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Chapter 182 - Fire In the Sky

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 182: Fire In the Sky

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    When Chen Fan unleashed the Mountain River Cut, the world was turned into a white emptiness, except for the golden line that cut through it in the middle. The strike had sliced through the fabric of reality, severing time, space, Essence Qi and the lingering essence of Dharma Spells.

    Infused with the Power of Heaven and Earth, the misty dragon stormed toward Chen Fan. Its tail racked the paved ground, leaving a trail of crumbled pavement in its wake. It seemed to have taken the world around it with it as it slammed into Chen Fan.

    However, the Dharmic Blade was able to slice through the whirlwind from the middle. The belligerent whirlwind lost its momentum as energy spilled out from the cut. When it finally reached Chen Fan, it had been reduced to two Gusts of deluge flowing toward opposite directions.

    “Water Severing Cut!”

    Much like a legendary Japanese Sword Dao Master who had severed the flow of a waterfall, Chen Fan’s strike had cut through the wind, turning it into two separate pulses of energy. The two deluges of mist diverged right in front of Chen Fan, not affecting the boy in the slightest.


    The Grand Elder could only gape.

    This was the Dharma Array cast by a God Reining Level Cultivator. It had the godly power of Heaven and Earth, no mortal should be able to withstand it. However, there and then, the twister was cut into half by Chen Fan, a feat that had completely thrown them off guard.

    Even the Sect Master was stunned by the turn of events.

    He had never imagined such an outcome. The Seven Malice Poison Array tapped into the seven deadly Malice Qi from the underground and combined it with poison mist. It’s poisonous nature aside, the amount of raw power it packed could easily topple a tall building. Therefore, it was inconceivable that Chen Fan was able to overcome such an overbearing blow and cut it open.

    “What kind of art is that?” Sect Master asked in shock.

    “True Martial Thirty-Six Forms, the seventh form: Mountain River Cut.”

    “This is the art of the immortals, not anything you would ever understand. Your array might look terrifying, its energy was too spread out and therefore was harmless to me. I have only used one-tenth of my power to counter your attack. Well, that just shows you our difference.”

    Although True Martial Thirty-Six Forms was a martial arts meant for the lowest rank disciples from the True Martial Immortal Sect, it was created by Immortal Cultivators. Therefore, it was much more deadly than the worldly Dharma Spells. Once the art was Combined with the True Martial’s Dharmic Blade, it could cut through anything or anyone.

    The Seven Malice Poison Array was infused with the Power of Heaven and Earth but before Chen Fan, it was riddled with weak points. Like a tree, the taller it grew, the harder it falls.

    The face of the Medicine God Valley Sect Master changed colors.

    He understood exactly how Chen Fan had done it. He had focused all of his force at one point to break his spell. It was one of the most fundamental, yet difficult to pull off techniques in cultivation. He was too content with the immeasurable power of the Dharma Array, and therefore he had outright overlooked technique finesse. However, even if he had thought of refining his tactics, he wouldn’t be able to wield the Dharma Array since only someone as powerful as the Great Magus of Dark Witch Sect could have the ability to move things around in the array.

    After a few silent moments, the Sect Master’s gaze landed on Chen Beixuan’s right arm. He chortled.”Chen Beixuan, you almost fooled me. You have countered the godly power with your mortal coil, so you must not have much energy left in you. However, I can release as many of those whirlwinds as I want. What about you? How long can you keep on swinging the blade?”

    After he said that, he started to shake the turtle shell violently.

    The turtle shell shivered slightly, and another crack appeared on its broken surface. The light came up again and started to siphon the colorful mist in the sky. It looked all too similar to the last attack. A whirlwind appeared as the mist spiraled down toward the turtle shell. The tail of the tornado touched down and landed in the palm of Medicine God Valley Sect Master.

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh and let go of the flickering True Martial’s Dharmic Blade. The energy in it was nearly spent anyways.

    The Medicine God Valley Sect Master had hit the mark. Chen Fan had spent a significant portion of his True Essence when he unleashed the Mountain River Cut. Plus, to the True Martial’s Dharmic Blade also constantly drained his True Essence.

    Ever since he entered the valley, he had killed over a dozen people and used many powerful spells. After he had cut the misty whirlwind into half, the Dharmic Blade was having a hard time maintaining its physical form.

    “Oh, why? Are you going to surrender now? It’s too late!” Medicine God Vally Sect Master snorted.

    Then he hurled the colorful tornado out at Chen Fan.


    A gust came up as the whirlwind flew out. It followed its predecessor’s track on the ground, keeping the groove. Along its path lay many dying innocent residences who got hit by the Poison Mist spilled out from the previous tornado. Many of them cupped their chest or held their neck tightly, trying to breathe but failing.

    Even the martial artists’ faces were growing darker and greener by the second. Only the elders and the Alchemists had spent decades working with toxic fumes were able to resist the effect of the mist and kept a calm countenance.

    The Seven Malice Poison Array was a spell of mass destruction. After all, it was cast by the Great Magus of the Dark Witch Sect, someone who was practically immune to poisons. Because of this, this array was reserved until the last moment, when the fate of the sect was hanging on a thread.

    “Fine, I think I will just finish all of this.” Chen Fan lamented.

    Those who got affected were innocent. Although North Mystic Celestial Lord would take a person’s life without a second thought, he didn’t design to harm the innocent.

    “Oh? What else do you have?” The Medicine God Valley Sect Master asked in disbelief.

