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Chapter 155 - Never Insult Transcendent Masters!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 155: Never Insult Transcendent Masters!

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    Chen Fan’s words turned everyone’s faces overwrought with distress and disbelief.

    “Head Sergeant!” Huo Donglai was drenched in sweat. He had never imagined that the situation would spiral out of control to such a degree. However, he knew the fault was at his Apprentice-Nephew and Uncle Masters.

    Who did they think Chen Fan was? He was invited by the military top dogs to be the Head Sergeant of Cang Dragon unit. He was as powerful as a Transcendent Master, what made them think that they could be so conceited before him?

    “Head Sergeant Chen, Are you planning to sow a feud between us?” Mu Shan narrowed his eyes as deadly flames danced in his eyes.

    “What if I say yes?” Chen Fan stood unflinchingly as he answered in an even tone.

    “If you insist so, the gloves are off then.” Mu Shan cupped his fists and bowed slightly. He treated Chen Fan with a great deal of respect.

    Members of the Ba Ji sect were quiet and sullen.

    Mu Shan’s cup-fisted salute was a cryptic hint of his determination that only a martial artist could pick up its meaning. It meant that he was going to fight with abandon and at the end of the match, only one person would still be alive. Martial artists wouldn’t partake in such high stakes fights unless they were fighting for their honor.

    Seeing Mu Shan’s unwavering resolution, Huo Donglai and Sergeant Gu decided to keep their silence. Mu Shan’s salute was a heads up to anyone who planned to stop him that he would do away with those who stood in his way.

    The scrawny old man was not upset with the development even in the slightest. His face lit up with joy and he clapped his hands in approval. “Good Lad! Show him the determination of Ba Ji Sect!”

    Hearing the old man’s words, many sergeants shook their heads and lamented the old man’s backward thinking. He acted with a mindset that belonged to the medieval period while living in the modern era. No wonder the Ba Ji sect was going downhill over the years.

    “Very well, let’s do it.” Chen Fan replied indifferently. It was as if that he deemed fighting against Mu Shan was a waste of time.

    Embarrassment flashed across Mu Shan’s eyes. He had saluted his opponent with the greatest respect he could muster, yet Chen Fan’s attitude was still lukewarm. This was outright arrogance.

    Suddenly, he stamped his feet and shouted: “Start!”

    Mu Shan’s move was similar to that of Gao Baisheng but was much more powerful.

    As the force propagated from under his left foot, the concrete surface cracked open. The ground heaved, pushing up the fragmented pavement, and sending a large plume of dust into the air. In half a heartbeat, Mu Shan struck the ground with one of his palms.

    The impact shot out a shower of crumbled concrete chunks at Chen Fan. These projectiles were charged with Mu Shan’s internal force, and therefore it was able to penetrate even a thick brick wall.


    Cold-face gasped.

    Mu Shan was much more powerful than Gao Baisheng. His belligerent moves make him look like a prehistoric t-rex. A casual sweep of his leg could have finished a Cang Dragon soldier. The soldiers felt a chill down their spins as they watched on.

    “Without a modern weapon, even the combined might of the Cang Dragon unit might not be able to defeat him.”

    Everyone was set back on their heels after having realized how powerful Mu Shan was. Mu Shan had reached the peak of the Internal Force cultivation, yet he already possessed incredible strength; how powerful exactly was a Transcendent Master?

    Rusty’s eyes glinted as he fixated his gaze on Mu Shan. He tensed up his body and moved his hand to the handle of his blade, ready to strike at the toughest enemy he had ever met.


    Chen Fan swept his hand backhandeding and pulverized the flying projectiles. His seemingly delicate hand appeared to be made out of material tougher than steel. The sharp chunks of concrete didn’t even leave a dent on his skin.

    By then, Mu Shan was already charging toward Chen Fan. Every step he took caused a sizable depression on the ground, sending a flurry of rocks and pebbles in all directions. He stormed forward like an unstoppable armored vehicle.

    Everyone was frightened by the display of power.

    “I wonder if Head Sergeant can really handle him?”

