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Chapter 204 - Heavenly Kill

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 204: Heavenly Kill

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    “Stop it!”

    When the voice came out, Chen Fan could feel the assassin’s deadly intentions suddenly waned.

    “Law Enforcement Unit?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and felt the presence of an attractive that girl started to engage those martial artists. The girl’s signal was similar to that of the Cang Dragon unit.

    The girl’s movements were snappy and swift and carried an air of assuredness. It was similar to the Mixed Martial Arts taught by the military. However, her opponents were even more powerful, and after just a few moves, she was on her last leg.


    A gunshot rumbled erupting out from the small corner. Although the gunshot was muffled by the clamor outside, most people had heard the loud noise. Seeing their cover was blown, the martial artists paused.

    “Let’s bug out.”

    Chen Fan led Yun Qianqian out of the corner to a platform. They saw a girl shooting a gun while slowly stepping back. Before her was a gangly looking Asian man.

    When one had achieved a certain level of attainment in the cultivation of their martial art, even if he could not stop a bullet with his own flesh, he would at least predict where the bullets were going to land simply based on the direction in which the gun was pointed. Although he wouldn’t be able to move faster than a bullet, he could move faster than the shooter’s finger.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    The gangly man dodged all three shots by a hair’s breadth. The last bullet grazed against his ears and nearly ripped half of his skull off. The man suddenly retreated after he was disheartened by the development. He didn’t expect that the woman was a sharpshooter.

    “Ah! They have guns!”

    Yun Qianqian covered her mouth to muffle a cry.

    “Sister Yun, come here, quickly!” The woman with a gun saw Yun Qianqian and her face grew softer right away. All the while, she kept the gun pointing at the gangly man.

    The gangly man also noticed the two people behind his opponent.


    Chen Fan registered an excitement in the man when the gangly man saw Yun Qianqian, however, he didn’t seem to care about Chen Fan.

    “So they are not after me… and their real target is Yun Qianqian?”

    Chen Fan was a little confused.

    However, he decided to capture one of the martial artists and ask them directly instead of guessing.

    “Who are you?” Yun Qianqian held on to Chen Fan’s arm as her legs trembled. She was an ordinary person and therefore, she was frightened while standing face to face with deadly weapons. If not because she was with the powerful and mighty Chen Fan, she would have already ran away while screaming.

    “Miss Yun, we are the special force units dispatched by the province to protect you. The man standing over there is called Scorpion, and he is a deadly assassin. He had already taken a dozen lives so far.” The woman replied readily while holding the gun. Meanwhile, she fished out a badge with the other hand and held it out for display. “Come to me, and stay away from him.”

    “Ah… uh… uh… Ok. ”

    Yun Qianqian nodded and was about to walk over to the woman.


    The gangly man sorted and moved again. He channeled his internal energy to his legs as he pressed them down hard, creating two deep depressions on the ground. Meanwhile, his body sprung up like a loaded spring with two open arms. His forked fingers pointed at Yun Qianqian, making them look like the pincers on a scorpion. His movement stirred up a gust and he covered the ten meters or so distance in a blink.

    “Watch out!”

    To the woman’s surprise, her gun wasn’t enough to hold the gangly man in place. Even as she was about to pull the trigger and kill the man while he was still in the air, she registered three other deadly presences. Two of them closed in onto Yun Qianqian and the other one came up behind her back.


    The woman reacted at the final moment. She lowered herself to one side and rolled away. However, she accidentally dropped her gun on the ground.

    “Shit!” Her heart sank to the bottom.

    To her surprise, Scorpion was not alone and had brought three more companions with him. This put Yun Qianqian in a very dangerous spot, she doubted if the actress would survive at the end of the day.

    The woman looked to Yun Qianqian disheartened, expecting to see the end of the actress’s life. However, she watched as an ordinary-looking young man beside the actress waved a hand to block the man’s attack and somehow, the gangly man bounced off of the young man’s arm like a piece of garbage being tossed away. With a heavy thud, the assassin landed on the wall and fell to the ground unconscious.

    The sudden turn of events had shocked everyone.

    The other three assassins also hesitated as they studied Chen Fan intensely. Scorpion was one of their best, yet he was rendered unconscious by Chen Fan’s simple wave of the hand. Could this ordinary-looking young man be a powerful martial artist?

    “Sir, what is your name? Why do you interrupt the Heavenly Kill’s business?”

    The leader of the assassins asked. He was a man with a waxen face.

    “Heavenly Kill? I have never heard of it.”

    Chen Fan answered readily. Meanwhile, he locked his Divine Sense onto the last person lurking behind the scene.

