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Chapter 208 - Killing Blacksnake

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 208: Killing Blacksnake

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    When Chen Fan’s Divine Will reached the entire city, a few men suddenly opened up their eyes and looked in the direction where Chen Fan was. Their level of attainment had allowed them to sense the all mighty, all-encompassing and omnipresent power.

    “What is this? Someone in the Immortal State?”

    Suddenly, an old man stood up abruptly as light flickered in his eyes. No one within the Immortal State had made an appearance in the world for decades, and even though the old man was a dominant figure of the region where he came from, he had never seen anyone with Immortal State power.

    The power he had sensed was so powerful that it was boundless and it existed only on the spiritual level. Despite its insubstantial nature, the old man was certain that it was of Immortal State.

    “Of all the people in Lin City, only THAT one from the Lu family residence could have reached such power.” The old man furrowed his brows. “Even if he has not technically reached Immortal State, he is not very far from it.”

    “Bah! I had planned to challenge him, but he appears to be even more powerful than Lei Qianjue. It was evident that I have fallen so far behind that even Lei Qianjue could have defeated me if he was still alive.”

    The old man heaved a sigh.

    He was not alone in his shock, many other people were also set back on their heels by the powerful presence.

    When Chen Fan was on the West Lake, he had killed Lei Qianjue in front of all the renowned martial artists in China and installed respect and reverence into the hearts of most martial artists in China. However, some Grandmasters who didn’t attend the match were still in denial of Chen Fan’s seemingly impossible power. They were convinced that they were as powerful as Chen Fan.

    “We are all of Transcendent State, and I am not any less powerful than Lei Qianjue.”

    There were many Grandmasters who felt the same way as the old man did. Some of these Grandmasters even arrived at Lin Zhou, waiting for their opportunity to challenge the so-called most powerful Grandmaster in China.

    However, ever since these Grandmasters felt the presence of Chen Fan’s powerful Divine Will, they gave up their plan almost instantly.

    They hadn’t reached the Divine Will by a long shot. However, Chen Fan’s Divine Will was already so powerful that he could cast it over the entire city. Such a gap was unbridgeable, and no match would be required to tell who was more powerful.

    Meanwhile, a gangly looking young Asian man walked in the busiest street in Lin City. His eyes darted left and right, tracing after all the scantily clad city girls around him.

    Despite his relaxed appearance, his body tensed up and so he could unleash a killing blow there and then.


    The gangly man felt something and he looked up into the sky.”Such a powerful Soul Energy! I have never thought that there would be any soul energy master in China, much less such a powerful one. I always thought that China is only home to Martial Artists.”

    “Shit, I think this powerful Soul Energy Master is after me!” The gangly man furrowed his brows.

    The Soul Energy Masters were headaches even for Mixed Martial Arts Masters and Grandmasters of Martial Arts. They often possessed unthinkable powers that could destroy one’s perception of reality using illusion and kill their enemies in their dreams.

    “However, you should never have messed with me.” The gangly man curled his lips into a smile as a cold light danced in his eyes. “I am the king of assassins and the bane of Soul Energy Masters.”

    Despite Soul Energy Masters’ power, their bodies were usually very weak. If an assassin was able to get close to the Soul Energy Master, he could have killed the Soul Energy Master with ease.

    With that thought in mind, the gangly man’s body twitched in the most unnatural way and then disappeared into thin air.

    “Try to run away?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows as he was gliding through the air. He had since marked the gangly using his Divine Will, however, he could feel the assassins signal ebbing away by the second. His signal used to be as bright as conspicuous as the sun, but now it was weak and flickering like the flame of a small candle. The night club the gangly man and disappeared into was the most popular nightlife venue in the city and therefore it was packed.

    “He is very smart. The best place for a drop of water to conceal itself was in the ocean. You might be able to slip through my radar if I were an ordinary person, but I am not.” A playful smile surfaced on Chen Fan’s face. “My power is beyond your imagination. Even if you blend into the crowd, I can pick you out using my Divine Will with ease. There is no escape for you once you have been marked by my Divine Will.”

    So thinking, he landed on the ground.

    “You lauded yourself as the elite assassin, a hunter for human life, but now the hunter is being hunted. ”

    Chen Fan sauntered into the night club with his hands linked behind his back.

    The Sushan Road was a bustling sleepless street in Lin City. When the night fell, and the neon lights went on, there would be many clubs catering to the young and the restless. Everywhere people could see scantily clad bodies and meticulously painted faces, touting their youth and beauty, seeking to use others or to be used. This was a hot destination for many foreigners in China, and therefore, one could often find people of all kinds of backgrounds here.

    Chen Fan didn’t use an illusion spell to mask his godly features. Therefore, his appearances quickly attracted many young girls’ attention. His eyes shone such a powerful light that tugged at their heartstrings.

    “He is in this club.”

