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Chapter 170 - One Punch Match

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 170: One Punch Match

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    “Is that the true power of a Grandmaster?”

    The development shook many of the spectators, including Lu Haixuan and Jin Yi. A Grandmaster in action was truly a rare sight. There was only a very limited number of Grandmasters in the world, and even fewer were willing to showcase his or her power in public.

    Tong Shan had killed a couple of peak level Internal Force cultivators with ease, however, before a Grandmaster, he was thrown away after the first exchange of fists.


    Tong Shan went through the wall, but quickly gathered himself and charged toward his opponent like an armored tank. The Tiger Demon seemed to be gaining more substance by the second. The Tiger Demon threw his massive head back and snarled while Tong Shan’s hands and fingers slowly turned into tiger claws.

    These deadly claws were able to rack through a few inches of thick metal sheets.

    “I told you, you don’t understand how powerful Grandmasters are.” Lu Tianfen linked his hands behind his back and said unhurriedly.

    By then, clouds and mist started to rise around him, and were increasing in thickness by the second. The clouds twisted and turned into countless threads as they billowed upward around Lu Tianfen, cocooning him within an egg-shaped white shell. looking from afar, Lu Tianfen was nowhere to be seen, in his place, stood a white egg-shaped object that seemed to be made out of white misty air.


    Tiger Demon Claw racked the surface of the giant egg, however, the deadly claws were only able to penetrate a few inches. Tong Shan shifted his weight to claw at the egg even harder, his claws outright slipped off the egg’s shell, pulling off a few strands of mist. These threads of mist quickly lost their stringy form and drifted toward Tong Shan and attached to the giant’s body. As Tong Shan continued racking the eggshell with his claws, more and more mists surrounded his body and slowly start to restain his movement. After a while, Tong Shan was completely covered with the mist and it was impossible for him to deliver any more attacks.

    “The Cloud Hand of the Lu family. It is powerful and adaptable. The first attack that cracked Tong Shan’s shoulder was a perfect display of its strength, but what’s going on now shows its ability to change forms.”

    Elder Qi said bitterly.

    To defeat someone as powerful as Tong Shan, one needed to know how to conquer the unyielding with the yielding. Elder Qi had thought that victory was already in the bag for him, however, the hulking frame nearly killed him. Although the appearance of the Lu Family master had saved his life, he knew that the Medicine God Valley Sect would not get the recipes as he had hoped.

    “Grandmasters are too powerful, I don’t think even our Sect Master could overcome him.”

    Jin Yi thought to herself fearfully.

    The internal force users might have superhuman strength, lightning reflexes, the ability of an Internal Force users were more or less within the bounds of physical laws; however, the same could not be said about a Transcendent Grandmaster. Unimaginable powers of refining the air and turn them into the protective bulwark of the Four Righteousness, or reshaping the mist into strands of air that were filled with energy, these were the elements of high tales and fantasies. No wonder every Grandmaster was considered invincible by the people around them.

    “Our Sect Master is a perfected cultivator, he does not fear Grandmasters.” Elder Qi shook his head and said.

    People such as the Sect Master of the Medicine God Valley Sect and the lord of Lu Family do not get involved in fighting very often. Standing at the precipice of power, rarely anything could have stirred them to get too involved personally.

    By then, Tong Shan was covered with thin white stands of mists; it was as if he had dipped himself in tar and rolled around in a field of cotton. Tong Shan collapsed on the ground helplessly, unable to move even a finger.

    “Do you finally see the power of a Grandmaster, and how weak you are?” Lu Tianfen dusted off his shoulder and looked back at Chen Fan.

    Everyone else traced his gaze and looked to the boy.

    Lu Tianlong regained his confidence while Lu Haixuan had already started to gloat at Chen Fan. Elder Qi heaved a sigh and Jin Yi’s eyes were filled with disappointment.

    When Chen Fan was besieged by so many powerful attackers, he didn’t even flinch and turned the situation around with ease.

    However, the tide had turned again. Without a Grandmaster of the same level or a perfected cultivator, Chen Fan was doomed. Where could he find a perfected cultivator on such a short notice?

    “What a shame, you should be victorious today, but not that cease to be the case since Lord Lu had intervened.”Jin Yi heaved a sigh.

    To most people, Chen Fan’s defeat was already set in stone. He had only one option: surrender. To everyone’s surprise, he shook his head slowly and said: “What a joke, you call that the power of a Grandmaster?”


    “Sister Yanwu, move aside please!”

    Worry and concern were written all over Lu Yanxue’s face. He knew something bad had happened.

    This morning, Lu Yanwu who had kept a distance with her suddenly visited her at her apartment and conversed with her for the entire morning. Right away, Lu Yanwu knew something was amiss.

    “Sister Yanwu, tell me the truth, please. Are you going to kill him?” Lu Yanxue’s face tightened.

    Lu Yanwu, who was as attractive as her younger cousin heaved a sigh and said: “Xiao Xue, this is the family’s decision. It is our duty to obey orders.”

    “You just handed me over to Chen Fan like a gift, now you want to do away with him? Have you even considered my feelings?” Lu Yanxue let out a helpless smile.

    “Don’t worry. Once we have gotten the information we need, he would be useless to us. By then, the family will arrange another dashing young lad for you.” Lu Yanwu touched the girl’s smooth face and said with a placatory tone.