    The lurker and been conserving his internal energy as soon as Chen Fan’s display of strength, waiting to use it for the final moment. Due to his conserving internal energy, his presence was also diminishing in Chen Fan’s Divine Sense

    Chen Fan had initially sensed five presences, and he had seen four assassins so far. These assassins who had revealed themselves had all reached initial success. However, the one who was still lurking was at the peak level in his Internal Force cultivation. Chen Fan had thought the five of them were working together, however, now he started to think that these were two separate groups and happened to be at the same place at the same time.

    “Could the last person be coming after me?”

    Chen Fan wondered.

    “You guys are from the Heavenly Kill?”

    The woman grabbed the gun on the ground and came cover to Chen Fan. The name of the assassin organization seemed to have shaken her.

    “Sister, what is the Heavenly Kill?”

    Yun Qianqian asked.

    “They are an infamous assassin group that is active in China. By now, they had killed over a dozen people in all kinds of brutal methods that you couldn’t even imagine. There are very few records about these guys but each and every member of the criminal organization is extremely deadly. Unfortunately, we were unable to capture any of its members. This is the first time that I learned that Scorpion was also their member.” The woman said, her voice was filled with terror and fear.

    Although she was an elite member of the Law Enforcement unit, she still felt threatened by the presence of these deadly assassins from Heavenly Kill. If not because of how impressed she was toward Chen Fan’s abilities, she would have already tried to escape with Yun Qianqian.

    Chen Fan shook his head. Although these assassins have achieved only a small level of attainment in their martial arts training, they were already beyond the capability of normal Law Enforcement.

    “You seem to know quite a lot, little bird. You have been after my bros for a few years, and what do you say if we pay you and your family a visit one day?” A man with a scarface cracked an ugly grin.

    The woman shivered, it was as if she was staring at a poisonous snake that was about to lash out at her.

    “I don’t care if you are Heavenly Kill or earthly kill, just kneel before me and tell me who hired you and I will give you a quick death.” Chen Fan said lazily.

    Most of his attention was still on the last assassin still lurking in the dark.

    The lurker’s presence was so weak that it could easily pass for a blade of grass or a tree trunk. If not because of Chen Fan’s incredible detection ability, no one would be able to register his presence.

    “I didn’t expect to encounter such a solid Breath-Control Method on earth. This person is much more powerful than the other weaklings. He is a professional assassin.” Chen Fan thought to himself.

    “Sir, I wager you are some kind of martial arts expert. However, I must warn you that the Heavenly Kill is the most powerful assassin group in China. If you dare to interrupt our business, you will face our retribution.”

    The three assassins pulled a taut face and the man with a waxen face said in cold voice.

    “Oh?” Chen Fan crooked his head and asked.”are there any Grandmasters working for Heavenly Kill?”

    “Grandmasters?” The wax face furrowed his brows.”Stop pulling our legs. Grandmasters are the stuff of legends. They would easily dominate an entire region. If we had a Grandmaster, why are we still working in the dark and risking our lives every day?”

    “However, our leader is a peak level Internal Force user just like you. If you back off right now, we can pretend that we have never met.”

    “If you don’t even have a Grandmaster, what gives you the audacity to threaten me?” Chen Fan cracked a smile and said: “Not even Ye Nantian or Chen Jiuyang dare to talk to me like that, much less you guys.”

    “Ye Nantian, Chen Jiuyang?” The assassins were taken aback.

    Those were names of mighty Transcendent Grandmasters. They were venerated among other martial artist and no one dared utter their names with such degree of sangfroid.

    Suddenly, a thought alerted the man with a waxen face as a sense of impending doom gripped his heart. He asked hesitantly: “What is your name?”

    “Have you guys done your homework before the mission? Don’t you know whos turf you are on?” Chen Fan said lightly: “I am Chen Beixuan, I wager you must have heard of me before.”

    “Chen Beixuan!”

    The name stunned the three assassins. Although they were run of the mill martial artists, they had heard of Chen Fan’s name ever since his battle on the West Lake. Practically everyone was talking about him, it was nearly impossible to not have heard of it. Rumor had it that Chen Fan had reached the Immortal State and his battle nearly turned the lake upside down.

    Ever since that victory, Chen Fan was named the most powerful Grandmaster in China. Even Grandmasters would have to talk to him respectfully, much less the members of a puny organization such as the Heavenly Kill.

    “White coat, black hair, young and powerful… Although his face looked ordinary, I do see some resemblance with the picture.” The Scarface muttered to himself in fear.


    Before the Scarface had finished his words, all three had dropped to their knees and kowtowed to Che Fan, burying their heads in the grass. They trembled uncontrollably and dared not to speak a word.

    They knew there was no chance of escaping such a powerful Grandmaster. Lei Qianjue had been ten times more powerful than them, yet Chen Fan had done away with him with one punch.

    “What the…”

    Yun Qianqian and the woman with a gun were so stunned by the development that they could only stare.