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Chapter 109 - Squash You Like A Worm

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 109: Squash You Like A Worm

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    “Xiao Fan!” Yu Wenjin’s face darkened, and she urged Chen Fan to stop.

    However, her last ditch effort to stop the boy came too late. Bai Wuji narrowed his eyes and regarded Chen Fan displeased.

    “Who are you?”

    Most people would have been frightened by the sight of his fire throwing abilities. However, this young boy didn’t flinch at all. Instead, he bravely and foolishly stood up for Yu Wenjin. Bai Wuji couldn’t find any explanation for the boy’s behavior other than that he was driven by the valor of ignorance.

    “Kiddo, it’s neither the time nor the place to play the hero.”

    Bai Wuji sneered at Chen Fan.

    “Me?” Chen Fan asked. Under Yu Wenjin’s concerned gaze, Chen Fan took a step forward and said: “My name is Chen Fan. My father is one of the richest men in Si Shui County. Yu Wenjin is my classmate as well as my best friend. You are on my turf, and you want me to stay out of it?”

    “Your father is the richest man in Si Shui County?”

    Bai Wuji was amused by Chen Fan’s words.

    It was the funniest threat he had ever heard.

    As the lord of the Bai Family, a powerful Dao-Reaching caster, never had he be afraid of any businessman.

    “Haha… Wow, tough guy. I am scared.” A brawny bald man standing behind Bai Wuji burst out laughing.

    “What a fool.”

    Granny Snake cursed.

    Except for Yu Wenjin, everyone here was Internal Force users, and even the weakest of them had reached at least initial success. Anyone of them could have dominated an entire city if they wanted to; therefore, they never thought any ordinary people could have posed the slightest threat to them.

    “What a joke!” Bai Wuji shook his head with a grin.

    When he first saw Chen Fan, he registered that the teenage boy possessed a stately and imposing manner. However, as soon as Chen Fan opened his mouth and started to speak, the charm was broken. He turned out to be another rich kid who thought that he could do whatever he wanted because his dad has money.

    “Fine, fine… For the sake of your father, just fuck off.”

    Bai Wuji waved a dismiss at Chen Fan annoyingly as if he was waving away a fly.

    He cared little about Chen Fan’s father; he spared the boy’s life because he didn’t want to further distress Yu Wenjin by killing her friend. If he wanted to control the girl in the future, he should at least make the girl believe that he is friendly to her.

    “Xiao Fan, leave now.” Yu Wenjin tugged Chen Fan’s hand and urged him to leave.

    She was convinced that she had dragged Chen Fan into this mess, and therefore she was at least somewhat responsible for his safety.

    “Very well. For the sake of your good will, I will spare your life.” Chen Fan replied readily.

    “You!” Bai Wuji rounded his eyes as fire sprouted out from within.

    He had never seen anyone so arrogant before.

    “Kid, I want you to know that my patience has limitations.” Bai Wuji said vehemently. “I won’t kill you. But, if you don’t leave right now, I will kidnap you to somewhere far away. You will never be able to return home. ”

    “Take me away?”

    Chen Fan took another step forward and chuckled.

    “Are you supposed to do that with your laughable tricks? You even need a Talisman Inscription to use the art, that’s just pathetic. You didn’t even reach Dharma Cultivation, but you talk to me like you are my superior?”

    “Who the hell are you?”

    Hearing Chen Fan’s remark, Bai Wuji’s face tightened.

    The other fighters also sensed the threat, so they fixed their eyes on Chen Fan.

    The boy knew the fire-art, and he even knew about Dharma Cultivation. He was not an ordinary boy; he must be a cultivator as well.

    “Xiao Jin, your classmate is in our field as well?”

    Granny Snake furrowed her brows.

    She had met with Yu Wenjin’s classmates and knew that none of them were related to spellcasters. However, seeing Chen Fan’s confident look on his face, she wagered that he must be one of the casters.

    Bai Wuji scanned Chen Fan from head to toe and couldn’t find any trace of using spells or Internal Force.

    “Either he is just an ordinary person who happened to know a spell caster, or he is a hidden grandmaster.”

    Bai Wuji calculated in his mind as he quickly raised his guard.

    “Who am I?” Chen Fan tilted his head to one side and gave Yu Wenjin a sidelong glance: the girl was in shock. “I have already told you. My name is Chen Fan, and I am Yu Wenjin’s classmate .”

    “Ah! right.” Chen Fan clapped his hands abruptly and said: “I have a nickname. People call me Master Chen.”

    Chen Fan announced with a smirk.

    “Master Chen?”

    Everyone was shocked.

