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Chapter 136 - Gathering of Tycoons

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 136: Gathering of Tycoons

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    “Who is Boss Zhen?”

    “The one who owns the Zhen De Group?”

    “Zhen Jiulin of Chu Zhou City? Old Man Zhen! Why is he here?”

    Before the youngsters outside the main hall realized what was going on, the adults sitting inside were agitated by the announcement. Compared to Yan Shigao whose influence only exerted out as far as the Chu Zhou City, Zhen Jiulin was a household name in the entire province. No doubt he was on the list of top fifty wealthiest men in the Hu Dong Province.

    If not because of the Wan Rong Group who happened to reside in the same city, he might as well be the richest person in Chu Zhou City. No wonder his nickname was Half-City since he literally owned half of the city’s properties.

    Surrounded by his companions, Zhen Jiulin walked into the courtyard. The old man was wearing traditional Chinese dress and by the look of his silver hair, he ought to be in his seventies. However, he was as energetic as a young man.

    “He is indeed Zhen Jiulin! I can’t remember anyone in our family having any connection with him.”

    Chen An was surprised by the appearance of a tycoon from Jiang Bei in his family clan’s gathering.

    Chen Ning felt a nagging suspicion that this old man came here for Chen Fan just as the other strange guest from Chu Zhou City.

    “Old Man Zhen, welcome! What brings you here?”

    Second Uncle hurried to greet the old man at the door.

    No one who attended the gathering could rival the wealth and power of Zhen Jiulin, therefore, Fourth Uncle, Fourth Auntie, and many other guests trailed behind Second Uncle to meet the old man.

    The only people who remained in their seats were Chen Zhenxin, Billionaire Yang, Chen Xiao and a few other elders of the family.

    “Hello, Boss Chen.” Zhen Jiulin nodded.

    Both Zhen Jiulin and Chen Qianxin managed large considerations in the province and therefore they had met each other during business conferences. However, unlike Second Uncle, Zhen Jiulin made his fortune from a humble beginning and eventually achieved greatness. He was much more respectable that Chen Qianxin, who simply inherited wealth from family.

    “I am here to wish Mr. Chen a happy new year.” Zhen Jiulin said in a deep and earnest voice.

    “Mr. Chen?” Chen Zhenxin was confused. “But which one? Are you talking about my brother Chen Zhenxin?”

    In Chen Qianxin’s mind, Chen Huaian and Chen Zhenxin were the only two who command enough prestige to attract the attention of Old Man Zhen. However, Chen Huaian was already retired so it had to be Chen Zhenxin.

    Inside the main hall, Chen Zhenxin started to get ready to meet the guest.

    As he gathered himself, it occurred to him that the old man might have been here to give him a heads up about some of Zhen De Group’s project proposals. After all, at Chen Zhenxin’s level, it was not uncommon to have powerful men seeking a favor from him.

    “It’s true that our Big Brother is going to get promoted. Look! Even the billionaires from the Jiang Bei want to visit him.” Fourth Auntie said jealously.

    Hearing Fourth Auntie’s words, Boss Yang congratulated Chen Zhenxin. “I have heard of Old Man Zhen’s name and know he is a force to be reckoned with. He never easily visits anyone in person unless he believes it was worth his time.”

    “You think too highly of me.” Chen Zhenxin said with a calm expression and a fake humbleness.

    Meanwhile, a smug smile already bloomed on Great Auntie’s face.

    Wang Xiaoyun’s eyes were filled with envy. She looked to her own husband and felt frustrated. Chen Gexin was a righteous man, but he was too stubborn upholding his values going against his own good. If he knew when to bend the knee, he would have already reached a much higher level in the government.

    “Brother Chen An’s family is going to take off!” Chen Xu exclaimed enviously.

    Seeing someone who possessed much more respect than the Chen Family as a whole had come to visit Great Uncle, Chen Xu suddenly felt that gap between his family and that of Chen An was nearly unbridgeable.

    Chen An said nothing, but the light in his eyes betrayed the rising pride in him.

    However, Chen Ning felt increasing uneasy by the second.

    “I recall that fatty Yan called Chen Fan , Mr. Chen as well.”

    She looked to Chen Fan and saw that the boy was sipping on a bowl of soup and wasn’t paying any attention to what was going on around him.

    “Could I be wrong?”

    Even as Chen Ning lowered her guard ever so slightly, she watched as the old man shook his head and said:

    “I am not here for your older brother. I am here for Mr. Chen Fan.”

    “Who? Chen Fan?”

    Chen Qianxin’s smile froze on his face and so did the others. Chen Xu gaped in surprise while Chen An dropped his chopsticks in shock.

    Chen Ning bemoaned her premonition in her mind, she wished she had been wrong.

    Many rich and powerful guests murmured to each other as they heard the old man’s announcement.

    “Who is Chen Fan? I have never heard of such a person in the Chen family.”

    “Could it be Old Man Chen’s distant cousin? It make sense since Old Man Chen and Zhen Jiulin were of similar age.”

    A kid put in sheepishly: “Chen Fan is my third brother, he is in high school.”