    The Mountain River Cut was an overwhelming art, it was the epitome of the unison between Dharma Spell and Martial Arts. Even the elders from the Wu Dang Sect would not be able to pull it off. Therefore, the Sect Master doubted that Chen Fan had anything even more impressive than that.

    Even as the Sect Master put on a smug smile, he saw something that both shocked him and confused him.

    He watched as two fires burst into life inside of Chen Fan’s pupils.

    The fire was gold in color, and it danced as it grew brighter. In less than a second, it filled up Chen Fan’s entire eye, yet its intensity was still growing. Finally, it golden energy shot out from Chen Fan’s eye sockets and beamed at the colorful poisonous tornado like lights coming out from two flashlights.


    As soon as the golden light touched the mist, the mist started to burn. After consuming the whirlwind mist in a blink, the fire kept going and spread to the mist in the air toward the direction of the Medicine God Valley Sect Maser.

    “What is going on?”

    The Sect Master was set back on his heels.

    What kind of human can spill fire from his eye sockets? Was he really a human? Even if he was a Perfected cultivator, I have never ever heard of such art before!

    The golden flame spread in the air very quickly. It was as if the air was saturated with gasoline vapors. In a blink, the fire gained ten meters length and turned into a long fire drake. Meanwhile, after the mist was burned out by the fire, the tornado had turned into a column of blazing golden fire.

    “Snap! pang, pang!”

    The Sect Master acted quickly as he threw the turtle shell at the fast approaching flame. When the ancient crack-ridden turtle shell met the fiery tongue, the flame burst into an explosion, and then silence as the fire dimmed down a little. However, just a few seconds later, the turtle shell was reduced to ashes and the fire also came back to normal.


    Someone squirmed. Everyone looked to the voice and found out it was Fifth Elder.

    Somehow, a speck of cinder landed on one of his arms and burst into flames instantly. As the fire grew hotter, Fifth Elder’s charred flesh fell off, revealing startling white bones. Worse, the flame was spending upwards toward Fifth Elder’s neck.

    “Fifth Elder!”

    The Grand Elder gasped. One of the sect-servents acted quickly as he drew a blade and outright served the burning arm off of Fifth Elder.

    The left arm landed on the ground, barely making any noise. It was then quickly engulfed by the flame and reduced to a pile of grey ashes. Then and only then, the flame finally died out after sputtered out a few more cinders.

    “What kind of fire is this? It sticks to anything that it latched onto. It reminded me of the Samadhi Fire in the legends!” The Grand Elder exclaimed.

    Meanwhile, the Medicine God Valley Sect Master said solemnly:

    “It’s not the time for guessing, look up!”

    Everyone threw up their heads and looked. They saw the rainbow-colored smoke in the sky seemed to have turned into a liquid as it moved up and down like waves. As the movement gets more violent, it was obvious to everyone that something had gone wrong in the array.

    “Sect Master, what is going on?” Zhou Ziyu screamed.

    “The core artifact is destroyed and the array is useless now.” The Sect Master smiled wryly.

    Everyone was taken aback for a second, and when the reality finally set in, their faces turned lifeless.

    The seven malice poison array was infused with the Malice qi underground and Poison Mists. It was harmless when it was inactive since the deadly poisons were buried underground. When it was activated, it was controlled by the turtle shell and the poisons were elevated above the ground for the safety of sect members. If the core artifact was destroyed, the array would bust as well. That meant all those poisons and the Malice qi would spill down into the valley.

    If that happened, other than the King of Elixirs, Chen Fan and a handful of high-level Alchemists, everyone would perish in the toxic fumes. Even ordinary Martial Artists and Alchemists wouldn’t be able to survive such a catastrophe.

    “Chen Beixuan, look what you have done! Do you really want to drag all these innocent souls with you down to hell?”

    Zhou Ziyu’s face was contorted with horror and anger as she flung at Chen Fan.

    If Chen Fan didn’t stir up trouble, King of Elixirs would never initiate the Dharma Array. If Chen Fan didn’t burn away the turtle shell, the Dharma Array would never go out of control. It was all of Chen Fan’s fault.

    The Grand Elder and the Fifth Elder gritted their teeth and they wished that they could execute Chen Fan on the spot. Among those who resided in the valley were their families and friends. By then, their beloved ones couldn’t even escape since the Dharma Array had sealed off the only exit.

    “Such is the stupidity of mortals.” Chen Fan shook his head and lamented.

    Golden flames spilled out of his eyes as they lanced forward in two straight beams. Chen Fan looked like the Demon God in high tales, shooting fire from his eyes.

    “Mortals always blame others for their mistakes while the real powerful being was always fearless and invincible.”

    As he said that, he suddenly looked up.


    Two golden lights shot out from his eyes and became two fiery dragons up into the air. They writhed toward the rainbow-colored smoke. In the eyes of Zhou Ziyu, it was as if two golden light beam had extended out from Chen Fan’s eyes and reached the limits of the sky.

    As soon as the golden flame came to contact with the smoke, a series of explosions occurred. Under everyone’s incredulous watch, half of the sky was lit up by the fire as the golden color slowly taken over other colors.

    “It… it… it…” King of Elixirs was dumbfounded by the development. He wondered if his eyes had tricked him.

    Li Fire Golden Eyes could ignite anything and was the perfect counter for Malice Qi, Fiend Qi, and Yin Qi. It was called the Bane of the Heretic and Sinister after all.

    The sight of the Immortal Enlightenment at full display had terrified everyone.