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Chapter 207 - The Bloody Assassin

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 207: The Bloody Assassin

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    The full moon hung in the dark sky, shining down on the rooftop of the seventeen story mansion of the Lu family. A young man stood on the roof with his hands linked behind his back and looked down at the bustling city filled with life and color.

    “It’s about time.”

    Chen Fan charged up his Divine Sense and projected it out from his system.

    An enormous wave of Divine Will unfurled and spread itself across the entire city, like a gush of an ocean wave that swept across the land, pushing itself into countless streets, and pouring into many skyscrapers and residential homes. It reached as far as a few kilometers and covered a significant portion of the city.


    Suddenly, a tsunami of information rushed into Chen Fan’s conscious, filling up his mind. However, Chen Fan was unfazed. He had become experienced in the act. Slowly but surely, he filtered out the noises and pinpointed the information he wanted.

    The moonless night covered the flickering neon light like a thick blanket, hiding the darkest corner of the city where criminals conspired. However, with the help of the Divine Will, everything in the city was under Chen Fan’s radar.

    Chen Fan saw a sleepless Lu Yanxue who rolled back and forth on the bed, and a busy Lu Yanwu who was still working by her desk, burying her head among books. He also saw Lu Dayong and his coworkers chatting with each other and threw light-hearted banter at each other. A little bit further, he saw an SUV parked outside of the mansion and Qin Han’s furrowed brows. He saw a few furtive figures around the perimeter of the mansion, looking through the fences from time to time. He saw…

    However, none of this were what Chen Fan was looking for. He quickly adjusted his Divine Will and suddenly, in his eyes, the entire city became pitch dark save a few flickering flames like candles in the wind.

    Each and every candle flame was a life force. A healthy young man’s flame was much brighter than that of an old man. On the other hand, the flames of the martial artists were as bright as a small bonfire.

    “There are so many Martial Artists in Lin City?”

    Chen Fan was taken aback. He saw at least a dozen martial artists within the effective range of his Divine Will. Nearly half of those martial artists had been here to watch his fight against Lei Qianjue.

    “There you are.”

    Chen Fan’s attention was not on those martial artists, instead, he zeroed in on a few sinister presences. Their flames were cold and malicious, just like that of Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf was an assassin and so were they. Chen Fan had stayed here a few more days on purpose, during this time, he had baited these assassins out and tagged them with his Divine Sense.

    The last assassin that was tagged by Chen Fan had hidden in a bush only three hundred meters away from the mansion.


    Chen Fan stomped the rooftop lightly with one foot and launched himself up into the sky. He looked like a shooting star that landed gracefully outside of the Lu family residence from the seventeen story building.

    “What’s that?”

    The assassin was hiding in the bush, trying to breathe as light as possible while he examined the mansion with binoculars. He heard a whistling sound, so he looked up only to witness an incredible sight.

    A dark shadow glided through the air against the silver moonlight. Before the assassin had time to figure out what was happening, Chen Fan’s feet had already landed on his head, squashing it into a pulp.

    “One down.”

    Chen Fan didn’t even care to examine the remains of his victim, he tapped the ground with his feet again and launched himself up.

    “This is awesome!”

    Chen Fan launched himself a few hundred meters in the air with each jump and sometimes he even added a few more playful touches such as somersaults and pirouettes in his movement. As energy coursed through his veins, he felt every cell in his body was celebrating his power joyfully as his body exchanged their Essence Qi with the nature around it. The Essence Qi of Heaven and Earth provided his body limitless supply of energy and even allowed him to maintain being airborne for a short period of time.

    This was the first time Chen Fan unleashed the full power of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body ever since he had obtained it.

    “Bang!” “Bang!”

    Chen Fan hopped around the city like a Spiderman, weaving in and out of the concrete jungle. He flew himself up and through the window of a large building and out of the other end. Right before he exited the window, he stamped the wall and gained more speed to make it to the next building.

    The darkness of the night a few dozen meters above the ground provided him perfect cover. Even a stargazer who happened to catch a glimpse of Chen Fan would think that he had just seen a bird.

    “Chen Beixuan!”

    Inside of a four-star hotel, an Asian man with a gaunt face was watched a video attentively as he murmured the name. This video was shot at low resolution by a sting camera.

    On the blurry image, he could make out vague outlines of two men hopping around the lake. It looked like they were at each other’s throat, but the video was too blurry to confirm that.

