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Chapter 121 - Blue-Blooded Youngsters

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 121: Blue-Blooded Youngsters

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    “Master Chen?”

    Everyone watched in surprise as the tycoon from Tian He that had just rose to power kneeled in front of Chen Fan as if he was kneeling in front of the statue of a god.

    “He is Master Chen?”

    Din Youwei was shocked. The bodyguards were also frightened by the sudden turn of events.

    Mr. Tang’s eyes glinted as he watched the development unfold. He had never expected to meet the mysterious Master Chen in person during his trip.

    He noticed that Chen Fan looked ordinary and did not have the imposing demeanor one would find in powerful figures. He found it hard to make the connection between the average looking boy with the man who subdued Xu Ao, Han Tianshen, and many other tycoons of the Jiang Bei region.

    Yun Qianqian and Lin Weiwei were perplexed by what was going on.

    Wasn’t Chen Fan, their childhood friend? Since when did he become Master Chen? Why did Boss Han treat him so respectfully?

    Yun Qianqian was a superstar who mainly lived and worked around Zhong Hai and Yan Jin City; therefore, she had never even heard of Master Chen. Neither did Lin Weiwei nor Yun Qianqian hear of Master Chen since news among the elites rarely trickled down to their level of class.

    Wu Junjie was the only person who had heard of Master Chen. While hanging out with many other rich teenagers from powerful families, he overheard about Master Chen’s rise to power. However, never had he made the connection between the Mysterious Master Chen with his childhood friend Chen Fan.

    Even then, Second Lord Pan still didn’t realize his situation. He shouted at the top of his lungs: “Brother, what are you doing? This is the dip shit that hit me, and he even talked down to you! Tell him to kowtow and apologize!”

    Han Tianshen stood still and pretended he didn’t hear the little man’s rant. He asked Chen Fan under his breath.

    “Master Chen, how would you like me to handle this?”

    Chen Fan peeled the skin off of another grape, put it in his mouth and swallowed it. He then said lightly: “I don’t want to ever see this clown again.”

    Han Tianshen’s body quivered slightly. He gathered himself and answered: “Yes.”

    He turned around and commanded a bodyguard in a cold voice: “Xiao Qi, take him away.”

    Xiao Qi was one of the bodyguards that came with the short man. Hearing his boss’s order, he didn’t hesitate and carried the short man out of the room with the other bodyguards.

    Second Lord Pan was still delusional about the situation. He shouted: “What the heck are you guys doing? Let me go! I am Boss Han’s brother-in-law!

    “Brother, brother! Are you out of your mind? You should punish that little shit, not me!”

    Han Tianshen turned his back on Second Lord Pan and pretended he didn’t hear a word. Hearing Second Lord Pan’s disrespectful words toward Master Chen, he felt cold sweat slide down his back. If he had a needle handy, he would sew up Second Lord Pan’s mouth.

    One sharp minded bodyguard quickly got a handle on the situation. To help his boss, he punched at Second Lord Pan in his belly and silenced him with a threat. “Second Lord Pan, shut your trap! You are going to drag our boss down with you. You have ticked off the wrong person. The boy is Master Chen, Master Chen of the Jiang Bei region!”

    Then and only then, Second Lord Pan finally had a moment of epiphany and the life quickly drained from his face.

    One of the bodyguards even took a jab at the short man: “Do you think Master Chen is going to order Boss to throw you into the sea?”

    The words sent tremors into Second Lord Pan. His eyes were brimming with despair as he gave up struggling.

    Silence returned the meeting hall after the short man was carried out.

    Han Tianshen dare not to speak a word before Master Chen did so first. Yun Qianqian and Lin Weiwei were still trying to make sense of what had just happened. Mr. Tang fixed his gaze on Chen Fan and studied the boy carefully. Many other businessmen who came with Han Tianshen were trembling in fear.

    “Well, that’s it for the hot spring vacation. It’s time for us to leave.”

    So saying, Chen Fan rose from his seat and waved at Wu Junjie, willing them to leave with him.

    Although Wu Junjie’s mind was filled with questions, he decided to keep his silence considering the circumstances. Before Lin Weiwei left the room, she bid farewell to Yun Qianqian. She was the actress’s fan, and therefore saying goodbye with her was difficult.

    Han Tianshen bowed at Chen Fan as the latter walked passed him. The tycoon didn’t rise until Chen Fan, and his friends had disappeared. When he did so, sweat slid down his back and wet his shirt. Despite the calm expression on his face, his heart was gripped by fear.

