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Chapter 131 - Doesn’t Recognize Mount Tai

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 131: Doesn’t Recognize Mount Tai

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    “Ziqin, is he the Mr. Chen you mentioned to me who had cured grandpa?”

    Wei Zifang asked in a deep voice.

    “Indeed.” Wei, Ziqin nodded.

    “Although he was able to cure grandpa at such a young age, that doesn’t mean that he has the right to look down on us.” Wei Zifang shook his head. He had seen many talented young people with incredible skills, and none of their lives met a good end. He needs to be humble.”

    Despite his incredible medical skills, his fortune was still at the mercy of the Wei family.

    Yin Wanqin’s face softened a little; however, she still couldn’t get over what had happened.

    “In addition, he has another identity.” Wei Ziqin added. “In Chu Zhou City, he is called Master Chen.”

    “Master Chen? The Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    Yin Wanqin exclaimed incredulously.

    As the owner of an Equestrian Club, she watched as countless guests come and go and leaving many information and news behind. Therefore, she had heard many times people talking about this Master Chen.

    However, she found it difficult to make the connection between the ordinary looking Chen Fan and the famous Master Chen.

    “Master Chen of the Jiang Bei region?” Wei Zifang was taken aback by the name.

    He had never imagined that Chen Fan was someone who had as much clout as Tang Yuanqin. Worse, he was at least ten years younger than him.

    However, the revelation didn’t rein in his conceit.

    “Humph! Even if he is Master Chen, the Wei family is not going to be afraid of him.” Wei Zifang sneered.

    As the son of the most powerful family in the Jiang Nan Province, Wei Zifang had all the rights to feel proud of himself and not take Chen Fan seriously.

    “Indeed.” Yin Wanqin replied after she finally gathered herself.

    However, powerful Master Chen was, he would not be able to rival the Wei Family of the North Bank.

    “I wish that’s all to it. But why do you think even grandpa wanted to apologize to him personally?” Wei Ziqin heaved a sigh. “You might not have heard of this news: he was recently invited by the military to fill the role of the head sergeant of the Cang Dragon unit.”

    “Head sergeant of the Cang Dragon? What is that?” Yin Wanqin was confused.

    What position could have given the boy so much prestige and power that even the old man had to bend over backwards to please him?

    She had stayed abroad for the most part of her life, and therefore, she was clueless of the situation in China. Although the news shocked Wei Zifang as he had heard of the name of the Cang Dragon unit, he was not sure what the title “Head Sergeant” meant.

    “The head sergeant of the Cang Dragon was as high as one could get in the law enforcement units. It belongs to the rank of generals.” Wei Ziqin paused a second to let her words set in. “If he accepted the offer and performed his duty, in three years, he would be promoted to the rank of general.”

    “Be a general in three years?”

    Hearing this revelation, even Wei Zifang who had worked in government and rubbed shoulders with some of the highest-ranking officials was shocked.

    “He looks no more than seventeen years old, and even in three years, he would be at most twenty. Yet, you said he would have been a general by then?”

    Yin Wanqin covered her mouth to suppress a gasp with her eyes wide open in surprise.

    However clueless she was in terms of the military ranking, she knew that generals were of the highest rank since it was the case in nearly all counties.

    To be a general in a country as big as China was, in particular, not a small feat. Being a general at the age of twenty would garner much more respect than being a billionaire.

    “How is that possible? Even the youngest general in China is in his forties.”

    Wei Zifang tried to hold back his disbelief and asked.

    “He is exceptional, and his talents are unknown to many.” Wei Ziqin said lightly.

    Wei Zifang gasped.

    The more one knew about the military system in China; the more surprised one would be after hearing the news. Being a general in the law enforcement unit wielded even more authority than that of an ordinary unit.

    “So we were looking at a twenty-year-old general!” Wei Zifang gasped, the pride in his voice had evaporated.

    His Second Uncle was already in his forties when he finally reached the same level. Even without becoming the general rank, Chen Fan would have secured as much power and authority as his father had. Plus, he was so young, and only god would know what the future had in store for him.

    Even though he was from the Wei Family of the North Bank, he conceded that he would have to put away his pride before such a mighty power.

