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Chapter 118 - Broken

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 118: Broken

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    “Honcho, what should we do now?”

    Stunned by the enormous frame of Tong Shan that rivaled NBA players, the bodyguards wavered and looked to the short man for instructions.

    The short man was considered the underboss of the group simply because he was the inlaw of the boss. Without the sweet pillow talk his sister offered to the boss, he was just an arrogant simpleton. Despite the fact that the odds were clearly stacked against him, the short man shouted at the bodyguards.

    “Hit him! What are you afraid of? He is all by himself, and there are a dozen of us!”

    Urged by their honcho’s command, some of the bodyguards mustered their courage and rallied their teammates. “YEA! He is fighting by himself. Let’s gang up on him!”

    However, their newfound courage was very short-lived.

    The first two bodyguards who rushed toward Tong Shan were knocked to the side by the giant’s sweeping hand. They collapsed on the ground as blood spilled from their mouths. Judging by the way their chest looked, the attack must have broken a few of their ribs.


    The sudden turn of events terrified the other bodyguards and robbed them of the will to fight.

    Lin Weiwei patted Tong Shan’s back and exclaimed excitedly: “You are awesome, Big Cousin! Fighting them is like fighting kids from kindergarten.”

    She looked to the short man and lifted her chin proudly.

    “Did you say that you are going to tie me to your bed? Come on. What are you waiting for?”

    The short man’s face was contorted by anger. He shouted hotly at the bodyguards: “Why don’t you go after him at the same time?”

    The bodyguards looked at each other and hesitated.

    Although none of them liked the short man, his sister had the boss wrapped around her little finger. She just needed to sneak one poisonous word into the boss’s ear; all of them would have to bear grave consequences.

    The thought of their boss’s wrath made the bodyguards shiver and spurred them forward.

    Suddenly, Tong Shan was surrounded by a dozen fighters. Seeing the situation escalated out of control, the other guests of the resort rushed to get out of harm’s way. In a blink, the entire outdoor hot springs section was empty except for the two parties that were fighting with each other.

    Seeing the bodyguards started to attack all at once, Lin Weiwei’s face tightened. She looked to Chen Fan concernedly.

    Chen Fan was still in the pool and was not at all perturbed by the development. He said nonchalantly: “Don’t worry, Tong Shan will handle them.”

    Despite Chen Fan’s reassurance, Lin Weiwei felt distraught with the situation. However, strong Big Cousin was, he was fighting by himself. Could he really ward off the attack from a dozen men at the same time?

    “Sister Qin!” Yun Qianqian finally called out.

    She felt at least half responsible for the confrontation between the two parties, and therefore she felt that she should help, in whichever way she could.

    Sister Qin ignored her and pulled her to the side. She refused her hotly: “Qian Qian, grow a brain, please! Can’t you see what is happening right now? Are you really going to tick off Boss Han and Boss Tang for some little shits that you barely know?

    “Maybe later you can plead for them, but not now.”

    “They saved me.” Yun Qianqian said with knotted brows.”Who is that Boss Han anyways? What a jerk.”

    During the banquet, she only briefly greeted the local gentry and didn’t make an effort to remember their names.

    “He was the tycoon of the Tian He City.” Sister Qin said with a wry smile. “He owns a few hundred million assets and a successful shipping fleet; one of the richest men in Tian He City. Otherwise, why do you think I would insist on you meeting him?”

    Yun Qianqian pulled a taut face.

    Her decades of experience as an actress told her that she wouldn’t be able to get away with it easily.

    Yun Qianqian was an A-list star, and therefore if she really didn’t want to meet with the local tycoon, she might be able to get a pass. However, it was not wise to offend him while she was on his turf.

    So thinking, Yun Qianqian shut her mouth and gave up the thought of helping the teenagers.

    Sister Qin was right, she just met these kids, and they were barely even friends.

    As she thought so, the two parties were already at each other.

    The leader of the bodyguards called Bao Bian, was at the very front of the line. As he approached the Tong Shan, he didn’t dare to lower his guard until he was close. He punched at the giant with abandon.


