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Chapter 183 - Kneal, Perfected Cultivator

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 183: Kneal, Perfected Cultivator

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    “Brother, am I going to die?”

    Zhu Ruohan slumped on the ground and asked him feebly

    They were both poisoned by the mist and although Zhu Yuntao was an outstanding member of the elite class, the limits of his abilities remained inside the government lobby room and fancy receptions. The poison mist had knocked him right out, turning his vision into a blurry shadow.

    Zhu Yuntao felt something burning in his throat, it was as if the very air he breathed was choking the life out of him. However, he still managed to comfort his sister.

    “No, we won’t die. The elders of the Medicine God Valley Sect were sages. They will not only cure us but also give us the cure for our father. The Zhu family relies on us.”

    As he said so, he caught a sight that suddenly jerked his mind out of the jumbled state.

    he would never forget the sight he saw next. He watched as two fire beamed out of Chen Fan’s eyes and shot out toward the rainbow-colored smoke in the sky. Then, as if the sky had caught on fire, flames engulfed the smoke and the entire valley was overcast by a splendid golden flame.

    “This is the Might of Heaven.”

    Tears welled in the Grand Elder’s eyes, as his hand trembled. He had long since forsaken the worldly pursuit of money and power, instead, he had devoted his life to his cultivation. What Chen Fan had displayed was exactly what he dreamed of: the state of assistance that transcended mortals!

    “Pda!” “Pda!”

    One after another, the Martial Artists and the Alchemists of the Medicine God Valley Sect dropped to their knees and lowered their heads before such mighty power.

    “How could this little shit be so powerful? How? How is it possible?” King of Elixirs’s eyes lost focus as he murmured stupidly.

    Chen Fan’a attainment had reached Dharma Cultivation. He could conjure up any kind of spells at will and command something as powerful as the Seven Malice Poison Array using the Might of Heaven. However, commanding the array was one thing, to destroy it was entirely another. Only someone as terrifying and powerful as a demon god could have done what Chen Fan just did.

    “I think even the Great Magus of the Dark Witch Sect would be impressed by the boy had he survived to see his power.” he lamented in his mind.

    The Great Magus had been a force to be reckoned with in China. Rumor had it that he had dominated China for over a decade and greatly boosted the fame of the Dark Witch Sect, so much so, the Dark Witch Sect was at a time the main competitor of the Heavenly Master Sect. Although that was a three hundred year old tale, it was still being told nowadays.

    The so-called God Reining State was one level above the Dharma Cultivation Level. Not even the King of Elixirs knew if there were still people of such power in the present day world, that changed when he saw Chen Fan’s display of might.


    The golden flame quickly consumed all the colors in the sky. As soon as the fire found the source of the poison, it plunged down into the earth. As soon the Dharma Array was destroyed, a refreshing breeze swept across the valley, blowing away the remaining poison mists. The martial artists finally took in large gulps of air. Despite their strong bodies, they wouldn’t live without air, neither could they ward off the deadly effect of the mist.

    However, those ordinary people were in much worse condition. By now, the poison had started to speed up and even their necks and arms had turned to the same green color as their faces.

    Chen Fan pulled back his Immortal Enlightenment as the fire retreated. In the end, the belligerent flame reduced to two feeble fires the size of a sewing pin in their eyes. To many people, the two little dancing flames looked exactly the same when they first started, but Chen Fan knew it was not.

    He had Forced the Li Fire out of his system in order to destroy the dharma array. By now, his energy was spent.

    “I bet I wouldn’t be able to use the Li Fire Golden Eyes for the next few months.” Chen Fan thought to himself. Despite the setback, he was not at all worried.

    He had broken the Seven Malice Poison Array and most of the sect members except for the Sect Master were in no condition to fight any further. He should be able to handle the remaining forces with only his Martial prowess and get the Spirit Medicine and get out With it, he would be able to achieve Dao Body and enter Ethereal Enlightenment. By then, he would be truly considered invincible.

