    “Brother Hao, do we need to teach this boy a lesson?” A brash young man asked.

    His name was Dong Youqian; since his father runs a construction company, he had plenty of manpower to spare. He wanted to cozy up to Bai Hao in order to gain an edge in an important land transfer deal. Therefore, he was the most eager to help out Bai Hao.

    Bai Hao held a wine cup and said nothing. However, as soon as saw the infatuation in Sister Rouge’s eyes when she looked at Chen Fan, he said coldly.

    “Be careful and be discreet.”

    “You bet.” Dong Youqian rose to his feet and walked to Chen Fan.

    By then, Han and Li Yichen were frightened by the development. In the eyes of Bai Hao and his cohort, Chen Fan was just an average person with a pretty face. He shouldn’t be more influential in Lin City than Bai Hao. However, Li Yichen and Young Lord Han knew that Chen Fan was a wolf in the disguise of a lamb.

    If he wanted, he could have killed everyone in the club with ease.

    “Xiao Han, what’s up? Why are you shaking? Is it too cold in here?” Bai Hao noticed Young Lord Han’s chattering teeth and asked.

    “Brother Hao… quickly….call Brother Qian back… Don’t mess with that guy…” Youg Lord Han said in a trembling voice.

    “Why? I have already told Xiao Qian to be careful.” Bai Hao didn’t care for the warning. He wagered that although he was not the most influential person in Lin city, it was very unlikely for him to meet one of them alone in this club.

    Plus, he was confident in Dong Youqian’s methods. Despite his brashy and menacing look, he was as careful as an old cat. He doubted that Dong Youqian would actually get into a bar fight with that young man.

    “He… he is Chen Beixuan!” Young Lord Han stammered.

    “Chen Beixuan?” Bai Hao furrowed his brows.”I have never heard of this name in Lin City. Is he from other provinces?”

    They have finally realized that Young Lord Han was legitimately scared.

    “Brother Han, he was one of the combatants who fought on the West Lake.” Youg Lord Han was on the brink of a breakdown.

    “Battle on the West Lake? What’s wrong with your head?” Bai Hao shook his head helplessly. He made up his mind to never party with the fool ever again.

    By then, Dong Youqian had made his way to Chen Fan’s table. He fished out a limited edition Zippo lighter and lit up a cigarette. After taking a drag, he was ready to teach this arrogant boy a lesson to never touch other people’s women.

    Blacksnake suddenly laughed and announced: “Chen Beixuan, why don’t you stay here and enjoy the company of such a beauty?”

    He sprung up like a snake and flew up. He eventually landed on the center of the dance floor, crushing a few railings in the process.


    Many people shrieked in fear and the boys and girls who had been swaying with the music dispersed like a herd of scared ducklings. Even Bai Hao was startled by the development and rose to his feet to investigate.

    Sister Rouge shivered. She also noticed the man with a baseball hat sitting across from her, however, she never expected him to jump off the second floor so suddenly. The railings he had smashed through were made out of special alloys and bulletproof glass, that could withstand an impact with a car.

    “Oh fuck! He is a superman!”

    The cigarette slipped out of Dong Youqian’s gaping mouth, but the young man didn’t even notice it as he was stupified by the turn of the events.

    “You won’t get away!”

    Chen Fan rose to his feet slowly and the shot out an arm at Dong Youqian.

    “I need your lighter.”

    Suddenly, a large flame lanced out from the small zippo lighter in Dong Youqian’s hand and turned into a fiery drake. The firedrake writhed toward Blacksnake as Chen Fan hopped off the second floor to the dance floor below.

    “What the fuck?”

    Dong Youqian collapsed to the ground like an idiot; it was too much for him to comprehend and so he could only stare.

    Sister Rouge was frozen in her seat and one of her shaky hands still holding a wine cup. A moment ago, she had fantasizing how the romantic night with the young man would turn out, but there and then, she was seeing a battle between the X-men.


    The firedrake flew across the room like a twisty flaming rope and hovered above Blacksnake. The Bai family of southeast China was well known for their fire bending abilities, yet, even Bai Wuji would be stunned by Chen Fan’s sublime skills.

    “I told you Chen Beixuan, you won’t catch me.”

    Blacksnake let out a peal of laughter despite being surrounded by fire. Suddenly, his body turned into a puff of dark smoke that quickly spread across the entire night club. In a blink, the club was pitch black. Adding the panic creams from bystanders, it felt like the end of the world was coming.

    “There is nowhere for you to hide.”

    The dark smoke was made from a special formula that contained fine particles. It was darker than ink. However, Chen Fan didn’t need his eyes to see. He could sense the presence of Blacksnake using his Divine Will and he registered that his target had smashed through a wall and escaped to the back alley. He took a step toward the direction of the back alley and flashed out of the view.

    After a while, the smoke in the club finally subsided.

    Bai Hao and his friends stood silently and looked at the tattered night club stupidly.

    “Xiao Han. You have been telling me the truth all the while…” Bai Hao blurted out.

    “Of course! His battle on the West Lake was ten times more terrifying than this! This… this is.. nothing.” Young Lord Han said with a smug smile.

    He was as afraid as everyone else, however, seeing Bai Hao’s stunned look, he felt a little relieved.

    “I told you so!”

    Dong Youqian had also collapsed on the ground shaking uncontrollably. He had been planning to teach the young man a lesson but it seemed like the joke was on him.

    By then, Chen Fan had followed Blacksnake out of the Bacardi.

    The two exited the club and emerged out onto a quieter back alleyway. In the dark corners, a few couples hid in the shadow, making out with each other.

    However, the sudden appearance of Blacksnake through the wall started them and scared them away.

    Chen Fan followed the assassin for a few blocks and finally stopped at an even narrower alleyway. Blacksnake knew he could not outpace Chen Fan, and so he might as well face him.

    “Chen Beixuan, this is where you will die.”

    Blacksnake turned around and saw Chen Fan was already walking toward him.

    The two were about ten meters apart. Despite the poor lighting in the alley, light shone in both of their eyes threatening to penetrate the night. Blacksnake slowly arched his back and made a hissing sound. He looked like a giant viper on a hunt.

    As an elite assassin, he was well versed in many things, including fighting.

    He used to use his snake inspired fighting technique to kill a renowned Mixed Martial Arts Master.


    A green Blade Aura sliced through the dark night.

    Chen Fan didn’t waste a single word and attacked directly using Azure Wood Qi Blade.