    Although Chen Fan to the soldiers was like a god to their devotes, the sight of Mu Shan’s power had shaken the Cang Dragon soldiers’ unswerving conviction.

    “Bull shit! One slap from our Head Sergeant could send him to the moon!” Tank refuted.

    Mu Shan closed in quickly onto Chen Fan. He crossed both arms in front of him, forming a cross. When he was close enough to his target, he suddenly shot out both arms above his head and bore down on Chen Fan from above.

    This strike had enough power to pulverized a large boulder.

    Mu Shan was confident that no one was able to ward off his attack unless his opponent was a Transcendent Master. Ba Ji sect’s arts were well known for their belligerence. Although Mu Shan never paid particular attention to maintaining his health, he was in his prime, blood and energy coursed through his hardened body, making him nearly as powerful as a Transcendent Master.

    “Head Sergeant!”

    As the hammer made out of the Ba Ji Master’s fists was about to land on Chen Fan, the latter stood still and didn’t move an inch. It was as if Chen Fan was stunned by his opponent’s power. The Cang Dragon soldiers were so shaken by the development that they shouted at Chen Fan in unison to warn him. Huo Donglai’s face tightened. He knew better than most people the power in Mu Shan’s hammering strike. If the blow landed on Chen Fan’s head with full force, Chen Fan’s life would be in danger even if the boy was made out of iron.


    At the final moment right before the blow touched the top of Chen Fan’s hair, Mu Shan withdrew his power and shifted his attack a few inches away from Chen Fan’s head. The blow landed on Chen Fan’s shoulder instead.


    The impact sent a blaring noise like a large hammer strike a bronze bell. An invisible sound wave rippled out from Chen Fan and Mu Shan.

    Those who stood closer to the impact were assaulted by the ear perceiving blare, they covered their ears and backed away. Only Rusty, Yue Jianqiu and Tank were standing where they were. On the other side of the arena where the Ba Ji sect members were standing, Guo Xiaomang was the only person who couldn’t stand the soundwave attack. As she was about to give in and take a few steps back, the scrawny old man shot out his arm and grabbed a hold of her to steady her shaky body.

    “What is it?”

    “Did Uncle-Master win?”

    “I hope Head Sergeant is OK”

    Everyone looked to the center of the training ground expectantly, eager to find out the result of the showdown.

    Dust loomed over the training ground like a shroud and therefore it was difficult to make out what had happened. The scrawny old man squinted to see through the flying dust as much as he could. After a while, his face paled as he let out a cold gasp.

    “How is that possible?”

    “What happened? Great Uncle Master?” Huo Donglai hurried to ask.

    Life drained away from the old man’s wizened face as he kept his sullen silence.

    When the dust finally settled revealing the hidden sight. Everyone saw Mu Shan’s blow had landed squarely on Chen Fan’s right shoulder. However, the boy seemed completely unaffected by the powerful blow.

    “How is that possible?”

    Mu Shan pulled his hand back and stood a few steps back in shock. He looked at Chen Fan, eyes brimming with disbelief.

    As he reflected on the blow, he remembered the numbing sensation that shock through his body at the impact, it was as if he had hit a heavy chunk of metal. Then he felt a stabbing pain in his attacking hand and realized that his bones were fractured.

    Chen Fan had sustained a hammer attack with full force on his shoulder, however, he was unharmed. The attack didn’t even leave a scratch on him.

    “How could there be such a powerful man on earth? What are you made out of? Iron?” Mu Shan muttered deliriously.

    He had used all of his energy in this attack, and not only was his opponent unharmed, but the force that bounced back at him had also fractured his bones. It was evident that the gap between him and his opponent was unbridgeable.

    Chen Fan dusted off his shoulder and shook his head.

    “I told you that you are not my worthy opponent yet.”

    Mu Shan’s face was as pale as a piece of paper. However indignant he felt, he dared not to refute.

    The scrawny old man felt an array of strong emotions clash inside of him. However, in the end, he heaved a sigh of resignation, cupped his fists, and saluted to Chen Fan.

    “I had never thought that I would meet a Transcendent master. I have failed to recognize a formidable person.”

