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Chapter 134 - Start The Gathering

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 134: Start The Gathering

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    The Chen family estate is located at the outskirts of Jin City, and it was called the Chen’s Village.

    Although it was labeled as a village, it had been modernized a long time ago. Nowadays every family lived in bungalows or two-story houses with beautiful lawns and white picket fences, making it look like a small community of the developed world. Most of the young people living in this village work at The Chens Group.

    Every year after the Spring Festival, all branches of the Chen family would gather here to reflect on last year’s work and to plan next years tasks. Nonetheless, the gathering was also a cesspool for things from braggings to conceit and anything in between.

    Inside the main courtyard, a table full of food was set up before the group arrived.

    “Is that Chen Xiao?”

    Chen Ning and Chen An had been the center of everyone’s attention until a ghostly looking young man walked into the courtyard, instantly stealing the attention of all the young men and women.

    His appearance even caught the attention of many adults who sat inside the meeting hall.

    “Chen Xiao of the Jin City! He was the most outstanding young member of the Chen family.”

    Many people exclaimed at his arrival. Even Chen Fan started to furrow his brows in curiosity.

    The Chen family is not an extremely prolific family in Jin City and it never produced anyone super-rich. However, Chen Xiao was the exception. He was born from an offshoot of the main branches of the Chen family, and therefore lacked the proper support of the clan. However, what he lacked in support, he made up for it in courageousness. In the end, his ability was noticed by the richest man in Jiang Nan province: Tang Yuanqin and the latter became his benefactor. From then on, the young man became one of the most influential people in Jin City.

    He ran a construction company and owned over hundreds of millions of assets. Even Chen An paled in comparison with him.

    Lo and behold, Chen Xiao walked past the teenagers, and into the meeting hall where the important members of the clans were at. He picked a seat that was closer to the head of the table than Chen An was and sat down.

    Based on the Chen Family clan’s rules, only the elder generations or those who had proved themselves worthy could have a seat in the main hall and could partake in the discussion with the grown-ups. To be able to attend the meeting in the main hall meant a coming of age to the young members of the Chen family.

    Of all the members of the Chen family, only Chen Ning, Chen Ning, and Chen Xiao were able to sit inside the main hall before they reached thirty.

    “Xiao Fan, if you would like to sit in those seats, you need to get into at least the Jin City University. Or, if your dad got promoted and secured a position in Jin City.”

    Chen Xu noticed Chen Fan’s long glance toward the meeting hall, so he said with a sneer.

    “I can attend even the national congress meetings if I want, much less a family gathering. “Chen Fan said lightly.

    “Humph. Keep bluffing. I can’t wait to see you embarrass yourself in front of our guests. “Chen Xu shorted.

    Hearing his words, An Ya felt concern rise in side of her.

    The Chen family clan gathering was an important event for the family members to garner respect from fellow clansman. Therefore, many family members invited prestigious guests to attend the meeting, turning the event into a showdown of each family’s social connections.

    Over the past few years, the Old Man and Great Uncle Chen Zhenxin were able to bring in the largest number of reputable guests.

    The old man started his career with nothing. Although he was retired, many of his former subordinates now sat on powerful positions. As for Chen Zhenxin, his high rank in the government meant many sycophants or lobbyists wanted to cozy up to him, and there was no better opportunity to do so than the family clan gathering.

    Chen Fan’s family was a completely different story. Chen Gexin worked at the bottom level of the government in a small county, and most of Wang Xiaoyun’s connections were located in Yan Jin or Zhong Hai. Worse, none of her family members at Yan Jin would attend this gathering since her fallout with her family. Her company had just started up in Zhong Hai, and therefore she knew no one who would be willing to travel to Jin City for this event.

    “That’s enough.”

    Chen Ning said with furrowed brows.

    Although she disliked Chen Fan, she and An Ya were tight friends, so much so that she even gave up her privilege of sitting in the main hall just to sit with An Ya.

    “This is what you are counting on to embarrass me?” Chen Fan laughed. “Even if my family invited no one, so what? As long as I sit here, no guest would outshine my importance.”

    “You are so full of yourself!”

    Chen Xu, along with many other third generation relatives, looked to Chen Fan as if he was a nut job.

    If he were as rich and powerful as Chen Xiao, they might listen to Chen Xiao’s claims and take it with a grain of salt. However, since he was no more important than a seventeen-year-old high school boy, they outright disregarded his words as nonsense.

    “Hehe, very well. Let’s wait and see.”

    Chen Xu sneered again.

    Meanwhile, inside the main hall, many elders of the Chen family and the second generations were having a discussion.

    The oldest man was Chen Fan’s great-great uncle. He was in his nineties and sat at the head of the table; below him was Chen Huaian’s grandpa and a few of Chen Huaian’s brothers.

    Further down the table were Chen Fan’s uncles and his father.

    Chen Zhenxin had put on his bureaucrat mask and listened aloofly to the discussions around him.

