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Chapter 200 - Rise to Fame

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 200: Rise to Fame

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    “Lei Qianjue is… dead!”

    The news swept across the Chinese martial arts community and then made its way to the Chinese communities all over the world. Lei Qianjue had been the dominating figure among the overseas Chinese for decades and was called the most powerful Grandmaster outside of China; he was reputable all over the globe. However, such a powerful man was killed by a young man less than twenty years old in a fight. This was indeed unthinkable for most ordinary people.

    The Chinese communities in Yan Jin, Zhong Hai, Jin City, Lin Nan, South-East Asia, Canada were all shocked by the news.

    After learning the news, a name was imprinted into their brains:

    “Chen Beixuan!”

    He was the youngest Grandmaster and rumor had it that Chen Beixuan had even reached the Immortal State! Although most people didn’t believe in such a rumor, they all agreed that Chen Beixuan was the strongest Grandmaster in the world.

    Even among the martial arts communities in countries such as Japan and Korea, the martial artists had heard the name and the illustrious achievements of Chen Beixuan.

    Hong Sect called for an emergency meeting and recalled all the regional underbosses that scattered around the world to discuss the implication of Lei Qianjue’s death. Lei Qianjue was the most powerful Grandmaster in Hong Sect, the backbone of the organization as well as the regional underboss in Canada. With his death, all the oppositions of the Hong Sect in Canada were bound to up the ante. Even though the Hong Sect had other Grandmasters, their power was a far cry compared to that of Lei Qianjue.

    Fortunately, Lei Qianjue’s Candian disciple Romon was also a Grandmasters and should be able to handle the situation in Canada. Otherwise, the Hong Sect was about to lose most of their territories in Canada.

    Zhong Zhou, the ancestral ground of the Ba Ji Sect…

    Many leaders of the Ba Ji sect gathered in the same room. No one had spoken a word ever since they had heard the news about the fight at the West Lake.

    The thin but energetic old man sitting at the head of the table was the oldest man in the room. He said with a booming voice.

    “I have underestimated Chen Beixuan’s power.”

    Grandmaster Lei, Mu Shan, Guo Xiuxiu and many other martial artists sat on either side of the table, and no one said a thing, dragging out the silence. The outcome of the fight had caught them by surprise. Chen Beixuan and Lei Qianjue threw off their gloves on the West Lake, and both had demonstrated their power as Grandmasters. After having nearly turned the West Lake upside down, the battle ended with Lei Qianjue’s death after being dealt a blow from Chen Beixuan.

    “I don’t think even younger Uncle-Master would be able to handle Chen Beixuan.” Mu Shan heaved a long sigh.

    He was dealt a blow on his chest by Lei Qianjue’s disciple Romon, and the pain still lingered even after the wound was healed. Three months ago, Romon was challenging each and every sect in China, and he eventually knocked on Ba Ji Sect’s door.

    Even though Mu Shan’s leg hasn’t fully recovered, as the most competent fighter in the sect, he accepted the challenge. After all, he couldn’t let the eighty years old Great Uncle Master face off against such a powerful foe. Such cowardice would definitely invite humiliation from other sects.

    However, Romon’s power had far exceeded Mu Shan’s expectations. He didn’t use any fancy technique; instead, his punches and kicks were direct and to the point. Every movement had its purpose and meant the death of his opponent. Worse, Romon’s physical strength was unimaginable. He had enough raw power to crack open a mountain, smash a wall, or bend an iron pillar.

    Mu Shan lasted less than three moves during his fight against Romon. After learning that Romon’s teacher was killed by Chen Fan, Mu Shan lost any remaining hope of avenging his humiliation at the hands of Chen Fan.

    Gao Baisheng lowered his head as despair claimed him.

    They said that a good enemy motivates one to work harder; however, when the gap between him and the enemy was unbridgeable, the enemy would only inspire despair.

    “Zhentang… sigh…” The thin old man heaved a sigh and shook his head.

    The name had taken the wind out of everyone’s sails. Ever since the disappearance of Huo ZhengTang, the Little War God, the Ba Ji sect had become rudderless and was on the verge of falling apart. Otherwise, the fight with Romon would have ended very differently.

    “Fine, fine, from now on, we will try to avoid Chen Beixuan. No one should bring up the bad blood between us again.” The thin old man tapped the table firmly and announced seriously.

    “Yes, Great Uncle Master.” Everyone stood up and bowed as they replied gravely.

    The Ba Ji Sect had to swallow down the humiliation; after all, no one in the sect had what it took to challenge a Demon God such as Chen Beixuan. Strength was the ultimate truth among the martial artists, and therefore, they should swallow down their resentment and concede defeat.

    Guo Xiuxiu stood still, looking attractive as ever. She still found it hard to believe that an ordinary-looking young man could turn out to be one of the most powerful Grandmasters in the world.

    Such meetings carried out not only in the Ba Ji Sect but also in the Diamond Temple, Xin Yi Sect and the Wu family of northwestern China. All the meeting had arrived at the same conclusion: “Do not mess with Chen Beixuan.”

    Chen Fan had dominated the martial arts landscape before he had even reached twenty.

    Meanwhile… in the family estate of the Lu family in Lin City…

    The air was filled with celebratory sentiments. People hung colorful lanterns and unboxed new-years decorations to gave the old house a complete makeover.

