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Chapter 110 - Commemorate My Immortal Enlightenmen

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 110: Commemorate My Immortal Enlightenment

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    However, as a Dao-Reaching Level master, Bai Wuji didn’t give up. Instead, the sudden setback spurred his will to fight. Bai Wuji shouted hotly: “I don’t believe that you can be a grand master of Internal Force at such a young age.”

    “Master Cui, NOW!”

    As he re-started the spell, the fireball in his hand suddenly stretched on both sides and became a fiery dragon. The dragon slithered its flaming tongue in and out of its mouth as it withered toward Chen Fan.

    Bai Wuji’s attack was an incredible display of strength that could only come from a late-stage Dao-Reaching Level master.

    He had tamed the belligerent fire with his bare hands and wielded it as if it was one of his arms. After seeing Bai Wuji’s real power, both Granny Snake and Zhang Ben realized that Bai Wuji had been holding back his power. With such a high level of attainment, Bai Wuji could have killed them with ease.

    “Such fire bending skill! Bai Wuji is worth his salt.”

    Granny Snake gasped.

    “Fine, fine. This fight is unavoidable ever since I already took the payment.”

    The brawny bald man named Master Cui heaved a sigh and grunted under his breath. When he looked up again, poisonous fire danced in his eyes.

    As he drew a large gulp of air and his body increased in size. He used to be one meter and ninety centimeters or so, but suddenly, his height grew to over two meters and ten centimeters. Veins covered his iron body, made him look like a vascular bull.

    After decades of hard work, Master Cui had perfected his technique in combat.

    His skin was so tough that even a blade could only leave a white mark on it.

    Everyone watched as Master Cui stomped the ground like a giant, making the earth tremble. When the trembling was over, everyone was shocked to see that he had created two large depressions on the concrete pavement. Then, the hulking frame threw himself at Chen Fan with as much force as a semi truck at full speed.

    The two disciples of Master Cui who had just achieved initial success also started to channel out their energy, preparing to attack at any moment.

    Suddenly, the situation turned around on Chen Fan who was brimming with confidence just seconds ago.

    “Watch out!”

    Yu Wenjin let out a cry.

    Everyone thought that Chen Fan looked scrawny and thin, his smooth unmarred skin on his cheek suggested he had never lived one day of rough and tumble. It was impossible for such a green babe to ward off the brutish attack of Master Cui.

    “He is dead meat unless he really is a grand master of Internal Force.”

    Zhang Ben remarked with a great measure of certainty.

    Zhang Ben’s words uneased Yu Wenjin. She looked at Chen Fan concernedly.

    However, she saw Chen Fan curled his lips into an airly smile, and then he extended both arms in front of him as if he was holding an invisible ball.

    “What is that? Taichi?”

    Even as Bai Wuji was speculating what he had just seen, the development took a dramatic turn that stunned him.

    The firey snake threw itself at Chen Fan as if a toddler had seen his parent at the end of daycare. The three-meter or so long fire huddled tightly against Chen Fan’s chest as it was embraced in the crook of Chen Fan’s curled arms.

    Chen Fan held fire as if he was holding the moon and the sun. With one twist of a thumb, Chen Fan sealed the firey energy within the little space between his chest and his forearm.

    The fire snake curled into a ball and rolled around at the command of Chen Fan’s fingers. It was as if Chen Fan was the fire bender that had given it life.

    True Martial Thirty-Six Forms, first form, Skyfall Hammer!


    Bai Wuji shouted.

    He had never once lost his control over the fire he had summoned.

    “Is this some kind of martial arts or Dharma Spells? How is this even possible?”

    Bai Wuji murmured to himself as his eyes slowly lose focus.

    The Skyfall Hammer took the best of both Dharma Spells and Martial arts and merged them into something new. Such immortal martial arts was beyond the mortal’s comprehension. It looked like a simple martial arts move, yet the magnitude of its power was on par with that of a Dharma Spell.


    Master Cui stormed across the road and charged at Chen Fan like a raged bull. When he was close enough, Chen Fan gave the fireball a gentle push, sending it on a collision course with Master Cui.