    “Boss Han, that that boy was Master Chen?”

    Mr. Tang asked. He barely even glanced at Yun Qianqian.

    “Indeed. He is Master Chen.” Han Tianshen said with a hollow voice.

    “So this is it?” Mr. Tang asked curiously. He was dumbfounded when he saw Chen Fan left without making any fuss.

    Han Tianshen said nothing; however, he let out a long sigh in his mind.

    This was definitely not the end. Chen Fan’s order was clear: he didn’t want to see Second Lord Pan ever again.

    However, that was a task that he had to carry out in secrecy.

    Even as Mr. Tang was going to ask more questions, Yun Qianqian came over to him and said: “Boss Han, Mr. Tang, I am sorry. I didn’t know you would come here. It’s all my fault.”

    “That’s fine, Qian Qian. You are stressed out of late. I understand that.” Mr. Tang cracked a warm smile.

    Even as Mr. Tang spoke to the actress, his mind was preoccupied with Chen Fan. Compared to a plaything such as Yun Qianqian Master Chen was much more important to Mr. Tang. Plus, he was also eyeing on the multi-billion yuan Spirit Water business controlled by Master Chen. Mr. Tang conceded that it was paramount to get on Master Chen’s good side.

    The promise of selling Yun Wu Spirit Water and the thought of the huge profit made Master Tang’s mind race.

    Seeing both Mr. Tang and Boss Han were preoccupied with other thoughts, Yun Qianqian decided to keep her silence.

    Greetings over, Mr. Tang, offered to give Yun Qianqian a ride back to the hotel. After Yun Qianqian and Sister Qi arrived at their hotel room. The actress kicked away her high heels and collapsed onto the king size bed. She could finally be herself after wearing the mask of a refined city lady for the entire day.

    “Urhhh… The bed is so comfortable! What a day! There was Tang Jianfen, and then there was Han Tianshen. I can’t do this anymore!”

    “Qian Qian, as a superstar, you should mind your manners and appearance at all times. “Sister Qin scolded her for lying on the bed spread eagle.

    “Fine, fine.” Yun Qianqian waved her hand annoyingly. She sat up and asked with sparkling eyes: “Sister Qin, do you know who the hell Master Chen is? Why did Boss Han respect and fear him so much?”

    “I have no clue either. Maybe he belongs to a powerful family?” Sister Qin said with knotted brows.

    She was not familiar with the power dynamics outside of her hometown: Tian He City. Since Chen Fan had just recently risen to power in the Jiang Bei region, Yun Qianqian had never heard his name before.

    Yun Qianqian was not alone since not a lot of people outside of Hu Dong province knew him yet.

    “He looks sixteen or seventeen; however, he is able to earn the respect of Mr. Tang and Boss Han. Does that mean he is more influential than even Tang Jianfen?” Yun Qianqian asked incredulously.

    The Tang family was one of the biggest families in Zhong Hai.

    It was also the highest social class that Yun Qianqian could be exposed to.

    Anyone who was more powerful than the Tang Family was so out of Yun Qianqina’s league that she would have never heard of them. They would have to be some of the richest men or women in the entire province.

    With that thought in mind, Sister Yun and Yun Qianqian looked at each other knowingly. They both could register the doubts in each other’s mind.

    “Shoot! Qian Qian, you just missed a golden opportunity!” Sister Qin lamented.

    “He could achieve such a level of attainment at seventeen, how powerful do you think he will be when he is fully fledged. I bet that by then, even the owner of our entertainment company would have to talk respectfully to him.

    If we can gain his support, your position in our firm will be secured. Heck, you could even get married to a rich and powerful family through connections with him.”

    Hearing those words, regrets flashed in Yun Qianqian’s eyes.

    The revelation of Chen Fan’s identity had really caught her by surprise. She had never thought that an ordinary boy she met at an ordinary restaurant could have turned out to be a member of the elite class. It was as if she was in a soap opera.

    While deep in her thoughts, her gaze drifted on her bracelet unconsciously; suddenly, she remembered something and was shocked.

    “What’s going on?” Sister Qin asked curiously

    “Nothing…” Yun Qianqian managed a bitter smile.

    Chen Fan’s words about this bracelet came back to her and festered inside of her mind. She tried to stop thinking about it but failed.

    “She was my best friend… She couldn’t have done that…”

    Strong and complicated emotions roiled and clashed inside of Yun Qianqian’s heart.