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Chapter 186 - Azure Thearch Longevity Body

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 186: Azure Thearch Longevity Body

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    “The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was formed by cultivating the Azure Thearch Longevity Art, one of the best arts of the Five Elements Immortal Sect which itself was one of the nine Great Immortal Sects. After it was completed, the cultivator would gain natural affinity with Connate Spirit Yi Wood and boost the power of wood element spells to the point that it could rival that of the Divine Child of the Wood Sprites. It would allow the cultivators to cast any wood element spells at will and eventually form one of the Sacred Body in the Five Elements Branch.”

    “It came with the Immortal Enlightenment ability ‘Yi Wood Spirit’. When cast, the cultivator would be able to control all wood element sentient beings around him.

    “It came with the Immortal Enlightenment ability “Indestructible Longevity” which would prolong the life of the cultivator ten times longer than their normal counterpart.

    “It came with the Immortal Enlightenment ‘Three Lives Incarnations’ As long as the cultivator’s Primordial Essence was still intact, the cultivator could resurrect three times after his physical form has perished.

    “It came with the Immortal Enlightenment ability ‘Out of Body Experience’ which allows the cultivator to attach his Primordial Spirit to any Spirit Wood.

    “It came with the Immortal Enlightenment ability ‘Dharma Eye of the Green Drake’… ”

    The art came with over a dozen different kinds of Immortal Enlightenment abilities. Like the best art of the Five Elements Celestial Branch, it was no doubt far superior to any art of other Immortal Cultivation Sects. A normal Spirit Body would only come with a couple of Immortal Enlightenment abilities, but this one had a dozen of them. This was unheard of.

    “Did I snatch this art from the ‘Son of the Azure Thearch’ from the Five Elements Immortal Sect, or was it from somewhere else?” Chen Beixuan furrowed his brows. As the North Mystic Celestial Lord, he had fought against countless powerful fighters from the world of the Immortal Cultivation as well as cultivators of other alien races.

    The Son of the Azure Thearch was one of the Divine Cultivator of the Immortal Sect. His father was Azure Thearch himself, a mighty figure in the field of Wood Element cultivation. As a Perfected immortal of Dao Reunion level, he had fought with Cangqin the Immortal cultivator many times without a clear winner. The Son of the Azure Thearch was the son of a Perfected Immortal and therefore he had gained a Connate Nascent Soul and reached the Nascent Soul level at birth. For a cultivator, he could be considered to have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

    However, he was killed by Chen Fan in the end. His Azure Thearch Longevity Body was taken as well.

    “The Art of Azure Thearch Longevity Body was nothing spectacular. I have learned over a few dozen arts that could have done the same thing. However, achieving the Five Elements Sacred Body was a very different thing altogether.” Chen Fan thought to himself as his eyes glinted.

    The Sacred Body was one of the most powerful Divine art of the Five Elements Immortal Sect. Once a cultivator had mastered such an art, he should be able to conjure any spells belonging to the Five Elements.

    The Sacred Body of Five Elements was formed by five powerful Spirit Bodies which included the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. Its power was on par with that of the True Martial Sacred Body.

    “I have only one of the five Sacred Body of Five Elements. It is impossible to complete it for now.”

    However, Chen Fan was not deterred.

    Compared to the Yi Wood Body or the Green Flower Sword Body, the Azure Thearch Longevity Body was the much better option. From here, he could either further the art by completing the Sacred Body of Five Elements, or he could transfer to cultivate the True Martial Sacred Body, either was possible.

    “If I choose the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, the amount of Spirit Qi in the Spirit Core will only be enough for me to reach the Introductory Level.”

    Chen Fan grinned.

    Azure Thearch Longevity Body was a powerful art and therefore was very difficult to master. It required a huge amount of resources and just one Spirit Core simply won’t do.

    “At any rate, I think the Introductory Level should be enough for me for now. This was one of the most powerful Spirit Bodies in the world of Cultivation, so even at Introductory Level, it should be more powerful than the Initial success level of the Yi Wood body.”

    With that thought in mind, Chen Fan finally made up his mind to cultivate the Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    “Huu! Huu!”

    He sat cross legged in the middle of the medicine storage and rose both hands to his chest. It was as if he held an entire world in between the crooks of his elbows. He started the Void Mortal Refinement Art, stirring up the wood elemental energy inside the Spirit Core.

    A few strands of green smoke rose from the core, they looked like mist formed by moisture in the air. Every tiny droplet in the mist contained pulsing True Qi of Life and Wood Element Spirit Qi. If an average person so much as touched a tiny droplet, these energies would instantly turn his mortal coil into a giant tree. However, once the mist was processed by the Immortal Cultivator, it should help mortal prolong ten years worth of life, its effect was equivalent of swallowing an Essence Enhancing Pill.

    In other words, these little droplets were countless Essence Enhancing Pill and Essence Gathering Pill.


    As soon as Chen Fan started to refine these grey greenish droplets, one of the droplet burst, spilling out powerful essence of vitality and True Essence of the Green-Wood.

    Suddenly, many shriveled up herbs unfurled its leaves as green color started to surface. Even the wooden shelves that were used to hold the herbs grow many branches with green new shots on them.

    This Spirit Core contained over ten thousand of such greenish droplets. I can at the most refine ten drops a day, so three hundred drops a month. In order to finish all the droplets, It will take me three years.

    “That being said, as I progress further, the process will speed up eventually. I am confident that I should be able to refine over a hundred drops a day in the end.”

