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Chapter 161 - Invitation From the Lu’s

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 161: Invitation From the Lu’s

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    “Hey young man, how many of those pills do you have? I will take them all for ten thousand yuan a pill.”

    “Dream on! Do you expect to buy this high-grade physique Refining Pill for your dirt cheap offer? I will pay three times your offer!”

    “Fifty! fifty thousand per pill here!”

    Once the pill had gained the stamp of approval from the Li Family of the Green Vines, the prospective buyers flocked toward Chen Fan like housewives in the farmers market would to a discount section. They held out their cash on display for Chen Fan while staring greedily at the boy.

    the biggest challenge for a martial artist was lack of resources. Internal Force cultivation was very difficult and also had a high minimum requirement for the practitioner’s talent. Even an internal force user could not guarantee that their offspring would be able to succeed in gaining the same power as they did.

    However, the physique Refining Pill was able to practically infuse the human body with Internal Force; this was everything that a martial artist could dream of.

    “I have to warn you that this pill has a high requirement for the user’s physique and will power. In addition, it is only useful for people who had only been practicing external force exercises.” Chen Fan explained slowly.

    Chen Fan’s announcement had caught everyone by surprise. If this pill’s usefulness was limited to only the external-force-martial-artists, then its value would take a significant hit. After all, most powerful martial arts masters had transformed into internal force users since practicing the internal force had much greater potential than practicing the external force. Master Cui from southwest China, for example, was able to refine his external force and eventually gain the powerful internal force and reached its peak level. Because of his achievement, Master Cui was considered an unprecedented genius, however, it would be very difficult for him to improve his power any further.

    However, the drawback didn’t seem to quell the bidding war. After all, internal force was simply too difficult to obtain and no external force users would want to pass up such an opportunity.

    “A million, I will pay a million per pill. It’s the highest price so far.”

    A muscular man with a greasy face shouted out and looked around him.

    The crowd slowly quieted down. To obtain internal force, one would have to consume a large amount of these pills, therefore, once the price had reached beyond most people’s financial capability, the offers dwindled down.

    “He is from the Diamond Temple. His sect is well known for their External Force abilities. No wonder they are willing to pay so much for these pills.”

    Someone recognized the muscular man.

    Rumor had it that the Diamond Temple Sect originated from the Great Glacial Mountain. A few years ago, they even sired an External Force Grand Master. They were usually considered one of the toughest sects in the physique Refinement category.

    Seeing his offer was final, the brawny man turned around to Chen Fan and asked excitedly: “Bro, how many of these pills do you have? I will take them all!”

    To his surprise, Chen Fan said: “I don’t need money. You can exchange the pill with thousand years old Ginseng or some herbs of equivalent effect. I can offer you as many Phsyic Refining Pills as you’d like.”

    “Urh…” The big man was taken aback.

    In this day and age, even a hundred-year-old ginseng was hard to come by much less that of a thousand year old one. It was nearly impossible to find.

    However, the exchange had caught the attention of the Li Family of Green Vines.

    One-Needle-Li’s eyes lit up and said: “I have a couple of those thousand year old herbs back in my home. However, those are extremely rare and kept as family heirlooms. However, if you are willing to exchange those herbs with your Physic Refining Pill’s recipe, we might be able to come to an agreement.”

    Chen Fan hesitated. He had handed over Physic Refining Pill’s recipe to the military and therefore the contents had become classified information. If he gave the information off to the public, he might be opening a can of worms that he didn’t want to deal with.

    “I have already given the recipe to others.” Chen Fan shook his head.

    “Well, that’s… unfortunate.” One-Needle-Li heaved a sigh.

    Although he was convinced that the Physic Refining Pill was a top grade elixir, he could tell that the ingredients used in the pill were readily available. Therefore, it was viable for mass production once they had gained the recipe. With their connections overseas, they might even be able to export these pills to the overseas martial arts communities, such as the sects that practiced Ancient Muay Thai.

    The potential for profit of this little pill was unimaginable by most people.

    “Can I buy it with money?” Chen Fan furrowed his brows and asked.

    “Hehe.” One-Needle-Li smiled haughtily. “You might not have heard of our Lis Group. We control over ninety percent of the high-end herb market and thirty percent of the medicine production capacity in China. We manage over five publicly traded pharmaceutical companies. Those thousand year old herbs are a family treasure and only a family elder is able to use it. May I ask how many billions you are going to pay for them?”

    Chen Fan kept his silence but lamented in his mind.

    He was in the same boat as the Zhen Family of Hong Kong. The deal was grossly in favor of the seller and therefore the seller could set the price at will. Those thousand year old herbs were able to prolong people’s lives and therefore the Li Family would never have to worry about the lack of buyers.

    One-Needle-Li shook his head and was about to turn around and leave. Without the recipe, these pills were far from being able to satisfy the Li Family’s expectations.

    Suddenly, he heard Chen Fan speak up again.

    “Although I can’t sell you the recipe for the physique Refining Pill, I have other elixirs’ recipes for sale.”

    So saying, Chen Fan fished out another white and blue china bottle and produced a green pill from within. A green pellet hit the display plate and made a crisp clink. Suddenly, the air around Chen Fan was infused with a strong aroma of spring, and life.

    “What is that?”

    One-Needle-Li was shocked by the development, and the little pill also arrested the attention of the girl from the Medicine God Vally Sect.

    “This elixir is called Lesser Essence Enhancing Pill. It can help an ordinary mortal ward off all kinds of ailments and prolong their lives. If consumed by an Internal Force user, it can help to boost the user’s Internal Energy and cultivation attainment significantly.” Chen Fan explained slowly.

    The best kind of elixirs he had refined so far was the Essence Gathering Pill. They were made from Lesser Spirit herbs and the supply was limited.