    “Get out of here. Why would Zhen Jiulin the Half-city travel all the way from Chu Zhou City to Jin City just to wish a happy new year to a high school kid?” Many guests out right disregarded the kid’s comment.

    However, what they saw after made their jaw dropped.

    They watched as Zhen Jiulin pushed people away as he made his way to Chen Fan’s table. He then saluted respectfully and said: “Mr. Chen, Jiulin is here to wish you a happy new year.”

    Despite the silver in his hair, Zhen Jiulin talked to Chen Fan as a student would to his teacher.

    “Oh, you made it.”

    Chen Fan nodded without any sense of surprise.

    The moment he saw Yan Shigao, Chen Fan knew that the other tycoons wouldn’t leave him alone today.

    “I wager that I won’t be able to hide my cover for too long.” Chen Fan lamented in his mind.

    However, he didn’t mind his cover to be blown at this moment. His parents had suffered enough humiliation at the hands of their family, and it was about time to make them pay. Plus, what’s the harm in revealing his real identity anyways. He was already planning to tell everything to grandpa since the old man’s days seemed to be numbered.

    “Grab a seat.”


    Zhen Jiulin sat down as he was told.

    Chen Xu sprang out of his heat, to make room for the old man. All the while, his incredulous glare didn’t leave Chen Fan for a second.

    “What the heck is going on? Am I dreaming?”

    The old man was supposed to be here to see Great Uncle, why is he talking only to Chen Fan?

    Chen Qianxin was clueless of what’s happening as well. He asked incredulously: ‘Mr. Zhen, are you here for my… nephew?”

    “Of course. Mr. Chen is venerated all over Jiang Bei. What’s wrong with paying him tribute during the spring festival?” Zhen Jiulin answered readily.

    “Him? Mr. Chen? Venerated?”

    Second Uncle looked to Chen Fan and tried as hard as he could to find anything extraordinary about this boy; he failed while conceding that the boy’s face was still as annoying to look at as it always had been.

    He never believed that Chen Fan could achieve anything. He was not alone in his lack of confidence in Chen Fan; everyone in his family, save the old man felt the same as he did. They watched Chen Fan grow up and knew that Chen Fan was no more than a spoiled brat.

    “Xiao Fan, what is going on?” An Ya was dumbfounded.

    Although she was not familiar with Boss Yan who came earlier, Zhen Jiulin was a household name. An Ya had seen him many times on TV. Why would such an influential person have anything to do with her no account brother?

    “Mr. Chen is my savior, my benefactor. I, Zhen Jiulin will forever remember his help.” Zhen Jiulin said somberly.

    Zhen Jiulin’s remark answered less questions than it caused. What did he mean by savior? Chen Fan was just a high school student, how could he save a multi-billionaire?

    Everyone was suddenly at a loss for words. Little did they know that ever since Zhen Jiulin witnessed Chen Fan’s Dharma Power, he was utterly enthralled by the young master. Later, Chen Fan gave him a Dharma Artifact and Spirit Water which greatly improved the old man’s deteriorating health. Ever since he started to use the Spirit Water, he felt as energetic as a youth. There was no gift more valuable than youth itself.

    By then, everyone in the main hall looked back and forth between Chen Zhenxin and Chen Fan with muddled expressions on their faces.

    Boss Yang wished he could take back his miss-placed congratulation, but he resorted to keeping quiet.

    Chen Zhenxin managed to keep calm, however, the questions in his mind started to fester like a wound.

    “How was the third brother’s family connected to Zhen Jiulin? By the look of it, Zhen Jiulin wasn’t even here for Chen Gexin, he was here for his son. This is outright madness. What would make a tycoon bow to a high school kid?”

    Chen Gexin and Wang Xiaoyun’s hearts were also filled with surprise and questions.

    Chen Fan was their son, and they knew better than anyone about his ability, yet, they were not any less clueless of what was going on than the others.

    “Zhen Jiulin has gone crazy. Why would he pay so much attention to a high school kid instead of the leaders of the family?” Great Auntie announced indignantly.

    She was not as patient as her husband, by then, her face was already flushed red with anger.

    “Maybe he really is here just for Xiao Fan.” Grandpa said slowly.

    Chen Huaian always had a nagging feeling that his grandson’s seemingly outrageous claims were not entirely unfounded. He wagered that today would be the moment of truth.

    “He is here for Chen Fan? For that little shit? ” Great Auntie guffawed.

    She was not alone in his disbelief, since even Chen Fan’s parents found it hard to grapple with reality.

    However, before Great Auntie could say any more, the door man’s announcement drifted in again.

    “Boss of the Chu Zhou City Tian Hao Entertainment, Zhou Tianhao arrives.”

    “CEO of Hua Sheng Realestate from Qin Shui city, Liu Guodong arrives.”

    “Yuan Gang Group from the Tian He City, Han Tianshen arrives.”

    “Owner of the Dong Wan Group of the Hai Zhou City, Xu Ao arrives!”

    The crowd boiled over after hearing the names of the last guest, Boss Yang sprang out of his seat and shouted: “Why did Xu Ao come here?”