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Chapter 145 - Ba Ji Master

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 145: Ba Ji Master

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    Meanwhile, in a parking lot beneath the mountain top, a dark green jeep pulled over.

    A man and a woman emerged from the jeep. The man was wearing a green army uniform and looked like he was in his forties. He stood upright while taking large and confident strides. His big and calloused hands were a tell-tale sign that this man was a seasoned veteran.

    On the other hand, the woman had a cold but alluring face and a banging body. Her loosely fitted uniform was unable to hide her long and lean thighs as well as her curvaceous body.

    After the two were out of the jeep, the middle aged man looked up at the mountain peak surrounded by mists. He cracked a cold smile and said: “So this is where our young head sergeant lives?”

    “Sergeant Huo, please keep in mind that it was the Headquarters decision to hire Mr. Chen.” The woman reminded him.

    “Humpf! I don’t care who is backing him up. I have to make sure that the next head sergeant of the Cang Dragon unit is competent.” The middle aged man grunted.

    Hearing the words, the women furrowed her brows.

    Sergeant Huo was the deputy head sergeant who was in charge of close quarter combat training. He was a renowned Ba Ji Fist master. Rumor had it that he used the Art of Tremors to pulverize a large boulder.

    He was a good friend of the former head sergeant, Mr. Xu. After Cang Dragon’s defeat, the headquarters were going to fire head sergeant Xu, Sergeant Huo even fiercely protested for his best friend.

    Later, when Sergeant Huo learned that the new head sergeant was a boy who hadn’t turned twenty yet, Sergeant Huo was filled with indignant rage.

    “A green babe less than twenty years old, what does he know of military training?”

    Sergeant Huo ranted.

    “Head Sergeant Chen will be in charge of personal combat training.” The woman put in.

    “That is absurd!” Sergeant Huo nearly lost his voice. “I started my martial arts training when I was only five and started the Ba Ji’s Pi Gua form. When I was seventeen, I began my Internal Force training, and it wasn’t until I reached thirty that I had mastered all fist forms. By now, I am still not quite there at the top level of the internal force cultivation yet.

    “He was only a seventeen year old boy. The most he could have achieved by now was Initial Success in his Internal Force cultivation. I could have killed him with one backhand slap.”

    “But based on our data, Head Sergeant Chen is a Transcendent Master.” The uniformed woman said with furrowed brows.

    “Transcendent Master?” Sergeant Huo guffawed.

    He shook his head and lamented.

    “Xiao Yu, you are not a Martial artist, and therefore you don’t quite understand what you are talking about.

    “A Transcendent Master is someone as powerful as an immortal. Once a martial artist reached the Transcendent State, he would no longer be a mortal. Just like Ye Nantian, he could have traveled anywhere around the world at will.”

    The thought of Ye Nantian brought out a hint of respect to Sergeant Huo’s face.

    As the Combat Sergeant of the Cang Dragon unit which had fought Dragon’s Fang in multiple tournaments, he had seen Ye Nantian’s power at first hand. He was immediately enamored by Ye Nantian’s unimaginable power and was convinced that Ye Nantian was no less powerful than an immortal.

    “Could it be that our database was wrong?” Staff Officer Yu asked in disbelief.

    As the person who was in charge of intel collections, she couldn’t overlook such a glaring mistake in the information database. She would have to hold someone accountable for it if it turned out to be true.

    “Of course it is wrong.” Sergeant Huo announced.

    “Even Ye Nantian had only reached phenomenal success in his Internal Force cultivation when he was twenty, and he didn’t reach the Transcendent State for another thirty years. Even at that pace, Ye Nantian was one of the most talented geniuses in martial arts. What will make a seventeen year old boy more powerful than Ye Nantian? And he calls himself what? Young GrandMaster? What a load of crap!”

    Hearing the words, Staff Officer Yu’s furrowed brows knotted even tighter together.

    After a while, the two had made their way to the entrance of the mansion.

    The mist that blocked their way moved away from them as they climbed up the stairs, only to merge together once again after they have passed. Neither of the two ever lived in the mountains before, so they thought the presence of heavy mist was normal.

