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Chapter 180 - True Martial’s Dharmic Blade

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 180: True Martial’s Dharmic Blade

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    Ever since Chen Fan had given the Jade Marrow Talisman to Xiao Qiong, he was no longer in possession of any protecting Dharma Artifact. However, he had already reached the late-stage of Foundation Establishment and was only half-step away from reaching the Ethereal Enlightenment. Therefore, he no longer needed the Jade Marrow to cast any protection spells.

    He launched himself into the air, both hands rose above his shoulder while holding the large dome in place. The dome encompassed everything, including Chen Fan’s enemies as well as his enemy’s spells.


    The Essence Qi exploded, turning into countless rainbows. This was the effect of two spells clashing against each other. Chen Fan’s powerful spell was of an Immortal Cultivation spell and therefore it was far superior to the spells in the mortal world. Lo and behold, the large dome held up despite the violent explosions. When the energy inside the dome finally fought back, the dome only flickered once or twice and remained intact.


    Many elders of the Medicine God Valley Sect Elder could only gape at such amazing power.

    Their eyes didn’t deceive them. It was true that Chen Fan didn’t use any Internal Force, instead, it was pure Dharmic Dao energy. The large dome was a majestic sight to behold and extremely robust protection. It was similar to the effect of a protection spell from a Dharma Cultivation level art. Without its protection, even a Grandmaster would have been reduced to ashes after being hit by so many spells.

    “Isn’t Chen Beixuan just a Grandmaster of Martial arts? How come he can command the Dharmic Dao energy?” The elder in the black robe gasped.

    “Martial-Dharma Dual Cultivation! It’s Martial-Dharma Dual Cultivation!” The Grand Elder exclaimed as life ebbed away from his pale face.

    His words stunned everyone.

    Martial-Dharma Dual Cultivation meant one would focus on both Martial arts as well as Dharma Spells during his cultivation. Let it be the obtaining of Internal Force or the reaching of Dharma Cultivation level, either one of them would take a cultivator a long time to achieve—that is if they could achieve it at all. Therefore, Martial-Dharma Dual Cultivation was the stuff of legends. Try as one might, the Dual Cultivation was almost definitely unachievable.

    It was one of those things that everyone knew was impossible, but it kept on being brought up simply because of reasons. In reality, no one would ever want to try the Dual Cultivation.

    “Rumor had it that the Wu Dang Sect had invented such a technique in the first place and named it Union of Dharma Spell and Martial Arts. Is he from the Wu Dang Sect?” Second Elder asked incredulously.

    “That’s just a rumor. Plus, Wu Dang Sect had declined a long time ago, their sect base had long since turned into a tourist destination. Only some rap band in America still venerated them with their songs. They are history now.” The elder in the black robe couldn’t help but guffaw stupidly.

    “Stop that nonsense, we have the fight to finish!” The Grand Elder refuted.

    His warning startled many other elders and alchemists. Then they realized that Chen Fan had risen to the sky as high as the clouds. Like a dragon, he swooped down on his opponents on the ground as many talisman inscriptions appeared around his hand out of thin air. They converged toward Chen Fan’s palm and formed a three-meter-long golden blade. Chen Fan held the godly blade with both hands as he bore down on the sect elders with the same might and righteousness of a Heavenly Guard.

    “Together, NOW!”

    Under the Grand Elder’s command, a few Internal Force Cultivator stepped forward while the elders and the alchemists started to channel out their energies.


    Chen Fan hacked the golden blade at his enemies. Suddenly, a golden ray shot out from the tip of the blade and beamed toward the ground.


    The martial artists didn’t even have time to finish their screams and they realized that their bodies were detached from their waist.

    Such was the power of the True Martial’s Dharmic Blade!

    Chen Fan had used the same blade to kill the Yin Snake. While the Yin Snake had reached Ethereal Enlightenment, these martial artists were merely regular Internal Force users.

    “You fool!”

    Seeing three Internal Force users being reduced into six chunks of bloody messes, the leaders of the martial artists could no longer hold back their anger as their face twisted into a hideous scowl. Some of the internal force cultivators were their longtime disciples.