    Although anyone can call themselves a master, to make other people call him ‘master’ was an entirely different story. People called Bai Wuji, Master Bai, but he had to work really hard to earn that title.

    The fact that people called the young boy ‘master’ confirmed Bai Wuji’s nagging suspicion that the boy was a powerful spellcaster in disguise.

    Both Bai Wuji and Granny Snake searched in their memory to find someone named “Master Chen.”

    “Hold on… Master Chen?” The brawny bald man suddenly shouted out incredulously: “You are Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    “That’s it. He is young, and the last name is Chen. He had to be the Master Chen of Jiang Bei!”

    The bald man murmured to himself.

    “Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    Bai Wuji furrowed his brows.

    He was unfamiliar with the name. As was an active member in the field of Dharma Spells, yet, he had never heard of a Master Chen in the Jiang Bei region.

    “Lord Bai… I think maybe we should call it for the day.”

    The bald man squeezed a smile from his face. His eyes were filled with fear.

    “Is this Master Chen very powerful?”

    Bai Wuji gave the brawny man a surprised look.

    The brawny man was one of the toughest fighters he had brought with him. He had achieved phenomenal success in his Internal Force cultivation and was as powerful as Zhang Ben. In addition, he had extremely tough physic, which boosted his defense and offense capabilities.

    “He is… beyond powerful…”

    The brawny man smiled wryly and then started to tell what he knew about Master Chen.

    Bai Wuji’s furrowed brows quickly unknotted. He said contemptuously: “He is here alone. Why are we afraid of him?”

    “Worst comes worst; we will just bug out.”

    Even as he brushed over their situation, fear flickered in his eyes.

    However powerful he and his fighters were, they were on Chen Fan’s turf. It would be foolish of him to butt heads against Chen Fan when the odds were stacked against him.

    “He had made a name for himself at such a young age. What an impressive young lad!”

    Bai Wuji exclaimed.

    “What are they talking about?”

    Yu Wenjin asked curiously.

    She noticed the fear in her pursuers as soon as Chen Fan told them his nickname.

    “Well… think of it this way… The Jiang Bei region is my turf.” Chen Fan shrugged his shoulders and then turned to Bai Wuji.”Since you know who I am, what are you waiting for? Come kneel before me and apologize!”

    “You little shit!”

    Bai Wuji was riled up by Chen Fan’s demand.

    “Even if you are the leader of the Jiang Bei region, I am not afraid of you. I can reduce you to ashes right now!”

    Suddenly, he shot an arm out and started a spell.

    A fireball appeared in his palm out of nowhere. The flame gave off immense heat that turned the air into liquid. Those who stood too close to Bai Wuji got their brows and beards seared by the sudden burst of heat.

    With the belligerent fire in his hand, Bai Wuji’s confidence surged inside of him. He felt that he was powerful enough to kill even the Young Master, much less the boy in front of him.


    Yu Wenjin covered her mouth to suppress a scream. It was the first she saw a real spell being cast in front of her, and she was terrified.

    A cold smile hung on Bai Wuji’s face, and he said: “The Bai family had killed countless people with this ball of fire. Do you want to have a taste of death as well?”

    Before Chen Fan said anything, the brawny bald man cut Bai Wuji short and warned him: “Lord Bai, be careful what you say. Master Chen is not an ordinary person.”


    Bai Wuji paused a second and turned around to give the bald man a chilling glare.

    The warning didn’t sit well with him, and the displeasure in Bai Wuji’s eyes was a stern warning that if one more word came out from his mouth, the fireball would melt his baldy scalp quicker than melting butter.

    However, the bald man pressed on: “This… Master Chen is said to be a powerful internal force master. He had killed the disciple of Lei Qianjue from the Hong sect with only three punches. They said that… he had already reached Transcendent Master and is the youngest person ever to do so.”

    “Internal Force Master? Killed a grandmaster with three punch?”

    Everyone was shocked by what they heard.

    An immeasurable wave of regret and embarrassment shot through Bai Wuji’s mind.

    “Oh for fuck sake, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

    Although he was at the late-stage of Dao-Reaching Level, he was no match against a Transcendent Master. A single thought of the Transcendent Master could have snapped his neck from miles away.

    That was why Chen Fan could have said to Lin Hu that without becoming a perfected master, he could kill him as if killing a worm.

    Bai Wuji slowly turned his head toward Chen Fan.

    When he saw Chen Fan, he noticed that Chen Fan had already closed in on him and was gazing at him with a creepy smile.

    In such a close distance, a Transcendent Master could kill him with a snap of their fingers regardless of what kind of spell used to protect himself.

    “Oh fuck me!”

    Bai Wuji froze in place and was suddenly not sure what to do with the fireball still burning in his hand.