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Chapter 113 - Burn The Universe

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 113: Burn The Universe

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    Yu Wenjin’s house, at the outskirts of the Sishui County…

    This large courtyard style mansion was engulfed by a dark shadow and heart wrenching howling drifted out from the shadow by fits and starts. The sight would have frightened any passer-by, spurring them to hurry and pass the building without looking at it more than they needed to.

    Inside the courtyard, a few Yin Ghosts swirled in the air, stirring up waves of gusts. They looked at Chen Fan and his companions from above as a vulture would to its prey. The ghostly notes of the bone flute had always brought them a feast.

    Human’s aether and vitality could be used to strengthen the spirits. The cultivators, in particular, was much more nutritious than their normal counterparts.

    The Young Master thought his victory was already in the bag; however, the sudden turn of events stunned him.

    Bai Wuji and Granny Snake had also witnessed the scene that they would never forget.

    They watched as the two sparkly dots in Chen Fan’s eyes materialized in the real world as two flaming balls of fire. At first, the flames were contained in Chen Fan’s eye socket, and as it grew in size and intensity, a ray of light burst out from the fire and shot at the ghosts. The ghosts caught on fire just by being grazed by the fire.

    The golden flame ignited the Yin Qi that permeated the air and gave the sky a bloody color of dusk. In a blink, all those overcharged ghosts were reduced to ashes by Chen Fan in one fell swoop.

    The Li Fire Golden Eyes could burn through everything.

    “It. It..”

    Bai Wuji was stunned; words evaporated from his mouth.

    Those were ancient ghosts summoned by the Primordial Ghost Flute. Even a Perfected Master of Dharma Cultivation Level would have trouble dealing with them in less than thirty minutes. However, Chen Fan had eliminated all the threats with just one move. How powerful exactly was he?

    The fire that shot out from his eyes were able to burn through malevolent ghosts. It looked very much like the legendary Samadhi Fire.

    “Compared to Master Chen. The fire bending ability of my family was like a child’s play.”

    Bai Wuji lowered his head and was deeply shocked.

    Granny Snake and Yu Wenjin could only gape.

    They could comprehend the power of the Young Master, deciding his strength and weakness. However, Chen Fan’s ability to shoot fire out of his eyes was straight out of fiction. It reminded them of the Monkey King and Nezha.

    “Could it be that he is an immortal?” Yu Wenjin murmured to herself.

    Granny Snake’s heart was filled with remorse. If she knew Chen Fan was so powerful, she would never have given her precious granddaughter to the Young Master; instead, she would bathe her and dress her up and deliver her to Chen Fan’s bedroom personally.

    If she could seal a deal with Chen Fan, no one, not even the Young Master would dare look down on the Yu family.

    The fire kept on burning in Chen Fan’s eyes, making him look like a warrior god walking straight out of the legends. He looked straight into the Young Master’s eyes.

    The Young Master felt cold sweat trickling down his back. His mind was taken over by an overwhelming sense of threat.

    He knew that his life was hanging on by a thread.

    At this time of life and death, the young master shouted at Chen Fan.

    “Hold on, Master Chen. I have something to say.

    “I apologize. I don’t want Yu Wenjin any longer, just let me go. If I can find more Vessels of the Arcane Yin Energy, I will hand them over to you. You and the Ghost Witch Sect never had any bad blood in the past, why start now?”

    Chen Fan stood still; however, the fire in his eyes seemed to have diminished slightly.

    Sensing his words had worked, the Young Master continued: “There are many like me in my sect. We have three elders who have already reached the peak of Internal Force cultivation. In addition, our sect leader had reached the Dharma Cultivation Level. Master Chen, I believe that you are smart enough to know your best option.”

    “Are you threatening me?” Chen Fan’s voice was placid.

    “No, no! I am simply weighing your options for you.” The young master gathered himself and said: “We live in a modern society now; there are plenty of fish around. Why do we have to fight over this particular one? We have money and power, we can enjoy any kind of woman we want. You, in particular, are young and capable and were able to dominate the Jiang Bei region at such a young age. You have nothing to worry about. However, if you kill me today, my father and the sect elders are bound to avenge me. If you are not worried about yourself, aren’t you worried about your family and friends?

    “My sect excels at three kinds of arts: Cadaver Refining, Ghost Reining and Curses. Of the three, my sect had nearly perfected the Art of Curse. It’s easy for us to take an ordinary person’s life without even getting close to the target.”

    “He is right, Master Chen. Just let him go.”

    Shaken with fear, Granny Snake hurried to put in.

