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Chapter 172 - How Dare You?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 172: How Dare You?

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    Chen Fan snatched up Lu Tianfen’s left leg with one hand and threw the Grandmaster out like lobbing a grenade. Lu Tianfen smashed into a building, and the impact created a hole on one side of the wall.


    Despite his Four Righteousness Protection Aura, the damage was severe. His felt the impact had shaken up his internal organs and dislodged his joints. Suddenly, a gush of blood spilled out from his mouth.

    Before he could gather himself, Chen Fan had already flashed into view again. He kicked heavily at Lu Tianfen.

    Lu Tianfen was sent flying again like a deflated basketball. He smashed into and through the other wall at the far side of the building before he thudded back to the ground. Momentum carried his slumped body a few feet on the ground until his lifeless body came to a full stop.

    “Do you still want to fight?”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and slowly made his way through the large holes on the building. When he emerged from the other side, his clothing did not have a speck of dust on their fabric. He looked nothing like a fighter but a young boy on a field trip.

    “Thud… thud…”

    A pin drop silence had fallen over the courtyard and only Chen Fan’s footsteps could be heard. Everyone hardly even dared to breathe. Let it be the Medicine God Valley Sect, Diamond Temple or the Xin Yi Sect, no one spoke a word in this shocking and suspenseful moment.

    The all-powerful Grandmaster who had been invincible just ten minutes ago slumped on the ground lifelessly. No none knew if he was still alive.

    Who else would dare to test the power of the Young Grandmaster after this?

    “He won!”

    Lu Tianfen looked up at Chen Fan, his eyes were brimming with hatred and poison. In the end, he was defeated by Chen Fan. This boy’s terrifying ability had far exceeded his estimations. If Lu Tianfen were given another chance, he knew the outcome wouldn’t change.

    Lu Tianfen hated Lu Tianlong for misinforming him, but he hated Chen Fan even more.

    “As long as I can pass this tribulation, I will make you pay.”

    Lu Tianfen lowered his eyelids to hide his vengeance. His plan was simple, surrender and survive the day. However powerful Chen Fan was, he was just a teenager, and contentment was an all to common poison for someone who had become powerful at an early age. When Chen Fan’s guard was lowered, he could strike at him again with the element of surprise.

    “Hehe, you might be a Grandmasters, but we live in the 21st century. I doubt your body would have withstood armor-piercing bullets.” Lu Tianfen calculated in his mind.

    With the financial backing of the Lu family, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to obtain specially made bullets and firearms.

    “Family Lord!”

    Many Lu family members shouted at him grievingly. Some had lowered their heads to sob. Their Family Lord was defeated, and their reputation was in tatters.

    “If you are not fighting anymore, then you should be on your way now.”

    Before Lu Tianfen realized what was going to happen, Chen Fan stomped a foot on Lu Tianfen’s chest. Chen Fan’s foot went through Lu Tianfen’s rib cage and crushed his heart.

    “How dare you!”

    Faces around Chen Fan were contorted by anger. Lu Tianfen had already conceded defeat, why would Chen Fan kill him?

    Lu Tianlong took a step forward, fist clenched tightly. It looked like he was no longer able to hold back his anger.

    “You are courting death.”

    Chen Fan pulled a taut face and yanked an arm up, shooting out an energy wave toward Lu Tianlong. The energy wave turned into a white streak in the air and landed on Lu Tianlong’s chest. Lu Tianlong collapsed to the ground immediately and died on the spot.

    A peak level Internal Force martial artist was so easily killed by Chen Fan’s punch from afar.

    The courtyard suddenly became quiet again.

    Everyone in the Lu family felt a chill down their spines that quelled their sprouting fire and rage. They reminded themselves that the person before them might look like a meek boy, but he was the powerful and coldhearted Grandmaster, Chen Beixuan.

    If he was able and dared to kill Lu Tianfen on a whim, he would kill anyone without a second thought.

    The disciples of the Diamond Temple kept their silence fearfully.

    Elder Qi was the only person who could still pull himself together. He furrowed brows and questioned Chen Fan’s brashness in his mind. Anyone else would have hesitated before killing two important members of the Lu family. Their retribution was not a joke.

    “I asked if he would surrender, but I didn’t promise to spare him.” Chen Fan linked his arms behind his back and said lightly.

    He wasn’t sure if Lu Tianfen would be fully under his control and therefore he thought he might as well do it the easy way. Without Lu Tianfen, the Lu family would never be able to threaten him again.

    By then, an elder from the Lu family said with a trembling voice.

    “Grandmaster Chen, you have finished off my Family Lord as well as Tianlong, how many more innocent lives are you going to take.”

    Everyone felt the weight in the speaker’s words.

    The Lu family was an influential and powerful family clan. They controlled over tens of billions of assets and the family was linked to each and every aspect of life in Tian Nan region.

    “If you as a group still think of revenge, I might as well kill all of you.” Chen Fan scanned the crowd and his gaze gave people the goosebumps.

    His eyes held the cold and indifferent luster that belonged to a mass murderer. However, upon closer look, it also resembled that of an immortal who was so detached from worldly sentiments that remorse or regret meant nothing to him. In his eyes, the humans were no more important than ants.

    “The Lu family will surrender and will never ever stand in your way.”

    The old man slowly lowered his head.

    “Great-Great Grandpa!” Lu Haixuan shouted heartbrokenly. His painful emotion was shared among other family members.

    The old man was in his nineties and was one of the oldest men in the Lu family. He would be the one in charge of the family now since Lu Tianfen was dead. His surrender obligated the other family members to do the same.

