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Chapter 184 - Treasures in The Valley

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 184: Treasures in The Valley

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    Unlike the Body Tempering Pill and the Essence Enhancing Pill, the Essence Gathering Pills that Chen Fan fed to Zhu Yuntao were the real immortal elixirs. For cultivators, it was mainly used to replenish one’s Spirit Qi, but to ordinary people, it could greatly boost their vitality.

    Resolving the harmful effect of the venom was only the tip of the iceberg of what the elixir was capable of. After Zhu Yuntao swallowed the pill, not only did he come back alive, but his physique was also strengthened so much so, that he was very likely to live over a hundred years.

    If he ever embarked on the martial arts journey, his attainment would not be lower than Gao Baisheng or Lu Haixuan.

    Such was the power of the Essence Gathering Pill. Chen Fan had created over a hundred of them in total and after half a year of usage, there were only half left. If not because he liked Zhu Yuntao, he would have given him a lesser Essence Enhancing Pill at the most.

    Afterward, Chen Fan ordered someone to fetch him a large bucket of water and then he dumped in ten Essence Gathering Pills into it. A single pill was overkill for curing the ailment, therefore, by diluting it in the water, he should be able to make the cure available to many more people while still keeping the effects of the pill.

    “Immortal Master Chen, what kind of elixirs are these?”

    King of Elixirs came over to him and asked respectfully.

    As his title suggested, he was an expert in Elixir Brewing. However, he had never seen such magical elixirs during his career, not even during his research in the medical library. He wagered that the effect of this pill was at least on par with the Dragon Tiger Golden Pills from the Heavenly Master Sect.

    However, Dragon Tiger Golden Pills were the stuff of legend. Rumor had it that only the first generation Sect Master of the Heavenly Master Sect had successfully created one batch, but none of his successors had succeeded ever again.

    “This is called Essence Gathering Pill.”

    Chen Fan gave one pill to the King of Elixirs. The latter held the pill close to his eyes and finally found out that the pill had the texture and the color of green jade. Inside its near translucent wall, he noticed wisps of white mist moving about. A whiff of fresh fragrance drifted into his nose, making him feel exhilarated.

    “This pill is beyond supreme-grade, this is of immortal elixirs grade or celestial elixirs.” King of Elixirs exclaimed.

    “What a shame that I still missed a few ingredients in the original recipe. Otherwise, I need only one of these to cure all of them.” Chen Fan heaved a sigh and said.

    The Essence Gathering Pill was used to replenish one’s Spirit Qi and to clean up one’s system even down to the bone marrow.

    On the other hand, the Essence Enhancing Pill was used for curing ailments and strengthening one’s Essence Qi. Its main function was to prolong life and energy. One pill could help a mortal prolong at least ten years of his life. It was packed with life essence and therefore, curing the poison was not a problem.

    “What kind of elixir is the Essence Enhancing Pill? It sounded more powerful than the Essence Gathering Pill.” the King of Elixirs asked curiously like a three-year-old.

    Chen Fan hesitated only a fraction of a second before he disclosed the recipe and the effects of these two elixirs. The Essence Enhancing Pill required the Immortal Cultivation method to refine and therefore, even if he gave the King of Elixirs the recipe, the latter would not be able to create it.

    One of the main goals of his trip was to collect as many ingredients for Essence Enhancing Pill as possible. After all, his grandpa, Chen Huaian was still waiting for his return.

    “I have never even heard of these ingredients.” King of Elixirs exclaimed. The Elders also shook their heads and lamented their lack of knowledge. They had thought that they were the experts after having spent their entire life creating elixirs. However, they just found out that they had been living under a rock all the while.

    “Immortal Master Chen, we do have a thousand-year-old Ginseng if you need one.” King of Elixirs said. “I want to offer it to you as a sincere apology for our mistake.”

    Even as he said so, a pained expression flashed across his face.

    These thousand years herbs were the treasures that had passed down to him over generations. However, Chen Fan was clearly a God Reining State Immortal Master who had possessed unimaginable Elixir Brewing skills. The Sect Master knew from the get-go that Chen Fan came here for those precious herbs.

    “Very well, after I have created the Essence Enhancing Pill, I will give you some.” Satisfied by King of Elixirs’s offer, Chen Fan nodded approvingly.

    After he said that, he gave the Fifth Elder a half smile and said: “The effect of the Essence Enhancing Pill is beyond your imagination. To prolong one’s life is only the most basic function, it could also help one grow a new arm if the pill was done correctly.”

    “Really?” The elder in a black robe asked in elation.

    He had lost his left arm during the fiery mayhem. Despite the fear of Chen Fan, he could not help feeling a sense of animosity toward the boy. However, after hearing his words, the animosity was no more.

    By then, Zhu Ruohan had drank a sip of the Spirit Water. Already, the poison in her system was dissipating as she gradually returned back to life. After she had recovered. Zhu Yuntao led her to Chen Fan and apologized: “I am sorry Immortal Master Chen. We have eyes but failed to see Mountain Tai. Thank you for your mercy and kindness for saving my sister’s life. I will forever remember your help and so would the Zhu family!”

    Zhu Ruohan still looked sick, however, her knitted brows somehow made her look cuter than she ever had been. She looked up and connected her gaze with Chen Fan and was stunned by Chen Fan’s godly demeanor.

    “No harm is done.” Chen Fan waved a hand.

