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Chapter 129 - A Hundred Million Dollar Race

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 129: A Hundred Million Dollar Race

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    “What did you say?” Chen Xu asked incredulously. “You want to race ME? What makes you think you can do that?”

    “Why not?” Chen Fan said lightly.

    “Haha, Xiao Fan. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Chen Xu laughed out loud and said: “You might think that I am good for nothing. But I used to compete in the Jin City’s equestrian competition, and I even made it to the quarterfinals.

    “Plus, have you seen my horse? He is called Caesar and he is one of the most expensive horses you can find in this stable. Twenty thousand yuan per hour of saddle time.

    “You have neither the skills nor a good horse, what made you think you can compete against me?”

    Chen Xu chuckled and then shook his head.

    A few cousins surrounding Chen Xu also laughed at Chen Fan.

    “Indeed. Mr. Chen Xu is right.” Paul put in.

    “Caesar is one of the most expensive horses in our stable. He is purebred and is worth over fifty thousand US yuan. His parents were champion horses from Coolmore and used to win the first place in short distance galloping. He was born to be a winner.

    “Plus, Mr. Chen Xu is a trained rider and used to partake in competitions. You have no chance of winning the race. ”

    Hearing paul’s expert opinion, everyone was convinced that Chen Fan would lose.

    An Ya tugged at Chen Fan’s sleeve and said worriedly: “Xiao Fan, forget about it. Don’t let him get to you.”

    To her surprise, Chen Fan insisted: “So what? Even if you are the Olympic champion, I won’t be afraid of you.”

    “You are full of yourself.” Chen Xu sneered. “Well, if you really want a race, let’s up the stakes.”

    So saying, he fished out a car key and said: “This is the new Lamborghini Gallardo my dad had bought for me. If I lose, you can keep my car. If you lose, you will buy me a Porsche 911, how’s that?”

    Everyone gasped after hearing how high the stakes were. Even some bystanders who had overheard the conversation were shocked.

    The stakes in this race were luxury cars that were worth over three hundred million. Never once had the guests of the Zi Yun Club seen such outrageous bet for any races since the club’s conception. If the match really followed through, it would be sensational news for not only the club members but also the elites of the Jin City.

    “Bah! What am I thinking, you are not old enough to have a driver’s license yet? What’s the point in racing you?”

    Chen Xu pretended that he had regretted his choice as he put the car keys back into his pocket, however, his face wore a smug smile even as he did so.

    He never expected Chen Fan to agree to the race, and he only wanted to show off his new car in front of everyone.

    To his surprise, Chen Fan nodded and said: “Very well, we have a race.”

    “What?” Chen Xu was taken by surprise.

    “Although I don’t own a car, my mother will for sure fulfill my obligation for me. She will buy you a Porsche 911.” Chen Fan shrugged.

    Members of the Chen family looked to Chen Fan as if he was looking at a crazy person.

    How could a newbie without a good horse challenge a recreational league rider with a champion class mount?

    Since not even the professional riding coach thought that Chen Fan would win, no one would put their money on Chen Fan.

    “Xiao Fan?” An Ya exclaimed. However, after seeing the determination in Chen Fan’s eyes, she became quiet.

    Ever since they were kids, she had spoiled her brother. Regardless of how stupid Chen Fan’s decisions were, she never stopped him once. However, she would come to Chen Fan’s rescue whenever her little brother got himself into trouble because of his decisions.

    “So be it. If we lose the bet, we will just have to earn that Porsche back.” An Ya thought to herself.

    “Very well, we have a race”

    As the reality started setting in, Chen Xu was elated.

    He knew that her auntie would fulfill her son’s obligation for him. She was not in the habit of owing other people money.

    The promise of finally owning his dream car, the Porsche 911 gave Chen Xu a rush of exhilaration.

    “When I get the car, I will give it to her as a gift. I wonder if a Porsche is enough to make her spread her legs for me.” Chen Xu thought pleasedly.

    He was charmed by an actress lately and the girl had refused all of his gifts so far. However, he doubted that there was any cold heart that a million yuan gift could not unlock.

    Once both parties had agreed to the race, they started to prepare for the match.

    The news of the match shocked all the guests of the club. They gathered around to watch this high stake race.

    “I know Chen Xu. He was not a professional, but he was able to handle himself well in the recreational league. That league was created by a bunch of spoiled brats, but their riding skills are far superior to most people.

    “His mount is called Caesar and was the fastest horse in running a short distance, plus, he was of a champion lineage.

    “Let it be skills or the horses, the other boy had no advantage whatsoever. He is going to lose the race.”

    The onlookers chatted with each other about the outlook of the race.

    Some of the onlookers even started a pool and the rates for Chen Fan’s victory was 100 to 1. In other words, no one was betting their money on Chen Fan.

    “Brother, who do you think will win?”

    Chen Ning asked interestedly.

    She was wearing a custom tailored riding outfit with black riding boots and a red vest. The tightly fit clothes brought out the womanly curve but also gave her a touch of masculinity.

    Half of the male onlookers glanced at her surreptitiously.

    “Chen Xu was not a professional rider like us but was skillful in his own right. As for Chen Fan…” Chen An furrowed his brows. He conceded that the boy puzzled him.

    Ever since Chen Fan showed up at the gathering, he had been making arrogant and conceitful remarks. He either has strong backing, or he had become an outright idiot.

