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Chapter 117 - A Cursed Bracele

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 117: A Cursed Bracelet

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    Yun Qianqian hesitated. Although this bracelet looked nothing extraordinary, a well-respected Buddhist had blessed it for her, and therefore, this bracelet was worth at least a hundred thousand yuan.

    She had just met him, yet Chen Fan asked to see the most expensive piece of jewelry she was wearing. Anyone would have hesitated if they were in her shoes.

    “Sister Yun, is it made out of yellow rosewood?” Wu Junjie asked. “I saw one of them on a rich teenager’s wrist in Jin City. That one was worth over two hundred and eighteen thousand, and it didn’t look half as pretty as yours.”

    Lin Weiwei and Yan Xiaobai both were shocked by the value.

    They were both from middle-class families of a county town. They had never dreamed of seeing a bracelet that worth over a couple hundred thousand.

    Ever since they learned of the girl’s last name, they started to joke that she was a sister of the superstar Yun Qianqian.

    Since Wu Junjie had spilled the beans about the value of the bracelet, Yun Qianqian no longer hesitated. She removed the bracelet from her wrist and handed it over to Chen Fan and said: “The price is not the most important. This bracelet meant a lot to me because it was a gift from one of my best friends. She went through a great deal of trouble asking for a blessing on it before she gave it to me. She told me to keep it with me at all times, and never let it leave my sight.”

    Chen Fan didn’t say a word. He held the beads in his hand and started to examine it.

    Under the scrutiny of his Immortal Will, the beads revealed its true colors. Each and every one of the wooden beads were surrounded by dark Malice Qi. From time to time, some of the flowing energies formed a hideous skull.

    “A curse?”

    Chen Fan fell into deep thought.

    Curses were widespread among many different cultures’ legends. There were called incantations in the west and in the east, they existed in the form of numismatic charm, voodoo dolls, and Gu.

    However, this was the first time Chen Fan saw a curse in real life on earth. Out of curiosity, he probed deeper into the beads using his Immortal Will.


    He felt a shock as his Immortal Will went through the barrier, revealing a scene.

    He was inside of a dark and dank temple, where robed priests worshiped a sinister looking demon god with four hands, four head, and four faces. Under the statue stood a monk with a shaved head. He was wearing a string of necklace made out of bone and fangs.

    The monk took a bracelet off the altar and handed it over to an attractive looking girl kneeling on the ground. He murmured something to the girl, and the latter kowtowed to the monk appreciatively.

    The picture disappeared, leaving Chen Fan with more questions than answers.

    “Who was that woman? Was she Yun Qianqian’s friend?”

    He recalled the news of Yun Qianqian in his past life and felt that things suddenly made much more sense.

    He returned the bracelet to Yun Qianqian and paused a second before he said heavily: “You better throw it away or burn it.”


    Wu Junjie was rendered speechless.

    Yun Qianqian was also taken aback; her eyes were lit up with caution and suspicion. “What… what do you mean?”

    “No kidding, Xiao Fan. This yellow-rosewood bracelet was worth over a few hundred thousand. Plus, it was a gift from Sister Yun’s best friend who spent a great deal of effort to obtain it. You are out of your mind to ask Sister Yun to throw it away.” Wu Junjie said with deeply furrowed brows.

    Chen Fan didn’t mind the protest. He said faintly: “You have been meeting tailwinds in your career and have been down on your luck. You can’t even sleep well, and the lack of sleep further exacerbated your work performance. You feel trapped. Am I right?”

    “How did you know?” Yun Qianqian’s voice was filled with suspicion.

    As an actress who had to rely on herself to make a living, she was much more protective of herself than most people. Chen Fan’s truthful remarks had spurred her to raise her guard. She wondered it was a setup, and the teenagers were conspiring against her.

    The entertainment industry was a battleground, and she had seen all kinds of sordid methods from even the most trustworthy looking people. On the set, she always brought her own water bottle and never trusted anyone else’s water.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and then kept his silence.

    He had thought to offer some help to her since fate had brought them together for this brief encounter. However, if Yun Qianqian didn’t trust him, he wouldn’t care less about her wellbeing.

    Seeing Chen Fan didn’t say a thing, Yun Qianqian was even more certain that something was amiss. Suddenly, an awkward silence fell into the pool.

    After a few moments, Yun Qianqian stood up and said: “I have other things to attend to. Please enjoy yourself. ”

    She turned around toward the exit, ignoring Wu Junjie’s invitation to stay.

    “Ah. Sister Yun?” Lin Weiwei hurried to get up and was going to persuade her to stay.

    Suddenly, a large group of people entered the pool.

    The leader of the group was the short man who harrassed Yun Qianqian earlier. However, this time, he was accompanied by a woman in fashionable cloth.