    “Too bad that this video is shit, the rain probably didn’t help either. Otherwise, I should have gotten a handle on his power.” The Asian man furrowed his brows and said.

    During the fight on the West Lake, the drizzling rain had blocked the view from even the audience at the lake, much less a sting camera. The Lu family had blocked off the entire West Lake and forbidden any camera. Only a tiny camera that could shoot very low-resolution pictures could make it through the security check. However, the image quality was so bad that one could not even tell the features of the two fighters’ faces.

    “However, at least I can tell that he is able to move very quickly on the water with ease. It also proves that normal firearms would not do any harm to Chen Beixuan, except for sniper rounds.”

    The Asian man was an assassin from Korea called Kim Jinhuang

    He operated independently and was not affiliated with any other organizations. The Hong Sect’s offer of a billion US dollar was too tempting to ignore. After this, he could finally retire on some island country and settle down and spent the rest of his life peacefully.

    Suddenly, the window shattered and a dark shadow stormed in.

    “How is this possible? I am on the twenty-seventh floor!” Kim Jinhuang was caught off guard, and instinct spurred him to reach for the gun hitched at his belt.

    Even as the man was about to shoot, he saw an azure flash, and then everything went dark and cold. The last thing he heard was a young man’s voice.

    “Six down.”

    The dark shadow jumped out of the window before the hotel manager rammed into the door. The manager saw broken glasses everywhere on the floor and a decapitated body on the bed, his hand clutching onto a handgun.

    Similar incidents happened many times throughout the night in the city.

    They happened in hotels, motels, massage parlor, residential houses, and community parks. Most of the dead were foreigners from other Asian countries. There were also a couple of white people among them.

    They all died from a terrifying execution. Some were sliced in half from the waist, some were decapitated, some were chopped into pieces, and some were burned to a crisp.

    What’s more shocking about these incidences was the fact that they all seem to happen within half an hour. That was to say that someone or some organization had killed these few dozen men within thirty minutes.

    No matter where the assassin was hiding—some even hid in crowded clubs—their signature was too strong to avoid Chen Fan detection.

    “Number twenty-three.”

    Chen Fan walked away from a bar after he had cast a curse on the assassin hiding within. When the assassin fell to the dance floor, the club-goers around him thought the man had a heart attack.

    “In less than half an hour, I finished off twenty-three groups. Thirty-nine of them in total.” He reckoned that Qin Han’s information was not correct. She had told Chen Fan that there were seventeen groups.

    Chen Fan looked up at the sky and heard a muffled cry from the club behind him. He wagered that someone had discovered the assassin’s dead body.

    He knew that his act tonight would stir up a lot of attention, especially since Chen Fan didn’t clean up the bodies.

    He had left these bodies for the police to trace back to their original and to figure out their purpose in China. Eventually, the government would figure out that he was tonight’s perpetrator.

    However, that was exactly what Chen Fan wanted. He wanted to let as many people know of what happened tonight as possible, using it as a lesson for other groups that meant him harm. On the other hand, Chen Fan was not at all worried about the extra attention he might be getting.

    Although he hated trouble as he always had, he was powerful enough to get himself out of any kind of sticky situation.

    “These assassins were from different organizations in different countries. I hope it’s enough to teach others a lesson.” These assassins were not ordinary people, they were proud elites and losing them would be a huge blow to their organizations.

    “That’s not all of it. I still haven’t found the most powerful assassin. I will need to do away with him in order to get the message through. I will show them the ultimate price they have to pay should they wish to mess with me.”

    Chen Fan’s lips curled into a smile. He looked to the sky and murmured: “Blacksnake, where are you.”

    Even as he said that he started the Divine Will to covered the entire Lin City. Suddenly, in Chen Fan’s mind’s eyes, he looked at the city with a bird’s eye view.

    Under such penetrative Soul Refining Art, the city started to confest its darkest secrets to Chen Fan.

    He sensed a few powerful presences that he had missed earlier, lurking in the darkness. Despite their inactivity, they possessed immense power that could rival Grandmasters. These presences seemed to have sensed Chen Fan’s Divine Will, as they all shriveled a little to hide from detection.

    “Got you!”

    Chen Fan looked his Divine Will onto one of the weakest presence. Its energy was deadly and cold.

    Che Fan took one step forward and covered a few hundred meters of distance in an instant as he headed toward that presence.