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Chapter 122 - Tang Jianfen’s Visitation

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 122: Tang Jianfen’s Visitation

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    Lin Weiwei was excited on the whole way back to the hotel.

    “That’s insane! Not only did I meet Sister Qian Qian but I also saw Big Cousin’s powerful performance. Ah right, Xiao Fan, why did they call you Master Chen?” Lin Weiwei asked as she batted her lashes.

    “Maybe they mistook me as someone else.” Chen Fan shrugged.

    No one bought Chen Fan’s excuse, and Lin Weiwei insisted on him telling her the truth. Chen Fan knew that she was just being a child, and she would eventually give up in the end. She did not know who Han Tianshen was and therefore she didn’t quite understand what it meant to have Han Tianshen bow to Chen Fan respectfully.

    Wu Junjie was reticent on the way home.

    There were many questions in his mind; however, all the answers so far seemed implausible. Therefore, Wu Junjie decided to ask around among his friends in Jin City before he drew a conclusion.

    After they arrived at the hotel, they didn’t return to their own room until they had chatted with each other for a while.

    An hour later, someone knocked on Chen Fan’s door. Chen Fan probed using his Immortal Will, and he furrowed his brows after he recognized the person outside.

    He was that Mr. Tang, who accompanied Han Tianshen.

    “Do I know you?”

    Chen Fan cracked open the door and asked, pretending he didn’t recognize him.

    “Master Chen, I apologize for visiting you at such an hour.” Mr. Tang said with a smile on his face. “I had met you with Han Tianshen at the Wu Mountain hot spring resort.”

    “I remember now.” Chen Fan nodded.

    He had seen Mr. Tang standing behind Han Tianshen. However, he had paid very little attention to him at the time.

    “Is there anything I can do for you?”

    Chen Fan said quickly.

    “I want to discuss with you an opportunity regarding the Yun Wu Spirit Water.” Mr. Tang then praised Chen Fan. “The Yun Wu Spirit Water is amazing! I felt like a brand new person after drinking one bottle. It’s a hundred times better than the best supplement I have ever used.”

    “Ok… What are you getting at?” Chen Fan urged.

    Mr. Tang didn’t mind Chen Fan’s unenthusiastic voice. His eyes twitched a little and then said: “I think you have underestimated the value of the Yun Wu Spirit Water. The current distribution channels cannot live up to the product’s full potential.

    “If you halt the sale and starve out the market to drive up the demand, meanwhile, investing heavily in the advertisement, the price of these water could be increased significantly. It’s a command marketing strategy used by luxury brands such as Hermes and Ferrari.”

    Mr. Tang paused a second and continued: “I think Yun Qianqian would be the perfect candidate in the advertisement for Yun Wu Spirit Water. ”

    He looked at Chen Fan knowingly: “I keep a good relationship with Yun Qianqian. If you want to discuss this opportunity with her, I can talk to her about this. She is quite a cold and aloof girl, and to persuade her might take some time.”

    “However, she is a woman, after all. No woman can withstand the combination of sweet words and expensive gifts.”

    Mr. Tang said it as if he was in an intimate relationship with the girl already.

    In his mind, Yun Qianqian was nothing compared to the multi-billion yuan industry. If he could control the sales of the Spirit Qi Water, or even better, get the recipe for the Spirit Qi Water, he would rise to the top twenty if not top ten list of the wealthiest men in China. By then, he could date any attractive actress to his heart’s content.

    What that thought in mind, Mr. Tang felt even more eager to solidify a deal.

    “Oh?” “Is that so?” Chen Fan was unmoved by the proposal.

    Sensing Chen Fan’s disinterest, Mr. Tang furrowed his brows, but he quickly unknotted them.

    “Master Chen, you might not believe my words because you don’t know me well.” Mr. Tang said seriously: “My name is Tang Jianfen and I am from the Tang family of Zhong Hai. I am also the vice president of Hong Yuan Real estate and Jiu Zhou, a pharmaceutical company. On top of that, I manage Hua Yu Media, an entertainment firm.”

    He paused a second, letting his illustrious achievements sink in. He then said with a smug smile: “The Tang family collectively owns three public pharmaceutical companies that take up thirty percent of China’s pharmaceutical industry.

    “If we join forces and develop the Yun Wu Spirit Water. We can dominate the entire supplement market.

