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Chapter 130 - Young Lord Wei

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 130: Young Lord Wei

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    A surprised silence fell throughout the entire stable.

    Chen Fan had pulled the rug from under everyone and won the match in the most unexpected way.

    “Is he a horse whisperer?”

    “He is a real badass, and he had been hiding his strength all the while.”

    “I think this young fellow is a much better equestrian coach than the ones at the Zi Yun Club.”

    Hearing everyone’s words, Paul felt embarrassed, and his face felt hot. He had forecasted Chen Fan’s defeat as a professional, yet, Chen Fan proved him wrong right away. Suddenly, he felt that he was surrounded by jeering remarks toward him.

    “But how did Chen Fan do that? However skillful a coach was, no one can stop a horse cold in his tracks.”

    Paul wondered.

    “Interesting.” Chen An unfurrowed his knotted brows. “Looks like my little cousin is not an average person after all.”

    “Hump! He is just lucky!” Chen Ning said bitterly.

    “Xiao Nin, being lucky is also part of his ability.” Chen An shook his head.

    Despite his praise, he didn’t change his estimate of Chen Fan’s overall ability. He was convinced that Chen Fan had used a small trick that once discovered, would discredit his victory. Of all the third generation Chen family, only one person was his worthy opponent, and it wasn’t Chen Fan.

    Suddenly, he heard a voice: “Looks like a lot of fun here!”

    Everyone looked toward the speaker, and they saw a man and a woman that rode abreast toward the crowd.

    The man was tall and handsome, and his extraordinary appearance was matched only by the girl beside him. The two rode together like a pair of god and goddess.

    “Uh, isn’t that the club owner Yin Wanqin?

    “Boss Yin always remained at a distance from her customers, why does she look so intimate with that man?”

    The person who recognized the woman was puzzled by the sight.

    Chen An’s face tightened slightly and quickly plastered on a smile before he went for the two riders.

    “Young Lord Wei, I didn’t know you are here as well.”

    “Nice to see you, Xiao Chen. Don’t be so formal; you can just call me by name.” The man was of similar age with Chen An. However, he sounded much more mature and seasoned.

    “Yes, yes. You are right Young Lord Wei. ” Chen An nodded and said, respectively.

    Seeing Chen An’s unctuous act, the other guests quickly guessed out who the male rider was.

    “Young Lord Wei, two of my cousins are having a race. Whoever loses will have to pay the winner a sports car.”

    Chen An explained.

    The club owner was shocked after hearing the outcome of the race. “Really? Now I have to meet your young cousin! I have never seen a real horse whisperer ever.”

    “No problem, I will call him over if Sister Wanqin wants to meet him.” Chen An announced.

    As he spoke, Chen Fan had returned from the finish line.

    Chen Guoguo rode her Shetland Pony before Chen Fan. She lifted up the key to Lamborghini and waved it in the air. “Hooray! I am going to have a ride in the Lamborghini, Shotgun, Every one!”

    Chen Xu trailed behind Chen Fan; his face was as pale as a piece of paper.

    “Xiao Fan, come over here, I want to introduce you to the two lords.” Chen Fan commanded.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows at first and didn’t move. However, after An Ya’s urging, he rode toward Chen An.

    “This is Young Lord Wei, and this is Sister Wanqin.”Chen An then asked condescendingly: “Sister Wanqin wanted to know how you stopped the horse from running.”

    His question sounded more like a command, every word from his mouth urged Chen Fan to answer.

    “I used to study under an equestrian master who was an Olympic gold medalist. But even he couldn’t make a horse stop in its tracks, can you please tell me your method? “Yin Wanqin asked curiously.

    “It’s just a little trick, isn’t worth mentioning.”

    Chen Fan answered lightly.

    After he said so, he nodded at the two, bringing their conversation to an end. Then he turned toward Chen Guoguo and said: “Guoguo, let’s have a race!”

    “Awesome!” Chen Guoguo spurred her pony and darted out.

    Chen Fan squeezed the saddle and followed the little girl, leaving the other three dumbfounded by the sudden end of the conversation.

    Everyone gasped after having witnessed this development.

    “Holy shit! Does he know that was the Young Lord Wei he was talking to?”

    Someone exclaimed.

    “That young man is too arrogant for his own good.”

    Shock and disbelief were written all over Chen Ning’s face. Even her father had to talk politely to Young Lord Wei much less she herself. Father of Young Lord Wei was one of the most influential people in Hu Dong Province, and even the most reputable members of the Chen Family couldn’t compare.

    “My brother is going to be so mad.”

    Chen Ning thought to herself.

    She knew that her brother had spared no expense to befriend the Young Lord Wei. Chen An was never that interested in horse riding, however, ever since he heard that Young Lord Wei was dating the owner of the Zi Yun Equestrian Club, exercising at the Club had become his weekly routine.

    “Lord Wei, my cousin is too arrogant… Would you like me to…” Chen An said embarrassed.

    “Forget it.” Young Lord Wei waved a hand. However, a hint of displeasure flashed in his eyes.

    Yin Wanqin’s face was as pale and cold as winter snow. No one had talked to her so arrogantly ever since the conception of her club.

    “Well, I think I’m done here. Ziqin doesn’t visit here often, so let’s spend more time with her.”

    Young Lord Wei brought his horse around and rode off.

