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Chapter 137 - Half Of Jiang Bei’s Wealth

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 137: Half Of Jiang Bei’s Wealth

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    Xu Ao of Hai Dong! That was such a powerful name!

    Before the rise of Master Chen, he was the head of all tycoons in Jiang Bei. Even without his strong backing from his in-law, his power could have rivaled Tang Yuanqin at the other side of the province.

    Even a billionaire such as Boss Yang dared not to compare himself with such a mighty figure.

    People in the courtyard as well as in the main hall boiled over once they heard Xu Ao’s name. Even Chen Zhenxin was taken by surprise and hurried to the door. By then, only Grandpa and Great-Great Uncles still remained in their chairs, everyone else stood up to welcome Xu Ao.

    “Xu Ao?”

    Chen Xiao’s eyes lit up and the smug smile on his face evaporated. He worked for Tang Yuanqin and therefore knew his boss’s rival, Xu Ao, very well.

    In a few seconds, a large group of people strode through the entrance to the courtyard.

    All of them carried overbearing demeanors; one would only need to look into their eyes to see the shadows of their illustrative achievements. The leader of the pack was a scholarly looking middle-aged man. Without knowing who he was, people might as well have mistaken him as a professor.

    “That really is Xu Ao!”

    Boss Yang could no longer remain in his chair, so he hurried to greet the visitor.

    “Brother Xu, why are you here?”

    Boss Yang beamed from side to side.

    “It’s new year, I am here to pay tribute to Mr. Chen and wish him a happy new year.” Xu Ao said readily.

    Having heard the word Mr Chen for the third time, everyone knew right away that he was here for Chen Fan instead of Chen Zhenxin. So people looked to Chen Fan with great interest.

    Chen An was so shocked by the development that he spilled half of the drink in his cup. Chen Xu on the other hand was stunned again. His ego was dealt such a heavy blow that he felt the sky had fallen onto his head.

    Chen Ning was rendered speechless.

    Yan Shigao, Zhen Jiulin, Xu Ao…

    So many multi-billionaires came to visit Chen Fan. Why? Was Chen Fan really the cousin she used to know?

    She watched as Xu Ao saluted to Chen Fan and then walked into the main hall.

    “Great Lord Chen, Lord Chen and Boss Chen.”

    Xu Ao greeted all the important people in the room. As the top dog of the entire region, he carried himself with great measure of confidence and assuredness. Even Chen Zhenxin with his bureaucratic demeanor seemed to command less authority than him.

    “You are welcome, Boss Xu. You came all the way from Hai Zhou and we feel terrible for not rolling out the red carpet for you ahead of time.”

    In the end, Chen Huaian managed to break the silence and replied with an even tone.

    “Haha. It’s Mr. Chen’s family gathering, of course I had to come and pay tribute.” Xu Ao laughed out loud and then turned toward Chen Gexin and Wang Xiaoyun. He bowed deeply.

    “Mr. and Mrs Chen. I wish you a happy new year.”

    “Long live the Chens!”

    The group of tycoons that accompanied Xu Ao bowed toward the Chen Family and announced in unison like a group of disciplined trade members

    They possessed such overwhelming and over the top manner that they out right scared many people in the mansion. A pin drop silence fell over the entire estate as no one dared to speak a word. Since the Jin City was not part of Jiang Bei region, not a lot of people in the estate knew Zhou Tianhao or Baldy Liu. However, their greasy pudgy faces and dangerous looking beady eyes were tell tale signs of their dominating positions in Jaing Bei.

    Chen Zhenxin managed to appear calm on the surface, however, veins popped on the back of his hand as he clutched the armrest even tighter to overcome the strong emotions.

    Xu Ao only greeted him with a perfunctory wave, however, he bowed deeply and wholeheartedly at Chen Fan’s parents as if he was their child. The differential treatment was too conspicuous

    Standing before the renowned successful businessman, Chen Fan’s parents hurried to stand up from their chairs. Wang Xiaoyun urged: “Boss Xu, there is no need for such unduly respect. We have only met after all.”

    “Haha. Mrs Chen, don’t be a stranger. We might have just met you, but everyone in Jiang Bei knows and respects your strapping son.” Xu Ao cracked a smile and then shook his head.

    “Chen Fan?”

    Everyone was stunned.

    Although everyone had expected it from him, they still couldn’t believe what they heard as the words tumbled out from Xu Ao’s mouth.

    Chen Fan was just an ordinary teenager. How was he able to spur so many rich and powerful men from Jiang Bei to pay tribute to him?

    “Are you sure you have the right person? Chen Fan is a delinquent teen brat…” Chen Fan’s Second Auntie uttered without much thought.

    “Lady, be careful now.” Xu Ao’s face hardened.

    Baldy Liu who stood behind him said threateningly: “If you try to throw that out there while you are in Jiang Bei, you would definitely get hurt.”

    Although no one knew who Baldy Liu was, his menacing face screamed loudly of his illicit methods. Second Auntie had never experienced such vile threats before and she quietly lowered her head.

