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Chapter 120 - Master Chen’s Lapdog

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 120: Master Chen’s Lapdog

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    Wu Junjie’s friend Young Lord Din happened to be near the resort, so he arrived before anyone else.

    Before he got there, the owner of the resort had invited both parties to a large meeting room. They were seated on either side of a large table. Yun Qianqian had changed into normal clothes and put her sunglasses back onto her face.

    Chen Fan sat cross-legged and was enjoying the fruits on the table. Tong Shan stood behind Chen Fan like an iron pillar.

    As soon as Young Lord Din entered the hall, he couldn’t help but look toward Tong Shan. He turned toward Wu Junjie and asked: “What is going on, Junjie?”

    “My friend had some quarrel with these guys. I hope you can help out. “Wu Junjie said with a sheepish smile.

    “No problem. Everyone in Tian He will have to give me some face.” Young Lord Din pounded his chest and reassured his distraught friend.

    Suddenly, he heard a sneer from a short man beside him. “Hey kiddo, since when did I have to give you face?”

    “Second Lord Pan?” Young Lord Din furrowed his brows as soon as he saw the short man.

    Although Second Lord Pan lacked any talent, he had a powerful brother-in-law. Just recently, Han Tianshen had risen to power and took over Xin Zhong’s number one spot in the Tian He City. Ding Youwei did not have sufficient power to fight back against such new royalty of the Tian He City.

    However, Young Lord Din was dealing with Second Lord Pan instead of his powerful brother-in-law, and therefore, he still had some room for maneuvering. “Second Lord Pan, are you getting horny again? These are my friends, don’t you dare touch any one of them.”

    Young Master Din had already got a handle on the situation.

    Although Yun Qianqian’s face was covered by sunglasses, her body and demeanor suggested that she was drop-dead gorgeous. Lin Weiwei was leggy and young. Her damp hair clung tightly to her budding bosom, and her smooth skin glistered tantalizingly under the sunlight. Second, Lord Pan had an infamous appetite for women, and Young Lord Din knew that he would easily clash with others for such beautiful things.

    “Hehe, Din Youwei, who the hell do you think you think you are?” Second Lord Pan cracked a smile.

    “So you are not going to give them a pass?” Din Youwei pulled a taut face and then asked.

    Young Lord Din was a reputable figure in Tian He City. Most people would oblige him by now for the sake of his father. Young Lord Din believed that he and Second Lord Pan were equal in power, and his words should have carried some weight to the short pervert.

    “Piss on you!” Second Lord Pan suddenly hurled a wine cup at Young Lord Din.

    Din Youwei ducked and evaded the cup. His face turned black, and even as he was going to rush to his attacker, Wu Junjie stopped him and said under his breath. “He has a dozen people on his side. Be careful.”

    “Humph! I doubt they will harm me.” Din Youwei grunted. However, fear had already crept into his mind.

    “I am not afraid of that clown; I called you here because he said he is going to call his boss.”Wu Junjie said.

    “His boss?” Din Youwei’s face twitched slightly.

    He never remembered Second Lord Pan having ever called anyone boss except for one.

    “I am not sure.”Wu Junjie hesitated. “Sister Yun said that she ran away from a banquet with someone called Boss Han. That’s why Second Lord Pan is after her.”

    “Boss Han, Han Tianshen?” Din Youwei’s face paled.

    “Indeed. That is my boss. What now, Din Youwei? Do you really want to offend my boss?” Second Lord Pan asked contemptuously as he sat in a chair cross-legged.

    Din Youwei was shocked.

    Han Tianshen was the richest man in the Tian He city, and his assets were worth over two billion yuan. Even his father couldn’t compare with Han Tianshen’s might.

    “Bro, you didn’t tell me that you are facing off against Han Tianshen.”

    Din Youwei looked to Wu Junjie and exclaimed.

    “Young Lord Din, what do you mean?” Wu Junjie was taken aback, and he asked perplexedly.

    “What I mean is that you better apologize now. Otherwise, when Boss Han shows up, you won’t even have the opportunity to do just that.” Din Youwei paused a second and provided his honest two cents for old time sake.

    “Apologize for what? He is a pervert, not me!” Lin Weiwei refuted.

    Din Youwei kept his silence, but a hint of disdain flashed across his face.

    “She is right; they should apologize to us.” Chen Fan said with his mouthful of fruit.

    Encouraged by Chen Fan’s endorsement, Lin Weiwei puffed her chest and doubled down on her position.

    “Do you know who Boss Han is?” Din Youwei asked impatiently. “Even Lord Wei from the Chu Zhou City had to address him respectfully much less you.”

    “Yes, Weiwei, let’s just apologize.” Yun Qianqian finally wavered.

    She had decided to apologize on behalf of the group when Mr. Tang and Boss Han arrived. When Mr. Tang was finally here, she will beg him to spare these teenagers. After all, if not for protecting her, these teenagers would not get into this mess.

    “Sister Yun!” Lin Weiwei’s face flushed red.

    She was a simple girl and saw the world only in black and white. Therefore the concept of compromise didn’t sit well with her.

    “It’s for your own good. Don’t worry; I will make sure that Boss Han will not harm you guys.” Yun Qianqian said softly yet determinedly.

