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Chapter 203 - Yu Qianqian’s Concer

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 203: Yu Qianqian’s Concert

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    Chen Fan had decided to stay a few more days in Lin City not only because he wanted to spend more time with Lu Yanxue, but also to wait for his assistance from Medicine God Valley Sect and Tong Shan. Previously, in order to get to Lu Yanxue and save her, he had left the others behind, allowing them to arrive in the city at their own pace.

    Although Chen Fan had already mastered the Yi Wood Spirit Qi which he used to substitute the Essence Enhancing Pill, the Yi Wood Spirit Qi’s function was limited. In addition to curing mortal’s ailments, the Yi Wood Spirit Qi could also be used to increase the growth of Spirit Medicine.

    Even a small blade of grass could grow into an astonishing divine medicine, much less those thousand-year-old rare herbs inside the vault of the Medicine God Vally Sect. The vault kept numerous ingredients for Spirit Medicine such as the Spirit Beast Fruit.

    “The pop star Yun Qianqian is having a concert today, do you want to go?” Lu Yanxue batted her lashes at Chen Fan. She could feel that their time together was coming to an end. Chen Fan was going to leave soon, so she tried to cherish every moment they were together.

    “Yun Qianqian?” Chen Fan furrowed his brows. Wasn’t she the one he met at the Wu Mountain’s Hot Spring resort? “Sure.”

    Chen Fan didn’t think too much. He was not a fan of pop culture, but he figured that a little concert should lighten up the girl’s mood so that his parting wouldn’t be so hard on her.

    “But do you think we should attend an event in public?” Lu Yanxue pouted and asked.

    Looking at her innocent eyes and a face that was cute as a button, Chen Fan cracked a smile. Lu Yanxue had gone all out to be as discreet as possible. She wore a large hat with a large brim, a pair of oversized sunglasses and sometimes a scarf.

    Lu Yanxue always had been attractive thanks to her head-turning beauty, but Chen Fan’s treatment had brought her appearance even closer to that of a cultivator. Everywhere she went, her charm would enslave people’s attention and subvert their minds.

    “Let me do something for you.” Chen Fan reached out a finger and traced a Talisman Inscription in the air.

    A faint glow came up and it quickly spread all over Lu Yanxue. Soon, Lu Yanxue’s body was suffused with a creamy white glow that stuck to her body like a layer of wet fabric. However, it was thin and unsubstantial, nearly invisible under the sun.

    “Now look in a mirror.”

    Chen Fan flicked a finger again and cast a spell to summon a mirror.

    Lu Yanxue was taken aback at first, and quickly she looked into the floating mirror and then gasped. She reckoned the face in the mirror belonged to her, but somehow it was different, it was ever so slightly less attractive, but that was enough to remove her charm completely.

    “Are these magic spells?”

    Lu Yanxue looked to Chen Fan with a great measure of adoration. She would never think that a twenty years old boy would know such a magical spell. The more time she spent with Chen Fan, the more she could feel the divine indifference inside of the young man. Many times, she was convinced that Chen Fan was actually a Curmudgeon living in a young body.

    “It’s just a glamor spell to hide some of your charms.” Chen Fan said lightly. “But this glamor is temporary, so perhaps you should have more bodyguards around you in the future. You are the family Lord of the Lu family now, so you should be extra careful.”

    “Noted.” Lu Yanxue said meekly.

    Although Yun Qianqian had risen to fame from making TV shows, over the past couple of years, she had been trying to switch to other lines of work. She made it to the silver screen and released a couple of albums, and was a frequent guest of popular talk shows.

    As an A list superstar, tickets for her concerts were sold out quickly. However, her voice and singing skills were mediocre at best in Chen Fan’s opinion. Compared to professional singers, she was just an amateur. However, he wouldn’t disclose his feelings to any of her fans.

    Chen Fan and Lu Yanxue didn’t drive their car to the concert, instead they took the subway like most other people

    To Chen Fan, he missed the life of an ordinary person on earth. Ever since he embarked on the journey of cultivation, he rarely had the chance to experience the life of an average Joe: taking the crowded subway and eating street bbq.

    “Wow! It’s packed!”

    Lu Yanxue looked to the people mountain people sea and exclaimed.

    She was wearing a black tank top with some cute cartoon characters and a pair of white shorts, revealing both of her elegant pale-skinned legs. Adding a pair of Converse shoes with bold colors and a ponytail at her back, she was as cute as a button.

    Her beauty even after being masked was still attention arresting. Many men turned their heads back to catch a few more glimpses of such a lovely thing.

    Chen Fan looked at the jam-packed venue with furrowed brows. There were simply too many people here. If an accident happened, all it took would be just one or two panicked groups to drive the crowd into a deadly stampede.

    “However, this stadium is small enough for me to cover it with my Divine Will. I will just have to watch out.” So thinking, Chen Fan started his Divine Sense as he followed the flow of crowds into the stadium.

    His original Divine Sense could cover over a hundred-meter distance, however, after it was amplified by the golden statue, it was able to cover over a few kilometers.

    He could keep Lin City under his radar if he wanted to. However, since such a large area would have over a million people living in it, the sheer amount of information would be too overwhelming for Chen Fan to process, and therefore, an area with a few hundred meters radius was a much more realistic number.

