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Chapter 179 - Besieged

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 179: Besieged

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    The Great Hall… Medicine God Valley Sect…

    Many sect elders and alchemists sat cross-legged in a circle, engaging in a heated deliberation. A few peak level Internal Force sect-servants also sat with them, putting in their two cents from time to time. This meeting had been going on for over a few days.

    Ever since they learned the news of what had happened at the Lu Family of Lin City, the peace and serenity in the valley were broken.

    Elder Qi was an influential elder in the sect, the third on the power rank list. The Medicine God Valley Sect could not come to terms with the fact that their third most powerful elder was killed by Chen Fan with one finger.

    “Let’s stop wasting our time. Let’s request the sect master rally our warriors and in solidarity, we will overcome Chen Beixuan regardless of his power.” An elder in a black robe growled.

    “Hehe, Fifth Elder, who do you think you are? Are you Lu Tianfen or Ye Nantian? Chen Beixuan had killed even Lu Tianfen, what do numbers mean to someone that powerful?” A sultry woman said with a cold smirk.

    “Zhou Ziyu, don’t you forget that your sister is still in the hands of Chen Beixuan! We don’t even know if she is still alive. Why don’t you worry about your sister instead of snarking at me?” The elder in the black robe flung back at her.

    “I snark at you exactly because I know that he has Jin Yi! We all know that a Grandmaster would not fear our advantage in numbers. Plus, even if we were able to rally a significant crowd, don’t you think Chen Beixuan could just run away?” The sultry woman chortled.

    “You…” The elder in black was at a loss for words.

    “That’s enough. Fifth Elder and Ziyu, both of you be quiet please.” An old man with a wizened face spoke up.

    The old man was the Grand Elder of the Medicine God Valley Sect. He was in charge of the sect during the absence of the sect master. Hearing his words, both Fifth Elder and Zhou Ziyu kept their silence and scowled at each other.

    “We can’t let Third Elder’s death go unavenged. However, I don’t think the Medicine God Valley Sect could pull it off alone. Chen Beixuan was constantly in transient therefore, if he so much as got a whiff of our plan, he could easily escape.”

    “Grand Elder, what are you getting at?” The elder in the black robe rounded his eyes at Grand Elder.

    “What I’m trying to say is clear: it’s impossible to capture Chen Beixuan with an army. The Grandmasters are true dragons, and they have the ability to escape any situation at will. However, if the Sect Master could call upon a couple of Grandmasters and Perfected Cultivators, and carry out the plan in secrecy, they might trap Chen Beixuan and capture him.”

    “Just so! Regardless of how powerful Chen Beixuan was, he would not be able to face off more than three Grandmasters at the same time. Plus, our Sect Master is a Perfected Cultivator and was no less powerful than a Grandmaster. The combined might of top martial artists and spellcasters should be able to bring down any individual” Someone chimed in.

    “However, do you really think we could rally that many Grandmasters to our side?” Someone asked.

    “Seventh Master, your concern is unwarranted. We had been creating elixirs for centuries and rallying a few Grandmasters or Perfected Cultivators shouldn’t be a problem. “The Grand Elder laughed out loud as he waggled his head proudly.

    “Indeed! I can’t wait to see the death of Chen Beixuan!” The elder in the black robe smirked.

    Everyone nodded in agreement—everyone, except for Zhou Ziyu.

    Concern flickered in the woman’s eyes as she found out that no one seemed to consider the fact that her sister was still held hostage by Chen Fan.

    “If Chen Beixuan had any wits about him, he would come to us and apologize. He should have realized that the Medicine God Valley Sect could squash him as easily as a bug under our boots.”

    Even as a young alchemist remarked contemptuously, a booming voice rolled into the main hall from outside.

    “Chen Beixuan has come to visit the Sect Master of the Medicine God Valley Sect!”

    “Snap! pang, pang!”

    The glass windows that surrounded the main hall cracked and shattered. Everyone was stunned by the sudden development and no one knew what was happening. Suddenly, the elder in the black robe shouted in disbelief: “That ass hole is here! Is he going to challenge the entire Medicine God Valley Sect all by himself?”

    Chen Fan used the Art of Thunder Words and Dao Voice while he announced his arrival.

