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Chapter 195 - I Am Going To Kill Lei Qianjue

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 195: I Am Going To Kill Lei Qianjue

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    Lin City, Number One People’s Hotel, Intensive Care Unit…

    Spring had come early inside the room where Lu Yanxue was in. The daffodils bloomed beside the sick bed and so did the lilies. Vines climbed over to the window, blotting the sunlight.


    The Inscription of Perpetual Life that had been hanging above Lu Yanxue’s head had finally spent its last bit of energy and fell apart, turning into a puff of iridescent mist. After three days of intense treatment, Lu Yanxue was brought back from the brink of death and life and her beauty was restored.

    By then, a black-haired beauty with porcelain skin and gorgeous face laid on the bed.

    “Are we done?” The girl asked softly, her voice was laced with remorse.

    She had watched as the young man beside her worked day and night for three days straight without a break. If Chen Fan didn’t have the Azure Thearch Longevity Body that could constantly tap into the energy around him, he would have already collapsed to the ground in exhaustion.

    “Don’t worry, you are healed now.”

    Chen Fan flicked a finger and an illusion came into focus out of thin air. It was a mirror seemingly made out of some kind of crystal. It was right in front of Lu Yanxue’s face, reflecting the girl’s beauty down to the finest details.

    “That’s me?” Lu Yanxue rubbed her cheek and asked in disbelief.

    The girl in the mirror had an air of aloofness. Her eyes shone like two black pearls. All features on her face, let it be nose, eyes, or mouth all lined up perfectly, and created a face that was more beautiful than their sum.

    Lu Yanxue’s look used to be one in a million, now her beauty was so profound and provocative that it was borderline sin in the eyes of any pious men.

    “Of course that is you.” Chen Fan smiled.

    It would have only taken Chen Fan a single day to save Lu Yanxue’s life. He had spent the rest of two days focusing on improving Lu Yanxue’s body, transforming her mortal coil into a Spirit Body.

    Although Lu Yanxue was still a mortal, her physical condition was better than a top athlete in the world. She would be able to live over a hundred years with ease and would be immune to diseases. If she took up martial arts training now, she would surpass people such as Gao Baisheng and Lu Yanxue with ease. As for her beauty, that was just icing on the cake.

    “Consider it as compensation for your suffering in the last three months.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself. A white line appeared in his palm. The Frigid Qi that Lie Qianjue had planted inside of the girl using the Art of Thousand Trickeries was still giving off biting coldness even after three months and left streaks of frostbite on Chen Fan’s palm.

    “Lei Qianjue…” Chen Fan narrowed her eyes as an azure fire danced in his pupils. “I could tell that he was a powerful cultivator just by this Qi he had planted inside of Lu Yanxue. He had broken the limitation of the Internal Force and was able to refine his True Qi into True Essence. I wager his power had already reached the Ethereal Enlightenment level other than that he might not have any Divine powers or Dharma Spells.”

    “Too bad that you have picked on the wrong person. You should have fought me before I reached Ethereal Enlightenment.”

    Chen Fan rose to his feet and his movement stirred Lu Yanxue. She hurried to ask: “Are you leaving again?”

    “I just need to handle business quickly. I will be back.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    “What business?” Lu Yanxue asked curiously.

    “To kill Lei Qianjue.” Chen Fan replied.

    Meanwhile, on the West Lake, more and more martial artist showed up at the closed-off section of the lake. Among them were even a few blond hair blue eyed white folk as well as some short and darker skinned foreigners.

    “The lake got filled up pretty quickly. There are so many foreigners as well. Are they all martial artists?” Zhang Yumeng asked in surprise.

    “What makes you think that there are no Martial Artist overseas? The Internal Force was just one of the many methods of practicing martial arts. There were also Physique Refinement, Ancient Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts and what have you. Each and every branch could produce fighters that are no less powerful than an Internal Force user. Lei Qianjue’s disciple, Romon, for example, he was a perfect example of someone who knows how to combine all different kinds of martial arts techniques, let it be easter or western, internal or external, and turn them into something he could use.

    “Lei Qianjue had dominated the martial arts landscape over a decade overseas and he was the crowned king of all Grandmasters who live outside of China. His disciple, Romon was the leader of the Chinese community in Canada as well as the leader of the Hong Sect. On the other hand, Chen Beixuan had risen to power recently at a surprisingly young age. He had reached Transcendent State before the age of twenty and killed the Lu family’s Grandmaster Lu Tianfen. Therefore, no martial artist could have passed up the opportunity to witness this fight of the century. Even those who lived in Africa would fly-in to watch the fight.”

    “Really?” Zhang Yumeng made a surprised face and stuck the tip of her tongue out slightly.

    Jiang Churan and Xu Rongfei were both shocked by the revelation

    Li Yichen looked around and suddenly noticed someone familiar. So he padded the shoulder of the Young Lord Han and asked. “Young Lord Han, isn’t that the CEO of the Gus Group, Gu Xuanhuai?”

    “Oh? Ah yes, indeed…” Young Lord Han looked toward the direction where his friend was looking. Right away, surprise and shock were written all over his face. “The Gus Group is a publicly owned company that is worth over a few trillion. Gu Xuanhuai was the CEO of the company. Why is he here? And who is that old man standing before him?”

    The Gu Xuanhuai they were talking about was the CEO of the renowned Gus Group.

