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Chapter 116 - Super Star Yun Qianqian

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 116: Super Star Yun Qianqian

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    The group of men arrived at Yun Qianqian’s table, and the leader of the pack said something to Yun Qianqian. The latter shook her head vehemently. A few moments later, the girl and the group of men started arguing with each other. A perverted man of small stature tried to grab Yun Qianqian’s arm, and the latter waggled her arm forcefully to break free.

    “What’s going on there? He is taking advantage of a girl!”

    Lin Weiwei was raised in a Martial Arts family and had a very short temper. Seeing the girl being assaulted, she slammed the table and shouted at the top of her lungs.

    The group of men turned their heads over to her. The sight of a high school girl emboldened them, but even as they were about to come over to Li Weiwei, they noticed Tong Shan sitting beside the girl. He was about two meters tall, and his chest was as wide as two people. Even while sitting down, he was a head taller than most of the people in the room.

    They paused a second to recalculate their odds. After they noticed that Tong Shan’s arm was even bigger and thicker than their thighs, the group grew quiet.

    The leader of the pack smiled apologetically and said: “Miss Yun. We didn’t want to harm you. But Boss really is waiting for you.”

    “I told you that I am not interested.” Yun Qianqian said coldly.

    After Chen Fan gave Tong Shan an order, the hulking frame rose from his seat. His head almost touched the ceiling and blotted out the light, projecting a large shadow into the room.

    At such a terrifying sight, the small man dared not to say a word and ran away in fear.

    “Thank you.” Yun Qianqian nodded to everyone and thanked them.

    Her voice was smokey, like that of a girl who stayed at the bar until midnight alone.

    “You are welcome.” Lin Weiwei answered ardently. “If I were you, I would knee bash them in the groin so that they will remember never to mess with me again.”

    Yun Qianqian was taken aback by the girl’s hot temper.

    Wu Junjie said: “Why don’t you join our table? We can escort you home once we are done. They might still be around, waiting to strike again after we leave.”

    The women pondered a few moments and then accepted the offer.

    She walked over Chen Fan’s table. Since there was only one empty seat beside Chen Fan, she sat down to the right of him. Suddenly, a faint fragrance drifted into Chen Fan’s nose. Although the smell was light and subverted, its alluring quality was obvious. No doubt that it was a high-quality luxury brand perfume.

    After she sat down, everyone could finally have a good look at the girl.

    She wore her hair back in a simple ponytail and was wearing a beige-colored peacoat. Since it was not cold inside the room, she took off the coat, revealing a white sweater that clung snuggly onto her curves. Below the waist, she wore a pair of slim-fit jeans that accentuated her luscious upper body even more. She wore no jewelry save for a string of Buddhist beads on her delicate wrist. She looked like an elegant city girl from head to toe and from the inside out.

    The clothing on her was worth only a few thousand yuan, but the yellow-rosewood beads were worth over a hundred thousand.

    Seeing her wood bracelet, Chen Fan furrowed his brows but kept his silence.

    Yun Qianqian’s charm dominated the table; after she sat down, no one spoke a word.

    Chen Fan was the only person who could keep calm and eat on. Yun Qianqian gave Chen Fan a surprised glance and then said with a smile: “Why don’t you eat? Don’t stop because of me.”

    “Well, you are too charming. It’s a bit… too much for us to handle.” Wu Junjie half-joked and half stammered like an idiot.

    Even Wu Junjie was taken aback by his own shyness. He had seen all kinds of girls in his life, why did he felt so disabled in front of her?

    Lin Weiwei nodded and then gave Yun Qianqian an admiring glance. Every woman dreams of being like Yun Qianqian, to charm everyone with only some casual clothes and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

    “Ah-Why, are you wearing sunglasses while eating?” Lin Weiwei asked curiously.

    Yun Qianqian was surprised by the question. She hesitated for a few moments and then answered: “I am sort of special. I can’t take my glasses off.”

    “How so?” Lin Weiwei asked readily, “That rascal over there said you looked like the movie star Yun Qianqian, and therefore you wore a pair of sunglasses to avoid paparazzi.”

    “Hey! don’t give away my nickname!” Wu Junjie rolled his eyes. Rascal was his nickname ever since he was a little boy.

    Yun Qianqian cracked a smile but decided to keep her silence.