    Surprise flashed across Yun Qianqian’s face as soon as she saw the woman.

    “Sister Qin, why are you here?”

    “Oh my little princess, are you trying to kill me? Why did you abandon me in the middle of the banquet, only to show up at this place?” The woman was in her thirties. She was of average looks but well dressed nonetheless. She looked like a shrewd and confident businesswoman.

    She started ranting as soon as she entered the pool area as she gave Yun Qianqian a wink.

    “Miss Yun, your agent is here, can you come with us now?” The small man said impatiently. “My boss and Mr. Tang are both waiting for you.”

    “Mr. Tang is there too?” Yun Qianqian’s face paled.

    “Sister, are you really Yun Qianqian?” Lin Weiwei asked incredulously.

    Wu Junjie also jumped out of the pool in surprise. Seeing her cover was blown, she finally removed her sunglasses revealing her gorgeous and famous face.

    “I am sorry for lying to you all the while.” Yun Qianqian gave everyone an apologetic smile. Then she turned around toward her agent and said: “Sister Qin, I told you I want to spend some time alone. Please say sorry to Mr. Tang for me.”

    Sister Qin hesitated and said: “Qian Qian, Mr. Tang came all the way to Tian He just to see you. Don’t you think you should at least meet him once? Plus…”

    “What?” Yun Qianqian asked.

    “Plus my boss had been waiting for you for hours. Do you really think you can get away with fooling my boss?” The small man said sinisterly. “In Tian He City, no one dares to mess with my boss.”

    “Who is your boss?” Yun Qianqian furrowed her brows and asked.

    Before she got an answer, Lin Weiwei exclaimed excitedly.

    “Sister Yun said she doesn’t want to go. What’s wrong with you people?”

    As a fan of Yun Qianqian, the sight of her idol had robbed her of any reason in her mind.

    The small man cracked a sneer and said: “Listen to me, kiddo, I had let it slide because I didn’t want to cause trouble. But now, I have twice as many men than you do, so mind your mouth and stay out of this.”

    A group of bodyguards in black suits appeared behind him. They all wear the same buzz cut and looked angry and deadly. Lin Weiwei and Wu Junjie were frightened by the sight.

    They were ordinary high schoolers and had never experienced such a terrifying moment.

    Wu Junjie managed to speak: “hey… Bro. I’m friends with the Young Lord Din of Tian He. Can we sit down and talk this out?”

    “Young Lord Din? Who is that?” The short man asked as caution flickered in his eyes.

    “Din Youwei.” Wu Junjie said.

    “Oh, for fuck, sake!”

    The short man spat. Disdain and contempt were written all over his face.

    “You call him a Young, Lord?”

    “Even his dad dares not to cross my boss, much less that little shit.”

    Wu Junjie’s face turned green as he was at a loss for words.

    The man he was dealing with was even more powerful than Din Youwei’s father. Wu Junjie established that he really couldn’t do anything to help.

    The short man put on a smug smile and then extended his scrawny arm to grab Yun Qianqian’s wrist.

    “Go away!

    Fire burst out from Lin Weiwei’s eyes, and she delivered a roundhouse kick at the little man, sending the latter flying back.


    Seeing the little man was dealt a serious kick, the bodyguards’ faces became overwrought. Although even the bodyguard agreed that the short man is a dip shit, he was their boss’s inlaw. His sister was their boss’s second wife, out of all the wives and mistresses, the boss loved his sister the most. If they returned with the short man injured, everyone would be reprimanded by the boss harshly.


    The little man managed to pick himself up, and he glared at Lin Weiwei vengefully. “Don’t let her go! Take her to my bed; I will tame this wild B with an itch. ”

    The bodyguard threw themselves at Lin Weiwei at the same time.

    Lin Weiwei’s face paled at the development. Despite her martial arts training, she was ill-equipped to handle a dozen professional bodyguards at the same time.


    Yun, Qianqian shouted. Lin Weiwei got into trouble because of her; she couldn’t just stand and watch her being beaten up.

    However, the bodyguards didn’t stop. Yun Qianqian looked to Sister Qin for help.

    Sister Qin replied to her with a wry and helpless smile.

    The man who wanted to meet with her was a top dog in the Tian He City. He had his skin in nearly all businesses in the city. Although Yun Qianqian didn’t have to worry about him in other cities; she was on his turf, and she better oblige his demands.

    Wu Junjie and Yan Xiaobai were trembling with fear; however, they stood before Lin Weiwei to protect her.

    They grew up together, and they couldn’t just watch her being hurt.

    Suddenly, Chen Fan growled in a deep voice: “Tong Shan!”

    Tong Shan stood up, casting an enormous shadow before him. His hulking frame rose in front of the bodyguards like a mountain.

    “Oh. Fuck me!”

    Someone shouted out in panic.