    He had made it to the top a hundred list of the Hurun Rich List, a magnate through and through. He should be able to make it to the top ten if not top five spots in the entire Jiang Nan Province and was a frequent guest of honor at public events.

    However, there and then, the powerful tycoon stood respectfully behind an old man with a thin face.

    “Who is Gu Xuanhuai? I have no clue who you guys are talking about. However, I know the old man standing at the bow. He is the Lord of the Gu family a semi-transcendent master. His power is on par with Su Wudi from your sect. However, I wager it was no longer the case since Chen Beixuan had torn off one of Su Wudi’s arms.” The old man from the Seven Kill Fist Sect lamented.

    “Lord of the Gu family? Semi transcendent?”

    Li Yichen and Young Lord Han were both dumbfounded by the strange names and jargon.

    Although they have no idea what those words meant, they knew that Gu Xuanhuai was an ultra billionaire and it would require a heck a lot of prestige and power to make him stand so respectfully behind anyone. Along that line of thinking, they wagered that to be a Semi transcendent master would make one even more powerful than someone who owns hundreds of billions.

    “Ren Yuanhang from the Heavenly Capital Inc. is here as well. Oh, and there is Li Jinlong from the Green Vine Pharmaceuticals, Wu Xiuzhu from Su Chen Group…”

    Li Yichen identified a few more renowned businessmen and tycoons. However, everyone he knew of was standing obsequiously behind another man or woman at the front of the bow.

    The old man readily gave away the names of those people.

    “The family lord of the Ren family, Lord of the Li Family of Green Vines, the sect master of the Eight Trigrams sect.”

    As the old man went on, Li Yichen and his friends became increasingly shocked by how much control martial artists had over every facet of the world. They were the leaders of all kinds of industries, including a few foreign companies. Even the CEO or board chairman of these companies were no more than their puppets.

    “These people controlled so much wealth and power that if they banned together, they would rival a small country. Yet, they are not even the fighter today, and they are just here to watch the clash of two even more powerful figures. So, how powerful exactly are Lei Qianjue and Chen Beixuan? And how much respect do they command?”

    Li Yichen and Young Lord Han exchanged a knowing glance. They finally understand why the province would order the City to close off the lake.

    These were all real top dogs in China.

    One hour, two, three…

    The audience waited patiently from morning till sunset. In the afternoon, a light drizzle started that made the lake look more gloomy and misty than ever.

    The girls had gone under the deck but the martial artist didn’t mind the rain. They stood still at the bow and waited patiently.

    “Where is Chen Beixuan?” Zhang Yumeng poked her head out from under the deck and asked in ennui.

    “What’s the hurry, even Lei Qianjue is waiting more patiently than you.” The old man sat cross-legged on the boat and replied. His grandson had followed the example of his grandpa and also sat cross-legged on the deck.

    “But—” Even as Zhang Yumeng was going to refute, a wave of commotion cut her short.

    The old man suddenly opened his eyes and rose to his feet, and so did the other martial artist on other boats. A wave of excited murmur rose on the lake.

    “Chen Beixuan is here!”

    “The Fight of the Grandmasters is about to start!”

    “Let me see what he looks like. A twenty years old Grandmaster, that is unheard of!”

    The crowd boiled over on the calm and raining lake. The tycoons and the magnates alike balanced on their toes, trying to catch a glimpse of the Young Grandmaster like a bunch of fangirls.

    “Is he here?”

    Jiang Churan and Xu Rongfei hurried out from under the deck and looked into the distance expectantly.

    They watched as a little junk boat drifted closer toward them on the misty lake. Behind it was the setting sun and the Lei Feng Pagoda.

    At the front of the boat stood a young man in dark clothes. He looked as handsome as a marble statue. Beside him was a couple of glamorous girls each holding a paper umbrella. The three of them looked like a flattering portrait of a god and goddesses.

    “So that is Chen Beixuan? Why does he look like Chen Fan?” Zhang Yumeng asked curiously.

    “Indeed. He does look like Brother Chen Fan, but he is much better looking, and taller.” Xu Rongfei chimed in.

    Jiang Churan was taken aback when she first saw the young man. Then she heaved a sigh as many strong yet contradicting emotions clashed inside of her.

    She wished that the young man was Chen Fan, but the thought that her guess was true also terrified her.

    Suddenly, Young Lord Han shouted: “That girl in the green outfit is Lu Yanwu of the Lu’s Group, isn’t she? She is the diva among the elites of Lin City. Countless successful young businessmen were interested in her. Is she a Martial Artist as well? ”

    Li Yichen kept his silence as he was also at a loss for words.

    Finally, the old man fishing in the middle of the late slowly rose to his feet. He removed his hat and revealed his white hair and a face that was incredibly young.

    His big frame, white hair and young face painted a strange and otherworldly portrait of him.

    He was the Grandmaster of the Hong Sect, Lei Qianjue

    The old man spoke out, his voice boomed like a volcano eruption.

    “Chen Beixuan, you have finally arrived.”

    “I have been waiting for you for over three months, don’t disappoint me please.”

    The old man’s voice swept through the lake like a gust of wind. It was so ear-splittingly loud that Zhang Yumeng and her friends quickly covered their ears to muffle the sound.

    “Lei Qianjue?” The young man on the junk boat looked up, eyes glinting.

    “I! Came! To! Kill! You!”

    After he had let out those words, he took a step forward and landed on the water.

    Suddenly, a wave rippled out from under the young man’s feet, and it rocked the other boats so violently that a few people nearly got pitched out from the decks.