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Chapter 149 - Unimaginable Power

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 149: Unimaginable Power

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    Chen Fan wagered that there had to be an internal force cultivation art in the military.

    Since things such as internal force were not secrets even among the public, the government had to be aware of them as well. It wouldn’t be difficult for the government to acquire the cultivation methods. That being said, the earth’s environment was not entirely friendly toward cultivators.

    The world was so devoid of Spirit Qi that Sentient Objects were rare and cultivation techniques scarce.

    Of all the cultivators on the earth, only those extremely talented cultivators could have possessed the Internal Force. The internal force users who Chen Fan had seen so far, such as Guo Wei, Lin Hu, Wei Fu, Linbao, and Old Man Gu were powerful martial artists that dominated their local areas. Even Guo Wei who had just achieved initial success could have been named the top fighter of the entire Chu Zhou City.

    The difficulty in obtaining Internal Force while cultivating on earth was evident. Even those who had obtained Internal Force were not invincible. Even a Transcendent Master could be killed by high caliber firearms or missiles, much less regular internal force users.

    “However, the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise was different than ordinary cultivation methods.”

    Chen Fan announced.

    Standing beside him were a few sergeants who were in charge of physical conditioning, the team Captain Yue, and Yu Qin. They all listened attentively.

    “Excuse me, Head Sergeant, what are the differences?” A Combat Sergeant asked.

    The Cang Dragon unit was equipped with sergeants who specialized in all kinds of skills: combat, shooting, driving, info warfare, subterfuge, and jungle warfare. The goal was to create an elite force that could be deployed into any circumstance and succeed in their mission.

    In addition to the Combat Sergeant, Deputy Head Sergeant Huo Donglai, there were another three sergeants here at the meeting.

    The other three sergeants were all of the phenomenal success levels in their internal force cultivation. They were hand-picked by the military from many traditional martial arts families and sects.

    The one who had just raised the question was from a famous martial arts family, the Gu family. His name is Gu Liuru. Although he was stunned by Chen Fan’s display of power like everyone else was, Chen Fan was advising everyone on the subject close to his heart; therefore he rose to question the head sergeant in part to show off his expertise in the subject.

    “As we all know, a good foundation is important for Internal Force cultivation. It’s a quote from the Tao Te Ching: bring it to the utmost degree of pliancy just like the initial condition of a newborn'” Sergeant Gu said as he looked around.

    “The newborn baby retained the Connate Spirit. However, this Connate Spirit will disperse over time as the baby ages, and eventually disappears altogether. Therefore, the earlier that one started training, the easier it was to gain Internal Force. Soldiers in the Cang Dragon units were all in their twenties. Therefore, it was almost too late for them to start.”

    Everyone nodded in agreement.

    Although Yu Qin was not a martial artist, she felt what Sergeant Gu said was right nonetheless.

    “I have already told you that those are the normal methods of cultivation. However, the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise is something entirely different.” Chen Fan said lightly. “Once they are able to complete the training, they would be able to face off against Internal Force martial artists without even using Internal Force.”


    Everyone was shocked by what they heard.

    Sergeant Huo furrowed his brows and said in disbelief. “does your training method happen to be similar to that of Ancient Muay Thai? I have heard that the martial artists who practiced the Ancient Muay Thai could overwhelm their opponents with sheer force. Each and every attack could shatter the rocks.

    “However, I wager that the training routine of the Ancient Muay Thai was even more brutal than that of internal force. I have heard that one in ten disciples could pass the training stage. Only those with the strongest will could make it to the end.”

    “You are half right, I suppose.” Chen Fan said calmly. “Where my training method differs from that of Ancient Muay Thai is that it has a much lower requirement and is much easier. Any elite soldier should have no problem finishing my training routine. Plus, I will give a dose of my special supplement that could help to boost their abilities for a short period of time.”

    Chen Fan’s Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise was in fact an upgraded version of External Force Exercises.