    “You can be our technical advisor, and I will be responsible for the sales. At the end of the day, You can take home thirty percent of the profit, while I take seventy.”

    Chen Fan kept his silence and didn’t reply.

    “Do you think thirty percent is not enough?” Tang Jianfen asked. “You need to understand that in the current market situation, the sales department will always outweigh the production. The Titanium Brain supplement that went viral a few years ago and we spent over a few hundred million on marketing before they had achieved a massive figure in sales.”

    Seeing Chen Fan was unwavering, Tang Jianfen paused again; he gritted his teeth and further sweetened the deal for Chen Fan.

    “Of course, if you really think that thirty percent won’t do, I can live with sixty percent, but no less. How’s that?”

    He looked to Chen Fan confidently.

    Tang Jianfen was convinced that he already had a deal.

    If Chen Fan wanted to promote the Yun Wu Spirit Water to the entire Chinese market, working with the Tang family would be his best option due to their matured channels for funding the aggressive ad campaign.

    “As soon as I bring you on board, I will demand you to publish your recipe in the name of safety inspection and quality control. Once I get your secret recipe, I will find an excuse to kick you out of the company. Or, I would just make my own Spirit Water and give it a different name.”

    The Tang family were quite good players in the game of “big fish eats small fish.”

    They had acquired a few lines of supplement products on the market right now using the exact same method. With the aggressive acquisition tactics, Tang Jianfen had made a fortune for himself. Tang Jianfen was convinced that this time was no different.

    In his view, however powerful Chen Fan was, he was only a sixteen-year-old boy. What would a boy know about business tactics?

    “You take sixty percent?”

    Chen Fan sneered at Mr. Tang and asked abruptly: “Compared to the Zhen Family from Hong Kong and The Wei Family of Jiang Bei, how powerful is the Tang Family?”

    Tang Jianfen was taken aback by the question. He hesitated at first and then said: “I think our powers are on par with each other. Both Old Man Zhen and Elderly Man Wei are tremendously influential. However, the Tang Jianfen also controlled a number of public companies and our power were not any less than their at least in Zhong Hai.”

    “What about you? Are you the one who calls the shots in your family?” Chen Fan pressed on.

    Tang Jianfen’s face tightened. Nonetheless, he managed to reply: “Although I am not the one making the decision, I have a five percent share of my family business. You don’t have to worry about it. I assure you that once we reached an agreement, the Tang family will follow through the deal.”

    “That’s not what I am worried about.”

    Chen Fan shook his head and burst out laughing.”What I am getting at is that you need to figure out your rank before you talk nonsense to me. Even Elderly Man Wei would have to speak respectfully to me, much less you. You are not even in charge of your family business, yet you dare tout your presumptuous business plan with me?

    “If you want to work with me, ask your family leader to see me in person.”

    Chen Fan shut the door after he finished his words, blocking Tang Jianfen outside of the room.

    Standing in the hallway, Tang Jianfen’s face turned black. He couldn’t believe that Chen Fan had shut the door on him.

    He couldn’t imagine what had given Chen Fan so much confidence to shut him out.

    As the heir of the Tang family and the leader of multiple public companies, he had never endured such humiliation before.

    “Arrogant! He is so arrogant!” His body trembled in anger, as his eyes gleamed with bitter vindictiveness.

    Chen Fan didn’t mind Mr. Tang’s anger at all.

    Tang Jianfen was nothing but a worm. He could have squashed the entire Tang Family with ease if he wanted to.

    “Does he really think I am a sixteen-year-old fool?” Chen Fan shook his head and smiled wryly.

    “I alone created the Spirit Qi Water, and no one else could do that. Yet, he asked for seventy percent?”

    The Spirit Qi Water was different than regular supplements in the way that it actually worked. Therefore, Chen Fan would never have to worry about demand, which rendered the investments in marketing useless. Tang Jianfen was out of his mind to ask for seventy percent of the profit for something that people just couldn’t get enough of.

    In Chen Fan’s mind, he would be generous if he let the Tang Family take ten percent.

    He shook his head and quickly forgot about this event.

    The next day, everyone returned home.

    Chen Fan stayed home and waited for the spring festival to come.

    A few days later, he finally got the message that his mother and Sister An were already on their way to Si Shui County.

    “Mom, Sister An, it has been a while.” Chen Fan looked into the distance wistfully. It was as if he was looking at his life five hundred years ago.