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Chapter 158 - Call Me

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 158: Call Me

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    “How dare you!”

    The faces around Chen Fan darkened after they heard his demand.

    Deng Jun smiled menacingly and said: “It sounds like you are determined to test us. Very well then. I, Deng Jun will gladly oblige. Come at me, now!”

    The other people glared at Chen Fan with a fire burning in their eyes.

    Lu Yanxue was so frustrated that she wished she was on the opposite side.

    “A reckless idiot! Can’t you see the situation we are in?”

    Being pushed to her last leg, she rose her voice and shouted: “Deng Jun, I ask you to stop now in the name of Lord Wu!”

    “What Lord Wu? “Everyone was taken aback at first. It wasn’t long before realization finally downed upon Deng Jun. He gasped: “Lord Wu of Jiang Zhou City?”

    “You got it.” Lu Yanxue said coldly.

    Deng Jun hesitated as his mind raced. Lord Wu had been sitting in Jiang Zhou City’s seat of power for over a decade. A lowly countryside hillbilly such as him could not compare. However, he was not convinced that a random girl would know Lord Wu. Despite his doubts, he nodded and said: “Very well. Ask Lord Wu to give me a call to confirm.”

    Lu Yanxue was suddenly at a loss. She was lucky that Lord Wu had picked up the phone last time she called. If she called him two times in a row, the old man might get annoyed. Therefore, Lu Yanxue dug her heels in and insisted: “The old man will be here soon, just wait.”

    A pang of displeasure flashed across Deng Jun as he squeezed out a smile: “Very well, I will wait.”

    The crowd stood beside the bus and didn’t speak a word to each other. A deadly silence fell over the country road.

    Chen Fan crossed his arms as he half leaned against one side of the bus. He was amused by the development. He wondered if Lord Wu was the “Traitor of Jiang Bei” that Third Lord Wei had mentioned to him.

    He was planning to meet this Lord Wu personally, and it turned out that the brush with this group of people would end up saving him a trip.

    Chen Fan waited patiently with everyone else for Lord Wu to show up.

    Ten minutes, twenty minutes… It wasn’t until half an hour later, a Jaguar rolled toward the crowd from afar.

    After the Jaguar pulled over, a man emerged from within. The man cursed at the top of his lungs as he approached the scene. “Deng Jun, what’s the meaning of this? Are you going to bother Lord Wu’s guests?”

    Deng Jun recognized the man; disdain and contempt crawled all over his face.

    “I was just wondering who was barking, Zhang Qiang.”

    “Where is Lord Wu? Did he just sent a loser on his behalf?”

    Deng Jun felt suddenly as if a heavyweight was off his heart.

    The man was a local gentry from Jiang Zhou City and ran a small construction company of a few dozen employees. Deng Jun was not at all scared by his presence. Since Zhang Qiang’s territory was adjacent to that of this man, they were competitors in business. Since Deng Jun’s company had just gained an infusion of fresh cash, Deng Jun had an upper hand in the competition.

    Lu Yanxue felt a pang of disappointment after seeing that Lord Wu didn’t come to her aid personally.

    “Deng Jun, I don’t have time to waste. These people are Lord Wu’s guests, that’s all I am going to tell you.”

    Despite Zhang Qiang’s words, he didn’t sound very firm.

    Lord Wu’s secretary had called him and only suggested he come to help out the girl. Since even the secretary didn’t sound like he cared that much about the ordeal, Zhang Qiang had also taken his time to get here.

    “Very well…” Deng Jun nodded. He didn’t want to have any bad blood with Lord Wu either. However, he then pointed a finger at Chen Fan and asked.

    “But Lord Wu didn’t invite him, did he?”

    Zhang Qiang was taken aback by the question. The secretary had only mentioned two girls.

    He looked to Lu Yanxue only to be astonished by the girl’s exceptional beauty. Her skin was so fair and smooth that it looked like juicy peaches of August.

    Lu Yanxue was set back on her heels as well. Miao Xiaoqian hurried to put in.

    “Xiao Fan got into trouble because of us, don’t you dare throw him under the bus.”

    Deng Jun heard the girl, so he snorted and said: “Well, if the little jerk really doesn’t want to apologize, then we will have to wait until Lord Wu comes here personally to save him. It doesn’t have to be Lord Wu, Young Lord Teng, Young Lord Shen would do as well.”

    Lu Yanxue had never even heard of Young Lord Teng nor Young Lord Sheng, neither could she make Lord Wu come here personally.

