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Chapter 175 - Heading For The Medicine God Valley

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 175: Heading For The Medicine God Valley

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    “The Diamond Temple offers its Mystic Arts: the Diamond Body”


    “The Li Family of Green Vines offers a hundred-year-old herb.”

    “That could be useful.”

    “Su Wudi from the Xin Yi Sect waits for your audience to apologize and repent his crime.”

    “He can wait a bit longer…”

    Lu Yanwu announced the gifts and read out loud the letters of apology for Chen Fan, she left the decision to Chen Fan’s discretion. The Diamond Temple, Xin Yi Sect and the Xin family all had insulted a Grandmaster, and therefore they all handed in their pledges and their sincere apologies.

    “The Flying Knife Sect handed in a yacht that was worth seventy million US dollars…” Lu Yanwu couldn’t help but chortling while she read it out loud.

    Din Yidao was Ding Pen’s master. He was a Phenomenal Success Internal Force cultivator who was best known for his knife throwing skills. He claimed that he could make a throwing knife fly faster than the speed of sound. After he realized that Chen Fan was a new Grandmaster, he handed over his newly purchased luxury yacht as a pledge of his loyalty.

    “Humph! What’s next? Some supermodels?”

    Jin Yi stood aside and snorted coldly.

    Her words had been bitter ever since her master was severed in half before her naked eyes. After Chen Fan had delivered his punishment to the Medicine God Valley Sect, Jin Yi was convinced that Chen Fan was going to send her after her master. However, to her surprise, Chen Fan spared her and kept her close at all the time.

    Jin Yi’s real name is Zhou Jin Yi. There and then, she was neither confined physically or mentally to be close to Chen Fan. She still had her personal freedom and even a few pieces of Dharma Artifacts at her disposal, however, she never once thought about running away.

    It would be futile to run away from Chen Fan.

    Zhou Jin Yi’s master, Elder Qi was a Dao-Reaching Level caster who was in possession of powerful protection artifacts. The wooden beads contained seventeen protection spells and each required over a month to be woven into the Heaven Beads. To finish all Seventeen of them would take a year and a half.

    In fact, even that number was a gross underestimation of the time that went into creating the artifact. The beads took well over six years to complete and therefore were extremely precious. An artifact like that was reserved only for the moment of life and death.

    However, even a Perfected cultivator such as Elder Qi with his powerful artifact could not ward off Chen Fan’s attack. This made Zhou Jin Yi doubt that even the Sect Master would be able to handle Chen Fan.

    “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t like it.” Lu Yanxue flung back at her.

    Lu Yanwu stood aside and dared not to speak a word. The two women in front of her were both Chen Fan’s confidants, or so it would appear. One was rumored to be Chen Fan’s girl, the other was his prize after the battle. It would not end well if she got herself involved with the two’s quarrel.

    Lu Yanwu was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but her power was a far cry from that of Chen Fans.

    “Chen Beixuan, can you have even a shred of decency in you? Why do you want me here? Are you going to make a mistress out of me?” Zhou Jin Yi looked directly at Chen Beixuan and chided.

    Lu Yanxue looked to Chen Fan, Jin Yi was not the only one who wanted to ask the same question.

    Chen Fan lolled in a rosewood armchair and was savoring a cup of tea. He put down the teacup after he heard the question. However, he didn’t offer an answer. Instead, he announced: “I think I am done here, time to get on to my real business.”

    “What real business?” Lu Yanxue was taken aback. She then asked: “Are you leaving?”

    Chen Fan didn’t answer. He looked to Zhou Jin Yi and said: “Well, aren’t you wondering why I didn’t kill you? Here’s why. I need you to lead me to the Medicine God Valley Sect. Your sect insulted me and I think the thousand-year-old herbs should be enough to wash your sin away.”

    “How dare you!” Zhou Jin Yi rounded her eyes in shock and anger. “You killed my master, now you want to pillage my sect?”

    “Just kill me, I won’t lead you to the sect.” Zhou Jin Yi shut her eyes and lifted her chin. She was ready to be martyred.

    The cousins from the Lu family furrowed their brows in disapproval; of Chen Fan’s coldheartedness as well.

    Zhou Jin Yi was not nearly as pretty as those girls from the Lu family, but she was attractive in her own right, carrying an air of serenity with her at all times it would be a shame if Chen Fan killed such a fair young lady.

    “Fine.” Chen Fan said lightly. “You are not the only person who knows where the Medicine God Valley Sect is. I just thought that you could be a guide, but you are not irreplaceable.”

    “You!” Zhou Jin Yi gave Chen Fan a vengeful glare.

    Chen Fan stood still and looked indifferent to the girl’s distressed emotion. Neither did he sound like he was joking about killing the girl.

    As a Celestial Lord, once he had given his word, he would never take them back.

    “Fine, I agree to your terms.” Zhou Jin Yi’s face changed color as she lowered her head.