    His punch was so powerful that it made a wheezing sound through the air. It was one of the most perfect executions Mr. Bao had ever done in his life. Bao Bian was confident that he should lay the giant low.

    “Big Cousin, dodge!”

    Lin Weiwei let out a muffled shout. Wu Junjie and the others watched with colorless faces. They were all from ordinary mid-class families and never had they imagined that they would get caught in a fist fight.

    Tong Shan ignored the warning and remained motionless like a massive log.


    To everyone’s surprise, Bao Bian’s forceful punch did nothing. It made a loud clank as if the fist had landed on a piece of metal. At the impact, Bao Bian felt Tong Shan’s flesh return a sharp force back at his hand. He then heard a loud crunch: his bones were broken.

    “Oh my god!”

    Everyone was shocked.

    Tong Shan was wearing only a swimming trunk, much less any other protection.

    Everyone watched as the fist landed squarely on the giant’s naked shoulder; however, not only was Tong Shan unscathed, the attacker had also broken his fingers. How did that even make sense?

    “Is it the art of Golden Shield, Iron Shirt or is it the legendary Martial Arts Of the Thirteen Sons?”

    A string of tropes in martial arts novels that border-lined myth surfaced in everyone’s mind.

    “I don’t believe it!”

    Bao Bian rubbed his injured hand while staring at Tong Shan who still stood motionless. “I must have hit the wrong spot. I don’t believe that your body is made out of metal!”

    Before he finished talking, he threw another punch at Tong Shan.

    This time, Bao Bian used both hands and attacked with all he got. He used the hammering attack that he had perfected after decades of practice, boring his fists down on the hulking frame.

    It was evident that this attack was much more powerful than his last one.

    “Just DIE!”

    He snarled as a burst of satisfying laughter, let out from his mouth.

    A fraction of second later, his last hope disappeared.



    The clank was loud this time, and it was followed with an even louder noise of bones snapping apart. Bao Bian’s punch had hit home; however, his arms were unable to withstand the shock, and they snapped.

    “It. It..”

    Bai Bian’s arms drooped under his shoulder. He breathed heavily, trying not to wince. He then looked at Tong Shan fearfully, as if he was looking at a devil.

    Tong Shan didn’t even move a finger, and his opponent had already two broken arms. They were clearly not fighting on a leveled ground. It was as if a group of medieval soldiers had to face off with a modern tank.

    Silence fell into the hot spring pool.

    Everyone stared at Tong Shan’s giant body with disbelief.

    “Could it be that his body really is made out of iron?” Someone murmured.

    Chen Fan kept his silence and didn’t reply.

    Tong Shan had been a Martial Arts master even before he was turned into a Bronze Armored Cadaver. After his skin was infused with molten metal, he was practically invincible and could not be harmed by any weapon. He was revived by Chen Fan using Arcane Pills after he was brutally disabled by Chen Fan. After taking in the beneficial effects of the Arcane Pills, his defense and offense abilities were further improved.

    Lin Weiwei and her friends could only stare.

    Yun Qianqian and Sister Yun were shocked as well. Yun Qianqian was involved in many martial arts films, and she had read many show scripts that described unimaginable marital arts abilities. However, she had never thought that she would see such abilities in real life.

    “Honcho, what should we do?”

    The other bodyguards turned toward the short man and asked.

    The short man was stunned by the turn of the event, so he finally hesitated.

    However, he knew that he couldn’t panic since the bodyguards were still counting on him. He managed to pull himself together, and said: “What else could we do? Call Boss!”

    “Yes! Yes!” Everyone agreed eagerly.

    They were convinced that even though this large man possessed exceptional physical strength, he would not get away with it once their boss showed up.

    With that thought in mind, the little man’s eyes lit up again. He sneered at Chen Fan and said: “We will see who would be laughing when my brother in law comes.”

    Sister Qin’s face paled after hearing his words.

    “Shit, they are going to call Boss Han.”