    When he was a child, he used to see a Master Cui who came to visit his county from southwestern China. Master Cui was an expert in External Force. His entire body was incredibly tough and durable as if his muscles were made out of wrought iron. The Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise was inspired by Chen Fan’s childhood memory. That being said, the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise had its own limitations. The most one could get out of this training routine was to reach initial success.

    “While I am on earth, the most precious thing I could offer to the world was not my memories of the stock market trends nor the winning lottery numbers. It was these cultivation techniques.”

    Chen Fan lamented.

    Earth was still in the age of slavery in the eyes of a cultivator. Despite the existence of Internal Force users or even fire benders, their skills and methods were either rudimentary or incomplete. The cultivators on earth still had a long way to go to spread the cultivation arts among the public.

    The Cultivation technique in Chen Fan’s possession could help one in ten soldiers reach the Foundation Establishment level, despite the lack of Spirit Qi around them.

    “However, how am I going to spread these techniques?”

    Chen Fan shook his head as he pondered on.

    Once the cultivation technique became widespread, the civilization of the human race was going to reach new heights. The light of cultivation culture was going to light up the dark ages of the human world. Its significance would be no less than the invention of the steam engine. By then, the human would enter a brand new era.

    Although it sounded like good news to a mortal, Chen Fan knew it was also a double-edged sword for him. At the late-stage of the Foundation Establishment level, no firearms could have hurt Chen Fan, however, it didn’t mean that he was invincible before much more powerful weapons. If he empowered the human race, his advantage over the mortals would be gone.

    “Maybe later when I reach the Connate Spirit and gain the golden core, I will spread some of my cultivation techniques to the world. But not now.”

    Chen Fan shook his head and decided to let the matter rest.

    Although the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise is a dumbed down version of the real cultivation method, only an elite special force warrior could have pulled it off. In addition, the exercise could help one achieve the initial success at the most, and even that would require a tremendous amount of dedication and talent.

    Sergeant Gu was still doubtful of Chen Fan’s plan, however, Yu Qin had registered what Chen Fan was alluding to.

    “Head Sergeant Chen, do you mean that this exercise has to be carried out in tandem with your supplement?”

    “Indeed.” Chen Fan gave the girl an approving look.

    It would take the most talented soldiers at least five years to rival an internal force user if they only followed the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise alone without the supplement. A’Xiu was no more than a meek teenager girl and once she used the Spirit Pills, she was able to achieve phenomenal success in less than three months. Therefore, Chen Fan was confident that the combination of the exercise and the pill could increase these solider’s powers to at least that of an initial success level cultivator.

    “What kind of supplement is it? Can we take a look at the recipe?”

    Sergeant Gu and the other few sergeants asked with great interest.

    As a seasoned martial artist, he was not a stranger to elixirs. The recipe of these supplements were often some of the most fiercely guarded secrets of a martial arts family, sometimes it was even more precious than cultivation techniques.

    To pull off cultivation techniques required dedication and skills. However, the recipe was just a piece of paper and anyone who knew the ingredients could have made it easily by themselves. Plus, a good elixir was often the key in increasing one’s power and many martial arts families had succeeded simply because of their incredibly powerful elixirs.

    They had expected Chen Fan to refuse to share his secret, but to their surprise, Chen Fan fished out a piece of paper and handed it over to them candidly.

    “Head Sergeant Chen, you don’t have to…”

    Even Huo Donglai was shocked after seeing Chen Fan giving away such priceless information.

    “Well, this was part of the deal I made with Li Wuchen.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    The recipe was for the elixir called “Physic Refining Pill.” Its effects would only kick in when the user started the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise.

    “I hope I can satisfy the Military HQ by offering them a hundred Internal Force users, and a method to train more of them.”

    He never thought that the government would be able to mass-produce martial artists with internal force.

    First of all, not everyone was able to pull off the Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise, in addition, the ingredients to make the pills were not readily available either. Therefore, Chen Fan doubted the military would be able to pump out internal force martial artists like toy soldiers on assembly lines.