    Chen Fan didn’t mind the girls’ ogling and he looked up at the flashing neon sign in front of the club. It read: Bacardi. As he made his way into the club, he was assaulted by the loud music. However, as soon as the crowd noticed Chen Fan, the made way for this incredibly handsome young man.

    Under many stares that were filled with an equal measure of admiration and envy, Chen Fan made his way to the second floor.

    The second floor was VIP sections and was much quieter than the ground floor.

    “Yichen, why the long face? Haven’t you heard that a group of teenage Hungarian models just arrived at Jiang Nan Theater? I promise you that I will let you pick one, whichever one you like.” A voice drifted into Chen Fan’s ears.

    Chen Fan swept across the area with his Divine Will and then cracked a smile. He didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance here.

    “Interesting, why didn’t he head back to Chu Zhou City with Fei Fei?”

    He looked toward the voice and saw Li Yichen sitting among a group of teenagers. His face looked troubled.

    Li Yichen was tall and handsome and was dressed in brand name clothing from head to toe. Despite the girl’s desperate attempts to catch his attention, Li Yichen didn’t seem to take notice of them at all. He managed a smile and then said: “Young Lord Han, I stayed here because I want to visit Mr. Chen Beixuan, not because I want to party for days on end.”

    Among Li Yichen’s companions was Young Lord Han who had organized their graduation party. His father worked at the government. Young Lord Han let out a wry smile after he heard Li Yichen’s words.

    “Yichen, I have explained it to you how difficult it is to get an audience with him. His fame aside, we won’t even be able to get through the gate to the Lu family’s residence. I doubt that even my dad was able to persuade the hot CEO of the Lu Group to let us in.”

    Although Young Lord Han was a resourceful young man, his influence was a far cry from the Lu Group. The CEO of the Lu Group, Lu Yanwu was also way out of his reach.

    “Xiao Han, are you talking about Lu Yanwu?” An older man said with a furrowed brows.

    “Brother Hao, do you have any way to connect us with Lu Yanwu or any higher-ups in the Lu family?” Young Lord Han asked cautiously.

    The stately young man sat in the middle of the group and it was evident that he was the ring leader. Everyone considered Brother Hao the most influential member of their clique and was one of the young members of the elite class.

    “That might be difficult.” Brother Hao shook his head, eyes filled with contempt. Li Yichen might have been an influential young man in Chu Zhou City, he was a nobody in Lin City. If not because of that group of Hungarian models, he would never come to the party.

    “Didn’t you say she served that man willingly? I don’t think that could happen. Lu Yanwu is well known for her coldness and aloofness. She never cared for any of her pursuers.” Brother Hao asked.

    “Hehe, seeing is believing. You should have seen her a few days ago when she was with that man.” Young Lord Han cracked a smile. His voice was filled with respect and fear.

    He was rendered speechless after seeing the match. That match had taught him many things and he had finally learned the existence of powerful men such as Lei Qianjue and Chen Beixuan.

    “Oh, come on, not the West Lake bullshit again.” Brother Hao said annoyedly.

    He always liked Young Lord Han as his sidekick. However, ever since the young man came back from a graduation trip, he seemed slightly unhinged, mumbling obscenities such as Kong Fu Masters, Grandmasters and what have you. He insisted the reason for the blockade on the West Lake was due to a match instead of a government top dog’s visitation.

    Brother Hao had brushed it off as nonsense, but the repeated mentioning of the same thing finally got on his nerves.

    “Brother Hao, I am telling the truth! There are martial artists out there with unimaginable abilities.” Young Lord Han protested.

    “Stop! That’s enough!” Brother Hao pulled a taut face and refuted hotly. The other teenagers hurried to ease the tension: “Xiao Han, Brother Hao made time to hang out with us, don’t piss him off please.”

    “True that! Xiao Han, what you said sounded just absurd! How could anyone be that powerful?”

    Young Lord Han suddenly felt a pang of embarrassment. Seeing no one had believed him, he looked to Li Yichen for help. However, Li Yichen furrowed his brows and kept his silence. He knew that even if he told everyone what he saw, no one would believe him.

    Not even himself had believed his eyes ten days ago.

    Suddenly, Li Yichen caught a glimpse of someone and was shocked.

    “Chen Beixuan! What is he doing here?”

    “Uh? Chen Beixuan?” Young Lord Han turned around and saw Chen Fan in a black outfit. The sight stupified him as he couldn’t believe that the person who seemed to be able to undo the whole world was once again standing right in front of him.

    “OMG!! He is so freaking HOT!” Many teenage girls screamed after they saw Chen Fan’s face.

    Even Brother Hao was taken aback by Chen Fan’s perfect, if not godly appearance as envy rose inside of him.

    Under everyone’s surprised glare, Chen Fan walked over to a man wearing a baseball cap and sat down across him. Chen Fan cracked a smile and then said: “Mr. Blacksnake, we have finally met.”