    In the three months that had passed, Lei Qianjue had been fishing on his boat at the West Lake a few kilometers away from the Lu family. The presence of the Great Grandmaster cast a heavy shadow over the Lu family, restricting their activities. Even their territories all over China had been challenged by many regional opponents, making the situation extremely difficult.

    In the end, people started to insinuate the idea of abandoning Lu Yanxue and draw a clear line with Chen Fan. After all, no one had expected the young man to survive the battle in the first place.

    However, the great-great-grandpa of the family had opposed to such betrayal and ensured Lu Yanxue’s safety in the family.

    Now the fight was over, and everything turned out to be fine. Chen Fan had killed Lei Qianjue in front of martial artists from all over China, making him the crowned king of the Chinese martial arts community.

    From then on, no one would dare to look at Chen Beixuan in the eyes, and neither would anyone dare to challenge the Lu family.

    The Lu family’s enemies across the Tian Nan Province dropped their weapons and surrendered as soon as they heard about Chen Beixuan’s victory. Without Lei Qianjue, no one dared to test the ire of even an ordinary Grandmaster much less the most powerful one.

    “Chen Beixuan is too strong. I was called to guard the West Lake and saw the battle from a distance. It was terrifying! They stirred up half of the water in the lake and left many deep scars at the lake bottom.”

    Inside the guardhouse, Lu Dayong was walking with his friends.

    The other guards listened attentively; their eyes were filled with envy since they wished that they were there to witness such spectacular sight.

    Suddenly, a leader of the Lu family walked past the guardhouse and overheard Lu Dayong’s words. He pulled a taut face and castigated him: “Lu Dayong! Do not call Grandmaster Chen by his name. If I hear those words again, I will send you to work in the mine!”

    “Yes… yes… Grandpa Tianhe.” Lu Dayong lowered his head and apologized like an obedient grandson.

    After the man had disappeared, Lu Dayong wailed disheartening: “Shit! I got caught by Lu Tianhe. He was the second in command in the family and was one of the very few Internal Force users.”

    The other guards kept their silence and didn’t say a thing since Lu Tianhe was too powerful for them to make any comment about him. Lu Dayong was from the family while the rest of them were mere employees, and any rude comments would cost them their jobs.

    By then, Lu Tianhe had made it to the meeting hall at the center of the estate.

    A few martial artists of phenomenal success in their Internal Force cultivation had already stood by the gate, waiting for his arrival. They stood haughtily and kept their back straight, looking like the royal guards for the emperor.

    “Is Grandmaster Chen here?” Lu Tianhe asked under his breath.

    “He is already here, Uncle Tianhe. You may come in.” One of the men nodded.

    Lu Tianhe entered the meeting hall and saw Chen Fan sitting at the head of the conference table.

    He was immediately taken aback by Chen Fan’s appearance. Three months ago, Chen Fan had subjugated the Lu family with his mighty power; he looked nothing extraordinary.

    However, there and then, Chen Fan’s face was so handsome that he looked nearly otherworldly. His eyes shone like diamonds in the dark night, and his lush black hair fell loose over his shoulders. His body and limbs were in perfect proportion with each other. If not because of a slight familiarity with his former self, Lu Tianhe would never have recognized the young man.

    “It had only been three months, how could there be so many changes.” Lu Tianhe asked himself. He bowed respectfully to Chen Fan and said: “Grandmaster Chen, as advised, I escorted those teenagers back to Chu Zhou City. Everything was done discreetly, so those young girls will not know about my presence.”

    “Very well.” Chen Fan nodded and cracked a smile.

    He wagered that his smile toward Xu Rongfei wouldn’t have escaped many of his enemies; therefore, he had ordered the Lu family to escort the girls back to Chu Zhou city.

    “Grandmaster Chen, we want to appoint Lu Yanxue as our new family lord.” Great-great Grandpa rose from his seat and announced.

    “Same here. Please approve.”

    Many leaders of the family such as Lu Tianhe, Lu Tianyun, and Lu Tianwu all rose to their feet and announced sincerely.

    Lu Haixuan stood behind everyone and looked to Chen Fan with complicated feelings. Just Three months ago, Lu Yanxue was just an ordinary member of the family. Other than her good looks, she contributed nothing to the family.

    However, three months later, she was going to be the new family lord and take full control of the powerful Lu family. On the other hand, Lu Haixuan, a talented heir as he was, was going to live the rest of his life as a nobody.

    Chen Fan had caused all of this.


    Lu Yanxue covered her mouth to stifle a surprised cry.

    She had never thought that she had what it takes to lord over a family that was a dominating force in Lin City. Every decision made by the Lu family would affect the lives of millions. Even the financial power of the family alone would be able to make a huge impact on the Tian Nan Province.

    Unsure what to do, she panicked and looked to Chen Fan for help.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and said calmly: “Whatever your decision is, I am on your side.”

    Hesitation flickered in Lu Yanxue’s eyes as she scanned the people around her. In the end, a smile broke over her face as she said: “Ok, I’ll take up the position.”

    Lu Yanxue’s former self would never agree to such a conspicuous and illustrious position. She knew that her beauty alone would not help her surpass Lu Haixuan nor Lu Yanwu. The so-called family lord was nothing but a fancy title, a pledge of her family toward Chen Fan. In the end, she would only be Chen Fan’s puppet as he exerts his control over the Lu family.

    “If I don’t make myself stand out, you will probably forget about me soon while basking in the reflection of your glory.”

    Lu Yanxue muttered under her breath.