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Chapter 128 - Equestrian Club

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 128: Equestrian Club

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    Facing everyone’s gloating smirks and disappointed head-shaking Chen Fan remained calm. However, he laughed at these people in his mind: “They had been living under a rock, how will they ever grasp the full extent of my power.”

    However, he didn’t bother to refute these self-important relatives.

    Chen Fan’s family had never received much help from the family clan. He recalled that when The Chens Group nearly bellied up a few years later, his mom had saved The Chens Group using funds from the Jin Xiu Group. However, later, when Jin Xiu Group was in trouble, Chen Fan didn’t get much support from the family other than a few cheap sympathies.

    To Chen Fan, only his grandfather out of all the family members really cared about him.

    “Grandpa died only two years after this gathering; he was diagnosed with late stage cancer. If he had lived longer, my family would never have come to such a tragic end.” Chen Fan heaved a sigh and looked to his grandpa. The old man had lost a lot of weight, even compared to last year.

    The Chen family managed to keep its head above water while the old man was still in charge. As soon as the old man fell ill, Chen Qianxin gained unbridled control over the family company, and the power spurred him to embezzle company funds for his personal use brazenly. The Chens Group quickly fell apart, and even his brother Chen Zhenxin got into trouble because of his illicit actions.

    “However, I will not let this happen this time around. I will not let you leave the world with disappointments.” Chen Fan thought to himself.

    Later stage cancer was not incurable if treated by a cultivator.

    Although cancer was a terminal illness on earth, it could be uprooted completely after using one Essence Enhancing Pill.

    “What a shame that I still haven’t gathered all the herbs I needed for making the real Essence Enhancing Pill.” Chen Fan furrowed his brows. “I will need to find an excuse to let grandpa use the Spirit Qi Water and the Arcane Pills. The combined effect of the two should give the old man another three to four years of life. By then, I should be able to come up with a cure.”

    Chen Fan was engrossed in his own thoughts, and he didn’t notice the surprise expression on Chen Huaian’s face.

    Everyone else except for Chen Huaian thought Chen Fan was simply bluffing. Only the old man registered the genuineness in his grandson’s tone. Chen Fan could not have faked that self-assuredness in him.

    “However, where did he get that confidence from?” Chen Huaian wondered as he fell into deep thoughts.

    The old man’s reticent behavior quickly brought the banquet to an end.

    After the banquet, Chen Gexin’s gaze rested in Chen Fan for a while, but in the end, he simply heaved a sigh of resignation and left the party with a headshake.

    Deep down, he was disappointed at his son. He had hoped that the half year of studying at the Chu Zhou City would have changed his attitude to some degree, but Chen Fan was still the same irresponsible adolescent brat.

    Wang Xiaoyun came over the Chen Fan and padded the boy on his shoulder: “Don’t listen to your dad; he is old and bitter. I like what you said, and I have wanted to say the exact same things to them for a long while. Bunch of losers, and how dare they diss your father when they have nothing to show for it.”

    Chen Fan was light-hearted by his mother’s remark.

    This was his mother’s personality in its truest form. Hate or love, she never mixed the two.

    For love, she had betrayed her entire family and endured unimaginable humiliation.

    After the adults were gone, the third generation started to discuss their after party again.

    “I have heard that there is a new Equestrian Club at the Din Hu district. It was owned by a hot chick just came back from Country Y. She had invested over a hundred million yuan and bought up a huge swath of land to build the club.”

    The young boy who made the suggestion was the son of Chen Fan’s fourth uncle. He was young, but his little head was full of strange and witty ideas.

    “I have heard of that club. The owner was trained at an equestrian school at Country Y called Wimbledon. Rumor had it that the coach was an Olympic bronze medalist in the category of dressage.” The daughter of the Great Uncle exclaimed. But then, she knotted her brows and lamented: “But we need a membership to get in. It’s very difficult to become a member because you need at least three references from three current members. Even with the references, the applicant won’t be able to join the club without the owner’s approval.”

    “We should be fine. Both Chen An and Xiao Nin were enthusiasts of horse riding. They must have a membership.”

    Chen Xu said airily.

    Everyone looked toward Chen An expectantly.

    Under normal circumstances, they would never be able to get into such high profile clubs.

    Chen An nodded and said: “I know the owner, so I should be able to let you guys into the club.”


    The teenage boys and girls cheered with great enthusiasm.

    The proposal had even piqued An Ya’s interest. She had been focusing on her study and work and haven’t had the time to relax for a while. Chen Fan didn’t want to join them; however, after seeing Sister An’s interest, he changed his mind.

    “It has been a while we spend some quality time together.” Chen Fan lamented.

