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Chapter 119 - Tian He’s New Royalty

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 119: Tian He’s New Royalty

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    “Boss my ass. Do you think that we are afraid of you?” Lin Weiwei announced bravely.

    She gave Wu Junjie a backhand slap on the shoulder and said curiously: “Junjie, why don’t you call your friend? Didn’t you say that he is some kind of hotshot in Tian He City?”

    “Young Lord Din?” Wu Junjie hesitated. Based on what the little man said, even Young Lord Din wouldn’t be able to save them.

    However, under Lin Weiwei’s insistent urge, he dialed Young Lord Din’s number.

    “Hehe.” The short man didn’t stop Wu Jinjie from dialing. He glared at the boy with a contemptuous look on his face.

    “Sister Qin, maybe I should talk to Boss Han and Mr. Tang. It’s going to get out of control.” Seeing how quickly the situation had escalated, Yun Qianqian furrowed her brows.

    “Are you sure you want to be beholden to Mr. Tang because of a bunch of kids?” Sister Qin said wryly.

    Yun Qianqian was suddenly at a loss for words.

    Mr. Tang was one of her longtime supporters. He generously donated to every show production she was involved in, and she knew very well what he wanted in return. Yun Qianqian never lacked supporters, and therefore, Yun Qianqian had been ignoring his pursuit until now.

    In recent years, she was transforming from a TV star to that on the silver screen. The first two movies she was in were complete flops, so much so that the failures threatened her status as an A-list actress. During this critical time of her career, she couldn’t afford to lose any supporters.

    If she turned to Mr. Tang now, the latter would very likely oblige and forgive the teenagers. However, that would also put her into a position where she couldn’t refuse any of Mr. Tang’s requests.

    With that thought in mind, Yun Qianqian dithered again.

    Meanwhile, in a secret VIP club somewhere in Tian He City…

    The VIP hall was huge and well-lit. A giant round table was set at the center of the hall where a group of people was drinking.

    Beside each and every man at the table stood tall and attractive waitresses who wore tight traditional outfits. They all wore their hair high up in a bun.

    All of the waitresses’ looks were above average; some of them were drop dead gorgeous and could be worshiped as a goddess by desperate men who were eager to serve them. However, inside the VIP hall, it was their job to serve.

    Any local person from Tian He City would have recognized the men from rich and powerful families. Even the poorest of them owned over a few hundred million assets.

    These top dogs didn’t pay any attention to the attractive waitresses beside them; instead, their attentions were on two men sitting at the head of the table.

    The scholarly looking one on the left was in his thirties and was wearing gold-rimmed glasses. The custom tailored Italian suit encased his slim body and brought out the stately old-money style in him.

    The other man on the right was a middle age man who had greasy, shiny hair and an even greasier round face. He was wearing a flashy Armani outfit. On his waist rested a belt buckle made by Hermes. The Patek Philippe watch sparkled under the bright lighting in the room. It was evident that he had struck it rich overnight from nothing.

    “How do you like everything, Mr. Tang.”

    The middle age man asked with a smile.

    “Everything is superb. Thank you.” Mr. Tang nodded. However, a hint of contempt flickered in his eyes.

    He was from a prominent family and was used to riches and luxury ever since he was a child. Boss Han’s club was too tacky to his taste. It might pass as a luxury VIP club among the gaudy new riches, but it was laughable in the eyes of someone from an old and powerful family.

    “Haha. I am glad you like everything.” Boss Han laughed smugly.

    Mr. Tang was a tycoon from Zhong Hai. He was from a large family whose power was no less than that of the Wei. Mr. Tang also had more respect in his family than Third Lord Wei. Although he never claimed to be a businessman, he was the vice president of two public companies and the sole owner of a large entertainment firm. Han Tianshen simply couldn’t compare.

    However, Han Tianshen was not nervous before him either.

    He had recently just earned the number one position in Tian He City. That put him in the same club with other top dogs in the Jiang Bei region. However, influential Mr. Tang was, he was on his turf right now, so he had a home advantage.

