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Chapter 167 - Besieged

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 167: Besieged

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    “So you want me to give you whatever you want?” Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and asked.

    “Mr. Beixuan, we have been patient with you and offered you heavy rewards in exchange for OUR recipe. You could have worked in our sect and been treated with more respect than even a sect elder. Plus, you could access the medical library and learn the art of elixir brewing to your heart’s content. We could even ask the Sect Master to guide you personally.” Jin Yi said with a soft voice.

    Elder Qi stood aside and pretended to listen agreeably. It was a typical game of good cop, bad cop. Both of their end goals were the same: make Chen Fan join the Medicine God Valley Sect and gain the recipe of the Body-Tempering-Pill and the Essence Enhancing Pill.

    “Treated better than elders? Personal guidance from the sect maser?”

    A surprised murmur rose from the crowd.

    The Sect Master of the Medicine God Valley Sect was called “King of Elixirs”. His alchemy skills were unmatched by anyone in the world. Countless martial arts families and even Grandmasters depended on him for their supply of supplements. In addition to his alchemy skills, he was also a powerful spell caster.

    To have such a powerful figure as a personal trainer was a priceless offer that money simply couldn’t compare.

    “If I were him, I will just hand over the recipe. That’s a small price to pay to become the future King of Elixirs.”

    Someone put in.

    “I agree, anyone with a brain knows what to do.”

    Someone else chimed in.

    It then became evident to everyone that Chen Fan happened to lack a brain. He cracked a smile and said: “If you hand over all the Spirit Medicine you have hoarded over the years, I might consider teaching you guys the proper way of Elixir Brewing.”

    “Arrogant fool!”

    Elder Qi’s face flushed red as a pang of anger came over him.

    Jin Yi heaved a sigh, it was as if she felt sorry for Chen Fan demise.

    “Fine, fine, since you are so adamant, I will have to do it the hard way.” Elder Qi shook his head. “You have helped a traitor who stole our secrets, and so I will have to capture you.”

    “You wish to fight me right here right now?” Chen Fan asked incredulously, but he was not the slightest worried.

    Behind Chen Fan, Tong Shan had taken a large step forward. His body was reinforced with bronze and strengthened by the Qi from the west. By then, his weight had nearly doubled. The floor cracked under his heavy step, sending a large cloud of dust billowing upward.

    “He is a Physique Refinement Master!”

    Many martial artists looked at him fearfully.

    His attainment put him just below Grandmasters and was able to face off with any ordinary martial artist. Of all the members of the Lu family, only the family lord would be able to overcome this hulking giant.

    Elder Qi was a spellcaster of Dao-Reaching Level and not a lot of people thought he would emerge victorious in the confrontation. After all, in order to use his spells, he needed to put some distance with his opponent. However, he was only ten feet away from Tong Shan.

    “Haha, so this is what makes you think you can get away with it?” Elder Qi was unfazed by the hulking frame, he let out a laugh instead. “If I were not a hundred percent confident in my mission, I would not have claimed that I could capture you. ”

    “Oh?” Chen Fan furrowed his brows. It occurred to him that Elder Qi had more tricks up his sleeves.

    Lo and behold, a booming voice erupted from outside: “Brother Qi, are you talking about me?”

    “Kaboom!” “Kaboom!”

    A series of heavy steps came up and the ground shook after each thud. Everyone thought that another giant the size of Tong Shan was about to emerge from the entrance.

    However, the one who walked through the threshold was a scrawny old man of medium build.

    This old man was bald and his face was riddled with wrinkles. Despite his smaller frame, he was muscular. His burgeoning muscles looked as hard as steel. His footsteps crushed the pavement under his feet, leaving a trail of broken surfaces all the way from the outer gate to the entrance to the inner compound.

    Trailing behind the old man were a few brawny men. Just like their leaders, they were all bald. They were much bigger in size than the old man and their vein-riddled muscles were either dark green or gold in color. All of their physiques were similar if not better than Tutuli from the Diamond Temple.

    “Grand Guardian of the Diamond Temple, Master Hen Tian!”

    Someone gasped.

    Only the experts in spell castings or those who had mastered the art of Physique Refinement could be called a “Master.” By his title, it was evident that the old man was also a Physique Refinement Master.

    “Even Master Hen Tian is going to join the battle? He is the most powerful fighter of the Diamond Temple!”

    “That kid is dead! I heard that Master Hen Tian is extremely vengeful. I wager he is here to avenge Tutuli.”

    Many people shook their heads and sighed, but more watched the development unfold gloatingly.

    The tag team of a Spell Caster Master and a Physique Refinement Master had the assistance of many Dao-Reaching Level spell casters and External Force experts. Chen Fan’s days appeared to be numbered.

    Jin Yi shook her head and lamented Chen Fan’s stubbornness and lack of an eye for opportunity.

    “Are you Chen Beixuan?” Despite Master Hen Tian’s small size, his voice was loud. “You killed my disciple Tutuli, what do you want to say about your crime?”

    “I have nothing to say.” Chen Fan asked with a stoic face.

    “Well, I will avenge him today and make you pay with your life.” Master Hen Tian announced firmly.

    “Tong Shan killed your disciple, but has your disciple ever killed anyone? Have you? What about your crimes?” Chen Fan flung back.

    “Well, Tutuli is my disciple, his life is much more valuable than no accounts.” Master Hen Tian announced.