    At his level of attainment, even billions of yuan were worth nothing to him, much less an apology and thanks from the Zhu family.

    The Grand Elder had caught on the subtle friendliness in the exchange, so he asked someone to fetch an All-Purpose Antidote. It was used to counter any poison including Magus Poison or curses.

    Zhu Yuntao was taken aback by the offer at first, and then he was elated. This was exactly what his father needed. He then heaped thanks to the Grand Elder.

    After Chen Fan saved the innocent crowd of the valley. He was lead to the main hall. A man was already kneeling at the center of the main hall, his head pressed hard against the floor, asking for forgiveness.

    “Alchemists Hu?”

    This was the man who had chided at Chen Fan. His haughty and contemptuous air was gone as he knelt on the floor and shaking uncontrollably.

    “Immortal Master Chen, he deserves to be put to death.” Grand Elder cupped his fist and suggested.

    Everyone looked to Alchemists Hu grudgingly. If he didn’t instigate Chen Fan’s hatred toward the sect, he would have resorted to a much more peaceful way of subjugating the sect. Perhaps the innocent lives could be saved from the outset.

    There and then, even the elders seemed to have forgotten their discussion about how to kill Chen Fan.

    “It’s OK.” Chen Fan shook his head.

    Alchemists Hu was nothing but a worm. He could have done away with him with a lazy sweep of his blade while he was fighting. There was no need to get caught up by these insignificant people.

    “Hu Zhiyuan, Immortal Master Chen has forgiven you, but the Sect rule is clear and has to be followed. From now on, you will no longer be an alchemist and you are not allowed to use spells for twenty years. Do you understand that clearly?” Grand Elder announced hotly.

    “I understand.” Alchemist Hu kowtowed.

    Chen Fan watched the show they put on for him indifferently. However, he decided to leave it at that, after all, the Medicine God Valley Sect still has some use to him. The base of the Medicine God Valley Sect was located in a secluded location and it would be perfect for him to revamp it into a bastion of cultivation.

    “The journey of cultivation was difficult and lonely, especially under such deprived conditions on earth. My life will be easier if I have some help.”

    Chen Fan didn’t plan to teach them any real Immortal Cultivation methods, he merely wanted to further their talent in Elixir Brewing so that he wouldn’t have to brew the elixirs by himself as these alchemists should be able to handle it for him.

    Afterward, King of Elixirs led Chen Fan to a building behind the temple. This was medicine storage that contained all kinds of herbs one could imagine.

    “This is our medicine storage.” A smug smile appeared on King of Elixirs’s face. “These are all herbs we have collected over the centuries. Just the thousand-year-old herbs, we have half a dozen of them.

    “The rule of thumb was that only a precious herb or anything that was over a few hundred years old could be brought to the storage. As for regular herbs, we have a nearly unlimited supply of them.”

    Although Chen Fan had better Elixir Brewing skills than the Medicine God Valley Sect, the King of Elixirs wagered that he still had a much deeper knowledge of herbs than Chen Fan.

    “Very good…”

    Chen Fan nodded in satisfaction.

    To the King of Elixirs, these were just ingredients for making elixirs. However, to Chen Fan, this was a treasure trove. It was filled to the brim with potential. Many seemingly useless herbs in the eyes of a mortal could be quite useful to a cultivator.

    He closed his eyes and drew a large gulp of air into his nose, letting the mix of herbal smells fill up his nose as he probed the room with his Immortal Will.

    “Green Phoenix Fruit. Three hundred years. Not a Spirit Medicine, but its juice was an essential ingredient in creating a wind elemental talisman.”

    “Thunder Stricken Wood, seven hundred years. It would be a waste to use it as an ingredient. It should be made into an artifact.”

    “Vitality Sap, a thousand year old! I would never think that the earth would produce such a powerful herb! So I wouldn’t need the thousand year old Ginseng after all. With this sap, I could create the real Essence Enhancing Pill!”

    As Chen Fan identified each and every herb in the room, a broad smile broke over his face.

    Even elders of the sect knew nothing about many of these herbs. All they knew was that these were precious and were meant to be kept in the storage. However, Chen Fan had five hundred years of memory as a Celestial Lord, therefore, he knew all kinds of herbs from all over the universe.

    Even though the herbs might be named differently on earth than other places, he was able to identify them very easily.

    “So the decision to come to the Medicine God Valley Sect was right.” Chen Fan smiled.

    Inside the storage, Chen Fan had found over five different varieties of Spirit Medicine similar to the Vitality Sap. Although three of them were less than a thousand-year-old, they were powerful ingredients nonetheless. Many other herbs were not Spirit Medicines, but they could be used to create talismans and artifacts.

    Chen Fan even stumbled upon the precious “Spirit Beast Fruit” here.

    The Spirit Beast Fruit could not used for Elixir Brewing, but it was essential for training Spirit Beasts. With enough Spirit Beast Fruits, one could even tame a Connate Spirit Beast. An Ethereal Enlightenment beast was already deadly, much less a beast of the Connate Spirit level. If such a beast was let loose on earth, no one would be able to control it.

    “Wait… what is this?”

    Even as Chen Fan was about to pause his Immortal Will, he felt the presence of a chunk of black wood with powerful Life Essence coursing through it.

    “Is this, the Connate Spirit Wood’s Spirit Core?”

    Chen Fan rounded his eyes in elation.