    Chen An was left alone, his face was bleak, and anger danced in his eyes.

    Meanwhile, Chen Guoguo was riding around the stable with Chen Fan and An Ya.

    Surrounded by a large swath of forests, the club was huge in size and small streams and creeks coursed through it. Chen Fan and his companion brought the horse to a halt beside a small creek. They got off the saddle and sat on the lush green grass to watch the riders in the distance.

    “It’s been a while since I was this relaxed.”

    An Ya finally gathered herself from the shock. Sitting on the ground, She hugged her legs close to her chest and murmured.

    “You don’t say! Ever since I got into junior high, my dad won’t get off my back about my study. I have Zero chance of coming out and having fun, Z-E-R-O!” Chen Guoguo pouted and complained.

    Her comical reaction was too cute for An Ya not to reach out and squeeze her chubby face. Chen Guoguo furrowed her brows and threw herself at An Ya while trying to squeeze An Ya’s cheek back.

    Seeing his sister and cousin having such a good time, Chen Fan’s lips finally curled into a content smile. It had been a while for him not to have to think about anything else other than to enjoy the time with his family.

    In his last life, he had devoted all of his time in cultivation, and this time, he swore to make it up to his family.

    As the three were enjoying their time alone, a surprising voice drifted from afar.

    “Mr. Chen, what are you doing?”

    Chen Fan turned his head over his shoulder and saw a handsome lady on a strapping stud call out to him.

    The girl was wearing a black helmet and a long ponytail in the back of her head. Under her belt, she was wearing black riding pants and black riding boots. A belt made out of supple leather hugged tightly around her tiny waist, making her ample bosom look like they were going to pop out of her shirt. The most attractive part of her body was the pair of long and elegant thighs that were bursting with energy.

    “Wei Ziqin?”

    Chen Fan was taken aback by the sight of his old acquaintance.

    “Ziqin, do you know him?”

    A man asked with knotted brow.

    Chen Fan noticed that Wei Ziqin was accompanied by two people on each side. They were none other than Young Lord Wei and Yin Wanqin who he had just met a moment ago.

    Yin Wanqin looked to him with a curious face. He didn’t expect Chen Fan and Wei Ziqin to know each other. On the other hand, Yin Wanqin’s gaze was filled with animosity; It was evident that Chen Fan’s arrogant remark didn’t sit well with her.

    “It makes so much sense now; I was wondering why Chen An called him Young Lord Wei. He and Wei Ziqin are from the same family. ”

    Despite the realization, Chen Fan didn’t change the indifferent look on his face. He and the Wei Family no longer owed each other anything. He didn’t have to talk to them even if Elderly Man Wei himself showed up.

    “Brother, this is Chen Fan, Mr. Chen.”

    Wei Ziqin answered her brother. She hopped off her horse gingerly and apologized to Chen Fan: “Mr. Chen. I am sorry for what had happened last time. My grandfather kept on saying that he wanted to say sorry to you in person.”

    “There is no need. I have cured Elderly Man Wei, and in return, he had given me a mansion. We don’t owe each other anything.” Chen Fan cut Ziqin short with a wave of the hand.

    By then, Young Lord Wei had caught up with his sister and he said with a smile: “Sorry for the cold shoulder earlier. My name is Wei Zifang, I am Ziqin’s brother, and this is my girlfriend, Yin Wanqin.”

    “Wanqin, Come, and apologize.”

    Yin Wanqin’s face tightened as soon as she heard the words. She lowered her head reluctantly and then apologized to Chen Fan.

    To everyone’s surprise, Chen Fan said readily in a cold and matter-of-fact voice.

    “No need to apologize. You have done nothing wrong.”

    Chen Fan reached out to An Ya and pulled her up. Then he turned around and said: “I have other business to attend to; I will take my leave now.”

    “But, Mr. Chen…”

    Wei Ziqin’s face soured a little as she was taken aback by Chen Fan’s distant remark.

    However, Chen Fan didn’t mind the displeasure on Wei Ziqin’s face. He rode away with An Ya and Chen Guoguo without saying one more word, leaving Wei Ziqin embattled with embarrassment.

    Then and only then, Wei Ziqin finally understood why her grandpa told her that she was wrong. Chen Fan was already determined to sever the ties with the Wei Family during his last visit. However, the Wei Family failed to grasp the last chance they had in bettering the relationship. Judging by his cold and distant look, Wei Ziqin wagered that Chen Fan no longer wanted to talk to anyone from the Wei Family.

    “Ziqin, your friend is an arrogant asshole.” Yin Wanqin grunted.

    Standing beside Yin Wanqin, anger flickered in Wei Zifang’s eyes.

    At their level, they had lowered themselves to accommodate Chen Fan, yet, they had gotten nothing but arrogant remarks in return. Although Wei Zifang was a tolerant person, he felt anger sizzling in his belly.

    “Well, it was the Wei Family’s fault, we can’t blame him.”

    Wei Ziqin shook her head and grinned. “Plus, he had full rights to treat us the way he did.”

    “Oh? Who is he?” Yin Wanqin asked incredulously.

    Who could have ignored the members of the Wei Family of the North Bank? She scraped her memory to search for such a person but failed.

    However, Wei Zifang’s face suddenly paled as realization finally dawned upon him.