    “Can I speak to Mr. Chen? We are from military headquarters. We are here to drive Mr. Chen to the base.”

    The uniformed woman said with a finger pressed on the intercom.

    “Please come in.”

    The door swung open by itself.

    Behind the door, stood a young man in casual jeans and a T-shirt.

    “Are you Mr. Chen Beixuan?”

    The woman asked coldly. Seeing that Chen Fan was even younger than she thought, a hint of contempt flashed in her eyes.

    The more Chen Fan advanced through his cultivation, the younger he looked. Chen Fan’s smooth skin made him look no older than sixteen.

    “Yes, that is me.” Chen Fan nodded.

    One of the terms he had negotiated with Li Wuchen was to avoid using his real name. When he became Head Sergeant Chen, he would be recognized as Chen Beixuan.

    “Head Sergeant Chen, I am Huo Dong of the Ba Ji sect. Nice to meet you.”

    Although Sergeant Huo was in a military uniform, he saluted to Chen Fan like a martial artist by cupping his fist.

    “Sergeant Huo, why did you…”

    Staff Officer Yu was shocked by the unconventional gesture and realized what her boss was going to do next.

    She watched as Huo Donglai say contently: “Head Sergeant Chen, we are both martial artists, so let’s cut the crap get to the point. If you want to be the Head Sergeant, you need to defeat me first, otherwise, no one in the unit is going to obey your orders.”

    Staff Officer Yu managed a smile and then explained: “Sergeant Huo is the Combat Sergeant of the Cang Dragon unit. He is just pulling your leg. Please rest assured that since the HQ had assigned you as the Head sergeant, no one in the unit will disobey you.”

    Chen Fan didn’t listen to the woman’s explanation, instead, he looked at Huo Donglai with great interest.

    “Why should I fight you?”

    “I am the Head Sergeant and you are the Deputy Sergeant. You should obey my orders.”

    Huo Donglai was taken aback at first, and then he hurried a reply: “We are both martial artists! So we also need to do things according to the martial artist’s way.”

    “Who told you that I am a martial artist?” Chen Fan gave a solemn face. “Huo Donglai, as the Head Sergeant, I order you to shut up!”

    Sergeant Huo rounded his eyes in anger, however, bound by honor and duty, he saluted Chen Fan and shouted: “Yes, Head sergeant!”

    “Very well, can we go now?”

    Chen Fan shrugged and then turned over to Staff Officer Yu.

    Staff Officer Yu looked at Chen Fan in surprise. The boy had no luggage; it was as if he had treated the assignment as a day trip. However, the Head Sergeant had given the order, so she must oblige.

    Chen Fan was led to the green jeep. They drove off the mountain, but instead of heading toward the toll road that lead away from the city, they headed toward the city center.

    The woman explained: “Head Sergeant, my name is Yu Qin. I will be your personal consultant. I will be responsible for familiarizing you with the Cang Dragon’s facility as well as the staff.”

    “The base of the Cang Dragon is a high clearance zone. It’s quite far from where we are and difficult to get to. So we need to take a helicopter.”

    “Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions.”

    “Thanks, that’s good for now.”

    Chen Fan lolled in an armchair with a great measure of levity.

    Seeing Chen Fan’s airy demeanor, Yu Qin started to become concerned for him.

    This young man was so much different than Head Sergeant Xu, in a bad way. Head Sergeant Xu used to be the core member of the first generation Cang Dragon unit. When he made his way to the top, he was already a seasoned battle-hardened warrior. If not because of Ye Nantian, he might as well be the toughest man in China.

    Those who have met Head sergeant Xu were all enamored by the chilling and deadly air that was constantly loomed about him.

    Chen Fan, on the other hand, looked like a couch potato and it was hard for her to reconcile with the image of a deadly warrior.

    “Maybe the HQ really had the wrong person.”

    Yu Qin thought.

    Meanwhile, Huo Donglai laughed in his mind.

    “Kiddo, you will know how difficult it is to be the Head Sergeant when you meet your unruly but powerful soldiers. ”

    “They are not going to obey your orders so easily as I did.”