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Chapter 157 - Some Kind of Hot Shot?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 157: Some Kind of Hot Shot?

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    By then, the crowd inside the bus had boiled over. Miao Xiaoqian’s heart was seized by terror. She was just a university student, her professor never taught her what to do in case of such a dangerous situation such as this. She grabbed onto Lu Yanxue’s arm and asked: “What are we going to do, Xiao Xue”

    The rest of the passengers looked to Chen Fan with complicated emotions.

    Many people wanted to ask Chen Fan to walk off the bus. However, Tong Shan’s hulking size made them think better of it.

    The driver heaved a sigh and said: “Young man, I told you to get off. Look what you got us into.

    “That Brother Wu was not that much of a threat, but his backer, Deng Jun was a force to be reckoned with.

    “Right there, that is Deng Jun.”

    Everyone looked toward the direction where the driver was pointing, they saw a young man wearing a business suit leaning against a jeep at the center of a large crowd while smoking a cigarette.

    “Deng Jun is a very powerful fighter. He beat up eight large men at once all by himself.” The driver said as he shook his head.

    “Most bus drivers who passed through this area knew Deng Jun. He would not let you get away with hurting Brother Wu.”

    “He is right, young man. Why don’t you get off and apologize to him?” The other passengers put in.

    Many people wanted to coax Chen Fan to get off the bus so that they could stay out of the feud between them.

    Chen Fan was not surprised by the other passengers’ selfishness.

    After all, selfishness was the true nature of mortals.

    “Humph! He shouldn’t have been so foolhardy in the beginning. Now it’s too late.” Lu Yanxue put in coldly.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and didn’t refute her. He rose from the seat.

    “Are you really going to get off the bus?” Miao Xiaoqian grabbed his arm and looked at him in distress. “What if they want more than just an apology? Big Cousin is just one person, but they have… well… nearly an army.”

    “That’s fine. A bunch of weaklings. They won’t do anything to me.” A smile broke over Chen Fan’s face. Then he got off the bus with Tong Shan trailing behind him.

    Lu Yanxue could no longer hold back her guilt so she spoke out: “Hey! If you want, I can help you.”

    Chen Fan pretended that he didn’t hear her as he sauntered off the bus.

    “What an arrogant little shit!” Lu Yanxue cursed.

    “Stop it. Xiao Xue, do something, please.” Miao Xiaoqian was on the brink of break down.


    Lu Yanxue hesitated for a second. She knew that Chen Fan wouldn’t have gotten into this hot mess if not for her. Therefore, she gritted her teeth and dialed a number on her cell phone.

    When the line connected, an old and wizened voice drifted from the other end.

    “Hello? Who is this?”

    “Grandpa Wu, It’s me. Xiao Xue.” Lu Yanxue let out an overwrought smile and then said in an overly coy tone.

    “Xiao Xue…”The old man pondered a second before he put the girl’s voice and the name together. However, he still didn’t sound too enthusiastic. “Oh, it’s you. What’s going on, why did you call me all of a sudden?”

    “I am on a bus to the City of Clear Water, and I have a bit of a problem. One of my friends had a brush with Deng Jun.” Yanxue explained cautiously.

    She looked out of the window as she spoke and saw Chen Fan was already off the bus and was talking to Brother Wu.

    “Deng Jun?” The old man was confused for a second. Then, there seemed to be a quiet whispering near the telephone, reminding the old man who that was. “Ah! you are talking about that young man from Xiao county!”

    “That’s fine, Xiao Xue. I will handle it.”

    “Thank you, Grandpa Wu.” Lu Yanxue smiled broadly.

    “Since your sister had entrusted you with me, I will make sure of your safety, always.” The old man said before he hung up.

    As soon as the line disconnected, Lu Yanxue’s smile disappeared.

    “How was it, Xiao Xue?” Miao Xiaoqian asked expectantly.

    “Don’t worry, I got this.” Lu Yanxue managed a smile, but she heaved a sigh in her mind.

    She had hoped to save this trump card for a moment of life and death. However, she had to waste it over a trifle that hardly involved herself.

    Personal favors were limited resources, and unrenewable. She wagered that it would be more difficult for her to ask another favor again in the future.

    “Let’s go. I want to see what’s going on outside.” Lu Yanxue gained confidence after she had gotten the old man’s guarantee. Miao Xiaoqian hesitated for a second and then followed her friend off the bus.

    Meanwhile, Brother Wu and the others encircled Chen Fan and were arguing with him.

    It was evident that the crowd was scared of Tong Shan. He was over two meters tall and a normal person could only reach his waist. If not for the strength in number, they would have run away.

    “Hey buddy, aren’t you going to say something? You have hurt my friend after all.”

    Seeing the confrontation had reached a standstill, Deng Jun spoke up.

    “Say what?” Chen Fan asked calmly.

    “My bro wants to exchange seats with you, but you threw him off the bus. Look at his face, all bruised up. You need to apologize and pay for the medical expenses, that’s the least you could do.” Deng Jun said firmly.

    The patches of bruises suggested that Brother Wu had landed on his face when he was thrown out of the bus.

    “Medical expenses?” Chen Fan crooked his head to one side and asked with a half smile: “I wonder how much do you want?”

    “My face is ruined. I need at least ten thousand to fix it.” Brother Wu shouted.

    “Ten thousand?” To everyone’s surprise, Chen Fan shook his head and said: “No, that won’t be enough.”

    “What do you mean?”

    Everyone was taken aback. They have never seen anyone who bargained that way. Brother Wu smiled a little, the thought of a huge compensation made him felt the injury was worth it.

    However, Deng Jun pulled a taut face and chided.

    “Friend, don’t pull my leg. You are not going to pay anything, aren’t you.”

    The other people finally registered Chen Fan’s sarcasm as menacing light burned in their eyes.

    “Stop it!”

    Suddenly, they heard a female voice.

    They looked toward the voice and saw that two gorgeous girls walked off the bus. The one in the front was particularly attractive. Her smooth skin seemed to glow under the sunlight. She was wearing a casual outfit, but the elegance and gracefulness shone through her mundane clothing. She was Lu Yanxue.

    “Oh shit! Brother Wu, I was wondering why you got into trouble. Now it all makes sense.”

    Everyone’s eyes were brimming as they examined the two beautiful girls. Brother Wu grinned and then said.

    “See? Can you really blame me for hitting on her?” Despite his broken face, Brother Wu managed to display his pride on his face.

    Lu Yanxue walked over to the crowd and said: “You are Deng Jun, aren’t you? That is enough, quit it now. We will both forget about this run in.”

    “Hey girl, you are not Deng Jun’s girlfriend are you?. If you are, we will even make Brother Wu apologize to you.” Someone jested.

    Brother Wu cursed at the speaker with a lighthearted smile. He looked to Deng Jun and noticed the unmistaken look on his face.

    Miao Xiaoqian blushed as anger roiled inside of her. However, Lu Yanxue announced calmly.

    “Deng Jun, what do you think?”

    Deng Jun said slowly: “Just apologize, and we will let the matter slide.”

    Lu Yanxue hesitated for a second. It was better if she could avert the crisis by herself than using the old man’s personal favor. She looked to Chen Fan and heard him speaking to Deng Jun.

    “Very well. If your friend kowtows to me then I will forgive him.”