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Chapter 205 - Viral News

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 205: Viral News

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    “These were members of the infamous Heavenly Kill! Why are they afraid of him?”

    The girl squeezed the gun in her hand and was rendered speechless.

    She was an elite of the Law Enforcement unit and therefore she knew how deadly the Heavenly Kill members could be.

    Many members of the Heavenly Kill had committed heinous crimes and some even killed entire families. They were the most notorious assassin group in China and every member of the criminal group was a powerful warrior that could lay any normal Law Enforcement unit low with ease. The woman with the gun had undergone special training in combat and shooting. Not only was she agile and strong, but also a deadly sharpshooter. Even with those abilities, she could only drag out a fight with the one member of the Heavenly Kill to a standstill.’

    To her surprise, the three members of the Heavenly Kill kneeled before Chen Fan right after they learned his name. They lowered their heads and trembled uncontrollably in fear.

    “Who is he? Why are they so terrified of him?”

    The woman studied Chen Fan’s ordinary-looking face and found it hard to believe that such an average joe could have frightened members of the Heavenly Kill. Yun Qianqian was also taken aback by the development.

    Although she knew that Chen Fan was an influential person in the Jiang Bei region, they were nowhere near Jiang Bei. There were as many powerful magnates in Jiang Nan Province as there were in Jiang Bei and these local tycoons might not have even heard of Chen Fan.

    However, she quickly learned that she had underestimated Chen Fan’s range of influence.

    “What is he hiding?” Yun Qianqian asked herself.

    “Why do you want to kill Yun Qianqian?” Chen Fan asked lightly.

    The three who kneeled on the ground shivered again. The leader of the pact answered: “Sir, we have received a contract asking us to kill Yun Qianqian for fifty million.”

    Yun Qianqian’s face paled as soon as she heard the man’s words.

    Who would hate her so much as to pay fifty million for her life? Of all the years that she had worked in the industry, other than a little competition in getting highly sought after roles and bickering about pay, she had always kept an amicable relationship with the people around her. Who would put up a fifty million yuan bounty on her life?

    The woman with the gun also furrowed her brows; fifty million was not a small number. She wagered that her report is going to catch the attention of her higher-ups.

    “Who is it?” Chen Fan asked.

    The three hesitated. Although they were cold-blooded assassins, they prided themselves for their professionalism conducts. They wouldn’t release their client’s information easily. Sensing their hesitation, Chen Fan snorted heavily as a warning, and the man with the waxen face finally uttered a name.

    Yun Qianqian’s shivered as soon as she heard the name. Life drained away from her face and she was about to collapse to the ground. The other woman quickly steadied her.

    Even as Chen Fan turned around to see if Yun Qianqian was OK, something rustled in the bush next to him and a dark shadow shot out from behind the foliage. The man was wielding a dagger and he plunged the sharp end toward Chen Fan’s back.

    That was the fifth martial artist who had been lurking a few seconds ago. Seeing Chen Fan was busy interrogating the assassin, he rose to the opportunity and threw himself at Chen Fan.

    “Watch out!”

    The woman holding a gun saw the assassin but the shadowy figure moved so fast, she didn’t even have time to let out a warning.

    “I have been waiting for you.”

    Chen Fan turned around and gave the assassin a half-smile. His smooth skinned hand flickered out of view and appeared right in front of the assassin and snatched the dagger with two fingers.


    Under the assassin’s incredulous stare, Chen Fan snapped the dagger in half with his bare hands. Chen Fan didn’t give the assassin any time to react, so he shot out another arm directly at the man’s shoulder.

    “Is he… a human?”

    The assassin was terrified by the development, he felt his heart had skipped a few beats.

    His dagger was made out of special alloy and was extremely durable. It was hard enough to slice through iron and steel. However, when its sharp edge landed o Chen Fan’s palm, it felt as if it had hit a piece of diamond. In the end, the impact was too much for the body of the dagger and it finally snapped.

    “This man is too powerful for me.” The assassin pulled back and twirled. Somehow, he was able to shink himself to evade Chen Fan’s attack. It was as if he had wrung himself up into a bundle. After he felt he was safe, his body bounced back, unwinding in the other direction. The spinning motion pushed him backward like a spinning top in lightning speed.

    “Huh? That was not Internal Force.”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows as he watched as the Assasin backed away swiftly, springing up and over a three-meter wall and disappeared.

    Chen Fan had caught the man’s shoulder, however, the man’s skin was extremely slippery. Powerful energy also shot out from the assassin’s body, making Chen Fan lose his grip. Chen Fan registered that the assassin didn’t use any Internal Force, instead, he managed to escape using only his physical abilities.

    Chen Fan was able to catch a glimpse of the assassin’s face. He reckoned that the man was not Asian, instead, he looked like a person from the middle east.

    “A foreign Martial Artist?”

    So thinking, Chen Fan flicked three fingers in the air.

    The three flicks each shot out True Energy into the Dantians of the three assassins from Heavenly Kill. As soon as the True Energies entered their bodies, they sealed up these martial artists’ acupuncture points and blocked their internal force. Without Internal Force, they would not pose a threat to the girls.

