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Chapter 206 - Qin Han’s Visi

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 206: Qin Han’s Visit

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    When Chen Fan returned to the stadium, the concert was already near the end. Yun Qianqian was performing her last number on the stage. Chen Fan could register that the startled girl hadn’t fully recovered from the ordeal yet. She tried to remain professional on the stage, plastering on a smile. However, it was evident that what happened earlier had disheartened her.

    “A bad fall out with a friend, I wager…”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    The name of the Heavenly Kill’s client sounded familiar to Chen Fan. He vaguely remembered it was the name of a famous actress who worked in the same company with Yun Qianqian. The two of them often flaunted their friendship before the camera for their fans. No one knew that one of them wanted the other dead so badly.

    “In hindsight, I remember the woman in the illusion created by the Buddhism bracelet was her as well.”

    Chen Fan remembered the illusion he had experienced when he probed the Buddhism bracelet with his Divine Will. He had seen a gorgeous girl at the temple where the evil monks cast their curse on the bracelet. Chen Fan had no time for such trivial matters; actresses would always squabble with each other just to compete for fame and status.

    I didn’t help Yun Qianqian because I thought she was special. I just felt like being a nice person once in a while and helped out.

    “Xiao Xue, let’s go now.”

    Chen Fan could no longer find the members of the Heavenly Kill as well as the female gunner, so he wagered that they must have left for the police station. Therefore, Chen Fan left the concert with Lu Yanxue.

    The next day morning, a few members of the Law Enforcement unit knocked on Chen Fan’s door.

    “Mr. Chen, Nice to meet you again. My name is Qin Han, deputy director of the Crime Section at the Law Enforcement Department.” Chen Fan saw the female gunner he met yesterday.

    Although she was well over thirty and didn’t have particularly attractive features, she looked handsome and fit in her police unit outfit. Her sun-kissed skin looked healthy and the few fine curves complemented her outstanding body. She stood upright like a straight sword guarding the integrity of the society she swore to protect.


    Chen Fan nodded and sat down slowly. Behind him stood Lu Yanxue.

    Lu Yanwu also came over to Chen Fan and poured a cup of tea for Chen Fan. A few young law enforcement unit members were mesmerized by Lu Yanxue’s beauty, and when they saw the second drop-dead gorgeous lady, they nearly gasped.

    They recognized her as the goddess among the elites, the CEO of the mighty Lu Group. Although not a lot of citizens of Lin City knew that the Lu family was a martial arts family, their company, the Lu Group was a household name. It controlled nearly every facet of the city: real estate, hotels, construction, water supply, natural gas, insurance…

    Who was the young man and what kind of power does he wield to make a CEO of a company that was worth trillions to lower herself to pour tea for him?

    Qin Han sat still and was unfazed by the development. That was not to say that she was without any questions. Chen Fan looked ordinary when she saw him yesterday, however, he looked much more handsome and his features were much more refined today. Without the few similarities here and there on his face, she might as well take him as a different person.

    “Maybe it was the lighting… The alley last night was poorly lit.” Qin Han thought to herself.

    As a Law Enforcer, she had seen many methods to change one’s looks. By applying makeup to the face, for example, could turn an ugly woman into a drop-dead gorgeous woman. There were also many other methods such as face masks and plastic surgeries to achieve similar effects

    So thinking, she gathered herself and asked Chen Fan seriously: “Mr. Chen, are you aware that your life is in danger?”

    “Oh?” Chen Fan asked airily.

    Qin Han felt a fit of anger shoot through her mind. However, this was not the first time she had to deal with a cocky rich dude. So she continued: “You had seen it last night yourself, that assassin was after you.”

    She pulled out a laptop and turned it on. She turned the screen around toward Chen Fan.

    “Can you take a look if that’s the assassin?”

    The monitor showed the face of a middle eastern man. He had the same tall and hooked nose and deep-set eyes as the assassin last night.

    “That’s him.” Chen Fan admitted.

    “His name is Lone Wolf and he is an elite assassin from a Kazakaztan Assasin group, the Blood Moon. The Blood Moon was an active group in the Middle East had killed many middle eastern royal families and tycoons.” concerned flickered in Qin Han’s eyes as she went on.

    “Lone Wolf was considered a high-risk offender on the international law enforcement’s list of criminals. He killed a vice president of a small country in Asia-minor. The witness claimed that this assassin possessed incredible ability to reshape his body. When he was surrounded by the vice presidents’ personal guards, he was able to miraculously dodge a shower of bullets. Rumor had it that he had learned the skill from an Indian Yoga guru.”

    For Qin Han, even Scorpion’s ability to predict the bullet’s landing spot seemed unimaginable, much less Lone Wolf’s ability to outright dodge a bullet.

    “Ancient Yoga technique…” Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

    As he had experienced it first hand, Lone Wolf’s body was indeed extremely adaptable. He could wring himself up like loading spring and his skin was as flexible and durable as rubber bands. Chen Fan’s punch technically grazed him, but it simply slid off of Lone Wolf’s skin. Although Chen Fan didn’t use much force in his punch, the fact that Lone Wolf was able to evade his attack spoke loudly of his abilities.

