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Chapter 148 - Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 148: Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise

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    Ever since the Cang Dragon unit lost the tournament against the other military units, the entire team had been going around with low spirits. The morale was further worsened by the firing of former Head Sergeant Xu. Many soldiers didn’t even have the courage to hit the streets on holidays.

    However, there and then, the Cang Dragon’s base was seething with enthusiasm and energy.

    “Have you heard? The new Head Sergeant is a badass!”

    “More than just a badass! I saw it when I was walking in the hallway. He jumped right out of a helicopter at a hundred meters or so above the ground. He landed on the ground with a big bang, like how it was in the Superman movie. Guess what? He was unharmed! I was blown away! You know the concrete they used on the training ground was a special formula that could withstand even artillery bombardment. However, he made a giant crater at the center without causing any harm to himself. He is not a human, I tell you!”

    Someone else put in.

    “I have heard the Head Sergeant Chen is only seventeen. How is that even possible? At any rate, what the Military HQ wants from him was clear, they want him to teach us to be as powerful as he is.” Someone said expectantly.

    “Get out of here. Look at yourself in the mirror, please. You can’t even carry a weighted bag for more than ten miles, yet you want to be as powerful as the Head Sergeant? Dream on! ” A comrade guffawed.

    Inside the base, the workers were exchanging lighthearted banter and jokes with each other while praising their new Head Sergeant.

    However, inside the barracks, the soldiers sat quietly on their beds, heads drooping and shoulders slumped.

    “Tank… do you think Head Sergeant is mad at us?” The stone-faced young man asked cautiously.

    Tank’s face was paler than the frost in December. He lowered his head and looked down, without offering his comrade an answer.

    “Well, If I were the Head Sergeant, I would look down on you guys as well. A bunch of losers, the least competent elite unit in the military, daring to test the new Head sergeant’s ability. Arrogant and stupid! Head Sergeant was invited to help us by the Military HQ. It took the HQ a great deal of work to persuade our new Head Sergeant to accept the offer. That should be enough to tell us about his abilities.”

    The usually reticent Eagle-eyes said with a cold gloating smirk on his face.

    His words had hit the mark. Everyone shook their heads and heaved sighs.

    “That’s enough. Head Sergeant had agreed to guide us, so that means there is no harm done.” A muscular young man who had not yet spoken so far finally put in.

    Hearing his reassuring words, everyone managed to regain some confidence.

    “Rusty, do you think our new Head sergeant is an Internal Force master just like Sergeant Huo?” The refined looking young man with a smooth face asked.

    The muscular man was called Rusty, and he was the top fighter in the Cang Dragon unit.

    His skills in using any sharp object were unrivaled. He was able to sever a steel column as thick as his arm using a small dagger. Even Huo Donglai could not defeat him if he didn’t use a weapon. Rusty was from a traditional martial arts family and had benefited from many secret family arts. Before he joined the military, he was also a powerful internal force user.

    Smooth-face’s question had caught everyone’s attention. They looked to Rusty expectantly.

    “Internal Force Master?” Rusty sneered. “The most powerful Internal Force user would not survive that fall. He is not a mortal, he is an immortal!”

    “At least Sergeant Huo would not be able to do what he had done.”

    “What? Does that mean the new Head Sergeant is as powerful as Ye Nantian? Is he a Transcendent Master?” Smooth-face asked incredulously.

    The entire barracks boiled over after hearing the questions.

    “Ye Nantian? You think our head sergeant is on par with Ye Nantian?” Tank asked in disbelief.

    Ye Nantian was considered a war god among soldiers. During his decades of service in the military, he had made incredible contributions by completing nearly impossible missions. Tank and his comrades used to fight his retinue, the Dragon’s Fang and knew how powerful Ye Nantian was first hand.

    “No, he is more powerful.”

    Rusty said slowly.

    His dark eyes glittered and said: “I have never seen a Transcendent Master in action before. However, I have heard from my family elders that what sets the Transcendent Masters apart from normal Internal Force users is their more powerful internal energy which allows them to release the internal force and use it as a weapon. However, that wouldn’t amount to being bulletproof or surviving a hundred-meter free fall.

    “His abilities are not from this world. You see them only in… movies. It’s unthinkable to me.”

    “More powerful than Ye Nantian?”

    Everyone looked at each other and exchanged shocked glances. What kind of monster sergeant were they going to face?

    All the while, Chu Minhui had hidden in a dark corner. He clenched his fists so tightly until his nails dug deep into the cushion of his palm. Blood welled from under the skin and trickled to the ground, however, Chu Minhui didn’t seem to notice it at all.

    Meanwhile, in the meeting room of the Cang Dragon base…

    Most key officers in the base had gathered there for a meeting with the new Head Sergeant. There were sergeants, head of the Logistics, Yue Jianqiu and Yu Qin; all of them standing except for Chen Fan.

    By then, he had changed into a uniform.

    Although he was not a high ranking officer yet, everyone stood respectfully before him.

    “These are the of Cang Dragon members profiles…”

    Yu Qin handed a folder to Chen Fan with both hands.

    Although the documents were short, it contained a concise summary of the Cang Dragon units status. These were SSS clearance documents and were meant only for a few eyes in the entire China.

    Chen Fan didn’t pick up the document. He knocked on the table and announced heavily: “I have made a promise to Li Wuchen that I will stay here for a month. After that, I will leave the position. I don’t need to see these documents.”

    Chen Fan knew his position very well. He was a consultant working on a short term contract, but not the manager.

    If he read the profiles and documents, he might felt more connected with the long term development of the base and it would make his departure much harder.

    A hint of disappointment flashed across Yu Qin’s eyes. She managed to put on a smile and said: “Head Sergeant Chen, how would you like to start the training? We have all kinds of specialists here to assist you. Including a gold medalist in physical conditioning, and—”

    “No need.” Chen Fan shook his head and cut the girl short.

    “Those worldly training methods would not bring their ability up to the same level as Dragon’s Fang in a month. In order to catch up with Dragon’s Fang, or even surpass them, I will need unconventional methods.”

    “Surpass Dragon’s Fang in a month?”

    Everyone was stunned by the new Head Seargent’s ambition.

    Huo Donglai asked with a trembling voice: “Head sergeant, each and every member of the Dragon’s Fang are outstanding fighters. Plus, they are all internal force users. It is impossible to catch up with them, much less surpass them.”

    “It’s difficult for you, yes. But to me, it’s a piece of cake.”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and then produced two folders from a bag.

    Yu Qin opened the folder and saw a few pieces of paper. When she examined the content, her face darkened and then she looked up at Chen Fan in shock.

    “The paper you are holding detailed a special training method, which I named ‘Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise.’ Follow those instructions for a month, I guarantee you that they will all be able to face off against Internal Force users of the initial success level.”

    “Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise? One month later they could face off against Internal Force users?”

    Yu Qin and other sergeants exchanged a few doubtful glances, but they all registered the shock in each others’ eyes.

    They couldn’t and were unwilling to believe Chen Fan’s words. But the vivid memory of Chen Fan’s display of strength had finally convinced them.

    “Very well, let’s try it for a month.” Sergeant Huo gritted his teeth and said.