    Even the collective might of the entire Wei family would not give him the courage to offend such a powerful young man.

    “I can’t even believe what I am going to tell you, but here it is: he refused the offer.” Wei Ziqin shook her head with a wry smile.

    “He refused?”

    Both Wei Zifang and Yin Wanqin could only stare.

    The conversation about Chen Fan turned out to be a rollercoaster ride to the two. A sixteen years old boy was not only a skillful doctor, the famous Master Chen but also was offered the position of the Head Sergeant. Worse yet, he refused the offer!

    The position was of general rank; people would fight to the death over the job.

    “The Wei family had affronted him because of Ziqin; therefore, he is still on the fence.” Wei Ziqin heaved a sigh. “My father said the military is sending four delegates to talk to him personally. I bet those delegates were of the same rank as my father.”

    Wei Zifang was utterly speechless.

    How was this possible, and who the heck was this boy?

    Wei Zifang’s family heritage, Yin Wanqin’s attractive look and her club all seemed like a joke in front of Chen Fan’s attainment.

    “Compared to him; I seemed to have achieved nothing, even in my thirties. What right do I have to be so proud.”

    Wei Zifang heaved a long sigh.

    Yin, Wanqin nodded. She could not fathom how an ordinary looking boy could turn out to be a candidate for a general position; a diamond in the rough.

    He had the right to be cold and aloof like all other powerful figures were.

    “Brother Zifang, Sister Wanqin.” Wei Ziqin paused a second and then said: “If you can befriend him, I think you should be able to contribute to grandpa’s cause.”


    Yin Wanqin asked with surprise as hope also gleamed in Wei Zifang’s eyes.

    Wei Zifang and Yin Wanqin were classmates at the university when they fell in love. Yin Wanqin was from a middle-class family and was deemed unworthy to be Wei Zifang’s girlfriend in the eyes of his parents. The old man also stayed out of business and remained indifferent to both sides. In the end, Yin Wanqin left China and stayed at Y country for many years before she finally returned to China. With the financial support from Wei Zifang, she opened up the Zi Yun Club.

    Most guests who came to Zi Yun were here under the influence of Wei Zifang.

    “Of course! We need his favor and support, but his run-ins with Zipin had ruined our chance of mending the relationship. Even the old man wanted to apologize to him personally. If you can gain Mr.Chen’s support and help the old man, grandpa would definitely stand on your side in terms of your marriage.”

    “Sounds like a plan to me!”

    Wei Zifang held Yin Wanqin’s expectant gaze and agreed as he gritted his teeth.

    What was pride before the love of his life? He would befriend Master Chen even if he had to kneel.

    When Wei Zifang returned the stable, they could no longer find Chen Fan.

    Soon they saw Chen An and his sister accompanied by their cousin Chen Xu. Wei Zifang came up to them and asked with a smile: “Chen An, where is your other cousin?”

    Chen An was surprised by Wei Zifang’s warm smile, plus, the son of the Wei family never called him Chen An, instead, he always addressed him as Xiao Chen in a patronizing manner.

    Feeling pleasantly surprised, he replied: “Young Lord Wei, my cousin had already left.”

    Chen An paused a second and then asked cautiously: “I want to apologize for his actions earlier. He is from a little county in Jiang Bei and didn’t know better. ”

    “He is an uncouth little shit. Lack of discipline, I say,” Chen Xu hissed.

    Chen Ning and Chen An quickly agreed with their cousin.

    Wei Zifang furrowed his brows and felt he had miscalculated the relationship between Chen An and his cousin. He always liked the young man and wanted to take him under his wing to become one of his assistants in the future.

    However, it occurred to him that Chen An was oblivious of Chen Fan’s real identity; worse, he seemed to dislike his powerful cousin.

    “Mr. Chen is not on good terms with his cousins.” Wei Zifang shook his head and lamented in his mind. He hoped that Chen An could have introduced him to Chen Fan, but the turn of events made him keep his plan to himself.

    As he thought so, the warm smile on his face evaporated.

    He made up his mind to keep a distance with Chen Fan’s cousins, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

    Yin Wanqin stood beside her boyfriend and was amused by Chen An’s remarks.

    “What a fool. He has eyes but doesn’t recognize Mount Tai.”