    This was the first time Chen Fan felt that he truly lived like a king ever since he was resurrected.

    The effect of these droplets made him feel like he was feasting on Essence Gathering Pills every day. Over the last half year, he had only used half of those a hundred or so Essence Gathering Pills. However, now he enjoyed the same effect as swallowing ten pills a day.

    The second drop, the third drop, the fourth drop.

    Before sunset, he had finished refining ten of those greenish droplets.

    By the end of the day, the entire Medicine storage was awash with Wood Element Spirit Qi. The previously dried up herbs not only turned green, many even started to grow again. It reminded Chen Fan of his Immortal garden, where herbs sprout out almost every half an hour.

    Thus it was. It would take ginseng over a thousand years of absorbing enough Qi to become a Spirit Medicine, however, in the Cang Min Realm, the process would only take a few decades. If the ginseng was planted in the heartland of the True Martial Immortal Sect, it would grow into a Sprite Herb in less than a few months. In ten years, it would grow to become a Connate Spirit Tree.

    The amount of Spirit Qi in the environment made a huge difference. By then, the Medicine storage was filled to the brim with Wood Element Spirit Qi, it was practically a Spirit Land of Wood Element. If Chen Fan didn’t cast the Spirit Gathering Array, the Qi would have already permeated into the entire valley, turning the valley into a spring paradise of life and flowers.

    However, Chen Fan couldn’t care less about the world outside of the Medicine Storage. He focused his attention solely on his cultivation. As his Dao Body grew, his cultivation started to speed up. He finished ten drops on the first day, eleven on the second, thirteen on the third, seventeen on the fourth…

    By then, Chen Fan’s skin, muscle, eyebrows, and even his pupils were tainted with a green hue. The powerful Wood Element Spirit Body had claimed every cell in his body, slowly changing it and transforming it to be more compatible with the Wood Element.

    He turned his mind inward while cultivating and he felt that even his nearly spent Golden Li Flame deep inside of his eyes was nurtured back to life by the Wood Element Spirit Qi.

    Such was the Dao of the Five Elements, their coexistence relied on the fragile balance of elements. However, if such balance could be achieved, the elements would work in a perpetually lock step until the cultivator achieved the most powerful Sacred Body in the universe.

    May 2008… International Air Port of Zhong Hai

    Around this time of the day, the airport was packed with white collar elites and businessmen waiting to board their plane. There were even many foreigners coming in and out of the waiting area.

    A grandfather and grandson pair sat in the waiting room and were chatting with each other.

    “Grandpa, tell me another story about Chen Beixuan please”

    The grandson was only seven or either years old, however, he was already a competent martial artist. His movement was quiet but agile like a cautious cheetah. He rested his chin on a palm and looked at his grandpa expectantly.

    The old man was wearing a traditional Chinese outfit and his wizened face was riddled with wrinkles. Despite his old age, his eyes glinted sharply, suggesting that he was a powerful martial artist.

    He could kill a brawny young man who tried to take advantage of the old man with one single slap in the face.

    “I have told you many times, why are you still not satisfied?” The old man complained. However, he gave up in the end and started telling the story one more time. “No one at the Martial Arts Conference had thought that Chen Beixuan was less than a twenty years old boy! When the family lord of the Lu family finally got involved…”

    A group of men emerged from the tarmac as the old man went on with his story. The leader of the group was an old man in a white coat. His hair was as white as snow but the features on his face looked surprisingly young, especially his clear and sharp eyes.

    Beside him was a dark-haired man of multiracial heritage. Behind the two stood a row of brawny and muscular men in black suits.

    These brawny men were snappy in their movements and it was obvious that they were not only Internal Force users but were also well trained and highly disciplined. A team of such powerful fighters could defeat any Martial Artists.

    The men and women averted their eyes as soon as they saw the group of newcomers.

    “Grandpa, who is stronger? You or Chen Beixuan?” The boy asked curiously.

    “What a silly question! Of course not your grandpa. I am nothing but an old man who runs a martial arts club. I am old and useless now, and the only thing I am still good for is to babysit you.” The old man cracked a smile and he shook his head. A hint of remorse flickered in his eyes.

    In the good old days, he was one of the dominant figures in the world of martial arts. He had achieved the peak of the Internal Force cultivation at the age of fifty, and right before he could reach the Transcendent State, he met one of the most powerful opponents in his life. He lasted less than one second before he was gravely injured. Try as he might, he could no longer recover his body to the same level as he had been before the injury.

    “I wager that the only two people who would be able to overcome Chen Beixuan was the man in Yan Jin and my nemesis who injured me.” Even as the grandpa lamented his misfortune, he saw the white-haired old man coming toward his direction. His body froze into a statue.

    “What’s going on Grandpa? ” his grandson asked curiously.

    The old man in a white coat walked past him as if he didn’t even notice the boy’s grandpa.

    “No… nothing, I just saw someone that I used to know.” The old man looked down at his grandson as a fear suddenly shot through his body.

    “Why is he here? Didn’t he swear never to enter China? ”

    “Is he here for Chen Beixuan?”

    He thought of the indifference in the white-haired man when he walked past him and the thought made him feel even worse. He felt that he was drifting further and further away from his goal of avenging his defeat.

    “He is back, and I am afraid that he is going to turn the world upside down this time.”

    The old man lamented.

    Those who knew what the old man was talking about would agree with him.

    Because that man with white hair and white coat was Lei Qianjue, the most powerful martial artist outside of China.