    She grew up in the southwestern part of China: the homeland of the Ghost Witch Sect. Fear toward the powerful elders and the sect leader were tattooed into her brain ever since she was a child.

    Bai Wuji held back his surprise and urged Chen Fan with a knotted brow: “Master Chen, the leader of the Ghost Witch Sect, has deep roots at the southwest region. He had reached the Dharma Cultivation Level a long time ago and achieved the status of Perfected Master. There is no point in crossing him unnecessarily.”

    Hearing Bai Wuji’s words, even Yu Wenjin looked to Chen Fan worriedly.

    Chen Fan and the Young Master barely knew each other, and therefore, he didn’t have to do this if not for her. She wouldn’t be at ease with herself if Chen Fan killed Young Master and caused the sect leader to harm Chen Fan’s family.

    Zhang Ben lowered his head and let out a cold smile: “Master Chen, our sect leader is not any less powerful than you. If you kill our young master, I guarantee you that you will pay for it.”

    Zhang Ben and the Young Master played the typical good cop bad cop game with Chen Fan, trying to coax him into submission.

    The Young Master heaved a sigh of relief and got up to his feet.

    He knew the cowardly nature of man and was convinced that Chen Fan would not put his life on the line. He wagered that as long as he could get through this crisis, he could recuperate and plan his revenge.

    Suddenly, Chen Fan let out a peal of faint laughter. “Oh? Have you forgotten what I said earlier?”

    “What did you say?”

    Panic surfaced once again on Young Master’s face.

    Chen Fan said lightly: “I told you that if you didn’t kneel before me and accept your judgment, I would kill not only you but also your entire family.

    “Do you think I, Chen Beixuan, have time to crack a joke with you?”

    Everyone watched as two rays of golden flame shot out from Chen Fan’s eye sockets once again and they quickly surrounded the Young Master.

    “You won’t do it!”

    Young Master panicked as he hurried to back away. Meanwhile, he charged up his energy and summoned a puff of grey cloud behind him. However, his resistance was futile.

    The elegant golden flame had surrounded him in an instant.

    Young Master started to scream. The fire licked him clean of his clothes, hair, and nails before it started to gnaw at his flesh and bone. Every inch of his skin was on fire, and the heat brought his blood to a boil, evaporating it into thin air.

    This gruesome scene terrified everyone.

    Even after the young master’s body had been reduced to ashes, the fire still kept going. In the dancing flames, people could see an apparition that was struggling in agony.

    “That’s… his soul?”

    Bai Wuji’s body trembled uncontrollably as fear gripped his heart.

    Chen Fan’s golden flame could not only burn away flesh, but it could also devour souls. Wasn’t it called the Total Annihilation?

    After a few more horrid moments, even the soul disappeared, and the fire finally died down. Chen Fan turned around to look at the crowd behind him.


    Bai Wuji and Granny Snake dropped to their knees involuntarily and kowtowed to Master Chen. They scarcely dared to look Master Chen in the eyes, fearing that they would meet the same fate at the Young Master.

    He used to be the infamous Young Master of the Ghost Witch Sect, yet he was brutally annihilated by Chen Fan. What else was Chen Fan capable of doing?

    Yu Wenjin and Zhang Ben stood still and didn’t bend their knees.

    Yu Wenjin managed to stand still and regarded the young man who shot fire out of his eyes and had the power of a Godfiend; she felt she didn’t know Chen Fan at all.

    Zhang Ben let out an ugly grin and said: “You have killed the Young Master. Our sect master will not let you get away with it.”

    “So?” Chen Fan asked coldly.

    Before Zhang Ben could say one more word, a golden fire shot out from Chen Fan’s eye and buried itself into Zhang Ben’s body.

    Zhang Ben gritted his teeth and was ready to meet his demise. However, after a while, he was not harmed; instead, he heard a voice in his ear: “Give this gift to your sect leaders. Tell them that Chen Beixuan will come for them and kill them all.”

    “You will let me live?” Zhang Ben opened his eyes and was ecstatic.

    “Now get out of my face.” Chen Fan waved dismissively.

    Zhang Ben turned on his heels and started running. All the while his eyes held a poisonous luster that threatened revenge.”You are making a mistake, young man. We will crush you one day!”

    Yu Wenjin was surprised by the development.

    “Chen Fan… Master Chen, are you just letting him go like that?”

    “It’s fine.” The fire in Chen Fan’s eyes finally disappeared. He said thoughtfully: “He will have to deliver my gift to the sect. I hope they like it.”