    “Boss Xu, tell your subordinates to stop scaring my wife.”

    “Mr. Chen was venerated by everyone in Jiang Bei. Those who disrespected him were disrespecting me.” Xu Ao said haughtily, not giving in.

    No one in their right mind would dare to openly disrespect Xu Ao. However powerful the Chen Family was, its power was a far cry compared to Xu Ao, much less the combined might of all the top dogs that accompanied him.

    “Uncle Chen, Auntie Wang, I wish you both a happy new year.”

    A young girl wearing white parka and a wool toque emerged from behind Xu Ao. She was tall and attractive, the smile on her face made her look prettier than ever.

    “I wish you two one great year, that you be forever together as two, a happy family of three, a joyous four seasons, the showering of the five blessings, to hit on all six, to be in seventh heaven, to have fortune bestowed onto you by the eight ball, to always be on cloud nine, and to always be a perfect ten.”

    The girl’s musical voice echoed in the hall and her cute and innocent eyes instant grew on Wang Xiaoyun.

    Wang Xiaoyun came over to her and held her hand.

    “Hello, Miss, what is your name? Do I know you?”

    “My name is Xu Rongfei and Xu Ao is my father.” Xu Rongfei blushed. “Chen Fan and I are classmates. ”

    “Auntie Wang, this is a gift I bought for you using my allowance. Please accept it.” Xu Rongfei produced a small gift box from her purse.

    Wang Xiaoyun accepted the gift and opened the box under the girl’s expectant gaze.

    In the box was an exquisitely made watch from Channel. Wang Xiaoyun knew that this watch would cost at least a few hundred thousand. Wang Xiaoyun gave Xu Rongfei a knowing glance and accepted the gift with a smile.

    Seeing this subtle exchange, some guests in the main hall had finally got a handle on the situation.

    “Chen Fan is dating Xu Ao’s daughter!”

    “It makes so much more sense now. No wonder Yan Shigao and Zhen Jiulin would come here to visit him. They are here because of Chen Fan’s connection with Xu Ao.”

    “Hey, do you think Xu Ao is here to arrange a marriage for her daughter. ”

    Someone said with a snicker.

    Although Chen Fan and Xu Rongfei were only seventeen, it was not uncommon to see young men and women getting engaged at this age. Some families arranged a marriage for their children as early as grade ten.

    Everyone from the Chen family looked to Chen Gexin and his wife.

    Chen Gexin’s face looked troubled. He was a man of conservative values, and never had he thought that his son would start dating while in high school. On the other hand, Wang Xiaoyun wore a pleasant smile. She was happy for her son to have found such an attractive girlfriend.

    Great Auntie and Second Auntie’s eyes were filled with envy.

    Why Chen Fan? What was so good about Chen Fan that such an attractive girl from powerful family would fall for him?

    Grandpa and Chen Zhenxin’s minds were still filled with unanswered questions. Even if Chen Fan was indeed dating Xu Ao’s daughter, that wouldn’t explain Xu Ao and the other magnates’ seemingly unduly respect toward Chen Fan.

    “Plus, he said Chen Fan was venerated across Jiang Bei. What does that mean?”

    Chen Zhenxin mulled over the questions but failed to find an answer.

    What was so special about his nephew? Why could he have earned the absolute respect of Xu Ao?

    However, his thought was quickly disrupted by more and more commotion outside of the courtyard.

    “Kai Long’s Boss Hu arrives, Wan Xiang’s Boss Ru arrives, Qin Bei’s Boss Zhang…”

    As more and more tycoons of the Jiang Bei region filed in, people noticed that none of them owned less than a hundred million yuan. Among them were three CEOs of public firms, and two of the richest men in the city.

    They did the exact same thing as soon as they showed up: they walked over to Chen Fan and bowed, and then proceed to the main hall and greeted Chen Gexin and Wang Xiaoyun.

    In less than ten minutes, over half of the tycoons in the entire Jiang Bei region showed up in the Chen Family estate.

    Everyone’s eyes were on the boy who sat in the courtyard with a great measure of levity. Many gazes were filled with complicated feelings: shock, doubt, envy, disbelief and anger. However, Chen Fan didn’t care to pay attention to anyone’s feelings.

    He sat steadily in his chair like he always had, and wore a calm and placid expression. It was as if the arrival of these powerful magnates didn’t perturb him the slightest.

    Chen Xu studied his cousin, and felt Chen Fan looked the same yet very unfamiliar.

    Suddenly, he realized what Chen Fan meant by “the most important person in the gathering.”

    Chen An lowered his head and sipped a cup of tea. As he tried to steady his trembling hand, he bemoaned in his mind: “What ever! Regardless of how many rich men you could invite, you are still nothing but a high school kid; and your father is still useless.

    “This is the Chen Family, and our family name was built on hard earned respect and influence. Money and external help can only go so far. I am still the most capable one out of all of us, and my father and I are the only hope of the Chen Family.”

    Resolution flickered in his eyes as he thought.