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Chapter 115 - Wu Mountain Hot Spring Resor

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 115: Wu Mountain Hot Spring Resort

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    When the drastic turn of events happened at the temple, Chen Fan was sitting in the

    back of a BMW.

    After he registered the releasing of his spell, he looked through the car window into the distance.

    Thus it was, the real power of Immortal Enlightenment meant that he had control over anyone’s life and death. Zhang Ben was an arrogant fool for thinking that he would have a chance of defeating Chen Fan one day. Unknown to him, Chen Fan had planted a Fire Lotus inside of him and triggered the spell only after he arrived at his sect.

    Chen Fan’s spell killed two birds with one stone. When the fire consumed Zhang Ben, it also triggered another spell that will mark the locations of the elders so that Chen Fan could detect them from even miles away.

    When he was finally there knocking on their doors, he could track them even when they were fleeting.

    “This is one of the many variations of the Li Fire Golden Eyes: Transformation of The Red Lotus. I have shown them the power of Immortal Enlightenment.”

    Chen Fan cracked a cold smile.

    “What’s going on, Xiao Fan?” Wu Junjie asked. He was driving the BMW with a cigarette between his lips.

    “It’s nothing. I have just killed a bug.” Chen Fan said readily.

    “Ok.” Wu Junjie replied. Then he suddenly shook his head and said: “What a shame that Wenjin went back home early this year. Otherwise, I would invite her over to the hot spring this year. You should have seen her body in a swimming suit!”

    “Humph! Xiao Jin knew you guys are a bunch of perverts, and that’s why she decided to leave early.” Lin Weiwei refuted.

    She has crammed in the back seat with two others, and in order to stretch her legs, she straightened them in between the two seats in the front, extending them all the way to Chen Fan’s lap. Fatty Yan was not sure where to rest his gaze, as he shifted his eyes left and right, stealing a glance of Lin Weiwei’ sexy legs from time to time.

    “Wenjin is back in her hometown, and Haoxuan was a homebody so only four of us could make it today.” Wu Junjie lamented.

    So saying, he gave Chen Fan a sidelong glance and said apologetically: “Xiao Fan, I got too carried away that night. I hope you can forgive me.”

    “You mean about what I said about Yu Wenjin?” Chen Fan said calmly: “That’s nothing, no harm done. I walked home with her just to ask her some questions.”

    “Oh? Are you getting jealous because of Xiao Fan?” Lin Weiwei tsked and said: “You are lame, don’t you trust your brother? If Xiao Fan really wanted her, he could have made a move on her a while ago.”

    “Hoosh hoosh, this is a man’s only talk.” Wu Junjie was slightly embarrassed, and so he hurried to change the topic.

    “The Wu Mountain hot spring had just become popular recently. Everything is brand new in there; it’s not any worse than the one near Jin City.

    “That place is packed during this time of year with people who return home for the Spring Festival. I managed to get four tickets, thanks to one of my friends.”

    The teenagers decided to take a trip together before the family obligations tie them down during the Spring Festival.

    Chen Fan had nothing to do other than waiting for his mother to return home. After his friends’ persistent invitation, he was persuaded to join them.

    The Wu Mountain Hot Spring Resort was located in between the Chu Zhou City and Tian He City. It became a tourist attraction spot as soon as it was opened. Many tourists from Japan and Korea visit the resort every day.

    By dawn, they arrived at Wu Mountain. Since Wu Junjie had booked the hotel rooms through a friend, therefore they were not in a hurry to check in. They found a parking spot in the hotel parking lot and then walked across the street to have dinner.

    Wu Mountain was a famous ancient town in the Jiang Bei Region. Many old buildings from the Ming and the Qin dynasty were preserved in the town. The new addition of the world-class hot spring had furthered its popularity.

    “Damn, there are so many foreigners .” Lin Weiwei exclaimed.

    “Silly girl, don’t ogle! You better get used to it.” Wu Junjie said disdainfully.

    “Who are you calling, silly?” Lin Weiwei narrowed her wide eyes and was ready to punch at Wu Junjie. Wu Junjie rose both hands in surrender. Although he had a sharp tongue, he was no match against Lin Weiwei’s savage girl power.

    Wu Junjie glanced back at Tong Shan and marveled: “Xiao Fan, where did you find this bodyguard? He is as big as those MMA players I saw on TV.”