    Many martial artists watched the development unfold in fear.

    The Lu family of Lin City, one of the most prestigious martial arts families was crushed by a young boy. Without Lu Tianfen, the Lu family would soon fall apart. Their influence would dwindle and at the end, they might not be able to control a territory any larger outside the Lin City.

    A wry smile flashed across Lu Yanwu’s face.

    She had anticipated the fight, but the ending was far from what she had guessed. The young man from Jiang Bei region was not a green babe in the woods, but a dominating arbiter of life and death of any human. After he had done away with Lu Tianfen and Lu Tianlong, the Lu family had lost any hope in avenge today’s humiliation.

    “What about the others?”

    Chen Fan looked toward the other sects.

    A brawny man from Diamond Temple stepped forward and hurried to put in. “The Diamond Temple will never be at odds with Master Chen.”

    “Same with Xin Yi Sect.”

    “Same with the Xin family.”

    “Same here, Flying Knife Sect of Lin Nan”

    All of Chen Fan’s enemies put down their weapons and surrendered without any rancor.

    At last, Chen Fan’s gaze landed on the people from Medicine God Valley Sect.

    Elder Qi mustered as much courage as he could and announced in a deep voice: “Master Chen, we acknowledge your power but I also want to remind you that our sect master is a Perfected Cultivator. If the gloves come off between you and my sect, neither of us will benefit from such confrontation. Why don’t we call it fa day and let’s be friends?

    “Of course, since we have offended you, Grandmaster Chen. We will apologize to you formally when we are ready.” The old man added.

    The Medicine God Valley Sect Elder was much better connected with the powerful family than the Lu family. They knew nearly all the Grand Masters and Perfected Cultivators in China. Elder Qi was confident that despite their brush up with Chen Fan, the boy would not dare to test the might of the Medicine God Vally Sect.”

    “Call it a day?”

    Chen Fan gave the old man a half smile.

    He lifted a hand and sent another wave of condense Qi toward Elder Qi.

    “How dare you!”

    Elder Qi was riled up by Chen Fan’s attack. He charged up his energy and the beads on his bracelet burst into countless golden paper talisman floating in the air. In the void space, these talisman let out a bright golden light that had a similar tone with that of Chen Fan’s Diamond Protection Art. When Chen Fan’s attack landed on these golden paper talisman, the light was able to block out most of the force in Chen Fan’s attack.

    “Humph, you wish to block my attack with that?”

    Chen Fan sneered at the old man and extended two fingers while the other hand wrapped around the two fingers and pulled away slowly. As if out of nowhere, a sword grew from the tip of the two extended fingers. Chen Fan used the illusionary blade to execute the Mountain River Cut.

    “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

    The beads popped and unleashed more paper talisman. These talisman let out nine layers of lights that protected the old man from the coming attacks. Elder Qi was confident that he should be able to drag out the battle for at least half an hour. The only regret he had was the loss of these beads. These were heaven beads that he had exchanged with a monk using elixirs.

    There were seventeen Heaven Beads in total and each one was infused with a protection spell that could ward off normal attacks from blades or firearms.

    In the past decade, Elder Qi had only used seven of these beads, and they saved his life precisely on seven occasions. By then, he had used up all ten remaining beads at the same time, and once their effect wore off, he would be defenseless.

    “Kiddo! I will report everything to my sect master when I get back and he will come after you with his perfected cultivator friends.” Elder Qi glared at Chen Fan viciously.

    As an elder of the Medicine God Valley Sect Elder, he had never been humiliated by anyone like this.

    Even the family lord of the Lu Family dared not to attack him on a whim.


    Chen Fan didn’t waste any more words. He held onto the golden blade and hacked. Under Elder Qi’s horrified watch, the blade went through the nine layers of protections as if going through butter. The blade finally entered the old man’s body from his scalp and existed from under his groin, slicing the old man in half from the middle.


    Elder Qi rounded his eyes and let out a final word.

    He was an elder of the Medicine God Valley Sect, a sect that was as powerful as the Lu Family if not even more so. Even a Grandmaster dared not to get in the way of the Medicine God Valley Sect. No one would know for sure when they would be knocking on their door to ask for their favor.

    However, Chen Fan killed an elder from the sect as if it was no big deal.


    Jin Yi let out a heart-wrenching cry. She could not believe her eyes.

    Many Martial Artists were frightened by the turn of events. They were shocked when Chen Fan killed the Grandmaster from the Lu Family, however, seeing the brutal way he had finished off Elder Qi, everyone became scared for their own lives.

    He was a demon, a cold-hearted demon. He operated on a set of rules that did not belong to the human world. Money, power and influence, nothing could quell or satisfy his savagery other than blood and spilled innards.

    “Anyone else?”

    Chen Fan pulled back his sword and scanned around him.

    This time, everyone kept their heads low and no one dared to look up at him.

    Even Lu Haixuan looked down, devoid of any sense of honor or pride. The Lu Family’s power and reputation had all crumbled under Chen Fan’s feet, together with the lives of two powerful warriors from the Lu family. The young master of the Lu family would never think to rise up against Chen Fan.

    One-Needle-Li from the Li Family of Green Vines felt fortunate that they refrained from getting involved in this hot mess from the outset. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but considering their meager power, they had decided to back out of the murderous ambush at the last moment. However, it turned out to be a wise decision.

    “This young man is going to be famous very soon.”

    Lu Yanwu gave Chen Fan a long glance.

    No one in her family had believed her report on what had happened during Jiang Bei’s tournament. However, in no time, everyone would learn the name of Chen Beixuan and his unimaginable power.