    After a short conversation, the group and Yu Qianqian hit it off quickly.

    Yun Qianqian was originally from Tian He City. The recent sect back in her career spurred her to come back home and be away from work for a while. However, as soon as she was back, she was asked to attend a banquet with a few rich and powerful businessmen. At the banquet, the local tycoons tried to flirt with her, but as an A list actress, she would have none of it. She asked her manager to deal with the men at the banquet table while she ran away to find a quiet place to clear her mind.

    Since she had grown up at Tian He City, she knew of the quiet Wu Mountain village. After she got here, she unexpectedly befriended this group of friendly yet strange teenagers.

    Yes, they were strange, indeed.

    Yun Qianqian’s keen observation made her a good judge of characters. She knew that this group of boys and girls were from pretty well off families. However, they were not from the most opulent households. They lacked the kind of signature aloofness that tainted every member of the real powerful families she had seen.

    Although she was convinced that most of them were from average families, there were two of them that she just couldn’t get a handle on.

    One of two sat motionlessly in his chair. Every ounce of his hulking muscles screamed danger to her; she wagered that even her best bodyguard wouldn’t match his deadliness.

    The other one was a refined young man who so far had not even glanced at her once.

    Chen Fan’s appearance was nothing to boast about. It was boringly ordinary in the eyes of an expert in the entertainment industry. However, deep in his eyes were a playful conceit that dared to defy anything and anyone in the world.

    “Yes, that is self-assuredness in his eyes.” Yun Qianqian told herself.

    She had only observed such self-assuredness in the eyes of the real top dogs of China who were capable of changing the lives of millions.

    However, even those tycoons’ confidence were no match against Chen Fan. Chen Fan was so sure of his power that he might as well be arrogant.

    “Interesting. What kind of family could produce such a child?” Yun Qianqian thought curiously.

    However, she quickly brushed aside the idea of acquainting herself with a man from a powerful secret family. She shook her head and laughed at her own naivety.

    When everyone had finished their food, they started to plan their trip to the hot spring. They insisted that Yun Qianqian should tag along.

    Yun Qianqian was going to refuse; however, the thought of meeting those local gentries again changed her mind.

    The Wu Mountain Hot Spring resort was huge in size and came with all different kinds of facilities. There were outdoor hot springs, buffet restaurants, resting areas, and hotels. There were also luxury VIP hot springs if one wanted to go above and beyond the normal experience.

    After everyone changed into their swimming suit, they gathered at the outdoor Hot Spring.

    “Oh my god!”

    Everyone looked toward Tong Shan. He was wearing a tight speedo, revealing his bronze skins that were ridden with scares. A large ugly scare ran from under his chin to his belly. It was as if something sharp attempted to slice him in half.

    “Xiao Fan, what does Big Cousin do?” Wu Junjie gasped.

    “He used to be a mercenary overseas. After a mission, his brain got damaged.” Chen Fan shrugged.

    Tong Shan’s bodybuilder shape attracted a lot of attention. He walked to the center of the pool and scared away a large group of the crowd. His body was a magnet for the girl’s attention. However, the terrifying scars and his lifeless expression deterred many girls from coming over to admire his impressive body in close range.

    By then, the two girls also appeared from the locker room.

    “Holy shit! Savage Girl. Where did you get that body?”

    Lin Weiwei was wearing a traditional one-piece swimming suit that covered her whole upper body. However, her tall and thin frame looked attractive with the pair of surprisingly fit legs. However, her beauty was a far cry from Yun Qianqian, who was still in her sunglasses.

    Yun Qianqian was in her fabulous late twenties. She wore a three-piece bikini that showed off her spinner body. Her perky bosom was sublime under the sun. Lin Weiwei simply couldn’t compare.

    Even though her attractive face was still covered by the sunglasses, her top quality assets had overshadowed all the girls in the pool.

    Although Wu Junjie enjoyed the view, he scarcely dared to make a comment about her beauty.

    The outdoor Hot Spring was divided into many pools. Thanks to Tong Shan’s frightening appearance, the group had an entire pool to themselves.

    Suddenly, Chen Fan asked a question: “Miss Yun, can I take a look at the beads on your wrist?”

    Yun Qianqian was taken aback by the abrupt question.