    As his voice echoed throughout the entire valley, it seemed to have woken up the valley from its slumber. Such resurrections came up from all corners of the streets and many people poked their heads out of windows, unsure of what they saw .

    Zhu Yuntao kneeled on the ground and looked up at Chen Fan in shock and surprise.

    He watched as Chen Fan linked his hand behind his back and transformed from an average joe to a powerful Grandmaster, it was as if a sharp blade was suddenly unsheathed revealing the glinting, and deadly edges that threatened to kill

    “You… you… you are Chen Beixuan?”

    Alchemists Hu stammered. He was so shocked that he was unable to form a sentence.

    “That’s right, that is him.” Zhou Jin Yi heaved a sigh and finally removed her hat, revealing her dark hair and elegant face.

    “Jin Yi, it’s you? So… he really Is Chen Beixuan!” Alchemists Hu knew Jin Yi since they had been living together in the sect for a few decades.

    Zhou Jin Yi was rumored to have kidnapped by Chen Beixuan, and her appearance was the proof that the boy was indeed Chen Beixuan.

    By then, Chen Beixuan had become the most infamous character of the outside world to the sect members. He infamy rose just recently but hatred toward him quickly spread among the sect members. People spat at his name while he was deeply jealous of him at the same time.

    A young boy less than twenty years old had already reached the Grandmaster level and rose to power.

    The Medicine God Valley Sect was a reclusive sect, but they didn’t completely sever connections with the Martial artist or spellcasters from the outside world. Although Alchemists Hu had ranted his loathing toward Chen Beixuan from time to time, when he saw the devil in person, his legs trembled uncontrollably.

    This was the person who had killed the family lord of the Lu family with ease. Elder Qi was the third most powerful elder in the sect, revered by everyone in the sect, yet he was laid low by Chen Beixuan with ease. To have someone so deadly standing so close to him made Alchemists Hu very uncomfortable. The fact that he had just castigated him a moment ago didn’t help to ease his mind either.

    He was not the only person who was stricken by fear. Meng Tian was also trembling uncontrollably.

    Zhu Ruohan batted her lashes as she was not sure what had happened. However, she registered the overbearing demeanor that came off from Chen Fan all of a sudden. It reminded her of her father when he dominated the commerce landscape of her hometown.

    Meanwhile, many elders had stormed out of the main hall toward the voice. They covered the few hundred meters in mere seconds.

    “Chen Beixuan, how dare you to enter the Medicine God Valley Sect?” The elder in a black robe was at the forefront of the group. He chided at Chen Beixuan as soon as he saw the boy.

    “Why? Does this mountain belong to the Medicine God Valley Sect and no one else can enter?” Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and asked lightly.

    “Fifth Elder, mind your manners in front of the Grandmaster!” The Grand Elder castigated hotly. He then turned to Chen Fan and said in a soft voice: “Grandmaster Chen, I wonder what brought you here?”

    “Qi Zhenyan from your sect set me up and attacked me with his allies. The Medicine God Valley Sect needs to apologize to me.” Chen Fan demanded.

    “Elder Qi attacked you, but haven’t you done away with him already? Isn’t that enough to redeem whatever crime he had committed?” Many people thought in their minds.

    “I wonder what kind of apology Grandmaster is referring to?” Grand Elder spoke slowly, his face was an enigma.

    He was not sure about Chen Fan’s goal just yet, and neither did he know if Chen Fan was alone or if he had any helpers. Therefore, his objective, for now, was to contain the situation and drag out the conversation as long as possible until the Sect Master arrived.

    Ever since the Medicine God Valley Sect Master learned what had happened at the Martial Arts Conference, he had been cultivating in seclusion, tiring to refine a powerful artifact. Without the Sect Master, Grand Elder was not very confident in dealing with Chen Fan.

    “Well, all I need is the thousand-year-old herbs and Spirit Artifacts.” Chen Fan said casually.

    “Yea, why don’t you just rob us all under broad daylight?”

    Before Chen Fan had finished talking, the elder in a black robe was riled up and he snarled.

    Everyone’s face changed colors as well.

