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Chapter 147 - A Dramatic Entrance

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 147: A Dramatic Entrance

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    “Well, well! It looks like our Head Sergeant is still high on his horse as all inexperienced newbies are. Well, why don’t we just go back to our training instead of waiting for him like idiots?”

    The bald soldier shouted.

    The other soldiers shook their heads and were about to leave the training ground. Seeing this development, even Chu Minhui started to waver. What was the point of waiting for the jerk Head Sergeant when he was simply wasting their time?

    Yue Jianqiu stood upright unflinchingly like a tall pine tree.

    “Hey, what do you say to going into the woods and getting us some rabbits for dinner?” Tank suggested.

    “Eagle-eyes is our best sharpshooter, we need to take him with us.” The stone-faced young man put in.

    Eagle-eyes was an ordinary looking scrawny young man. What set him apart from the rest was his incredibly sharp vision. His deep-set eyes often glinted under the sunlight, making them look sharp enough to penetrate through a person’s mind.

    “Why yes! Eagle-eyes won third place in the shooting competitions…” Even as Tank spoke, someone else shouted at the crowd: “Look! Someone is going to jump off the helicopter!”


    Everyone threw their head back and look to the helicopter.

    What they saw next would be permanently tattooed in their mind.

    They watched as a human figure leapt out of the helicopter and barely a fraction of a second later, they heard a heavy thud and the man was already on the ground, right in front of them, and was unharmed.


    The blaring sound was followed by a cloud of dust that rose to blot the sun. The paved earth trembled from the impact and even people who sat deep inside the facility noticed the strange ripples in their cups of water.


    Disturbed by the trembling sensation, the officers in the base flocked out of buildings.

    Those soldiers who gathered at the training ground were closest to the source of impact and they were rendered speechless by the development.

    Among the clouds of dust, they could vaguely discern a human figure standing in the middle of the training ground with his hand linked behind him. He looked more like a timeless ancient statue rather than a living person. The cracked surface of the pavement had formed a spider-web-like pattern that projected itself outward from under the man’s feet. Whoever he was, his outrageous landing had created a large crater on the hard paved ground.

    “Did you see that? He… he jumped right out of that helicopter.”

    The brawny bald man was shocked.

    “I saw that too, Tank.” The stone-faced young man swallowed hard and replied.

    Everyone around the two, including Eagle-eyes, and the refined-looking young man, and even Yue Jianqiu who was so even-keeled that he might as well be impervious to shock were stunned and terrified by the turn of events. Chu Minhui rounded his eyes and looked at the man in utter disbelief.

    “Is he made out of iron? He was a hundred meters above the ground, and ….and he just jumped right out.”

    Tank stammered.

    Everyone nodded to confirm his observation.

    Then, as everyone looked horrified at the man in the dust, the figure moved. He slowly made his way out of the cloud of dust and into the daylight. Then, and only then, the crowd realized that the person who survived the impossible fall was only sixteen year old boy.

    The boy wore a white casual outfit that contrasted with his dark hair. His skin is smooth and unmarred by imperfections, and his eyes glittered in the sunlight like two diamonds. Although his looks were average, he gave off a godly demeanor that made him look like an immortal.

    “You again!”

    Having recognized the boy’s face, Chu Minhui felt he was struck by lightning.

    “Do you know him?”

    The old soldier who was talking to him earlier asked.

    Chu Minhui didn’t speak a word, but his hollowed look on his face had said it all. He felt his legs were about to give in.

    “I think he is our new Head Sergeant.”

    The refined looking young man pushed his glasses up again and smiled wryly.

    “The… new Head Sergeant?”

    Everyone’s mind was filled with regret, particularly Tank. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to slap himself in the face. He had never thought that the new Head sergeant would be so powerful. The development reminded him of the movie Terminator where the death robot descended from the other dimension and shattered the pavement. In this case, it was Tank’s ego that Chen Fan had shattered.

    His previous arrogant remarks of the opening gambit, of teaching the new sergeant a lesson, of fighting against the sergeant unarmed seemed like a joke on him now.

    “Fight him? What a joke. He could survive the fall from a hundred meters above the ground and was unharmed. What would modern weapons do to his incredibly sturdy body?”

    The members of the Cang Dragon were right. By then, Chen Fan was practically immune to physical attacks.

    He had reached the first four levels of the Void Mortal Refinement Art: Ice Skin, Jade Bones, Golden Eyes and Silver Blood. Even the sharpest blade in the world would not be able to cause any harm to him no more than a white scratch.

    After three months of hard work and diligent cultivation, he had finally reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment level and was only half a step away from Ethereal Enlightenment. Once he made the breakthrough, his body would finally begin the transformation toward the Dao Body.

    No one on earth could have imagined the terrifying power of a Connate cultivator’s physical strength.

    A Connate Spirit Level cultivator could survive endless artillery bombardment without even using the True Essence. Such an incredible physical condition would also prolong life for centuries.

    Although Chen Fan had just started to cultivate the Dao Body and was a long shot away from completing the Connate Spirit level, he was able to survive a free-fall from a hundred meters above the ground.

    “Head Sergeant!”

    As the other soldiers struggled to gather themselves, Yue Jianqiu took a step forward and greeted Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan nodded and then he scanned the soldiers.

    Each one of these elite soldiers was a one in a million warrior. However, they lowered their heads before Chen Fan as elementary students would in front of their principle. No one dared to look Chen Fan in the eyes.

    “Before I came here, someone told me that you guys are planning an opening gambit for me?”

    Chen Fan’s voice was calm, however, every word he spoke seemed to carry an icy edge. Suddenly, life drained away from Tank and his co-conspirator faces.

    “Well, now I am here, what are you waiting for?”

    No one dared to move a muscle. Even the stone-faced young man kept his head low as Chen Fan’s words took the wind out of his sails.

    “Well, since no one wants to challenge me… is there anyone that objects to my role as your head sergeant?” Chen Fan asked readily.

    “No… no objection.”

    These hulking warriors murmured their obedience out like little girls.


    Chen Fan shouted.

    He infused his sound with True Essence to amplify his volume. His booming voice sounded like a sudden explosion and caused a sizable shock wave to ripple out from him. Even the helicopter felt the disturbance in the air and was blown to one side for a fraction of a second. Many soldiers who stood right in front of Chen Fan lost their balance and fell to the ground.

    “Reporting to Head sergeant, we have no objections!”

    Yue Jianqiu shouted at the top of his lungs.

    “Reporting to Head sergeant, we have no objections!”

    The other soldiers quickly followed suit. Even as they replied, their ears still felt the pain from Chen Fan’s ear-piercing shout.

    Chen Fan’s face remained stoic and looked disappointed by these soldiers.

    “What a bunch of wimps! No wonder you are the last in the tournament. The other units are miles better than your sorry asses.” Chen Fan shook his head. However, he was still hopeful.

    He was the North Mystic Celestial Lord, he could have turned a herd of pigs into deadly monsters, much less a group of special force soldiers.

    “Head Sergeant Chen!”

    By then, the helicopter finally landed on the pad. Yu Qin came over the Chen Fan, her eyes were filled with strong emotions; there was shock, trust, but her doubts were no longer there.

    “Li Muchen still has it. He had chosen a mighty powerful demi-god for Cang Dragon!”

    Yu Qin exclaimed

    Huo Donglai followed her closely. Embarrassment and regret were written all over his face. He wished he could reduce his six feet tall frame into the size of an ant and find a crack in the ground to hide away.