    Once he entered the Ethereal Enlightenment, the Immortal Enlightenment would form by itself. The Immortal Enlightenment mentioned here was a much broader concept than just the art of Li Fire Golden Eyes.

    Chen Fan scanned the crowd kneeling before him. The members of the Medicine God Valley Sect lowered their heads fearfully, no one dared to hold Chen Fan’s gaze.

    The Li Fire Golden Eyes was so powerful that it was able to break the Dharma Array. The King of Elixirs conceded that he had no chance of winning the fight. He heaved a sigh and lowered his head as well.

    “I concede defeat. I never thought that I will be one day fight against an Immortal Master.”

    The level beyond Immortal Cultivation was called the God Reining State. An Immortal Cultivation level cultivator was called a Perfected cultivator, while someone who had reached one level beyond was addressed as the Immortal Master. This so-called Immortal Master was different than Master Sage in the mouth of Old Li. These were the true demi-gods. In the ancient times, the emperor would announce a personal edict to honor such powerful cultivators with the title of the Guardian of the Realm.

    “Immortal Master?”

    The Grand Elder and the others shivered slightly after hearing the name.

    This title hadn’t been evoked for centuries. Even for the well learned and well-informed members of the Medicine God Valley Sect, such titles were only an elusive term that existed in long forgotten tomes. There might be a few of them still alive in Sects that were as old as time, but no one had heard of them for decades.

    However, there and then, a God Reining State Immortal Master was standing right in front of them in the form of a young man.

    “Oh? Didn’t you say that you are going to kill me? Why do you surrender now?” Chen Fan looked to King of Elixirs with great interest.

    “If I knew you are an Immortal Master, I would never make such a mistake.” King of Elixirs let out a wry smile.

    “So you won’t seek revenge later for killing so many of your sect members and elders?” Chen Fan gave him a half smile.

    King of Elixirs’s face looked troubled. However, he announced in a deep voice: “They deserve what they got. One shall never insult Grandmasters, much less an Immortal Master.”

    Each and every Immortal Master had lived at least a few hundred years. Three hundred years ago, the Great Magus of the Dark Witch Sect wreaked havoc in the world, picking off innocent sects one after another and eliminated countless family clans. Yet, no one complained about his brutality. Such was the way of the cultivation world: strength was the only ultimate truth. If the Medicine God Valley Sect hadn’t realized that much, they would have already been squashed by the Great Magus.

    Chen Fan looked around him and saw the faces of the elders and alchemists were riddled with fear and sadness. They were terrified of him: an Immortal Master.

    Even the power of a Dharma cultivator was too great for an average person to comprehend, much less that of an Immortal Master.

    Chen Fan was caught off guard by his opponent’s misjudging him as the Immortal State cultivator. Chen Fan knew that was an overstatement. However, he was confident that once he had reached Ethereal Enlightenment, even if he happened to brush up with an Immortal State Cultivator, he should emerge victoriously.

    “Save these innocent people first.”

    Seeing the Medicine God Valley Sect has surrendered, Chen Fan furrowed his brows and didn’t execute them.

    Member of the Medicine God Valley Sect might be the last group of people who knew how to brew elixirs. Their special ability was what made them such a rare resource to Chen Fan. He wagered that he might need some assistance in brewing elixirs once he started to cultivate his Connate Spirit. After all, he couldn’t do everything by himself.

    “Immortal Master Chen, these people are gone I’m afraid. The poison has taken them.”

    Having heard Chen Fan’s order, the sect members acted quickly. The Seven Malice Poison Array covered every nook and cranny of the ally and therefore, thousands of people were affected by its deadly venom. Most of the victims were the Medicine God Valley Sect Elder’s disciples and relatives.

    After testing the pulse of few that were inflicted, the Grand Elder’s face paled.