    “Fist of Dragon Fury”

    One of the leaders stamped the ground with one foot as he charged up his Internal Energy. Energy coursed through his body and increased the size of his frame. As his clothes ripped at the seams, his back arched and his spine cord convulsed, letting his body tense up in an unnatural curl. It looked like something huge was inside of his body, trying to get out. Suddenly, his spine flexed again, straightening his back as force transferred from his feet to the waist and then to his fist. He launched himself up into the sky, flipping sideways in midair like a dragon swimming against the current. Belligerent energy poured out from his fists, and they clung to his body, forming a shape that closely resembled a dragon’s head.

    At that moment, the middle age man had breached his cultivation bottleneck and reached the semi-transcendent state. His power was at least on par with Su Wudi and Gu Shitong.

    “Bravo. Sect-servent Wu’s Dragon fist is superb!” The elder in the black robe exclaimed.

    “Sect-servent Wu was from northwestern China. The Fist of Dragon Fury was a secret art of the Wu Family. It was as powerful as the Cloud Hand of the Lu family. He should have a chance holding his ground now since he had unleashed the full power of his art.” A peak level Internal Force cultivator said with furrowed brows.

    Sect-servent Wu was also very confident in the damage that his punch could cause.

    Even if he was facing against Ye Nantian, he should be able to drag out the fight for a while so that the other martial artists and spellcasters could swarm their enemy again.

    “Blade, arise!”

    Chen Fan’s face was indifferent. He lifted the golden blade with both hands and swung it around in a flat sidearm slash. The air was instantly infused by the energy emanating from the pulsing blade and turned into a thin thread. It looked as if the blade had cut through the fabric of space. Sect-servent Wu’s body, together with the energy around him was severed in half like a piece of butter.

    “Ah!” “Ah!”

    The middle age man let out two brisk painful howls before two sections of his body thudded heavily on the ground.

    The valley became pin-drop quiet.

    With one sweep of his blade, Chen Fan quelled the suspense and settled the debate once and for all. In everyone’s mind’s eyes, they watched as the power of the Wu family, the semi-transcendent master, and the secret family art all congealed into a lump of butter and was sliced through by Chen Fan’s blade.

    “It’s outright terrifying! This boy is too powerful!”

    Many Martial Artists trembled in fear and no one thought of rushing to their deaths again. Sect-servent Wu was one of their best, and if Chen Fan could have done away with him so easily, so would he to them.


    The spellcasters struck again as they tried to overwhelm Chen Fan with their countless spells.

    The downpour of spells came after Chen Fan again. The countless fireballs, ice spears, and golden arrows were so dense that they nearly blotted out the sun for a brief moment before they fell down onto Chen Fan from above. The power of these Dao-Reaching Level cultivators varied greatly. However, when they cast spells at the same time, the synergy effect between spells kicked in and further boosted their powers.

    “Blade, Arise!”

    Chen Fan spoke under his breath. The blade shot out and then turned around, tracing a perfect golden circle in the air that surrounded Chen Fan, leaving a few meters in between the shimmering wall of light and Chen Fan. The energy emitted from the blade and formed ripples along the length of the sharp edge, threatening to cut through anything in its way, including Essence Qi.

    Suddenly, Chen Fan unleashed the Art of True Martial Sword Realm.

    The art would destroy anything within three meters radius of where the attack landed.

    This art was the epitome of the True Martial’s Dharmic Blade’s power. As the secret immortal spell of the True Martial Immortal Sect, the True Martial’s Dharmic Blade could cut through anything in the known universe and it could also counter any Dharma Spells. The Immortal Cultivators of the True Martial Immortal Sect could travel around the vast universe using his blade as the only weapon and be invincible.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    A great number of Dharma Spells come down at Chen Fan, but they disappeared as soon as they entered the radius of the circle.

    Chen Fan and his art were like a giant combine that cut through whatever fell within its range.


    Seeing the ineffectiveness of their spells, the elders were at a loss again.