    “The familiar presence at the backstage must be Yun Qianqian. The person beside her must be her manager Sister Qin. Huh? She is not wearing the Buddhism Bracelet. Good, she listened to me after all.” Chen Fan thought to himself, and stopped paying any more attention to Yun Qianqian all together.

    To him, Yun Qianqian was just a passer-by. He wouldn’t care a twat about her well being.

    Chen Fan continued to probe the stadium with his Divine Sense. Not even a rat living under a pizza box would escape his detection.

    “There are many security guards around. Just so! The security better be tight when there are so many people here. Hold on a second… why are there so many martial artists here?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows. A martial artist would give off entirely different signals than a normal human. A good analogy of the difference was the difference between the light between a candle and a torch. The presence of powerful martial artists such as the King of Elixirs and Lei Qianjue, would burn like wildfires.

    “Interesting. I can sense a few cold and malevolent presences of martial artists. There is no doubt that they had other people’s blood on their hands. Are they here for Yun Qianqian?”

    The thought that these people could be coming for him had never crossed his mind. He knew the Hong Sect would seek revenge, but he wagered that they would send powerful Grandmasters after him instead of these weaklings.

    Unbeknownst to Chen Fan, Romon had withheld some key information about his power, and therefore emboldened the Hong Sect.

    “Xiao Xue, please hang out here for a while,I need to use the washroom.”

    Chen Fan patted Lu Yanxue’s shoulder and headed towards the washroom. Those martial artists followed him and converged toward him.

    “They are here for me?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and a cold light shone in his eyes. “Then they are courting death.”

    Although these martial artists all had reached at least initial success in their Internal Force cultivation—one of them was even at peak level—their power was laughable before the most powerful Grandmaster.

    As Chen Fan walked toward a quiet corner to do away with these assassins, he heard a voice calling out at him.

    “Mr. Chen, is that you?”

    Chen Fan turned around and saw a girl wrapped from head to toe with a hat and layers of coats. The pair of sunglasses with sharp edges made her look like a spook.

    “Are you Yun Qianqian?”

    Chen Fan was taken aback at first. However, using his Divine Sense, he recognized the girl easily.

    “Yes, it’s me.”

    Yun Qianqian put away the glasses and scarf, revealing her cute but slightly embarrassed face.

    “Why aren’t you preparing for the concert? What are you doing here?”

    Chen Fan was lighthearted by the encounter. He had used a spell to revert his looks back to their previous state in order to blend into the crowd, however, he still got recognized after all.

    “This is purely a commercial event. There are many other signers opening for me and I am the last one to get onto the stage.” Yun Qianqian said helplessly. It was the organizer’s marketing-gimmick. They used her popularity to attract sales. Since it was an event arranged by her company , she couldn’t turn down the event even if she wanted to.

    “I see.”

    As Chen Fan chatted with Yun Qianqian, he felt the martial artists’ malic presence was getting closer to him. Each and every one of them tensed up their bodies and tiptoed toward Chen Fan. Some had already pulled out their weapons, ready to attack.

    “Mr. Chen, are you here by yourself?” Yun Qianqian asked curiously.

    She was pleasantly surprised to see Chen Fan again. She used to think that Chen Fan was just a rich heir of a prominent family, but later her friends told her that he was also called Master Chen and was one of the most influential people in Jiang Bei. The revelation had caught Yun Qianqian off guard; she found it hard to believe that a twenty or so year old boy could be considered influential.

    What had surprised her even more was the rumor that Master Chen could cast spells and command lightning. This piece of information reminded her of what Chen Fan told her about the Buddhism bracelet. In the end, she convinced herself to trust Chen Fan and threw the bracelet into the fire pit.

    To her surprise, a puff of dark smoke came out from the bracelet as well as a ghastly wail. Yun Qianqian was terrified by the sounds and the sight and felt even more appreciative of Chen Fan’s tip and believed more firmly in his divine power. However, she lamented that she would probably never be able to see him again to say thank you.

    “I am here with one of my friends.” Chen Fan said.

    Meanwhile, he reached out his Divine Sense and locked onto the approaching Martial Artists. Then he started a spell.

    They were standing in a quiet corner, other than himself and Yun Qianqian, there was no one else around: a perfect place to execute his plan.

    “I might have to erase some of Yun Qianqian’s memories.”

    Chen Fan shouldn’t have any problem to lay those Martial Artists low using his Divine Will, however, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of the bodies without catching Yun Qianqian’s attention.

    “Do you also like to hear me sing? Do you?” Yun Qianqian batted her lashes and looked to Chen Fan expectantly.

    She had her fair share of the sordidness in the entertainment industry and it was the first time she ever met anyone who would offer his sincere help freely. It was particularly rare considering how rich and powerful he was. He controlled over a billion-dollars of assets and had the Dharmic powers at his disposal.

    “Sadly he isn’t my type, otherwise I would…”

    Even as Yun Qianqian thought to herself, Chen Fan knitted his brows slightly and was ready to strike at the approaching martial artists

    Suddenly, he heard a low voice that growled: “Stop it!”