    Yun Qianqian’s words took the wind out of Lin Weiwei’s sail. She lowered her head disappointedly and kicked the ground in frustration.

    “Hehe, finally you have made the right choice. Very well, for the sake of Miss Yun, I will spare you as long as you apologize to me and call me boss. What do you think?” The short man let out a smug smile. “Otherwise, when my brother-in-law gets here, things are going to get much more complicated than just an apology.”

    “Are you Yun Qianqian?” Young Lord Din asked abruptly as realization finally down upon him. The conflict was because of the superstar.

    He looked at Chen Fan and shook his head. She was a superstar and probably had a million different ways to get her out of a sticky situation like this; however, Chen Fan and Wu Junjie were just high school students. Yun Qianqian might be able to get away with it, but not a bunch of kids.

    “Are we really going to apologize?” Tears welled in Lin Weiwei’s eyes, as she had never experienced such humiliation before.

    Wu Junjie clenched his fist as the memory of his run-ins with came back to him. This time was even worse; not only he couldn’t protect himself, but he had also failed his best friends.

    He bemoaned in his mind for his uselessness.

    Even the constant smile on Yan Xiaobai’s happy go lucky face had evaporated.

    Chen Fan finally put down the fruit in his hand and rose from the chair. “Apologize? Why? Wei Wei was right; we didn’t do anything wrong.”

    “You ARE wrong because you are weak.” Din Youwei didn’t pass up the opportunity to take a jab at Chen Fan. “In this world, only the strongest, most powerful and resourceful are always right.”

    “Boss Han has money and power; what are you? You are just a kid.”

    “Xiao Fan?” Lin Weiwei looked to Chen Fan as a drowning man would to the last piece of floating plank.

    Chen Fan walked over to the girl and patted her head gently. He smiled at her and said: “You are my friend, so I will make sure you will never have to apologize for anything.”

    He paused and then said: “I have the strongest fists in the world. If you want me to apologize, then you should first ask my fists.”

    So saying, Chen Fan closed in fingers into a fist and waved it in front of his opponents Lin Weiwei was amused by Chen Fan’s callous knuckle. As frustration and amusement clashed in her mind, she punched Chen Fan in the chest, willing him to stop the comical act at this least comical moment.

    Seeing the two’s friendly exchange, Yun Qianqian felt guilty beyond measure. Wu Junjie and Yan Xiaobai were so touched that their eyes turned red and were on the brink of tearing up.

    Suddenly, a hoarse voice that was out of sync of this touching moment came up.

    “Hey kid, you have my respect. But let’s see if you are still a hero after my inlaw is here.”

    Chen Fan turned around and sank back into his armchair. He looked at the short man and said: “When your inlaw is here, he wouldn’t say a thing even if I order him to throw you into the sea.”

    Second Lord Pan was angered by Chen Fan’s words. Before he could rebut the boy, Din Youwei put in: “Keep bluffing tough guy. Who do you think you are to order Boss Han around? Do you think you are the Elderly Man Wei from the Wei Family of the North Bank?”

    “I am not Elderly Man Wei.” Chen Fan said lightly “However, Han Tianshen is nothing but one of my lap dogs. I am his master, and he will not defy me.”

    Everyone was shocked when they heard Chen Fan’s words.

    “Clank!” “Clank!”

    The bodyguards rose at once. If not because of their fear toward Tong Shan, they would have ganged up on Chen Fan and beat him up for dissing their boss.

    Din Youwei gasped as he was shocked by how pompous Chen Fan was as far as a dying man goes.

    Wu Junjie was also frightened by Chen Fan’s remarks. He pulled Lin Weiwei’s sleeves worriedly as he looked to Second Lord Pan. The short man’s eyes were bloodshot, and his contorted face made him look so angry as if he wanted to swallow the teenagers alive.

    Even Yun Qianqian furrowed her brows disapprovingly. This was not the time nor the place to be arrogant; the boy was putting his life on the line.

    Sister Qin sneered and said: “Qian Qian, do you see how stupid these kids are? It might appear that they are fighting for you, but they are actually dragging you down with them. Even if you save their hide this time, their stupidity will bring them down again. You can’t cure stupid.

    “If I were you, I would just leave them be.”

    Yun Qianqian heaved a sigh, as disappointment rose inside of her.

    Suddenly, a wave of commotion rose from outside. A group of people entered the meeting room. The leaders were a middle aged man and a scholarly young man.

    They were Han Tianshen and Mr. Tang.

    Second Lord Pan’s eyes lit up with joy. He walked over to the group and greeted them: “Brother, you are finally here!”

    He then turned around to Chen Fan and snorted. “My brother is finally here. I wonder how your life is going to end.”

    However, before he had finished his words, he watched as his brother in law’s body started to tremble.

    Boss Han then scurried to Chen Fan as a dog would to its master. Boss Han bowed deeply; his head was almost touching the ground. He then greeted Chen Fan with the most respectful voice he could muster: “Master Chen!”

    Chen Fan lolled lazily in his chair, peeling the skin off a grape. He waited until the skins were completely peeled off the grape before he uttered a brisk reply to Boss Han.