    Thousand-year-old herbs were precious medicines that could prolong one’s life. It was even rarer than supreme-grade elixirs. The sect had been keeping an eye on such treasures over the centuries, and by then, there were only able to collect a handful. If Chen Fan took away all the thousand-year-old herbs from the sect, it was no different than robbing the sect of all of their wealth.

    “Well, you sound like you don’t want to apologize.” Chen Fan let out a half smile.

    “Grandmaster Chen, we do want to apologize, but your demand is… too much.” Grand Elder lamented with knitted brows.

    “That’s enough talking Grand Elder. He showed up at our doorstep where we have the advantage in numbers. I say it’s time to avenge Third Elder!” The elder in the black robe smirked at Chen Fan and waved his hand, signaling a group of martial artists and spell casters to step forward.

    Zhu Yuntao and his sister could only stare.

    What the heck was going on? Chen Fan felt less and less like someone in need of the sect’s help, instead, he looked more like a trouble maker. They learned from the murmuring crowd that it was the Sect Elders standing before Chen Fan. He simply couldn’t wrap his mind around the crime that Chen Fan had committed. What kind of crime would be able to catch the interest of so many powerful elders?

    Chen Fan’s face was filled with disdain.

    “I don’t want to hurt any of you. Now tell your Sect Master to come out and greet me.”

    “You are courting death. How dare you insult our Sect Master!” The elder in the black robe pulled a tight face and he cast a hand sign in the air. Suddenly, a flaming fireball lanced toward Chen Fan

    “Humph! Small tricks.” Chen Fan shot out a hand and clenched his fist. Suddenly, the fireball shivered into pieces.

    “Telekinesis?” Many spellcasters were stunned by the development.

    Despite the short temper of the elder in a black robe, he was a Dao-Reaching Level spell caster. His fire bending skills were particularly deadly. The same fireball he had unleashed was able to sever a tree trunk the size of a man’s waist. However, the fireball was shattered into pieces with a simple move of Chen Fan’s fingers. This was proof that Chen Fan was a Grandmaster.

    Everyone knew that when a martial artist faced off against a spell caster, he should refrain from using his own flesh to cushion the power of the spells. The energy in spells could be so great that it was beyond the physical limits of the human body. Only a Grandmaster knew the correct method of countering a spell using martial arts technique. That was also why a Grandmaster could have easily defeated a Dao-Reaching Level caster.

    “Let’s move, all of us, now!” Seeing the situation was out of control, the Grand Elder went all in as he let out a hoarse command under his breath.

    Chen Fan was too powerful for any one of them to deal with him alone. They should move in to engage the Grandmaster as soon as possible and gain the initiative. Otherwise, if they let Chen Fan get the upper hand, he could slaughter each and every one of the sect members without any difficulties.

    Hearing Grand Elder’s words, everyone started their arts and attacked Chen Fan. In a blink, smoke and poisonous gas billowed up as glinting edges in the Wind Blade, the Drama Beads and Golden Blades hurtled toward Chen Fan. A dozen or so Dao-Reaching Level spell casters let loose of their power at once, creating a downpour of attacks onto Chen Fan. Suddenly, Chen Fan found himself under the bombardment of different attacks. The attacks also covered a large area around him.

    The combined power of these spells was able to remove a mountain, much less destroying an armored vehicle.

    However, Chen Fan was not the only person who was affected by the attack, beside him , stood the Zhu family brother and sister pair, Tong Shan as well as Zhou Jin Yi.

    “Jin Yi! ” Zhou Ziyu squirmed. However, her warning was too late. The spells were already cast and the girl’s fate sealed. Many spellcasters tried to keep a calm face as they lamented. “We don’t have many choices, and I hope Jin Yi would understand where we came from.”

    The elder in the black robe smirked coldly and said: “Hehe, I have overestimated Chen Beixuan’s power. He was nothing but a foolhardy young man. This is the punishment for insulting the Medicine God Valley Sect…”

    Before he finished talking, he caught a glimpse of a shadow rising to the sky like a large bird taking off in the hands of the shadowy figure turned into two washes of golden light. The light quickly gained more intensity and in a blink, it cast a dome over the people below.

    Inside the golden dome, Zhou Jin Yi’s face was pale as despair gleamed in his eyes.