    “Ah… That’s right, in your eyes, my life is as worthless as an ant.” Chen Fan heaved a sigh and waved dismissively at the old man. He had talked enough, it was time for actions. Picking up on the cue, Tong Shan stepped forward and threw a punch at Master Hen Tian. His punch stirred up a gust in the air.

    Although Tong Shan’s attack lacked finesse, the immense power in his punch made it no less deadly than Master Gao Baoshen’s skillful execution of the “Ba Ji Cross Punch.” Everyone’s faces paled after seeing the deadly attack, even Elder Qi and Lu Tianlong were taken by surprise. However, Master Hen Tian shouted excitedly: “Good! Come at me, boy!”

    Everyone watched as the scrawny old man closed his fingers into a fist and backhanded his attacker’s fist. It was a duel of pure strength.


    After a blare, Master Hen Tian was sent flying back, his body went through a dozen tables and then rammed into a few martial artists, passed them and was finally pinned onto a wall. His impact with the group of by martial artists had resulted in a few fractured bones of three innocent bystanders.

    However, the old man was unharmed. Instead, he let out a thrilling cry.

    “Awesome! It’s been a long time since I fought someone who is my equal. Those Internal Force users were slimy and slippery like eels!”

    The scrawny old man pushed against the wall and dislodged himself from the depression that held him in place.

    Many onlookers backed away from the two fighters and retreated to safety. The conflict between the two Physique Refinement masters was too dangerous and could easily make an onlooker collateral damage. In contrary, the Physique Refinement masters who were fighting each other had bodies as strong as iron. What did they care if their fight injured a few?

    “Uh? The old man could withstand a punch from Tong Shan?”

    Chen Fan was slightly impressed.

    Tong Shan was a Bronze Armored Cadaver created by the Ghost Witch Sect. After ten years of refinement with molten bronze using secret Cadaver-refining art, his physique could rival a Physique Refinement Master. Later, Chen Fan used the “Tiger Demon’s Physique Refinement Art” on him to further refine his body.

    The Tiger Demon’s Physique Refinement Art was a secret art passed down from the royal family of the Tiger Demon people. Once one mastered the art, he could live in the vacuum of space for thousands of years. In addition, it also gave one the ability to walk near the scorching sun unharmed.

    Tong Shan had just started the art, therefore, Chen Fan had only taught him the first level. However, even at such an early stage of his cultivation, Tong Shan’s physical strength was already on par with Chen Fan. Chen Fan wagered that only those who had reached Dao Body would have a chance overpowering Tong Shan.

    “It seems that I underestimated the Physique Refinement arts on earth. I wager that this old man must have reached beyond the level of a typical Physique Refinement Master, and transcended his physical existent to the realm of Ethereal Enlightenment, or at least very close to it.”

    “Come again!”

    By then, Master Hen Tian shouted at Tong Shan as he stormed towards him.

    When the two collided again, the old man was sent flying again as if he was a fly being flicked off from the back of one’s hand.

    “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

    The scrawny old man turned into a wrecking ball and smashed anything or anyone that was in his way, driving the crowd to retreat further. Then, he stuck once again on a wall.

    “Is he… even a human?”

    The martial artists felt a chill down their spines.

    The two fought like vicious primordial beasts. If they kept at it, they would tear the entire building down in no time.

    The spectators were enamored by Master Hen Tian’s physical toughness, however, they were completely caught off guard by Tong Shan’s power. Many wondered if Tong Shan was already a Physique Refinement Grandmaster considering he had so far dominated the fight with Master Hen Tian.

    “You want to catch me with that pathetic power of yours?”

    Chen Fan said as he pointed the finger at Master Hen Tian who was in the process of being sent flying for the third time.

    Elder Qi was a brave and powerful man. He was probably the only person who dared to stand close with the two fighters. Seeing Tong Shan had gained the unquestionable upper hand in the battle, a hint of embarrassment crawled onto his face.

    “Hehe, Chen Beixuan, we will see who is the last one laughing.”

    Elder Qi cleared his throat and asked: “Brother Sun. How long are you planning to hold back your power?”

    “Haha! Brother Qi, I was actually waiting for your cue.” Suddenly, a wizened voice drifted out from the crowd. A large middle age man emerged from the spectators.

    The middle-aged man had a red face and looked like he was in his forties. However, his glinting eyes suggested that he had lived a much longer life than his appearance suggested.

    “Elder of the Xin Yi Sect, Su Wudi— the invincible!”

    Everyone gasped.

    He was a legend among the martial artists. He had been a trouble maker ever since his adolescence and he often challenged other sects into duels. Over the years, he had defeated countless sects and only failed once in the hands of Ye Nantian, the most powerful man in China.

    Even a martial artist who had reached the peak of the Internal Force cultivation would have to take Sun Wudi very seriously.

    “Su Wudi should be in his sixties, but he looked at least twenty years younger than his real age. It must be the effect of his Internal Force cultivation. I wager he is only one step away from reaching the Grandmaster level.”

    Someone murmured.

    Su Wudi strode into the courtyard, and his overbearing quality quickly arrested everyone’s attention. Behind Elder Qi, a previously reticent man with a cold and menacing face straightened his back and stepped forward with him.

    A fire grew brighter in his eyes, as he channeled out his Internal Energy. He, too, was a martial artist who had mastered Internal Force.

    Suddenly, Chen Fan was besieged by two peak level Internal Force cultivators and a master spell caster.