    “Wait for me here for a moment, I will be back quickly.”

    Chen Fan said calmly. Before Yun Qianqian and the other woman had time to reply, Chen Fan took a step forward and disappeared behind the high walls of the stadium.

    “What a guy…”

    The woman with the gun was set back on her heels. She felt surprised and mad at the same time. She was surprised by Chen Fan’s abilities, and was mad at him for leaving them hanging with the three deadly assassins.

    She hurried to look toward the three assassins, and what she saw eased her nerves. All three of them collapsed on the ground in fear, their faces were devoid of any signs of life as if Chen Fan had taken their souls out of their body.

    “Miss Yun, do you know of Mr. Chen?” The woman with a gun turned around and asked Yun Qianqian.

    Yun Qianqian finally gathered herself, but her face was still as pale as a piece of paper. She managed to pull herself together and said: “I knew him as Chen Fan, someone called him Master Chen. I have heard that he was the one in charge of Jiang Bei’s underground world. I wager these assassins were scared of him because of his status in Jiang Bei.”

    “Really?” The other woman didn’t sound like she believed Yun Qianqian.

    Although she was stationed at Jiang Nan Province, she had heard the name of Master Chen once or twice in passing. However, even if the young man was influential at Jiang Bei, he should not have scared members of the Heavenly Kill.

    “Hehe, he is not just any Master Chen, he is Chen Beixuan! The most powerful Grandmaster in the world.” The man with a waxen face kneeled on the ground and smiled wrily. “Chen Beixuan really is worthy of his title. He can even seal off our power. I am genuinely impressed. ”

    “Who is Chen Beixuan? Is he powerful?” The female gunner asked curiously.

    “Hehe, he is not a mortal like you and me, you will never understand his power.” The man with a waxen face murmured to himself.

    The female gunner was not sure what to make of the comment.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had chased after the middle eastern man for a few kilometers. Although the man didn’t have internal force, his impressive explosive physical strength could carry him at least two to three meters for every step he took. He hopped around like a grasshopper, weaving in and out of the city landscape.

    He kept running for about four kilometers and finally stopped. He bent over and pushed his palm against his knee to support his body as he tried to catch his breath.

    “Why did you stop?”

    A voice drifted from behind the assassin.

    He turned around and saw Chen Fan standing behind him with both thumbs hitched in his front pocket leisurely. The assassin had given all he got to cover the few kilometers, but for Chen Fan, it was barely a warm-up.

    “I had never expected you to be so strong! Hong Sect lied to me!”

    The assassin was a forty-year-old white male with a large and hooked nose and deep-set eyes. He managed to speak in broken Chinese.

    “Hong Sect? I see…” Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

    Chen Fan didn’t expect the Hong Sect to seek revenge so quickly and he wondered why the Hong Sect would send such a weakling after him. This was pathetic. At least they should have hired a few Grandmasters and gave them heavy munitions.

    “Bah! Whatever!” The assassin cracked a grin and then said: “Chen Beixuan, you are very powerful indeed. But the Hong Sect has posted a billion-dollar bounty on your life!”

    “The Vipers, Blood Skull, Shadow and other top assassin groups had accepted the bounty. I am just the first one, there will be more where I come from. Including the elite assassin Blacksnake from Blood Skull. He once killed a Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Master. We won’t stop until you kill each and every assassin in the world…”

    “One billion dollar bounty?” Chen Fan paused a second.

    He didn’t expect the Hong Sect to up the ante by such a large degree. One billion US dollars was not a small number for any international group—any international group except for the Hong Sect apparently.

    “But what do they expect these weaklings to do to me? They couldn’t even harm Lei Qianjue.”

    Even as Chen Fan thought to himself, the assassin suddenly pulled out a large handgun.


    The blaring gunshot was as loud as an explosion.

    The handgun he used was modified to maximize its damage output, therefore, it was much more powerful than any conventional handguns. He had spared no expense in smuggling such a deadly weapon into China. The assassin had killed a lion in one shot with this handgun, so he was confident in the deadliness of this gun. However powerful Chen Fan was, he would not be able to stop a bullet with his flesh so he must dodge, giving the assassin time to sneak away.


    A cold light grew in Chen Fan’s eyes as he faced the incoming bullet.

    Under the assassin’s incredulous stare, Chen Fan shot out a hand and then caught the flying bullet in between two fingers.

    “Devil, you are the devil!”

    The gun thudded on the ground, as the assassin trembled uncontrollably. His face was consumed by fear. He could never believe that anyone in this world would be able to stop a bullet with two fingers.

    “Devil? Sure, maybe I am a devil for you.”

    Chen Fan took a step forward as an eerie green light came up in his eyes.

    When Chen Fan left the alley, there was no one behind him. He had reduced the assassin into ashes after he extracted all the information in him.

    Chen Fan’s face was gloomy and dark. He looked up at the night sky and heaved a sigh.

    “Hong Sect, Assasins, and Blacksnake? You piss me off, and you will have to pay.”