    Master Cui saw the attack coming; however, it was already too late.

    With no time to evade, the best Master Cui could do was to forcefully charge up his energy and punch back at the fireball. The punch carried the momentum he had built up in the charge, and Master Cui was confident that it should be able to pulverize a mini-van.


    When the fire and the fist collided, an explosion erupted, sending down a shower of sparks.

    Everyone quickly covered their eyes instinctively for a fraction of a second, and then they hurried to see what had happened. In the bright flash, They saw a giant frame was sent flying back like a lifeless ragdoll. It landed on the pavement with a thud, crushing the hard pavement underneath its massive weight.


    The two young disciples howled.

    The hulking frame that got sent flying was Master Cui. By then, he had already returned to his original size. His arms bend outward unnaturally, and blood welled in all holes on his face. His chest area turned to a bloody mush, and no one was certain if he was still alive.

    The place suddenly became pin-drop quiet.

    In less than ten seconds, Bai Wuji had already lost a powerful fighter.

    Chen Fan had only “borrowed” Bai Wuji’s Dharma Spells, condensed it into an energy ball before he hurled it at Master Cui. He didn’t even use a fraction of his full power.

    “Do you believe me now?”

    Chen Fan stood three meters away from Bai Wuji. He hitched both thumbs in his pants pocket and glanced at his opponent with a great measure of levity.

    By then, everyone realized that he was a force to be reckoned with. Even the renowned Master Cui who had achieved phenomenal success, failed to withstand his attack. His power ought to be one of a kind even among grand masters of the Internal Force.

    “When did Xiao Fan become so powerful?”

    Yu Wenjin felt as if a weight on her mind was finally off. She covered her gaping mouth while staring at the boy incredulously. She couldn’t believe that he was the same person that had been friends with her ever since they were children.

    Zhang Ben and Granny Snake were both taken aback by Chen Fan’s power.

    Nonetheless, the person who felt most shocked was Bai Wuji.

    He would never have thought that a young man could have possessed such abilities. Chen Fan’s used only two simple movements: a tug and a push. But was it Martial arts or Dharma Spells? Bai Wuji had no clue. All he knew about this boy was this: there was more to him than what meets the eye.

    “Since when did Jiang Bei produce such a freak?”

    Bai Wuji bemoaned in his mind.

    After a while, he heard Chen Fan speak up again: “Do you want to try my power as well? We can have a race, you try to hit me with your spell, and I will try to twist your head off your neck and play with it like a football.”

    Bai Wuji held Chen Fan’s eerily calm gaze and felt sweat dripping down the middle of his back.

    Crafty and seasoned as he was, Bai Wuji knew right away that it was not his fight. He lowered his arms and smiled wryly: “Master Chen, you won.”

    “I will leave right away.”

    Bai Wuji waved at the two disciples of Master Cui, willing them to release Granny Snake.

    Yu Wenjin scurried toward the white-haired women and steadied her before she collapsed to the ground. Seeing the pained expression on Granny Snake’s face, a mix of complicated emotions flashed across his face.

    “I have underestimated the Young Master after all. I didn’t expect him to find such a powerful helper.”

    Bai Wuji said bitterly.

    To his surprise, Chen Fan furrowed his brows and asked: “Who is this Young Master?”

    “You don’t work for Young Master?” Bai Wuji asked with surprise.

    “No. I have told you that I am Yu Wenjin’s friend.”Chen Fan said lightly.

    Bai Wuji felt that someone had pulled the rug from under him. After all this, he finally realized that his opponent was not even his enemy. The development pleasantly surprised him, and he hurried to speak: “If that’s the case, you must know nothing of Young Master’s secret Art then.”

    “What is that?” Chen Fan’s interest was piqued.

    Zhang Ben and Granny Snake had just heaved a sigh of relief, but the two’s conversation unnerved them again.

    They watched as Bai Wuji explained everything to Master Chen, in the end, he ranted about how he was vilified.