    She had saved up Lord Wu’s favor for a long time and finally used it today; however, Lord Wu was only concerned enough to go through the motions and perfunctorily sent an underling here.

    With that thought in mind, Lu Yanxue couldn’t help feeling sad.

    “Is that how far I am behind Sister Yanwu? When Sister Yanwu arrived at Jiang Zhou City, Lord Wu received her with such respect and gave her so much attention. However, he nearly ignored my phone call when I was in need. If not because of Sister Yanwu, he might not even send this underling here.”

    “Xiao Xue, do something.” Miao Xiaoqian was on the brink of tearing up.

    Lu Yanxue’s paled and said: “What can I do? I am from the offshoot branch of the Lu Family, without my sister Yanwu, Lord Wu would not even answer my phone call.”

    Hearing her words, tears welled in Miao Xiaoqian’s eyes. She looked to Chen Fan helplessly.

    “Little shit, let’s see who will save you this time.” Brother Wu said with a sneer.

    A group of brawny men that accompanied Brother Wu also glared at Chen Fan gloatingly, some readied their fists to beat up the defenseless boy. The passengers on the bus watched as the development unfolded. They shook their heads and lamented the sad ending after so many twists and turns.

    Then, they saw Chen Fan crooked his head to one said as said: “Young Lord Teng? Young Lord Sheng? I don’t know either of them, but I do have an acquaintance here in the City of Clear Water. Can I call him?”

    “I don’t think anyone below Young Lord Teng would save your sorry ass.” Brother Wu said with a grin.

    Deng Jun shot out an arm, willing the seething crowd to wait. He gave Chen Fan a cold glare and then said: “Tell me who he is.”

    Deng Jun was not afraid of Chen Fan, he was a cautious person and never liked to jump into action without knowing what he was dealing with.

    The passengers in the bus shook their heads. The girl had already asked help from Lord Wu and that still wouldn’t help them; what could a sixteen-year-old boy’s friend do?”

    Lu Yanxue also let out a contemptuous snort. She didn’t believe that Chen Fan could have any connections who were more powerful than Lord Wu.

    Chen Fan said slowly: “His name is… Liu Guodong, if my memory serves me right.”

    “Liu Guodong? Who the hell is that?” The group of brawny men laughed out loud. Brother Wu laughed as he gloated over Chen Fan’s impending doom.

    However, Deng Jun’s face turned dark in shock.

    “Liu Guodong… Baldy Liu of City of Clear Water?”

    As soon as he let out those words, the crowd stopped laughing. The smiles froze on their faces.

    The name Baldy Liu was much more well known among the citizens of Clear Water compared to his real name Liu Guodong. Ninety-nine percent of the local residents had never heard his real name, but everyone knew Baldy Liu.

    “You know Boss Liu?”

    Deng Jun looked to Chen Fan suspiciously.

    “Deng Jun, don’t listen to him. How could Boss Liu befriend a young boy such as him?” Someone shouted.

    “Just so! Deng Jun, I say he had never even met Young Lord Teng, much less Boss Liu. I bet he just threw that name out there to scare us.” Another man put in.

    Deng Jun didn’t believe Chen Fan either. It was nearly impossible for a no-account youngster to befriend a powerful tycoon in the city.

    Even Lu Yanxue looked at Chen Fan incredulously.”You said you know Baldy Liu?”

    “Who is Baldy Liu?” Miao Xiaoqian asked.

    Lu Yanxue quickly filled her in. After listening to Boss Liu’s illustrative achievements, Miao Xiaoqian also became suspicious of Chen Fan’s claim. Nonetheless, she looked to Chen Fan expectantly, hoping he was telling the truth.

    “Kiddo, if you lie to me, I will make you suffer twice as much!” Deng Jun glared at Chen Fan and said menacingly.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the threat. He produced a cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number. After he exchanged a few words over the phone, he hung up.

    “That’s it?” Everyone was at a loss.

    He thought that a phone call would deter us?” Brother Wu thought lightheartedly. Lu Yanxue and Miao Xiaoqian felt disappointed at the anti-climatic development. Even as Deng Jun was about to order an attack, his cell phone rang.

    “Who the heck is it? Does he know I am busy?”

    Deng Jun hold back his anger and pulled out the cell phone from his pocket.

    At the corner of his eyes, he caught the caller display and the sight set him back on his heels.

    The caller display read: “Boss Liu!”