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Chapter 132 - You Don’t Deserve My Apology

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 132: You Don’t Deserve My Apology

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    Chen Fan sat in the silver-grey Lamborghini Gallardo with the windows down. In the driver’s seat was a drop dead gorgeous, the sight had attracted many attentions.

    An Ya asked abruptly as she drove the vehicle.

    “Xiao Fan, how did you make Chen Xu’s horse stop?”

    “It’s just a little trick.” Chen Fan shrugged. “I am the famous and revered Master Chen of Jiang Bei. I can pick a star out of the sky with ease much less control a horse.”

    “Brother Chen Fan is at it again… Pick a star out of the sky? Do you think you are an immortal?” Chen Guoguo asked sarcastically.

    “That’s nothing. Your big cousin used to travel through the universe and completely destroyed an entire galaxy. ” Chen Fan said readily.

    He was not lying. The perfected immortals who had reached the Dao Reunion could catch the moon and steal the stars or outright swallow the sun. The cultivators who reached Tribulation Transcendence possessed even more terrifying power than that of Dao Reunion. To them, the stars were nothing but marbles in their pocket.

    However, neither An Ya nor Chen Guoguo believed him. They both rolled their eyes at Chen Fan, thinking he was bluffing again.

    Although An Ya didn’t get her answer, she decided not to press on. He was always a very understanding sister to Chen Fan and knew that her little brother like to keep some secrets of his own.

    “Ah, right, Sister An, I forgot to tell you that this car belongs to you now.” Chen Fan said lightly. “Chen Xu had just got this car, so it’s in mint condition. The color and interior deco looked feminine. I think it’s better suited for you. You will need one when you go to work.”

    “Uh? You are not going to return it back to Chen Xu?” An Ya asked incredulously.

    “Why should I? Chen Xu wanted a race, and he lost it. Could he be shameless enough as to ask for it back from me?” Chen Fan sneered.

    An Ya didn’t agree with Chen Fan since she knew the true colors of her Second Uncle’s family much better than Chen Fan. However, seeing Chen Fan had already made up his mind; she kept her concern unspoken.

    They drove the race car around the Jin City and didn’t return the East Mountain mansion until it was dark outside.

    By then, the mansion was lit up by lights from inside. The adults of the family had gathered in the living room.

    Chen Gexin kept a somber face and wasn’t pleased to see Chen Fan. However, Wang Xiaoyun nodded at Chen Fan with a great measure of approval.

    “Dad, mom, grandpa.” Chen Fan greeted them.


    Chen Huaian nodded and looked hesitant. He was not sure where to begin.

    The Second Auntie spoke first. She piled a large smile on her face and then said: “Xiao Fan, did you enjoy the ride in your cousin’s Lamborghini? Since you had fun, it’s time to give it back to your cousin.”

    Chen Fan looked over toward second auntie and saw an embarrassed Chen Xu hiding behind his mother. Chen Fan cracked a smile and then said: “Cousin had lost this car to me in a race. Is he going to regret his words?”

    Second Auntie paul a taut face and managed to say: “Your cousin was just… joking with you. It’s all just a joke.”

    “A joke?” Chen Fan shook his head. “I wasn’t joking even if he was. If I had lost, my mother would buy a Porsche 911 and give it to him, wouldn’t you mom? ”

    Wang Xiaoyun was going to reply, but Chen Gexin tugged her elbow, willing her to keep quiet.

    “You… You cheated!” Chen Xu shouted.

    “Oh? How so? Can you tell me how I could have done that?” Chen Fan asked curiously.

    Chen Xu was suddenly at a loss for words.

    Even a professional coach such as Paul had no clue how Chen Fan had done that much less an amateur such as him.

    “What’s the big deal? It’s just a race. Do you really need that car?” Chen Fan’s Great Uncle announced annoyedly.


    Chen Xu was becoming anxious. He begged his father countless times in order for him to buy the car for him. He hadn’t even shown it to his friends yet, and he had to give it away. Chen Xu moaned the promise of his great loss in his mind.

    Although Chen Qianxin was in charge of a large corporation, he was not the sole owner of the company. The most amount of money Chen Qianxin could get out of his company was just a few dozen million.

    The Great Uncle was one of the main arbitrators of the family dispute, and since he had taken Chen Fan’s side, the Second Uncle knew he should keep quiet now.

    Sensing the matter had been settled, Chen Fan walked toward his seat and was going to sit down. Suddenly, he heard Chen Ning speak up.

    “Grandpa, dad, can you guess who we met at the club?”


    The question piqued all the adults’ interest. Even Second Auntie who was still trying to overcome her anger, looked towards Chen Ning.

    Chen Ning announced: “Wei Zifang!”

    “Wei Zifang?”