    The second best pills were Arcane Pills. They were made by refining the Yin Snake’s flesh and bones. It was sold at the price of one hundred million per pill and it was as effective as a thousand year old ginseng.

    The third best pills were the Lesser Essence Enhancing Pills. These were the same pills that were used by Elderly Man Wei. In less than half a year, these pills were able to help the old man recuperate his old injuries and significantly improve his cultivation. By then, the old man was only one small step away from reaching the peak of the Internal Force cultivation.

    As for the Body Tempering Pill, they were of the lowest grade and could be produced in large quantities at any given time. In addition, It had only one use: improving one’s physical condition.

    “Allow me to take a look please.” One-Needle-Li carefully picked up the small green pill and brought it closer to his eyes. Suddenly, a rush of refreshing air wafted into his nose and it energized each and every cell in his body. He scratched the surface of the pill with a nail to produce some powder and tasted it. Afterward, surprise and shock were written all over his face.

    “This pill was filled to the brim the vital essence. It’s of supreme-grade no doubt!”

    The crowd boiled over as they heard One-Needle-Li’s words.

    The elixirs were classified into different grades. The low-grade elixirs were only a little better than run-of-the-mill herbal regimes that were readily available on the market. Medium grade elixirs were where elixirs started to differ from conventional medicines. The healing salves from the Ba Ji Sect, for example, were able to cure external wounds almost instantly.

    Not a lot of people had ever heard of supreme-grade elixirs much less seen them.

    “It really is supreme-grade. Young sir, are you willing to sell us the recipe? The Medicine God Vally Sect also had numerous thousand year old herbs for you to choose from.” The girl wearing wooden beads spoke up.

    “Miss Jin Yi, we have a line up going on here. The Li Family had been talking to this young gentleman before you.” One-Needle-Li rounded his eyes in displease.

    Supreme-grade elixirs were so hard to come by that even the Li Family had only a few incomplete recipes of them.

    Everyone looked to Chen Fan enviously.

    Both Li Family and Medicine God Vally Sect had always been high on their horses due to their monopoly in the herbal medicine industry. However, there and then, they had to compete with each other to make a deal with a young boy. Second Lord Xin’s eyes were green with envy. He had never imagined that Chen Fan had carried so many treasures on him.

    “There is no need to fight for it.” Chen Fan said lightly: “I can give the recipe to both of you, but only I can make the pills. Neither of you can.”

    The lesser Essence Enhancing Pill was technically considered Spirit Pills, and therefore, to create these pills called for methods that stemmed from immortal cultivation.

    “Really?” One-Needle-Li asked curiously.

    Miss Jin Yi was also taken aback and asked: “Only you can refine it? Are you Alchemist?”

    Having heard Miss Jin Yi’s question, everyone’s respect toward Chen Fan turned up a few notches.

    Elixirs were consumables, and therefore, anyone who gained the skills as an alchemist could make a huge fortune off of his trade. If a martial artist family acquired the service of an alchemist, it would secure the number of Internal Force users among the family members for decades. However, in this day and age, Alchemists were extremely hard to come by. Most of them worked for either the Li Family or the Medicine God Vally Sect. On very rare occasions one or two alchemists would quit their job from those two families and serve someone else.

    Even Lu Haixuan who had been observing the development from the side was set back on his heels by the revelation. He looked to Chen Fan but could not see through his thoughtful expression.

    “Indeed.” Chen Fan admitted.

    One-Needle-Li and the others still had their doubts. However, Chen Fan carried himself with such a level of levity and assuredness that they were hard pressed to think he was a fraud. Nonetheless, they wagered that if the boy was an impostor, the pills were real and someone else, perhaps a powerful alchemist was behind this young man’s confidence and was pulling the strings from a metaphorical backstage.

    “Providing you have been truthful, the Li family is willing to pay a one thousand-year-old Ginseng and hire you as our house guest,” One-Needle-Li said respectfully with a cupped fist.

    “The Medicine God Vally Sect will offer the same, plus unlimited access to our medical library.” Jin Yi announced.

    Everyone looked to Chen Fan expectantly. If Chen Fan could make his way into either one of these two powerful families, he could make a name for himself at a very young age.

    Chen Fan remained silent. It appeared that he was not sure which offer to accept.

    Suddenly, Lu Haixuan let out a burst of laughter. “Brother Chen, if you would accept to become one of the Lu Family’s guest employees, we would offer five percent of the shares of the Lu’s Group. In addition, we will promise to do you three favors in any matter of your choosing.”

    The crowd sizzled with excitement after they heard Lu Haixuan’s words.

    The Lu family was located in Lin City. They were one of the richest families in the region and controlled countless companies. Their assets were in the tens of billions. Therefore five percent of their shares meant over one billion in wealth.

    Plus, the last offer was even more appealing than money.

    The lord of the Lu family was a grandmaster in martial arts. His favor would carry much further than a billion yuan.

    One-Needle-Li and Jin Yi wavered after hearing Lu Family’s offer. Despite their monopoly in the medicine industry, their power was a far cry from the combined might of the Lu Family. Everyone looked toward Chen Fan and waited expectantly for his decision.

    Lu Haixuan was confident that Chen Fan would accept his offer. The Lu family had been one of the most dominant martial arts family in China for three hundred years. With the recent surge of the family influence, thanks to the Grand Master in his family, Chen Fan would have no choice other than to join them.

    To his utter surprise, Chen Fan shook his head and said: “I only need thousand-year-old herbs, and none of the others.”

    A surprised murmur rose from the crowd. Chen Fan had refused not only the offer from the Lu Haixuan and the Medicine God Vally Sect but also that of Lu family. Despite the rigid smile on Lu Haixuan’s face, he felt disappointed and annoyed.

    This was the first time in his life that anyone had ever refused him.