    She believed that Chen Fan would kill her without any hesitation. Let it be Lu Tianfen, Lu Tianlong or Elder Qi, any one of them had a much heftier impact on the world than her. If Chen Fan could kill them with a cold heart, so he could to her.

    “Then Let’s go. ”

    Chen Fan turned around and started off. The two cousins paused for a second before they tried to catch up with him. Zhou Jin Yi was left alone in the room still trying to come to terms with the humiliation. She clenched her fists tightly as helplessness and shame gleamed in her eyes.

    To everyone’s surprise, Chen Fan left Lin City with Zhou Jin Yi and Tong Shan without notice.

    They thought that Chen Fan would squander the Lu family’s wealth while he sat in the seat of power as a victor. To prepare for the foreseeable increase in expenses, the Lu Family had even set aside a few billion yuan just so that Chen Fan would enjoy his life. The family had decided that Lu Yanwu should also serve Chen Fan personally and to mend the rift between the Grandmaster and the Lu Family.

    However, Chen Fan left everything behind without a word. He had withdrawn zero yuan from the Lu Family’s account.

    Even Zhou Jin Yi was perplexed by Chen Fan’s action. “Do you have any idea about the amount of wealth you could take with you? Just what is registered on the book was worth over a few hundred billion. Are you going to forsake all of that and leave here for good?”

    It was difficult for even Grandmasters to make over a hundred billion.

    In this day and age, knowing how to fight was no longer an essential skill.

    “You think too lightly of me.” Chen Fan lolled in his chair, eyes half closed.

    Money was nothing to him. The only thing he cared about right now was the thousand-year-old herbs from the Medicine God Valley Sect. With these powerful herbs, he might be able to form the Dao Body and enter the Ethereal Enlightenment level. By then, he could walk the earth freely unchallenged.

    “How arrogant!” Zhou Jin Yi lowered her head and murmured under her breath. “Humph! We will see. I can’t wait to see my Sect Master make you pay for what you have done!”

    As the disciple of the Medicine God Valley Sect, she was confident in her Sect Master’s power. After all, the Sect Master was a Perfected Cultivator, the crowned King of Elixirs. Plus, the Sect Master was not the only person who was strong enough to stand up against Chen Fan, there were also many elders and disciples who were as powerful as Elder Qi. Even a Grandmaster would waver before the combined might of all warriors from the Medicine God Valley Sect.

    The three took a train and headed further south.

    Thanks to Lu Family’s connections, they were able to get train tickets for everyone, including Tong Shan.

    Tong Shan’s hulking frame took up an entire row of seats, forcing Zhou Jin Yi to sit back with Chen Fan in the same section.

    “Why don’t you take a plane? Just check in this big guy as your luggage.”

    “It’s not safe.”

    Chen Fan uttered three words and became silent.

    Although the plane would be much faster than trains, Chen Fan could not guarantee his safety just yet should the plane crash. Chen Fan was not in a hurry and therefore, a train was a much better option safety wise.

    Having been brushed off by Chen Fan, Zhou Jin Yi felt anger bursting in her again. So she, too, put up a silent protest.

    The three sat in the train without talking to each other as the train drove south.

    The Medicine God Valley Sect was hidden in the mountains and was very difficult to find. Most people knew only a rough area where the sect was located, but not the exact location. This was where Zhou Jin Yi came in. He could have searched the mountain by himself, but he was too lazy to do that, so he decided to bring Zhou Jin Yi with him. He would knock on the door, get the Spirit Medicine and bug out.

    A group of cab drivers swarmed them as soon as they were out of the train station. Tong Shan took a step forward and scared them off.

    “How far are we from the Medicine God Valley Sect?”

    Chen Fan asked lightly

    “Take a bus to Dragon Head City and then transfer to Shao Shan County. From there, we could enter the mountain from the Lin Shan village. It’s about three days of hiking in the mountain.” Zhou Jin Yi answered.

    “That far? How long does it take you to get out of there and get back every time you decided to leave?” Chen Fan asked with knitted brows.

    “Humph. If we don’t hide well, our sect would be flooded with people like you trying to ask for a cure.” Zhou Jin Yi refuted.

    “I am not going to ask for a cure, I’m just fetching something I need.” Chen Fan said. Zhou Jin Yi felt that she wanted to strangle the arrogant teenage boy there and then.

    When the night fell, the three of them stayed at Dong Hua City for the night. Zhou Jin Yi picked the hotel and it was a president suit in a five-star hotel. A night would cost Chen Fan over ten thousand yuan.

    Chen Fan swiped his bank card and paid the expanse without a second thought.

    He had given most of his money to Sister An, but he still had a few bank cards with him. Each card should have a few hundred million in them.

    On the second day, they decided to rent a car and drive to Lin Shan village by themselves to save the headache of transferring from one bus to another.