    By then, Tong Shan’s wounds were healed. Other than his lifeless eyes, he looked just the same as a normal living person. However, his shiny bald head, two meters and twenty centimeters tall stature, barrel-sized legs and arms, and the bronze-colored muscles that looked as hard as metal gave him a belligerent demeanor that kept people away from his hulking frame.

    “Ah, you are talking about Tong Shan. He is one of my distant cousins. He is not all there, and my uncle wanted me to take him out on a trip.” Chen Fan lied.

    Tong Shan was given five Arcane Pills, and therefore not only his wounds were healed, but the pilled had also further strengthened his body. Once Chen Fan finished his secret cadaver refining art on him, Tong Shan would be as deadly as a grandmaster.

    “Shame on you! Bringing such a plus-sized freak with us, and he nearly crushed me to death in the back seat.” Lin Weiwei complained.

    Yan Xiaobai winced indignantly.

    “Sister, at least you have a spot to rest your legs. I have been sitting on this freak’s lap all the while. His legs are so bony; I felt that my ass is going to be bruised tonight.”

    Seeing his friends argue with each other lightheartedly, Chen Fan’s eyes were lit up with joy.

    Isn’t this scene that he missed the most during his lonely cultivation? When Wu Junjie asked him out, he only hesitated a few seconds before agreeing to join them.

    “But I kinda like having him here. It made us look so badass.” Lin Weiwei giggled.

    Tong Shan was a skinhead over two meters tall, and he stood out among the average people as a rock star in the street.

    “Hehe. We can finally have fun this time. No one would dare to cause us trouble while we are under the protection of our big cousin!” Wu Junjie let out a smug smile.

    They found a restaurant decorated in traditional style. It was called “Wei Quan Hall.” Wu Junjie’s local friend had recommended this restaurant to him and told him that the chief of the joint used to be a master in creating Lu Style dishes.

    “Shit, it’s expensive here.” Lin Weiwei exclaimed. Wu Junjie nudged Chen Fan and said under his breath: “Xiao Fan, look! left!”

    “What is it?” Chen Fan looked over his shoulder and saw a woman wearing sunglasses was sipping on a bowl of soup.

    Half of her face was concealed behind the fashionable large shades, revealing only a pointy chin and two small and curled lips. From her dress and overall demeanor, one could tell that this woman was exceptionally beautiful.

    “Perverts!” Lin Weiwei castigated hotly.

    “That’s not why I am staring. Don’t you think she looked very familiar?” Wu Junjie defended himself and asked.

    “Familiar?” Chen Fan was taken aback by the questions.

    “Yes. She is hiding something for sure. Who the hell wears sunglasses while eating food? Her face looked very familiar. I felt I had seen her somewhere.”

    “Humph! Why do you even care what she wears when she eats?” Lin Weiwei flung back at the boys.

    “I have nothing to say to you! You savage … woman!” Wu Junjie refuted hotly. “But who the hell is she? Why does she look so familiar?”

    Chen Fan’s face became serious as he initiated his Immortal Will.

    His Immortal Will could see through objects, and therefore, he saw the girl’s face right away. As he expected, she was exceptionally beautiful. She was in her late twenties and was wearing very light makeup. Her sparkling eyes were as dreamy as the starry night.

    “She is…”Chen Fan paused a second as a girl from his distant memory appeared.

    “Ah-ha! I know who she is!” Wu Junjie slapped his thigh and exclaimed: “She looked exactly like the superstar Yun Qianqian!”

    “Get out of here. Yun Qianqian was an A list actress. Why would she visit such a dingy joint?” Lin Weiwei asked doubtfully.

    Seeing Yan Xiaobai was not convinced either, Wu Junjie was frustrated for no one believing him.

    However, Chen Fan knew that Wu Junjie was right. The girl was indeed Yun Qianqian.

    In his past life, Chen Fan saw her on Tv all the time. When he finally became the manager at the Jin Xiu Group, he had met Yun Qianqian in person a few times during banquets. He was not particularly interested in dating actresses, and therefore, he didn’t pay much attention to her even then.

    “Interesting, what is Yun Qianqian doing here?” Chen Fan’s interest was piqued. “She could have gone to any world-class resort she wanted to, why would she choose the Wu Mountain?”

    Suddenly, a group of people entered the restaurant.

    They scanned the customers and then walked straight toward Yun Qianqian.