    “I just wanted to take Miss Wenjin as my own disciple and guide her throughout her cultivation. It’s much better than being used by the Young Master.”

    “Humph, Young Master?”

    Chen Fan grunted as something sharp and cold glinted in his eyes.

    This was the first time he had really wanted to kill someone ever since he was reborn. He was more riled up even than when Wu Junjie told him that Wei Zipin had slapped his best friend, Wu Junjie.

    Based on his knowledge on Dharma Spells, Chen Fan conjectured that the secret art would not only steal the Spirit Qi but also would rob the girl of her vitality. After the art was completed, Yu Wenjin would fall ill for the rest of her remaining short life. She probably wouldn’t even live past fifty.

    “Young man, don’t listen to his nonsense. The Young Master is my family’s savior.” Granny Snake announced.

    Chen Fan was the only reason they were still alive; if Bai Wuji were able to persuade Chen Fan to switch sides, they would be doomed.

    “Savior?” Chen Fan snorted, the light in his eyes grew sharper.

    “You and the Yu family threw your own granddaughter into a fire pit in exchange for personal gains. This is unforgivable. You are as accountable as the young master.”

    Chen Fan’s voice was devoid of any emotions; however, Granny Snake couldn’t stop trembling.

    Memories of Chen Fa’s past life flooded his mind. He moaned for the girl who was robbed of her life and freedom at the colorful age of seventeen. She would not live long once she was in the hands of the Young Master. The girl’s fate reminded him of his own misfortune in his past life. The vivid memory brought back the pain of being as helpless and angry as being Yu Wenjin.

    An uncontrollable intent to kill rushed into Chen Fan’s mind.

    Feeling he was being carried away, Chen Fan closed his eyes and heaved a sigh.

    “So it is the Young Master and his backers that I have to deal with this time isn’t it.”

    “If he dares to kidnap Xiao Jin and rob her of her freedom and happiness, I will have to do away with this asshole. I will send a message to the world: Don’t mess with my friends!”

    Chen Fan spoke in an even tone; however, every word that came out of his mouth carried the chilling intent to kill. After the full sentence, the listeners could almost smell the stench of blood and death.

    “How dare you! You are no match against Young Master!”

    Zhang Ben could no longer hold back his anger, so he flung back at Chen Fan.

    “He might be right, Master Chen. Young Master not only knows powerful spells, but he is also very close to the Dharma Cultivation level. Plus, he had powerful Dharma Artifacts at his disposal. He was too powerful for ordinary fighters. Just a few months ago, he slaughtered an Internal Force grand master using his Dharma Artifact.” Bai Wuji remarked. “We should meet up with the warriors of the other five families first. Only working together could we have a chance to deal a killing blow to the Young Master.”

    Bai Wuji was pleasantly surprised to see Chen Fan had changed his perspective. He hurried to offer an alliance with the powerful fighter.


    Chen Fan yanked his arm and delivered a backhand slap at Zhang Ben’s face.

    Zhang Ben stumbled back. When he finally gathered himself, everyone noticed a red mark in the shape of five fingers was branded on his face.

    Chen Fan treated an Internal Force master with phenomenal success as if he was a defenseless child.

    No one dared to speak again as they were aghast at Chen Fan’s overbearing power.

    “I wager he is very close to the Transcendent State, if not already there.” Bai Wuji exclaimed in his mind. “With his help, we should have a chance of fighting the young master face to face.”

    Suddenly, his cellphone rang. Bai Wuji answered the phone and the news delivered from the other end of the line made his face turned pale.

    “What is it?”

    Chen Fan asked faintly.

    “Young Master had already broken the encirclement of the other five families, and he is on his way to here. He should be here in less than two hours.” Bai Wuji said in a trembling voice.

    The promise of fighting against the Young Master made robbed him of his newfound courage and determination.

    Zhang Ben kept his silence, but the news brought an ugly grin on his face.

    “You are dead when the Young Master finally arrives.”

    “Good timing!” Chen Fan said as two ghostly flames danced in his eyes.

    “I will take his blood as the sacrifice to commemorate my Immortal Enlightenment!”