    Everyone was shocked by the revelation. Chen Zhenxin furrowed his brows and asked: “Is that Xiao Wei from the Wei family?”

    “Indeed.” Chen Ning nodded.

    “What’s the big deal with him?” One Auntie asked.

    “He is more than just a big deal.” Chen Zhenxin heaved a sigh. “He is of similar age as Chen An, but he had already been promoted one rank higher than my son. Rumor had it that he will be promoted once again soon. He is very popular among the big wigs.”

    Everyone was astonished by what they heard. Even Chen Huaian’s face showed a hint of surprise.

    Chen An was one of the elites among people of his generation. However, Wei Zifang seemed to be even more capable than Chen An. There had to be more than what meets the eye about that young man.

    One of Chen Fan’s uncles suddenly realized something, so he shouted: “His last name is Wei, could it be that this boy was from the Boss Wei’s family?”

    “What Boss Wei?” Another uncle asked confusedly.

    “He is my boss’s boss’s boss. The real boss!”

    Everyone gasped.

    “A child from the Wei family?” Fourth, Uncle lamented.

    The Wei’s were a super-rich family and ranked in the top five wealthiest families in the province. Even the richest man in Jin City couldn’t compare with the Wei’s in terms of financial power. It made so much more sense after knowing that Wei Zifang was the son of the Wei family’s figurehead.

    “That’s right. The Zi Yun Club was owned by Wei Zifang’s girlfriend. My brother joined the club and practiced horse riding in order to befriend Wei Zifang.” Chen Ning said.

    The adults in the room nodded in approval, and Chen Zhenxin looked to his son with a supportive and proud glance.

    The so-called “Guanxi” was crucial to success in China. Even a man of mediocre talent could become powerful if he had strong connections with the right person.

    To befriend a young and talented man such as Wei Zifang would be beneficial for the rest of Chen An’s life.

    “However, someone had ruined my brother’s plan.” Chen Ning said vehemently.

    She looked to Chen Fan with an angry glare. “The girlfriend of Young Lord Wei asked Chen Fan how he won the race, Chen Fan acted like an arrogant fool and left with the question unanswered. Young Lord Wei looked pissed, and ever since then, he refused to speak a word to my brother.”

    “Xiao An, did Xiao Ning speak the truth?” Chen Zhenxin asked heavily.

    “Yes.” Chen An nodded as disappointment flickered in his eye. “Young Lord Wei’s attitude toward me took a 180 turn after the conversation. I wagered that I might have done something wrong.”

    Despite him blaming himself, everyone knew the real reason for the change of Wei Zifang’s attitude was Chen Fan’s arrogance.

    Chen Zhenxin’s face turned black, and his wife was so angry that her hands started to tremble.

    That was Wei Zifang! The most renowned and influential person in Hu Dong Province. Yet, because of Chen Fan, Chen An had missed the chance of forging a relationship with him.

    Second Auntie gloated at their loss and nearly screamed: “Look at your son, look what has he done!

    “Even though my son Xiao Xu spent a lot of time on useless things, he never got in the way of serious business such as this.”

    Chen Gexin’s face was tight, and he remained silent. He knew the importance of befriending Wei Zifang to his son. He could be his son’s benefactor, a protector that could safeguard him along with his career.

    Wang Xiaoyun was the only person who remained calm. As a descendant of the Wang Family, she barely considered Wei Zifang a big deal.

    “I have told you many times, only Xiao An, Xiao Ning, and Xiao Xu are good kids.” Grandma suddenly put in. “Chen Fan, give the car keys back to your cousin, and apologize to Xiao An now!”

    “Yes, apologize!” Second Auntie agreed.

    “Xiao Fan, apologize now.” Another uncle urged.

    Seeing the demanding glares of all adults in the room, and the gloomy look on Great Uncle, no one stood up for Chen Fan this time.

    Even Chen Huaian hesitated to intervene. In the end, he heaved a sigh of resignation and kept his silence.

    “Xiao Fan, this is really your fault. My Lamborghini is nothing; you can have it if you want. But you might have just ruined our big cousin’s future. A few million yuan and a car couldn’t compare.”

    Chen Xu heaved a sigh and pretended to lament the loss of Chen An.

    The adults looked at the young man; some were laughing at him; some were angry. Chen Gexin felt furious at his son and also disappointed. Even Wang Xiaoyun was not sure how to protect her son this time; after all, Chen Fan had made the mistake in the first place. An Ya stood closely with Chen Fan and looked at her little brother concernedly.

    It was as if the entire family had turned on Chen Fan.

    To everyone’s surprise, Chen Fan lifted his chin and sneered at the people who demanded an apology.

    “You want me to say sorry? What makes you think you deserve it?”