    The first round of attack had shown Chen Fan’s ability to counter the elders spells by using Dharma Spells, then the second round was the display of the power in Dharma Spell and Martial Arts Dual cultivation. He had countered the Dharma Spells using a blade that itself was forged out of Dharma Spells. This was a level of attainment that no one on Earth could have imagined.

    “Kill!” “Kill!” “Kill!”

    Before all the Dharma Spells had landed on Chen Fan, Chen Fan had broken through the golden circle and hacked at his enemy. Suddenly, the blade traces countless semicircles in the air.

    These semi-circles were extremely sharp and they flew in all directions, they cut through whatever was in their path.

    “Arrgh! Arrgh!!”

    A wave of painful cries and desperate howls came up from the valley.

    Many Martial Artists and spellcasters who tried to stop Chen Fan were either amputated or outright sliced in half by the golden light. In a blink, Chen Fan had already made his way to the elders.

    “Chen Beixuan, you are a cruel man!”

    The Grand Elder Shrieked. In less than a few minutes, most of the martial artists and casters were dead, those who were still alive were either missing an arm or a leg. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

    The Grand Elder snarled and a dark rock in his hand burst, sending a bolt of lightning the size of a baby’s arm at Chen Fan, zigzagging in the air like a silver chain.

    “Thunder Stone of the Heavenly Master Sect!”

    Many elders gasped.

    Everyone knew that the ThunderStone was the Grand Elder’s most prized treasure. He had obtained this stone as a reward for helping a Perfected cultivator from the Heavenly Master Sect to create the Thunder Evading Pill.

    Rumor had it that the Thunder Stone had absorbed over ten years of lightning strikes at the top of Dragon Tiger Mountain; once it was cracked open, it could unleash the power on par with that of a perfected cultivator from the Heavenly Master Sect


    Facing the crackling thunderbolt that sizzled with heat and energy, Chen Fan shouted under his breath and hacked the True Martial’s Dharmic Blade again.


    The lightning bolt exploded, unleashing its power. Unlike ordinary attack spells, the Thunder Art was well known for its aggressiveness and belligerence. One strike from such an art unleashed by a perfected cultivator would kill even a Grandmaster.

    Everyone looked toward the point of impact expectantly.

    This was the Grand Elder’s last ditch effort in changing the tide of the battle, failing this, only the Sect Master Himself could have handled the boy.


    Amidst the flash of fire and lightning, Chen Fan charged out. Other than the slight dimming of the glow of the blade, Chen Fan was unharmed.

    “He is… too strong.., too strong…”

    By then even Grand Elder started to tremble. The boy had withstood an attack with the same amount of intensity as that of a Perfected cultivator from the Heavenly Master Sect. Even a Perfected cultivator would think twice before rushing into a lightning bolt head on. However, Chen Fan had used his Dharmic Blade and cut through the thunderbolt. Not even a perfected cultivator could have pulled that off.


    Two men tried to stop Chen Fan were reduced into bloody stumps.

    By then, he had closed onto the Grand Elder. With nowhere to go, Grand Elder gritted his teeth and pulled his shirt back, revealing a necklace on his neck. The pendant of the necklace burst, sending out a wash of golden light that surrounded him.

    This was another Protection Dharma Artifact he had acquired from a Tibetan monk.

    The artifact only provided one layer of protective light, much weaker than the nine-layer of lights cast by Elder Qi. Nonetheless, it was one of the most prized treasures of the Tibetan Buddhist temple, and it had cost Grand Elder a great fortune to acquire it.

    “Humph, you wish to block my attack with that?”

    Chen Fan snorted, and swung the blade in a flat sidearm slash.

    He didn’t even need to use the Mountain River Cut. The True Martial’s Dharmic Blade alone was able to slice through the layer of light. Chen Fan rested the blade on the Grand Elder’s neck and was going to deliver the final execution. The Grand Elder let out helpless laughter. He knew he would not be able to counter Chen Fan’s killing blow; his fate was sealed,

    “Stop it!”

    A booming came toward the battlefield from the Temple of the Medicine God. Despite the great distance, the voice sounded like someone was speaking right next to Chen Fna’s ear.

    “Sect Master, you are finally here.”

    Chen Fan shook his head and cracked a smile.