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Chapter 126 - A Be

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 126: A Bet

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    “Sure.” Chen Fan rose from his chair and walked over to the crowd.

    An Ya hurried to make room for Chen Fan to sit beside her. Chen Ning furrowed her brows and moved away from Chen Fan’s spot slightly. Chen An had noticed her slight movement, and a hint of displeasure flashed across his face before it disappeared completely.

    Chen Fan slid into the spot on the bench. His body pressed against An Ya, and he noticed a faint smell of perfume.

    “I thought Sister An never liked to use scented products.” Chen Fan recalled. “She said she would get sick of even the most expensive perfume since they were all made out of chemicals.”

    “Maybe I should refine a bottle of cultivation perfume for her using natural ingredients. She will love the refreshing and natural fragrance.”

    All cultivators used to be human and therefore, the female cultivators adored pretty clothing and perfumes as much as when they were mortals. However, once a cultivator reached the Connate Spirit level, her body would give off a natural fragrance that was similar to the scent of a newborn baby. Therefore, the cultivation perfumes were only popular among low-level cultivators.

    “Chen Fan, I have heard that your mother had made a few hundred million this year, why didn’t she buy you a Porsche?”

    A young man sitting across Chen Fan asked mockingly.

    He was the oldest son of Chen Fan’s second uncle. His name was Chen Xu.

    His father was the manager of the Chen Family’s company: The Chens Group. The Chens Group owned over a few billion yuan assets and offered positions to most of its family members.

    Every family member of the Chen family would get a certain amount of dividend from the company’s profit. However, Chen Fan and his parents never accepted any of the easy money.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and pondered.

    His Second Uncle had never liked his father. He thought Chen Gexin was too stubborn and too proud of himself. Not only did he fail to forge an alliance with the Wang Family, but his failure had also forced the old man to retire early after trying to protect his stubborn son and daughter in law.

    Chen Xu inherited his father’s displeasure toward Che Fan’s family and took it to the next level. He often bullied Chen Fan when the latter was just a little boy, and the bullying didn’t stop until they were both much older.

    “Why would he need a sports car? Xiao Fan is not you; he is still a student.”

    An Ya protested.

    “Give me a break, An Ya. Chen Fan’s grades are not any better than mine. Auntie will end up spending loads of money and send him off to some community college outside of China.”

    Chen Xu said spitefully.

    Chen Xu was the typical spoiled rich brat. He hung out with a bunch of rich teenagers who were as rotten as him. He only managed to score 200 marks out of a total of 700 during the national university entrance exam. He was sent immediately overseas for college; however, he couldn’t stand the boring college life and snuck back to China every so often.


    Hearing Chen Xu’s jeering remark, many people around him chuckled rudely.

    Everyone knew that Chen Fan did not have a single academic bone in him.

    As the young generation of a prominent family, they would be measured in the other two categories other than grades: social skills and resourcefulness. If someone lacked all three, he would be regarded as a complete failure. The best hope for such a family member was that he would not cause trouble for the clan.

    The typical spoiled rich brat was of the third kind. However, as for those cream of the crop such as Chen Ning and Cheng An, their family had already planned and paved the way toward success for them. They were usually too busy with their own careers or studies to live a decadent life.

    However, in everyone’s eyes, Chen Fan was the first of a kind: a rotten spoiled brat.

    “What do you mean community college, Xiao Fan will get into Jin City University.”

    Despite the confidence in An Ya’s voice, concern flickered in her eyes.

    She knew better than anyone Chen Fan’s grades. Chen Fan’s mediocrity was what drove her to work harder so that even if Chen Fan was not able to achieve anything in his life, she would be able to look after him.

    “Jin City University?”

    Chen Xu guffawed. “If he could get into Jin City University, I would have already entered HF.”

    Jin City University was on the top ten list of the best universities in China. Among all the third generation of the Chen Family, only Chen Ning had high enough grades to be admitted into it.

    Everyone shook their heads in disbelief. Unless Chen Fan’s mother donated a new library to the university, her son would never have a chance in attending the Jin City University through his grades.

    “Is that right? What if I make it to Jin City University?”

    Chen Fan asked abruptly.

    “You? Jin City University?” Chen Xu raised his eyebrows and said: “If you can make the cut, I will call you Second Big Brother for the rest of my life, how about that?”

    Chen Xu was the second child in his family, and therefore, people gave him the respectful nickname: Second Big Brother.

    “Xiao Fan…” An Ya tugged at Chen Fan’s elbow.

    “It’s OK, Sister An.” Chen Fan shrugged. “You don’t have to call me Second Big Brother if I win the bet, you just have to call Sister An Big Sister.”

    “What if you lose?” Chen Xu narrowed his eyes and asked gloatingly.

    “If I lose?” Chen Fan pitched his head and felt lighthearted by the question. “Whatever you want.”

    “Very well, we have a bet!”

    Chen Xu slammed the table and answered excitedly.

    He was convinced that Chen Fan would not be able to get into Jin City University by himself. He was not alone as none of the cousins of Chen Fan believed in his claim.

    Seeing Chen Fan had already sealed the bet, An Ya heaved a sigh. She planned to talk to her mother and use her connections to save Chen Fan’s face. She couldn’t let Chen Fan lose face in front of his cousins.

    “Quit it; we are all from the same family. It’s just a joke, don’t take it personally.”

    Seeing Chen An had risen to put a stop on this, Chen Xu sat down quietly.

    “But I have to say that your Second Big Brother is right, you know. At your age, studying is the utmost important task for you. With a degree from a good university, you would open so many doors. You can either work in the government or take over your mother company; a degree will help you either way.” Chen An preached patronizingly to Chen Fan.

    “A degree not only means your academic achievement, but it is also a testament to your abilities. If you can graduate business school from the HF with a master degree, you will instantly gain much more support from your subordinates compared to if you graduated from an unheard-of university.”

    Chen An had spoken truthfully. A master degree from a renowned university was the dream of nearly all parents in China. Therefore, even those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths were sometimes forced by their parents to attend a reputable school.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and kept his silence.

    Chen An’s words might be useful to ordinary people; it had completely missed the point when used on Chen Fan.

    He was the North Mystic Celestial Lord, how much did a degree mean to him? He would be a laughing stock among his fellow cultivators if he had to make a living using his degree.

    Seeing Chen Fan’s indifferent expression, a disdainful expression flashed across Chen Ning’s face. In her mind, Chen Fan was just an arrogant brat, and one day, he would learn his lesson the hard way.

    “Big Brother, what is our plan tonight?” Chen Xu asked impatiently. “One of my bros opened up a pub. Would you like to have some fun there?”

    “Quit it, Second Big Brother. That bunch of delinquent friends of yours are only interested in debauchery and decadence. Brother Chen An works for the government, do you think it’s a good idea to take him to your friend’s place.”

    “Well, you guys can decide then.” Chen Xu turned his palms up and gave up.

    “Well, why don’t we go to THAT place?” A boy asked abruptly as light flickered in his eyes.