    She knew that the girl had tried hard to prove herself ever since she was little. However, she had neither Lu Haixuan’s martial arts talent, nor Lu Yanwu’s wits. Her only merit was her beauty; without it, she would be completely useless to the family.

    “Tong Shan was a Physique Refinement master, if our family lord doesn’t intervene, no one could subdue him, so I have heard.” Lu Yanxue tightened her face a little and explained.

    “You might have not known this, Elder Qi from the Medicine God Valley Sect brought two powerful fighters with him, together with a Physique Refinement Master from the Diamond Temple, and a semi-transcendent state Su Wudi of Xin Yi Sect, they still could not overcome Chen Fan.” Lu Yanwu cracked a smile.

    “Before I came here, I heard the news that our Lord had finally finished his seclusion cultivation. So I reported the development to him immediately and suggested that he should intervene. With our family lord there, Chen Beixuan would achieve nothing regardless of his abilities.”

    “The family lord has finished his seclusion cultivation?” Lu Yanxue’s face paled as her heart sank to the bottom.

    As a family member of the Lu family, she venerated the family lord like a saint. She knew that with the family lord’s involvement, Chen Fan’s fate was sealed.

    “Why do you call him Chen Fan? I thought his name is Chen Beixuan?” Lu Yanwu furrowed her brows and asked.

    The name rang a bell, but she couldn’t remember where or when she had heard of it.

    “Chen Fan… Chen Fan… Chen Fan”

    “Isn’t that the name of Master Chen from Jiang Bei?”

    Suddenly, her memory of the boy who stood with his hands held behind his back came into her mind. Her face darkened and said: “Shoot! Chen Beixuan is Master Chen! I don’t think family lord knows about it.”

    Of the entire Lu family, only she and Fourth Uncle had witnessed Chen Fan’s real power on display.

    She alone knew that the boy was a Grandmaster!

    With that thought in mind, Lu Yanwu sprung back to her feet and stormed out, leaving confused Lu Yanxue by herself.


    “In my opinion, a Grand Masters is not even a big deal.”

    Chen Fan’s words surprised a lot of people around him. However, most people kept their displeasure unspoken. They stared at Chen Fan as if he was a dying man. Anyone who had practiced martial arts knew the rule: Never Insult a Grandmaster.

    Grandmasters were reverential beings that existed beyond the comprehension of mortals. Whoever sullied their name would get severely punished.

    Lo and behold, the Lu family lord pulled a tight face and furrowed his brows. “You are courting death!”

    Clouds bubbled around Lu Tianfen once again and already, a white glow had formed in his hands. With a wave of hands, the white glow traced an arc in the air, creating the illusion of a white rainbow.

    The spectators had already seen the white glow in action. It had cracked the shoulder of a Physique Refinement Master. What could a wimpy teenage boy do to defend himself against its power?

    “Grandmaster is mad, he no longer cares about the recipe.”

    Elder Qi shook his head and heaved a sigh.

    Jin Yi lowered her eyes and didn’t want to witness another tragedy. However, powerful Chen Fan was, he would almost certainly perish under the wrath of a Grandmaster.

    A hit of pleasure flashed across Lu Haixuan’s face: justice served. Chen Fan had humiliated him and his family, it was time for him to pay, with his blood.

    The audience around the battlefield felt either regret or lighthearted. However, no one thought that Chen Fan could escape his doom.

    Suddenly, a glamorous woman rushed into the courtyard. She was Lu Yanwu. Seeing the on-going battle, she shouted at the top of her lungs.

    “Be careful my lord, he is Jiang Bei’s—”

    “What?” Lu Tianfen didn’t get the chance to finish listening to the warning. Through the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Chen Fan’s fist hurtling toward him.

    The force in the punch looked questionable. It was no more than a desperate attempt to fight off a bully by a wimpy young boy.


    However, as soon as Chen Fan’s fist met the white glow, an explosion erupted. Suddenly, columns of white clouds billowed up toward the sky and then plunged down toward Lu Tianfen.


    Lu Tianfen exclaimed. He could no longer remain calm. He launched himself up and countered the incoming attack with a number of countermeasures. Before he could take a breath, a callous-less fist emerged out from one fluffy cloud.


    The punch tore open Lu Tianfen’s regular protection aura and landed on his Four Righteousness Protection Aura. The second layer of aura was powerful enough to hold the impact of a pickup truck, yet under the unimaginable force, it started to shatter and turned into mist that quickly disappeared into thin air.

    Lu Tianfen backed away faster than he charged forward. However, that smooth-skinned fist was even faster and caught up with him.


    Under everyone’s surprised stares, the fist landed squarely on Lu Tianfen’s face. Lu Tianfen lost his balance and was sent flying back like a homerun baseball. He went through a few walls and finally thudded back onto the ground outside the manor.

    A deadly silence fell over the manor. Everyone was stunned by the turn of events.

    Lu Haixuan rounded his eyes in disbelief. Jin Yi had been so nervous, she pulled on the wooden bead bracelet until the string broke and beads scattered everywhere. However, she didn’t seem to care.

    By then, Lu Yanwu finally finished uttering her warning: “He is Master Chen from Jiang Bei!”

    The courtyard was covered in dust and mist, outside the courtyard, the Grandmaster picked himself up with great difficulty. Terror and shock were written all over his face.

    A young man plodded through the dust with his hands held behind his back. He looked to Lu Tianfen and smiled, revealing a row of white teeth.

    “Who said that you are the only Grandmaster here?”