    Jin City, Zi Yun Equestrian Club…

    When they arrived at the entrance, Chen An showed the security staff a membership card. After a minute or so, an attractive manager wearing a black business skirt came out to greet everyone.

    “Our club charges based on the time you spend in saddles; starting at 5000 yuan per hour. The price would be higher if you chose better horses. The fee also excludes the coaching fee.

    “In addition, every new member will have to purchase a new set of gear for thirty thousand.”

    Everyone tsked at the steep price. One hour in the saddle translated roughly to 45 minutes. In other words, it cost 5000 yuan to ride a horse for 45 minutes. Although the teenagers were from middle to upper-class families, they could not afford such extravagant fees.

    “What’s the big deal. I will pay for everyone once we are inside.” Chen Xu announced.

    His father was in charge of The Chens Group, and therefore, he would have no problem paying for everyone.

    “Xiao Fan, it’s so pretty here.”

    An Ya walked on the grass and looked at the sprawling landscape of the horse range.

    It was unimaginable to most people the amount of money required to buy such a large chunk of land in Jin City. However, Chen Fan didn’t pay any attention to the surroundings.

    He looked at An Ya with a content smile.

    He would buy this entire range if it made Sister An happy.

    Everyone followed their coach to pick their mount. Chen Fan and An Ya were assigned a strapping young man as their coach. His well-defined face and straight and high nose ridge suggested that he was mixed with European blood.

    He greeted Chen Fan and introduced himself. His name was Paul.

    Paul’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw An Ya. Ever since he was hired by Zi Yun and became a coach, he had flirted with many rich and beautiful young ladies thanks to his handsome looks. However, he had never seen any girl as gentle and attractive as An Ya.

    “She is the embodiment of beauty in the fertile land of Hu Dong Province,” Paul exclaimed in his mind. So thinking, a broad smile broke over his face.

    “She is called Mrs. Andreas. She is the most docile mare in our entire stable. Since you, my beautiful lady are new to horse riding. She will be your perfect choice. When you finally get a handle on it, we will change to another mount for you.” Paul said.

    All the while, Paul’s eyes didn’t leave An Ya.

    An Ya had changed into her riding gears. She wore a black vest on the top and white riding pants and a pair of beige riding boots. She strapped a protective helmet on her head, making her look astonishingly handsome.

    She regarded the chestnut colored mare with great interest, and then she reached out to stroke her mane.

    Mrs. Andreas was indeed a tamed beast. Seeing the horse didn’t mind her stroking, An Ya picked up a handful of feed and put her hand under the mare’s mouth. The horse gulped the feed down her throat after gently licked it away from the palm of An Ya.

    “Sir, would you like to choose a mount as well? We have smaller Mongolian horses specifically bred for beginners.” Paul said.

    “No need.”

    Chen Fan waved dismissing him.

    He was here to spend time with Sister An, plus, these earthly horses was far from adequate as his mount. He had tamed giant celestial beasts that can swallow a planet, what are these earthly horses?

    Paul was taken aback by Chen Fan’s refusal.

    What kind of teenage boy would not want to ride a horse?

    He decided to press on: “Sir, our horses are very docile, those Mongolian horses in particular. I promise you will be fine.”

    “I said I don’t need it.”

    Chen Fan repeated lightly.

    This time, Paul decided to keep his silence. However, a hint of disdain flashed in his eyes.

    He was born in Country Y, the homeland of modern equestrian sport. His heritage had given him a unique sense of superiority over anyone who was too afraid to get on a horse.

    Under Paul’s instructions, An Ya got into the saddle. She clamped her legs tightly on both sides of the horse and held onto the mare’s mane. She felt a mix of fear and excitement shoot through her mind.

    “Xiao Fan, I am afraid.”

    An Ya winced.

    “Don’t worry; I am here.”

    Chen Fan said. He would see to it that An Ya would not fall from the horse.

    Paul pulled the reins and led the horse out of the stable until they reach a clearing.

    Suddenly, a few large horses galloped toward An Ya.

    “An Ya!”

    The two riders shouted at her. They were Chen Ning and her brother Chen An.

    Both of them were avid horse riders, and they even had their own horses. Closely following the two was Chen Xu riding a dark purebred horse. He seemed to have handled himself on the saddle pretty well. When he saw Chen Fan, he asked him with a fake surprised look on his face.

    “Chen Fan, where is your horse?

    “Don’t tell me you are afraid. Come on, even your sister is doing it. What are you afraid of?”

    “Xiao Fan is too young for this.” Despite her nervousness, An Ya tried to explain for her little brother.

    “He is almost eighteen. He is no longer a kid!” Chen Xu pouted and stopped talking altogether. However, contempt was written all over his face.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows at first, but then a smile broke over his face.

    “Well, since you said that, why don’t we have a race?”