    “He is just bluffing. Trying to be a tough guy.” Chen Ning sneered.

    “Little shit! This is a multi-million yuan bet. It is no joke. I can’t wait to see you get owned.” Chen Ning gloated at Chen Fan’s impending defeat.

    She never had any quarrel with Chen Fan, and she wanted Chen Fan to be defeated simply because she enjoyed watching that.

    “Mr. Chen Xu is ready for the race, Mr. Chen Fan. Where is your horse?”

    Paul volunteered to be the referee, and he asked Chen Fan confusedly.

    Chen Xu looked like he was in a real championship. He wore protective gear from head to toe over his riding outfit. While waiting for Chen Fan, he started to do warm-up exercises. However, Chen Fan was still in his casual jeans and a T-shirt and had not yet even picked his horse.

    “This is a race, not a child’s play.”

    Paul shook his head.

    “My horse?” Chen Fan pointed to Mrs. Andreas and said: “There she is.”

    Paul was shocked by Chen Fan’s choice. He said incredulously: “Mrs. Andreas was a young warm-blooded mare, she was good for beginner’s training but was not a racehorse.”

    The horses could be roughly categorized based on their temperament into three categories: hot, warm and cold-blooded horses.

    Hot blooded horses were the most aggressive and were bursting with energy. They were mainly used for races. The warm-blood horses were the most tamed and docile and they were mostly used as day to day mount. The cold-blooded horses were huge in size and had an extremely tough build, they were usually used as beasts of labor.

    Paul had been riding horses for twenty years, and never once had he seen a warm-blood horse enter the race track.

    “I have made up my mind. I will choose her.”

    Chen Fan said calmly, however, his voice was confident and sure.

    Paul was going to insist Chen Fan choose another horse, but Chen Fan had already mounted onto the mare. He was sitting behind the saddle, where An Ya was.

    “This is ridiculous!”

    Paul bemoaned in his mind disdainfully. He was an amateur through and through! He didn’t even have the right horse, what made him think that he could win the race?

    H might as well drive a tractor to an F4 formula race. Even the best riders in the world would not be able to win a race like this.

    The other guests of the club were more or less versed in horse riding and therefore, they were convinced that Chen Fan was going to lose the race as soon as they saw his choice of horse.

    “You are going to race me with that?” Chen Xu gave Chen Fan a sidelong glance.

    Chen Fan straddled on the rear of a warm-blooded horse with her attractive sister in front of him. He looked more like a tourist than a racer.

    Chen Ning and her brother both heaved a sigh of disappointment. Without the right horse, what’s the point of racing? He might as well concede defeat.

    A twelve years old girl on a Shetland pony rode toward Chen Fan. She said kittenishly: “Brother Chen Fan, I bet all of my allowances on you, don’t let me down!”

    “Don’t you worry Guoguo. I will make them pay you a hundred times your bet.” Chen Fan said with a smile.

    The young girl was called Chen Guoguo, he was the daughter of Chen Fan’s fourth uncle.

    “Guoguo, your allowance will be gone.” Chen Guoguo guffawed.

    Paul waved the flag in the air, signaling the start of the match. Chen Xu and his horse darted out with a gust of wind. So powerful was Caesar that he covered half of the 400-meter track in a blink.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Andreas and Chen Fan remained still at the starting line.

    “Chen Fan, move!” Chen Guoguo shouted at the top of her lungs.

    “Don’t worry, I will let him have a head start.” Chen Fan said calmly.

    “Humph! You did this because you know you will lose today. I think you are afraid.” Chen Ning chortled as the thought of Chen Fan making a laughing stock out of himself amused her.

    Chen An shook his head and lamented the stubbornness of Chen Fan. He had thought that Chen Fan would have a trick up his sleeve, but it turned out that all he got was empty talk and bluffs.

    An Ya smiled wryly while sitting on the horse. She was already contemplating which dealer to choose to buy the Porsche for Chen Fan.

    The onlookers sneered at Chen Fan, and none of them thought the boy had a chance. Seeing she was going to lose her allowance, tears welled in Chen Guoguo’s eyes as she was about to break down into tears.

    “Haha! The Porsche is mine!”

    Chen Xu was only twenty meters or so away from the finish line. He loosened the rein and slowed down as he laughed out loud.

    Even as everyone thought that Chen Fan was going to lose the race, Chen Fan let out a word in a deep voice.


    Suddenly, Caesar paused cold in his tracks. He was only ten meters away from the finish line.

    “What is going on?”

    The turn of event confused everyone. They looked toward the finish line, trying to figure out what had happened.

    “Why did he stop? Is he waiting for Chen Fan to catch up?”

    It wasn’t long before the onlookers knew they were wrong.

    They watched as Chen Xu jumped off the horse and pulled the reins as hard as he could. However, Caesar didn’t move an inch. It was as if he was paralyzed by some magical spell. Chen Xu was so close to the finish line, yet he was so far away.

    “Sister An, it’s our turn now.” Chen Fan squeezed the horse with his thigh and brought the mare into a slow trot.

    The mare picked up some speed but was still nowhere nearly as fast as Caesar was.

    Everyone watched the development unfold incredulously. Chen An knotted her brows and was dumbfounded. Everyone else could only stare at Chen Fan and the slow mare.

    Slowly but surely, Mrs. Andreas passed pale-faced Chen Xu and reached the finish line at her own pace.

    The bet at the equestrian club turned out to be a total victory for Chen Fan!