    Chen Fan did nothing but waved his hand once to lightly brush away the flying pebbles. Then he simply stood still and took a blow from Mu Shan. Although he didn’t display any ability to prove his power, the fact that he was unscathed after being dealt such a powerful blow spoke loudly of his prowess.

    Guo Xiaomang and the other members of the Ba Ji sect looked to Chen Fan incredulously.

    The boy looked younger than her, could he really be as powerful as a Transcendent Master?

    The eyes of Sergeant Gu and the other sergeants were lit up with glee. Their nagging suspicion was right, Chen Fan was a Transcendent Master, a very young one at that. His brush with the Ba Ji sect had proven his transcendent power.

    Cang Dragon members cheered at the top of their lungs. Although most of them didn’t know exactly how powerful a Transcendent master was, they knew their Head Sergeant was a force to be reckoned with even among the powerful martial artists.

    “You can break your own legs and get out of here now.” Chen Fan insisted.

    Mu Shan was frightened by Chen Fan’s words. He turned toward the scrawny old man. To his dismay, the old man lowered his head and spoke gravely: “You have proven yourself a young Transcendent Master, we accept our punishment.”

    “Mu Shan, we have humiliated a master, it’s our fault. Do as he says.”

    Hearing the old man’s words, Mu Shan let out a woeful cry and then he punched his legs with abandon.

    “Kacha!” “Kacha!”

    His fist fractured both of his legs. Sweat rolled off from his contorted face, however, he tried his best to not let his pain show.

    Guo Xiaomang and Guo Xiaomang watched the development with indignation. They didn’t say a word to defend their Uncle Master. Ever since the first day they embarked on the journey of martial arts, they were told not to insult the Transcendent Masters.

    Transcendent Masters represented the highest achievement of martial artists. They were revered all over China as demi-gods, and anyone who dared to ruffle their feathers were deemed to pay a steep price for their foolishness.

    Even the Cang Dragon soldiers were stunned by the sudden turn of the events. They couldn’t imagine what had gone through Mu Shan’s mind when he had to break his own legs. By then, they finally had their first lesson in the power of a Transcendent Master.

    “Master Chen, are you satisfied now?” Despite the scrawny old man’s age, he asked Chen Fan under his breath, daring not to raise his voice. It was as if Chen Fan was his elder, but not the other way around.

    “That’s enough.” Chen Fan waved a dismiss distractedly.

    “We will take our leave then.” The scrawny old man turned around and started off. Behind him, Guo Xiaomang helped the shambling Gao Baisheng to his feet and another middle aged man carried Mu Shan on his back. They all followed the old man toward the entrance.

    “However, before I leave here, I want to give Master Chen a heads up.” The old man paused and then turned around. “The Ba Ji sect will not forget what happened today, and one day, our own Transcendent Master will come to you and settle the score.”

    “I will wait for that day.” Chen Fan replied readily.

    “Very well!” The old man gave Chen Fan a deep gaze and then he started off.

    The Ba Ji member’s sullen faces were a stark contrast with the haughty demeanor when they first arrived at the training base.

    Huo Donglai threw his head back and let out a long sigh.

    It didn’t have to end like this. However, he didn’t hold a grudge against Chen Fan. The Ba Ji sect had offended a Transcendent Master; they had brought the punishment on themselves.

    “Fortunately, they can use the sect’s specialty medicine on their broken limbs. They will be fully recovered in no more than five months.”

    Ba Ji was a large Martial arts sect with deep roots in China. Over the years, they had collected a few miracle cures. However, it was becoming more and more difficult to find ingredients for these medicines, therefore they couldn’t afford to waste any.

    By then, Chen Fan was surrounded by a crowd of excited Cang Dragon soldiers.

    The remaining shred of doubt they had about Chen Fan was gone.

    “A young Transcendent Master! I can’t wait to see the surprise on people’s face during the Martial Arts Conference”

    Sergeant Gu exclaimed in his mind.

    Huo Donglai’s heart was filled with regret. Inviting Chen Fan to attend the conference could have been the Ba Ji sect’s honor. However, his efforts in helping his sect was all for naught.