    “The Seven Malice Poison Array was too potent. It had been festering underground for centuries and god knows how deadly it had gotten. If an ordinary people so much as sniffed in a whiff of the poison mist, he would be beyond help.”

    The Grand Elder bemoaned. The other elders also look grim as they heaved out their sadness.

    “We have some vials of antidote in the temple, bring them out.” King of Elixirs announced with furrowed brows.

    “Sect Master, we only have a few dozen vials of antidote that we have accumulated over the years. But the number of inflicted was in the thousands. What use would these antidotes be?” Grand Elder shouted in heartbreaking voice.

    Having heard the Grand Elder’s words, even the King of Elixirs was at a loss.

    There were many innocent souls in the valley, and many of them were his relatives and friends. If he didn’t come up with a solution soon, all of them would be dead, Although he was named the King of Elixirs, he could create at most a dozen antidote at a time. That was like spitting on the fire.

    “Is this my punishment?” King of Elixirs smiled wryly as he shook his head.

    The Medicine God Valley Sect had isolated themselves in the mountain for so long that they had grown content. First, it was Chen Fan who brought the sect to its knees, and then this. The thought made King of Elixirs feel helpless. Compared to an Immortal, a Perfected cultivator was only slightly stronger but was still a long shot from the God Reining State.

    Everyone lowered there head and sobbed quietly. Zhou Jin Yi’s joy after seeing the conflict finally subsided was brief. She had many close friends and family in the valley.

    Then, she saw Chen Fan sauntered toward the Zhu family’s brother and sister pair.

    They were closest to him when the whirlwind was split into two gushes of deadly poison. Therefore they had inhaled a large amount of toxic gas. By then, they were on the brink of death, breathing laboriously but unable to draw any air into their lungs. A dark green blotch surfaced on Zhu Ruohan’s cold and aloof face, making the rest of her face look as pale as an ice sculpture.

    As for Zhu Yuntao, he was robbed of his confident and capable demeanor and couldn’t even lift a finger. He mustered all the will power in him and let out a wry smile.

    “I never thought that my life will end like this…

    “Too bad… I can no longer party with you…”

    “Don’t worry, you are not going to die.” Chen Fan said calmly.

    He fished out an Essence Gathering Pill and fed it to Zhu Yuntao.


    As soon as the Essence Gathering Pill entered his mouth, it let out a wave of refreshing energy that swept through Zhu Yuntao’s system. He felt a thump somewhere deep in his body and then every joint and bone started to crackling in a joyful symphony. Countless tiny strands of colorful mists started to seep out from his pores and disappeared in the air.


    Zhu Yuntao heaved a deep sigh. He looked like a drawing man being brought back to life.

    He looked at his hands in disbelief as energy surged inside of him. He suddenly exclaimed:

    “I am not dead? Am I alive?”

    He stared at his hand stupidly, stunned by the lack of dark green blotches.

    The Medicine God Valley Sect were stunned by the development as well. This was unprecedented. Even the best medicine wouldn’t be able to bring a dying man back alive so quickly. Healing was a long process regardless of what medicine one took. That, however, was the conventional wisdom. The pill produced by Chen Fan was the kind of stuff of legends. It had brought Zhu Yuntao back to life in mere seconds.

    “Immortal Master Chen. I am truly impressed.”

    King of Elixirs suddenly dropped both knees and kowtowed.

    The other elders and alchemists quickly followed suit. They kowtowed to Chen Fan with the uttermost respect and fear. Even Zhou Ziyu and her sister Zhou Ziyu looked to Chen Fan with great emotions.

    The power of destruction could make others fear Chen Fan, while the power of life would reward Chen Fan with respect.

    Chen Fan killed many people yet saved more. He could end or save a Mortal’s life with a snap of fingers. With such power, no one would dare to rise up against him.

    “Immortal Master Chen?”

    Zhu Yuntao looked to Chen Fan and found out how fitting the title was for this godly young man.