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Chapter 199 - Death of a Grandmaster

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 199: Death of a Grandmaster

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    Lei Qianjue was a powerful fighter, let it be his Internal Force or physical strength, either one of them could rival that of a cultivator at Ethereal Enlightenment level. He was even able to tap into the Power of Heaven and Earth quit efficiently. The Qi Net made out of ice crystals were created after three months of hard work and was able to kill any average Ethereal Enlightenment cultivator with ease. Even if an armored military vehicle was trapped inside the net, it would also be shredded into pieces.

    Unfortunately for Lei Qianjue, his opponent was Chen Fan, someone who had achieved the Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    The Connate Cultivator’s body was called a Dao Body. Some Dao Bodies were able to allow the cultivator to run faster than the speed of sound and some would allow the cultivator to dismantle a tank with their bare hands. Although Chen Fan had only reached the Introductory Level of Azure Thearch Longevity Body, the power of his Dao Body was already on par with other kinds of Dao Bodies at initial success level.

    Lei Qianjue’s Ice Crystal Qi Net could shred steel and shave iron. However, it looked like it was made out of paper and glue before Chen Fan’s Connate Body.

    Thus it was. With such power, Chen Fan would be able to dominate the entire earth with ease. As long as he was not under a concentrated bombardment of modern firearms, his body would always hold up. Even if he had to face against another Immortal State cultivator, Chen Fan would be able to hold his own with his nearly indestructible body.

    “How is that possible?”

    Life ebbed away from Lei Qianjue’s face as he was shaken by the development.

    He had been working on the Ice Crystal Qi Net for ten years while he was on the tundra, he was going to save it for the fight against his nemesis Ye Nantian, but it was easily ripped apart by Chen Fan’s bare hands. How powerful exactly was he? He wagered that Chen Fan’s punch should be able to pierce through at least a half meter thick metal sheet.

    Everyone else on the lake shared the old man’s utter astonishment. Grandmaster Du was already about to leave, but the development stopped him cold in his tracks and had rendered him speechless.

    “I need to run!”

    As a Grandmaster who had lived a rough-and-tumble life in and out of China and knew what and what not to do at the right time. The situation right now called for escaping. He knew that despite Chen Fan’s praise for him, Chen Fan was not going to let him leave here alive.

    The wings behind Lei Qianjue fanned out again and quietly grew to about two to three meters long. He tapped the lake with the tips of his toes gently as he made his way across. Every seemingly nimble tapping on the water would cause the lake surface to cave in, pushing the old man forward with lightning speed.

    “This punch is my appreciation for the three months of waiting.” Chen Fan closed his fingers and formed a fist as he lightly stamped the water with one foot.


    Suddenly, the sky seemed to have fallen upon the lake as a large portion of the lake suddenly caved in and created a depression that was about ten meters wide. This depression looked exactly like the bottom of a human’s foot; the force went through the few-meter-thick lake and pressed hard onto the lake bottom.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan launched himself up into the air like a cannonball.


    Suddenly, a peal of sound like a siren came up as a hundred or so white columns of Qi lanced out from the surface of the lake, it looked like fighter jets had taken off and soared up into the air from the bottom of the lake, trailing jet streams in their wake.


    Everyone was speechless by the sight. Chen Fan had broken the sound barrier using his physical body alone.

    Chen Fan covered the few hundred-meter distances in a few seconds and reached Lei Qianjue before the later had realized what was going on. He didn’t give Lei Qianjue any time to react as he hammered his fist at him.


    At the moment of life and death, Lei Qianjue folded his hands and summoned countless white Qi Energy around him, trying to cushion Chen Fan’s punch.

    However, Chen Fan’s first came at him faster than the speed of sound and was too fast for Lei Qianjue to improvise a meaningful defense. The old man watched as a fist with white and tender skin shredded his Four Righteousness Protection Aura into pieces like tearing apart a piece of thin paper; then the fist kept going and landed squarely on Lei Qianjue’s chest.


    A gush of blood rushed into Lei Qianjue’s mouth and was sprayed out in a bust of thin crimson mist.

    The body had been refining over a decade on the frigid tundra was able to withstand a bullet shot at point blank, however, there and then, the old man watched in horror as his chest was pressed in by a fist until it was flush against his back.

    A nearly invincible Grandmasters, such as he was, was dead after Chen Fan’s one single punch. The old man’s body fell lifelessly into the lake and disappeared.


    Then and only then, the explosive sound of the impact finally swept across the lake like a clap of rolling thunder.

    A deadly silence fell over the lake. No one spoke a word as they could only stare at the shocking development.

    “Lei Qianjue is… dead?”

    Gu Shitong asked in a trembling voice

    “Lei Qianjue is… dead!”

    Chen Jiuyang nodded, his voice heavy.

    All the Martial Artists looked to the young man in black outfit reverentially. They knew that a new era had dawned upon the world and with it a new legend.

    Chen Beixuan, the Young Grandmaster was also the youngest man to have achieved the Immortal State.

    No one knew what the Immortal State meant and neither did anyone know what made anyone an Immortal State cultivator. However, since Chen Fan could do away with the most powerful Transcendent Master Lei Qianjue, people wagered that the young boy must be not far from the Immortal State.

    “He broke the sound barrier with his own body and killed a Grandmaster with just one punch!”

    “From now on, Chen Beixuan’s name is going to be heard at every corner of the world.”