    He knew that the Chen family relied on him, and if he were to be promoted to a higher position, the fame of the Chen Family clan would also reach new heights.

    “Brother, I think everyone is here.”

    Chen Qianxin swept the sweat off his forehead and managed a smile.

    Just a moment ago, he was embattled by castigations from other members of the Chen Family for his ill-management of the company. If not for the support of his elder brother, he would have lost his CEO position at The Chens Group a while ago.

    “Almost.” Chen Zhenxin nodded.

    Chen Zhenxin glanced at his younger brother and his wife; as he expected, neither one of them looked very happy.

    Every year around this time, while other families were busy greeting visitors who came to pay tribute, only a couple of visitors would even so much as to acknowledge the two. Chen Fan’s parents were humans after all, and they were also bound by earthly sentiments such as vanity. Seeing they were practically ignored, disappointment and embarrassment started to creep onto their faces.

    Suddenly, someone shouted from outside the courtyard.

    “CEO of the Reed Construction Group, Mr. Li is here!”

    A few men and women filed through the entrance, and the leader of the group was dressed in expensive business suits.

    “I bet the seventh uncle invited him.” Chen Fan murmured.

    Lo and behold, the oldest son of the seventh uncle, stood up immediately and walked over to the businessman.

    “Wow, Mr. Li, thank you so much for coming all the way!”

    “It is my honor to be invited to your family gathering. Plus, I didn’t get a chance to wish you a happy new year before you left.”

    “Thank you, thank you! Come on in.”

    Chen Fan’s uncle smiled broadly as he led Mr. Li into the main hall. Most people inside the hall stood up at the sight of such prestigious guests, save for Chen Zhenxin and a few other leaders of the clan.

    As soon as Mr. Li entered the hall, he saluted the family leaders and said: “Greetings Elder Chen, Big Brother Chen. My name is Li Youcai. On behalf of the Reed group, I wish you a happy new year.”

    “Thank you, Mr. Li.”

    Chen Zhenxin nodded aloofly. This multi-millionaire had barely caught his attention.

    Mr. Li didn’t mind the cold tone of Chen Zhenxin. He plastered on a toady smile. It was a rare chance for him to meet someone as high up as Chen Zhenxin. Thanks to the invitation, he got the opportunity to rub shoulders with him.

    Many other guests arrived soon after Mr. Li.

    “Boss Zhang from Wu Zhou Minerals”

    “Qian Fuhao from the Jin City, Dinhu District.”

    “CEO Mr. Jiang of the Imperial Entertainment.”

    “Boss Xu from Jiang Zhou City.”

    Some guests were invited by Chen Fan’s second uncle; some were by Chen Xiao. However, the old man’s former subordinates and Chen Zhenxin’s coworkers make up the bulk of the guests.

    The most prestigious guest was a billionaire from Hai Zhou. His arrival even caught the old man’s attention, and Chen Zhenxin walked to the entrance and received him personally.

    The businessman’s last name was Yang. Although he was not a government official, he controlled most of the resources in his local city. His appearance had even taken Chen Zhenxin by surprise.

    Guests kept on pouring in for the entire morning. Most families were surrounded by their guests.

    Even some of the in-laws were accompanied by their guests; however, seats around Chen Fan’s parents remained empty, making them feel increasingly self-conscious.

    Wang Xiaoyun finally regretted. He wagered that he should have at least invited her business partners. Looking around them, not only they had turned into laughing stocks in the eyes of Chen Fan’s Great Uncle and Second Uncle, but also that of other family members.

    “What about now, Xiao Fan. Do you still think connections are overrated?”

    Chen An walked over to Chen Fan and asked.

    By then, most of the guests had arrived, and he figured that it was about time to teach Chen Fan a life lesson.

    “didn’t you hear him, brother An? Our cousin claimed that he is the most important person here, and could trump any guest you bring. I think he fancies himself to be the prince of the mighty Wang family.” Chen Xu said sarcastically.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows; he hated people mentioning the Wang family in front of him.

    Even as he was going to rebut, a voice came from the outside.

    “CEO of the Yans Textile Group from Chu Zhou City, Boss Yan is here!”

    Even as the announcer announced the name, he was taken aback by the appearance of anyone from the Chu Zhou City.

    Chu Zhou City was located in Jiang Bei region; far away from Jin City. However, the guest’s name was familiar to everyone in the main hall. Everyone had heard of the Yan Group; it was a multi-billion yuan company. However, no one knew who invited the owner?

    “Maybe he is here for me.”

    Chen Fan’s Second Uncle said as he hurried to the door.

    Everyone watched as a chubby middle-aged man walked into the courtyard. His beady eyes scanned the courtyard left and right before he scurried toward Chen Fan’s table while outright ignoring Chen Qianxin, who was coming at him.

    “Master… Mr. Chen. I finally found you!”

    To everyone’s surprise, Chen Fan looked up at the chubby man and said with knotted brows: “You are… Xiao Yan?”