    The thought gave Han Tianshen a rush of good feelings. He plastered on a regretful look and sighed: “This club used to belong to Boss Xin, and I was only one of Boss Xin’s associates. However, Boss Xin had ticked off the wrong person and perished, leaving this huge mess unattended. I had no choice but to take up the responsibility.”

    Hearing the words, Mr. Tang furrowed his brows and asked.

    “I have heard that you have acquired Xin Zhong’s Yuan Gang Group and you have become the new CEO? That was a hell of a deal and will add at least a few billion into your asset pool. Way to go!”

    “I used to just be a board member of the Yuan Gang Group. Boss Xin is the one who called the shots. Truth be told, I was quite happy and content even back then and never had I imagined that I would be the one in charge.”

    Despite Boss Han’s humble words, the smug look on his face had betrayed him.

    Catching the drift of the conversation, the other tycoons at the table quickly followed suit and praised Boss Han in twenty-two different ways.

    Mr. Tang wore a fake smile on his face as a wave of contempt rose inside of him.

    Han Tianshen used to be one of Xin Zhong’s lapdogs, and his wealth was worth at most a hundred million.

    However, right after Xin Zhong’s death, he took over his former boss’s company and acquired the Yuan Gang Group that Xin Zhong had worked his entire life for.

    However, Mr. Tang was here to ask him a favor, so he decided to play along. He carried on: “Boss Han is even more influential now since you have the sale rights of the Yun Wu Spirit Water. Many rich and powerful people would have to beg you to get a drop of the Spirit Water.”

    “You have heard of the Yun Wu Spirit Water as well?” Han Tianshen’s face became serious, and he asked.

    “I am quite well connected and have heard of it before the news hit the masses.” Mr. Tang said calmly.

    Chen Fan had coined the name Yun Wu Spirit Water for the spirit water he created.

    Although the Spirit Water had just arrived in the market, its magical effects had shocked the upper-class elites of the entire province. Even someone who lived far away in Zhong Hai such as Mr. Tang had heard of the Spirit Water and came to investigate.

    “To be honest with you, Mr. Tang. The sales rights are at the discretion of Master Chen. I am relatively new to the top level, and therefore got the least amount of quota: only ten or twenty bottles a day. I mostly just sell them among my family members. By the end of the day, I have not a lot to spare.” Han Tianshen shook his head and said.

    Mr. Tang didn’t believe him a wee bit but decided to play along.

    “That truly is a tough spot for you.”

    Suddenly, he asked curiously: “So, you were saying that the Spirit Water is made by Master Chen?”

    “Indeed. No natural spring water could cure all the ailments.” Han Tianshen said respectfully: “These spring water are infused with Master Chen’s power. Why do you think people will pay hundreds of thousands of yuan for it?”

    Mr. Tang furrowed his brows and said: “I have heard of Master Chen even in Zhong Hai. The rumors tend to exaggerate things. In my opinion, he is not any more powerful than you.”

    “You can’t compare him with me.” Han Tianshen shook his head as fear rose inside of him. “Master Chen is an …. immortal. I am nothing but his lapdog, a content one while at that.”

    He had watched as Chen Fan killed his boss with one jab of a finger. He would never forget that terrifying day.

    He had learned his predecessor’s lesson and knew that in order to secure his power, he needed support from Chen Fan and his Yun Wu Spirit Water.

    Therefore, Han Tianshen had always revered Chen Fan ever since he took over the city.

    “You are too humble.” Mr. Tang shook his head with a smile. He was still not convinced. “You are the richest man in the city, one day you will replace him.”

    Han Tianshen kept his silence while he laughed at his guest’s naivety in his mind.

    “Even the leader of your house, Tang Jianfen was no match against Master Chen, what do you know about replacing his power?”

    Suddenly, Han Tianshen’s phone rang, so he answered it.

    After he hung up the phone, his face looked annoyed.

    “What’s going on ?” Mr. Tang asked.

    “Some little shit is stirring up trouble.” Boss Han said as anger flickered in his eyes. Then he asked abruptly: “Mr. Tang, should we go to Wu Mountain right now and invite our superstar over personally?”

    “Very well.”

    Mr. Tang rose from his seat readily.