    Chen Jiuyang’s eyes gleamed as he let a few words tumble out of his mouth.

    As a Grandmaster of the Tai Chi Sect, the most powerful person among the audience, he had set the final tone on the battle of the century.

    Everyone agreed with the old man’s conclusion fearfully.

    Three months ago, Chen Beixuan had earned the title of the Grandmaster by killing the family lord of the Lu family. However, even back then, people never stopped doubting him, and some even wanted to challenge him and bring him down.

    However, there and then, Chen Fan used the blood of Lei Qianjue to prove himself in front of the world. By then, not even a Perfected Cultivator dared to challenge him, much less anyone whose level was below that of Grandmaster.

    Chen Fan walked toward the shore from the center of the lake; not even the soles of his shoes were slightly damp, it was as if he walked on an invisible ground ever so slightly higher than the lake surface. Everyone, including other Grandmasters such as Chen Jiuyang and Grandmaster Du, lowered their heads to show their respect.

    A black haired, green eyed man of multiracial heritage walked onto the lake and approached Chen Fan.

    “Are you going to avenge your teacher?” Chen Fan looked at the middle-aged man who had just rose to fame three months ago with a great measure of interest.

    Chen Fan had always been very interested in Mixed Martial Arts Masters. However, as soon as he saw Romon, he realized the so-called Mixed Martial Arts Master were essentially the same as a Physique Regiment Masters. In other words, once Tong Shan had perfected the Tiger Demon’s Physique Refinement Art, he could then be called a Mixed Martial Arts Master as well.

    “Grandmaster Chen, you are the most powerful man in the world, to be able to die in your hands is an honor for my teacher.” Romon bowed deeply, and spoke in fluent Chinse: “I simply wish to ask you a favor, please allow me to bring my teacher’s body back to the tundra where he wanted to be buried.”

    “Go ahead.” Chen Fan waved a hand distractedly.

    Lei Qianjue was top five most powerful fighters in the world. If Chen Fan didn’t have the powerful Azure Thearch Longevity Body, even he might not have an effective counter for the old man’s powerful attacks. However, with the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, Chen Fan had wagered that the old man would last no more than three punches from him, and he was right.

    Chen Fan didn’t use any Martial arts Dharma Spells during his attack, instead, he simply relied on his physical strength to break the sound barrier as he punched out.

    Such a simple and crude technique was not even name-worthy. If one really needed to name it, it could be called “Hypersonic Punch.”

    Not even Lei Qianjue could have withstood such a punch, much less his disciple, Romon.

    Romon bowed again and then ran past Che Fan to retrieve Lei Qianjue’s dead body. Afterward, he ran away while carrying his teacher’s body on his shoulder.

    The fight was just finished, but everyone already started to miss the sight of the incredible battle. They lamented that this might be the last time they would ever see anyone duke it out with Chen Fan.

    There was only one person in the world that might be able to do that

    “Ye Nantian!”

    However, their match was unlikely to happen since Ye Nantian had already joined the Military and would not fight a civilian without a good cause. Seventeen years ago, Ye Nantian was already more powerful than Lei Qianjue, so it made sense that he still was. If that’s the case, how many of Chen Fan’s punches could he take?

    Zhang Yumeng and her friends looked to Chen Fan joyfully.

    They didn’t know who Lei Qianjue was and what it meant to kill him in one punch, all they knew was that the handsome young man whom they had been cheering for had won the fight.

    “Uh? Fei Fie, why are you here?”

    By then, Chen Fan had finally taken notice the group from Chu Zhou City and was curious as to why they were here.

    “Oh, look! He is looking at me, isn’t he?” Zhang Yumeng’s eyes turned into hearts and she gazed at Chen Fan like gazing at her idol.

    Meanwhile, both Yang Chao and Li Yichen’s bodies tensed up in fear.

    The young man looking at them was a deadly and bloodthirsty killer. If he had a beef with any one of them, he could simply crush the entire boat like crushing a worm.

    To their relief, Chen Fan didn’t come closer to them, instead, he cracked a smile and walked away.

    Chen Fan wagered that it was not the time to say hi since they might not even recognize his new face.

    “He smiled at us!” Zhang Yumeng was elated.

    “He did… it was as if he recognized us…” Li Yichen thought curiously.

    Jiang Churan’s body shivered slightly as he looked to Xu Rongfei incredulously. She stood right beside Xu Rongfei and the young man’s smile was unmistakably for her.

    However, Xu Rongfei was so innocent that she didn’t pick up any of those clues. She simply laughed and gawked at the young man with everyone else.

    “He… Is he really Chen Fan?”

    Jiang Churan thought in disbelief and hoped that she was wrong

    Although Chen Fan had displayed his ability to summon a dragon in front of her, the girl was convinced that Chen Beixuan’s power was limited to the Jiang Bei region. There and then, the young man had subjugated the hearts of all Martial Artists across China, including many top dogs in the martial arts world.

    Everyone looked to Chen Fan with eyes that were filled with complicated emotions. Chen Fan walked back to his junk boat and stood beside the girls in Green Qipao.

    The junk boat drifted around and carried the three otherworldly god and goddess into the distance until they disappeared behind the misty rain of southern China.

    “Ah! What a battle! This is going to shock everyone!”

    “Twenty years old, and already famous…”

    The old man from the Seven Kill Fist Sect took a large gulp of wine and let out a few slurred words.

    His grandson stood next to him, eyes filled to the brim with excitement.