    “No wonder he didn’t use any Internal Force. He didn’t need to if he has such a powerful and adaptable body. It seems that the groups outside of China had focused a lot more on physical strengthening and body tempering, while the sects in China focused mainly on Internal Force.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself. Qin Han asked again.

    “Mr. Chen. Can you tell me if you caught up with Lone Wolf last night?”

    “Nah, I scared him away.” Chen Fan shrugged. He wasn’t so stupid as to confessing acts of murder in front of Law Enforcement. Although as the Head Sergeant of the Cang Dragon unit, nothing would happen to him even if he did say that, he simply didn’t want the hassle.

    “You scared him away?”

    A few younger law enforcers who came with Qin Han missed Chen Fan’s display of strength last night, so they were doubtful of Chen Fan’s claim.

    They all had read Lone Wolf’s profile and were aware of his impressive although heinous crimes. He had killed the vice president guarded by ten fully armored guards, slaughtered an entire gang and killed a warlord while the warlord was inside of his own camp…

    Such a powerful elite assassin was a headache even for many kings and presidents of the Middle East, yet Chen Fan said he had scared him away.

    However, these few Law Enforcers knew Chen Fan must be a mighty figure, so they kept their doubts to themselves.

    “Then you are in trouble.” Qin Han said solemnly. “Mr. Chen, I wager Lone Wolf will not give up. He was known for his persistence. You couldn’t scare him away, you only gave him more time to prepare.”

    “Doesn’t matter, he will not come back after me again.” Chen Fan said confidently.

    He had reduced Lone Wolf into a pile of ash, there is no way he would crawl back from hell to look for Chen Fan.

    Seeing Chen Fan’s careless attitude, Qin Han felt anger sprout out inside of her again.

    “I hate to reason with rich playboys! They all looked so haughty and full of themselves before the shit hits the fan. Just watch! When he is really in trouble, he would cry like a little girl and run away faster than anyone.”

    Qin Han managed to hold back her anger and then put on a serious look.

    “Mr. Chen, your trouble does not end with Lone Wolf. Our overseas source had given us a tip today.”

    Even as Qin Han said that she hesitated as a sense of disbelief came over her. “Rumor had it that someone had put a bounty on you for a billion US dollars.”

    “A billion?”

    The living room boiled over.

    The younger Law Enforcers were stupified by the huge number. The biggest case they have handled so far involved no more than a few million yuan. A billion-dollar crime was nearly inconceivable for them. Suddenly, they started to regard Chen Fan under a very different light.

    “What thing had this man done to bring a billion-dollar bounty onto himself?”

    It was the first time that Lu Yanxue heard of this news, so she gave Chen Fan a concerned look. Lu Yanwu, on the other hand, remained calm. She was convinced that since Chen Fan was able to kill Lei Qianjue, he could handle any kind of threat.

    “Oh really?” Chen Fan kept on sipping his cup of tea and replied distractedly.

    “Mr. Chen, please take this news seriously.” Qin Han moved closer to Chen Fan and said heavily: “The border services had reported to us that they had noticed seventeen suspicious entries from foreign countries. Once they are inside China, we lost them immediately, but all signs suggested they are coming to Lin City.”

    “Rumor had it that even the top assassins such as the Blacksnake from The Blood Skull had also entered China.”

    “Blacksnake is an Internationally listed criminal. He is extremely deadly. We will need armored Law Enforcement if not military to capture him. Although we couldn’t confirm if he really is in China, it’s best for you to corporate with us. We will send guards to ensure your safety.”

    “You will ensure my safety?” Chen Fan looked to Qin Han and then to the few younger Law Enforcers. He shook his head and said: “Thanks, but no. Those are just rumors.”

    Even if the information was true, the more police officer around him, the more innocent lives would be lost.

    “Mr. Chen!” Qin Han shouted at him hotly. She was riled after realizing that Chen Fan believed none of what she just said.

    “That’s enough. Yanwu, please see the guest to the door.” Chen Fan picked up the cup and rose to his feet.

    Lu Yanwu smiled at the officers and said: “Sir, Mr. Chen needs to rest, please follow me.”

    “Mr. Chen, I know you are a powerful man. However, you shouldn’t lower your guard, please believe in our ability…” Qin Han continued persistently.

    However, Chen Fan already left the room and pretended that he had heard nothing.

    “What an ass hole!” A few young Law Enforcers were so mad that they wanted to smash the teacups. “He is going to regret his ignorance one day!”

    Qin Han was quiet now, but she was not any less concerned.

    For the next couple of days that followed, Chen Fan toured around the city with Lu Yanxue as if the assassins were nonexistent. Even after Tong Shan and the members of the Medicine God Valley Sect had arrived, he still decided to stay in the city.

    Three days later, Chen Fan stood at the rooftop of the Lu family’s mansion and looked down at the glowing city in the distance.

    “It’s about time.”

    Chen Fan closed his eyes and released his Divine Sense.